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Tom Cruise: New 'Valkyrie' Stills!

Tom Cruise: New 'Valkyrie' Stills!

Scope out these new movie stills from the much-anticipated Valkyrie.

The final trailer for United Artists’ film will premiere on Yahoo! Movies around 8pm PST TONIGHT, October 30th. Tom Cruise stars in the suspense film based on the true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Cruise) and the daring and ingenious plot to eliminate one of the most evil tyrants the world has ever known. Sitting in the director’s chair was Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, Superman Returns).

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10+ Valkyrie movie stills inside…

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  • the Dutchess

    Love you TOM
    Cannot wait to see this movie.

  • athena

    I think this will be a great movie. I love Tom Cruise…I think he’s one heck of a great actor…I’m surprised he’s never won an Oscar. I really liked him in Magnolia…but, I do love all of Tom Cruises’ movies. I can’t wait to see this one.

  • athena

    I think this will be a great movie. I love Tom Cruise…I think he’s one heck of a great actor…I’m surprised he’s never won an Oscar. I really liked him in Magnolia…but, I do love all of Tom Cruises’ movies. I can’t wait to see this one.

  • irene

    used to like his movies… not anymore.

  • ihavenolife

    hmm……. i thought this movie already came out. i must have time traveled to the future at some point.

  • yuck

    this movie will bomb. his career is over. everything this weird Scientology touches turns to crap.

  • Amy

    number ten features the amazingly talented (and sexy) Jaime Parker, whom i love. The History Boys anyone?

  • Lydia

    Cruise is no longer worth the price of a ticket. I can’t be bothered seeing him in anything.

  • http://comcast susan

    Over here in Germany, Von Stauffenberg’s family objected to the choice of Cruise for the role, stating gross dissimilarities between the true hero and the actor, as well as historical inaccuracies. Also, the German govt. initially blocked filming rights at certain monuments, due to Cruise’s promotion of Scientology, officially recognized as a cult, not a religion by this country. Poor ratings are expected.


    This movie looks awesome. The response from early screenings has been great. No wonder they moved up the release date.


    This movie looks awesome. The response from early screenings has been great. No wonder the studio moved up the release date.

  • Hating Cruise = so 5 min. ago.

    The hatred is old. People are getting over it–it’s so 2005.

  • se

    How the american don’t try to make film about their evil tyrants like Truman whose let two atomic bomb. The criminal of Vietna and Camboja, or Irak…
    This generation of people of 2° world war are deth. You need money of Germany and their Banks? Or the new generation of Germany must going to compensate the war that another generation have done!

  • me

    “much anticipated”? hardly, Jared….you must have “cracked up” laughing when you wrote that. lol

  • Kealyn

    Can’t wait to see Carice van Houten’s performance. I think she will be great!


    One thing about this movie, he plays a German man, yet he has an American accent???

    I don’t know if the movie is gonna be good or not. I am not a lover of Tom Cruise but I generally do not like his movies. The only movie of his that I like is Legends (totally awesome!) and War of the Worlds.

    For this one, I will probably wait until is is released on Blue-Ray. I am sure though the accent will drive me batty. I guess it is kind of a pet-peeve, if you’re gonna play a chracter from a certian region, please try to make it look authentic… I’m just sayin. ;)


    # 9 susan @ 10/30/2008 at 5:05 am
    ~the German govt. initially blocked filming rights at certain monuments, due to Cruise’s promotion of Scientology, officially recognized as a cult, not a religion by this country. Poor ratings are expected.

    ~Really!? I knew that the film was blocked from filming at certian monuments but I didn’t know that it was due to the fact of his connection to that CULT! So were they eventually granted access to those monuments?

    ~Also I am glad that your govt. sees Scientology for what it is, just wish that Amer. govt would too!

  • Gaia

    Why is a very short guy playing a man who is called an “Aryan”?

  • harry

    #9 Historical inaccuracies? What historical inaccuracies? The writers did extensive RESEARCH into the July 20th plot in order to be as accurate as possible and several People who have READ the script say that it’s 90% based on facts.

