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Britney Spears's Circus Cover Released!

Britney Spears's Circus Cover Released!

Britney Spears just released the cover and tracklist to her upcoming album Circus on her official website

Circus drops in stores on December 2nd with 12 songs plus a bonus song! Take a peek:
1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
13. Radar (bonus track)

of Britney’s cover for Circus?

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  • julie

    i don’t like it very much.
    But she looks great,
    looks like the picture it’s too photoshped.

  • dani


    i love the cover she looks so pretty! cant wait

  • Robb-e

    She looks beautiful but the albumcover does nothing for me. I was hoping for a futuristic circus themed cover-art.

    Anyway it’s all about the songs, can’t wait to hear some clips. I think it’s interesting she used Radar as a bonustrack. I love the song, but where is One More Time?

    Hopefully they will listen to the fans and change the albumcover!

    Can’t wait for this Circus to hit town!

  • Andre

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • t

    the graphics aren’t great but she looks gorgeous, i like it better than the blackout cover at laest

  • Good Victoria

    Her hair looks good for once !!!….The cover reminds me of a Country Music album, for some reason…..Hope it sells well for her !

  • Lara

    Hmm I wonder what she’s going for?

  • mallory

    did someone make this on a powerpoint?! lame


    Perfect cover))
    GO Britney!!!

  • gih


  • who?

    who’s that girl on the cover? lol

  • Sammy

    britt could have done better…not my favourite cover it looks a bit fake…

  • Diana

    It’s a lot better than the CD cover for her last album.

    Jared, I need some Gossip Girl news!

  • tt

    The new single is brilliant, I can’t wait to hear the album.

  • sasha


  • keira

    I like the cover!!!!!!!

  • omg

    this cover reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s CD, “Back to Basics”.

    mhh. what a coinky dinky.

  • dsds

    it looks cheap :(

  • LolaSvelt

    They should rename the title ‘Photoshop Circus’.

  • anonymous

    Its a great artwork. She’s definitely back for her comeback and seems like everything’s going great! I wish her the best.

  • Agggieee

    oh my effing god
    the cover looks like made using paint LMAO horrible!
    she looks pretty tho

  • Jessica

    Kind of a boring cover, but she looks gorgeous!

  • FAKE

    Fake hair, fake skin, fake photo, ugh!

    The innocent little pink nighty look was over long ago, about the time of the dozen pics of her post 2 babies va gina.

    Trying to sell Britney as innocent is a joke.

  • Regina

    That’s a good painting…oh wait…


    Okay, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE britney and I’m TOTALLY stoked for the album but, This cover looks WAYYY TOOO PHOTOSHOPED!!!
    She looks soooo much prettier when she’s not so edited. GET A NEW COVER!!! I love you girl but, you gotta have a kick a** cover for this record. Please girl.

  • Tyler brown

    SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS! Would’ve liked something a little more provocative and sexy, being Britney Spears, but I do LOVE it. She looks beautiful.

  • Megan fox rocks

    i can’t wait for her ablum , she looks so pretty

    love it

  • LOvesoundpop

    OMG!! beautiful!!!! the most beautiful cover ever of hers! )))

  • Janey

    That cover is lame.

  • Anonymous

    The cover’s not the best but, BRITNEY’S BACK

  • Nicoline

    BOOORING!!! so bad

  • erin

    her covers for womanizer were so much hotter!!!

  • laura

    Why is it a circus theme? Pink’s cover, Christina Aguilera tour, and now Britney? Come on people, stop copying everyone else. oh well.

    The picture is very photoshopped, it doesn’t look too much like her.

  • joseph

    I am not a fan of this girl by any means but to judge a cd cover is lame. It’s the about music you like. If you like it buy it; if not don’t.

    I have never thought about cd covers ever.

  • a&a=)

    she looks pretty.. and i like it alot=)

  • daani

    totally photoshoped !

    also looks too cheap

  • arwen

    its beautiful! i wish her the best and I’ll definitely be downloading a copy (itunes). Great job Brit! Glad you’re on the up and up!

  • Mike

    Omg i hate this cover it sucks! Her face looks distorted and her hair looks horrible. Plus the stars and stripes r we celebrating the 4th of july? The title is circus it should have fire whips chains and just be full of craziness/ madness. I hope it gets changed.

  • Mandy

    she looks great on the cover. But it doesn’t really seem eyecatching enough

  • Julie

    Britney looks stunning!
    Can’t wait to buy her new album!

  • sho nuff

    it’s nice, but I wouldn’t have known it was her without being first told.

  • muhammad

    i like it

  • qbOY

    I dont like it at all ….

    what’s going on with britney and christina aguilera ??? my 2 fav artist … one makes a good video music but a bad song ( talking bout womanizer ) and the other one makes a great song but a s““ video clip ( keeps getting better )

    the cover is so useless .. boring to death

  • dialectic

    FAKE dude that is so fucking beyond airbrushed…her weave could never look like that,t just as manufacted as the bullshit she calls music…who is excited about this prepackaged turd anyway? “oh i cant wait to hear music made on a computer and sung through a synthesizer! duuuh!”

    how can you pretend to be innocent when your chidlren had to be taken away from you? and your such a nutjob your dad has to control your finances for you? plus everyones seen her snatch and her hairy butt for that matter….thats another thing NO ONE is jealous of britney and i will tell you why she has a hairy butt and that my friends is just fucking nasty.

  • qbOY

    btw is it really brit on this( photoshoped) cover ???

    i mean iam fed up with the 2 artists who r not able to stay a minimum natural !!

  • Damien

    boring. i love the photos from blackout more.

  • kongomorgo

    cant wait til the new album.
    the cover is not special, but b looks good. oh and i love the stars at the cover xd xd

  • mia

    why is there a song called “mmm papi” on there???

  • babyjane

    It’s so cheap and so photoshopped!! i don’ t like it at all.

  • DDD