    #18 Average male height in America is 5’9 so 5’7 can HARDLY be considered very short…

    #6 If a BOMB = Dead Career, then the so called stars like Clooney and Pitt (Who have has numerous FLOPS in their careers) would now be out of business. If the movie does indeed bomb, Cruise will STILL get work.

    I find it very odd that Germans themselves would bash this film. So I will take the chance now to say something to Germans…

    It´s up to Germany to support and appreciate this movie in the first place. Obviously because it´s the first time that this story will reach a huge audience.

    Maybe it´s the first time nazis will not be only the bad guys of the movie, I know Shindler´s List shows good Germans, but the portrayal of Germans is NASTY there

    -IT´S YOUR HISTORY, who cares if you think that Cruise an idiot (it´s his personal life, we will not see TC but Stauffenberg there) Who cares if the movie is not in German, you will see it German, Am I wrong?, who cares if actors don’t have German accent, do you care?

    Non-Germans should lay off the accent bashing too because German accents aren’t necessary for this film.

    It’s like Tony Montana in Scarface having to speak accented English because he is in America. Makes sense… he’s in a foreign country other than his own.

    Now if the movie took place all in Cuba, I wouldn’t expect him or any actors to use Cuban accents. Its understood where they are. English is only a matter of getting across the plot.

    Besides there are numerous other movies where native accents are not used and they still end up being very good (i.e. Sound of music, Amadeus, Hitler: The Last 10 Days etc..)

    Tom Cruise is a very good actor (3 Oscar noms, 2 SAG noms, 6 GG noms etc) and I am sure his performance will be spot on otherwise.


  • tom is a cult leader


    “The hatred is old.
    People are getting over it–it’s so 2005″

    Orly ?

    That should read Tom Cruise so 1985
    The only thing people are getting over is $$$cientology and all the CULT propaganda – now that’s old

    Man this site must be getting some nice cashola from the cult
    The BS continues

  • tom is a cult leader

    harry – you have some serious problems


  • JACK

    Go Tom!!

    Your great mate.

    Go show the idiots that nullify you what you are really made of.

    It’s funny that only low lives like the media and all their lies and the idiots that believe it, are the only ones that have a problem with who you are and what you believe.

    All I’ve seen in you is all good and positive and some people just don’t like that, well let them all go to hell.

    All the best Tom.

    All the best.


    I’m sure this movie is going to the top. It’s good to show that the Germans are not all bad as most movie have portrayed them in the past.

    It looks like a winner.

    Well done once again.

  • hdfg

    #19 I am from Germany and yes, I am very well informed about our history – but this does not mean that I have to be happy about this film just because it shows “good germans”, as you put it!!!

    Of course it is important that other people know that there was resistance against Hitler and not everyone was just a fellower without thinking. But I doubt that a hollywood production with Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg is going to capture this well enough. I don’t want to see a movie about some hero in a typical hollywood story, because it is not a hollywood story.

    Of course I do admire everyone who fought against Hitler and they do deserve to be remembered, but even Stauffenberg was not perfect and his motives were not as impeccable as the movie is probably going to depict. For example he did not want to form a democraty!

    And for your information, there are indeed already a lot of movies about his story and some of them are actually pretty good. Therefore I’m not overly enthusiastic about a movie filmed with an idiot and probably with a bad screenplay just because more people are going to see this movie.

    And no, I don’t care about his accent, that’s not the problem.

  • dido

    ı can’ t wait for this film and tom baby ı love you

  • GayMidget Tom

    I don’t hate the gay midget i just won’t pay to watch any of his movies.. I refuse to support Xenu. That’s the GayMidgets job.

  • richard

    Excellent actor,i want see this movie

  • Ekaterina

    Um to whomever said that the accent wasn’t necessary—by your logic they could hire a German actor to play Truman or Roosevelt and not make him lose his accent. You can’t defend the film on historical accuracy if none of the actors even attempt German accents. THE NAZIS WEREN’T AMERICANS SO WHY DO THEY SPEAK LIKE THEM?! Oh yeah and if I remember correctly, Tony Montana had an accent too.

    Based on the trailer I saw, it looks like a fail. I couldn’t get past the fact that Cruise just looked like an American dressed up as a Nazi. And he’s only a somewhat decent actor. He recent work has been pretty bad and his personal choices have overshadowed any efforts on screen.

  • Emily

    I am just looking forward to thi movie. Glad it was moved back.

  • Dancer

    #19/Harry and all your other personas

    Maybe you should stick to annoying this thread instead of annoying Germany.
    Tom Cruise, at least in the trailers, seems totally unbelievable as the German Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Why? Because he is playing von Stauffenberg on Cruise.
    Everything Tom does is Cruise. He doesn’t sink into a role unless it is something close to his personality. He was totally into Jerry McGuire and Risky Business because he was playing characters like himself. He was in my opinion not believable in A Few Good Men or Born on the Fourth of July. How truly great it would have been to have had an actor of Matt Damon’s quality in A Few Good Men instead of Cruise.
    IN viewing the the trailers, Tom is totally unconvincing as this German Colonel committed to the assassination of Hitler.
    Perhaps, since this is a German story, he should have put his ego on the back burner and hired a German actor and taken a lesser part in order to make the movie more believable.
    But then Tom never takes the back burner. Does he?

  • Good Victoria

    Guess no-one knows for sure, whether the movie will ” bomb ” or not….If people like that type of movie then it will do well….BUT, I guess the main thing is,: If people love Tom Cruise enough to buy a ticket !!!

  • se


    Have ever you seen a photographyof Graf von Stauffenberg?
    He is a very good look men before he had an accident in war that he lost his arm and the other one had only 3 fingers! He put the bomb under the table near Hitler and with these 3 fingers he ativated the bomb!
    The americans will never like americans because they have more personality! We can reconized a german through their eyes and their eyes reflect their personality!

  • defap

    Tom makes good movies. I will see all his movies one day.
    by the way, it seems only him that keeps his hair thick, dark and natural in 46.

  • wAY COOL

    Highly anticipated?!?!?


    Only by Tom himself and the rest of the Scientology cult members and then only because they are forced to watch it.

  • Suri needs warm clothes, tom

    Go f… your movies. kh’s daughter Suri needs a sweater, tights, socks
    and a winter jacket. Take you face out of the mirror and bank account
    and check out how Suri is paraded around in the cold and rain.
    It’s disgraceful. I would pay a penny to see you.

  • Sidney

    I can’t wait for this movie! It’s going to be great and Tom Cruise will be awesome as always. He’s an incredible actor and has proven it over and over again by many people’s standards, critics included.
    Some of you naysayers, haters, whatever you are, why do you waste your time reading about a man you say you hate? Are you intrigued by Tom Cruise? Is that why you keep coming back only to type in that you hate him and such?
    Tom Cruise is here to stay. The majority of the people do find him likeable and agree that he is one of the best actors of our time if not THE best actor of our time. A few individuals typing in this bs about Tom Cruise isn’t going to change that. If you hate him or Katie, or even little Suri that much, why are you even wasting your time reading the articles about them? Generally, I don’t waste my time reading up on matters or individuals that I dislike or hate or find disgusting.
    And by the way, Valkyrie was given the permission to shoot those scenes. The German government came around after a meeting with Cruise and Singer. If you place judgement on people that you don’t even know, making assumptions and such, then that’s your own ignorance showing. I’d bet none of you that type in this crap about Tom Cruise would say it to his face or even out in the public. At least he has the courage to say what he feels and thinks out loud. His movies are great, his humanity greater. He’ll be remembered for the good that he’s done and the movies that will last through the years. What will you be remembered for?

  • Dancer

    Sidney @ 10/30/2008 at 3:57 pm

    Sidney huny, I’m afraid you are wrong about the majority of people find him likeable and one of the best actors of our time. Maybe that was true before he weirded out, but he is a joke now.
    The USA Today popularity poll shows only 10 percent of the public that has voted wants to see more of Cruise. He has dropped out of the top ten of most of the polls taken by magazines and polling organizations. In many of them he ranks lower than the former Mrs. Cruise: Nicole.
    Critics aren’t as effusive as they once were over his performances. War of the Worlds probably could have made over one hundred million more if Cruise hadn’t been such an ass at the time.
    What good has he done? Tell me some specifics that don’t involve his cult religion and you can also skip pulling over to help people on the side of the road or those drowning since the press always gets notification that he has done so. Exactly what has he done that has bettered this world?
    And you bet I’d say this stuff to his face. Bring him on. He is part of a cult that is vicious and hurtful. I’ve seen posts saying it is no worse than other religions. Haha. It isn’t a religion. It is a practice designed by L. Ron Hubbard who was a woman hating, wife beater, homophobic asshole. That is the leader he follows. Hubbard is also quoted as laughing and saying Scientology was just to make money.
    That is what your ever so smart Cruise follows. A clap trap cult that believes aliens inhabit you for a time or some such malarky.
    So tell me about his humanity. Exactly what has he done? I bet I’ve done more volunteer work than he has ever done. No I don’t have his money or Brangelina’s money, but I know the things I do have touched many lives and in some cases made a few better. For most of us that is all we can do is help one person, one cause at a time.
    What have you done?

  • therealbetty

    I’m looking forward to the movie, the subject, not too thrilled that Cruise is in it. I don’t think he’s that good of an actor, he overdramatizes in his roles. Look at War of the Worlds; did anyone read the book?
    And I agree with previous post about American-accented Cruise playing a German. It’ll be a turn off. I wanna see and hear some authentic German, darn it.
    Von Stauffenberg’s Catholic family initially objected to Scientologist Cruise playing the role, but the studio and Cruise talked the government into giving them the go ahead, in the name of telling the story of a German “hero” who opposed Hitler.
    I’ll give the movie benefit of a doubt, but I’d rather see Daniel Day Lewis or another real actor do the role.

  • Oh, #20… Why so blue?

    Yes rly. Tom Cruise is not only so 1985, he’s so 1986, 1996, 2002, 2005, 2008, and every other year that people line-up to see his movies. People may be sick of Scientology, but they’re not sick of Cruise. Good or bad, the mention of his name was enough to get your attention, and that’s all that’s needed. Say what you will, but Cruise is good for Hollywood, and when he dies, you and everyone else will be back here, taking time from your busy lives to discuss him and his memorable career.

  • happy

    Love TOM and this is my kind of movies…history buff that I am.

  • elsa

    WTG TOMMY!!!!!

  • dancer

    What an amazing cast. Its great that finally the world sees not all Germans are like Hitler and looks like an Oscar winner to me.

  • Dancer

    dancer @ 10/30/2008 at 11:41 pm

    How pathetic–you have to steal someone else’s name to try and make your lame point.

    Doesn’t matter though, because I’ve posted enough that folks know that Tom Cruise is definitely one of my LEAST favorite wanna be actors. Guy can’t act. He just emotes.

  • dean

    Cant wait for Bond and Valkyrie.

  • tom is a cult leader

    Tom is a has been cultist
    And no pr spin or forum comments by cult members will ever change that

    Just ask Tom “we are the only ones who can help” Cruise

    Want to know what Tom supports/ believes?
    Click the link
    Get informed

  • Howard

    Golly,Hollywood makes a flick about men of incredible moral courage-not a robocop or car crash film and people are all over it, unseen. The story of these real heros deserves a fair shake, good for Cruise for taking this risky role. My fellow americans- wake up .There were heroic germans on the right side of history who gave all. Lets give their story a chance.

  • michelle

    You guys are all just jelous because he is a fabulous actor and you like to see him go down in poularity because of his beliefs. Quit being stupid, he is an amazing actor and will do this story justice. The movie looks great.