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Katie Holmes is Wrapped Up in Ribbon

Katie Holmes is Wrapped Up in Ribbon

Katie Holmes wraps her feet up in a pair of blue ribbon shoes as she leaves her New York City apartment on Thursday night.

The 29-year-old actress headed to the Gerard Schoenfeld Theatre for another Broadway performance in Arthur Miller‘s play “All My Sons”.

Husband Tom Cruise was later seen leaving their Big Apple apartment.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s ribbon shoes — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of TomKat the night before Halloween…

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Credit: Lisa Mauceri; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Sammi

    DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY NOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katie looks like death warmed over. She needs to eat a sandwich and see a doctor. Living with Tom Cruise has destroyed this girl! She looks like a homeless, 50 year old bag lady half the time. Get a stylist NOW, girl.

    A question; Do we really need to see pix of this chick three times a day? It’s starting to get sickening. She’s not pretty, she’s not talented, and she’s a lousy mother.

  • hank

    john mayer’s sister! and look, tom has those crazy eyes again… like he’s possessed.

  • Katie Looks Sick

    Forget the shoes! What’s wrong with Katie???? She looks really sick! She’s pale and drawn. OMG!! Tom is killing her!

  • Mikey


    Those shoes are hideous.

    Girlfriend needs to wash her greasy hair and run a comb thru it. She looks like sh*t. I know why she wears sunglasses. Her eyes look dead.

  • kristen

    Oh look. It’s CrazyCruise and his RoboBride. I am so sick of seeing these two losers. Holmes looks like she’s dead and too lazy to fall and Cruise looks bat s/hit insane as usual.

    I dont feel sorry for Holmes. She married Cruise for his money and for help with her career and she got just what she deserved. There’s a saying “When you marry for money, you work for it”. Well Holmes looks like she’s working real hard for her money.

  • hank

    i feel sorry for her, really. she sold her soul for fame/ambition and it’s eating her up inside. or perhaps she did it for revenge…. wanted to show chris klein she could do better. who knows. whatever the reason, she looks like she’s lost her soul, like she doesn’t know who she is anymore. be careful what you wish for, it just might come true and it just might not turn out to be what you had hoped it would be.

  • prak

    Some may think she looks like sh*t, but I think she looks like she thinks she’s hot sh*t :)

  • m. harris

    # 3 Katie Looks Sick is totally right! Katie looks horrible! Doesn’t her family see how sick she looks? Why dont they get her some help? Tom Cruise must be real hard to live with if she looks that bad. This is not a happy woman. Happy people dont look like they’re dying. That marriage is not going to last. Its not even 2 years! Katie was so pretty and alive just a few years ago before she met Tom. Now she looks like a sick, unhappy, dead eyed, old lady. It so sad.

  • non

    If she sells those shoes on eBay she could buy a couple of winter coats for Suri.

  • hank

    did katie and posh have a falling out?

  • makeup?

    the shoes would go better with better MAKEUP!

  • To hank # 6

    feel sorry for her, really. she sold her soul for fame/ambition and it’s eating her up inside. or perhaps she did it for revenge…. wanted to show chris klein she could do better. who knows. whatever the reason, she looks like she’s lost her soul, like she doesn’t know who she is anymore. be careful what you wish for, it just might come true and it just might not turn out to be what you had hoped it would be.

    Truer words have never been spoken!

    I think she sold her soul for TC’s Black American Express and his contacts in Hollywood. Lets face it…..he USED TO BE a pretty hot commodity until he destroyed his career. They both got what they deserved. He lost his career and she lost her soul and her integrity and they’re both laughingstocks. The difference is, Katie looks like she knows she blew it. As someone else mentioned, a healthy, happy individual does not look that hopeless and sick.

  • me

    She is too tall for heels, she looks like an amazon.

  • hank

    anyone else getting “website has a programming error” message when trying to post?

  • Cruisazy

    Those two deserve each other. I have no respect or pity for either of them. He’s a total lunatic and she’s a piss poor actress who wh*red herself out to rich man for money and fame. I’m so sick of these assclowns. Get the divorce overwith already cause y’all know its coming eventually anyway. Tom will get custody of the kid just like he got custody of his other kids (who he keeps in a closet someplace) and Katie will get a big chunk of money for playing the game and keeping her mouth shut.

  • cocodipogo

    YES /
    BRUNO FRISONI au pieds c’est SO CHIC
    very nice look
    so french

  • rt

    HOT….she has no makeup add the flashes of cams that makes them paler

  • donna


  • nanci

    Not a fan but it looks
    great on her
    what a good looking couple

  • surfer

    uberchic :)

  • anonymous

    You go,girl

  • gym

    Katie looks good and so does Tom. Wish I could see this play of hers.

  • carebear

    katie could use a hug. look at her left hand in pic 9, it looks like it’s so tightly clenched. she’s about ready to snap.

  • Katie

    God she looks so tired and skinny. She’s always been thin, but before Tom she always looked so healthy and happy. Now she looks like death. It can’t just be doing the play, because she’s looked awful for ages.

  • mju8

    No need for Halloween costumes, Katie already looks ghoulish!

  • Butterfly

    PLEASE, Jared, enough of Katie Holmes. Her publicity is getting nauseous. Yes, she may be attradtive, but as far as acting talent, there is muuuuuuuuuuuuuch room for improvement.. And little Suri, who really cares. What a pathetic society we are if we need to see continual pictures of a two year old being carried around .

  • http://MANISTON boo(real)

    i agree.. enough of the corps? bride!! and her tiny minion!!!

  • meems

    She is getting ready to perform on Broadway. She will put makeup on when she gets inside. I think she is tired from working really hard on her show. She is a beautiful lady, and she is a good mom. You guys can be so hateful. Did you ever think she could actually be sick with a cold?

  • mya

    This is not a healthy looking woman. My god, she’s not even 30 yet. Tom Cruise is sucking the life out of her. What in the world happened to this young woman in the span of 3 years? How can anyone deteriorate this much in such a short amount of time?

    I must admit, I do feel a little sorry for her. It must suck to do a play every night, knowing that you’re the weak link who got the worst reviews and also knowing that the play won’t help you at all in your career. She may have tons of money and use of Cruise’s Black AMEX cards, but what a sad, empty life. There’s only so many times you can go shopping.

    Oh and the shoes are hideous. They’re obviously a cry for help.

  • Mia


  • Katie did it

    Tom Cruise didn’t do anything to Katie Holmes. The devil (fame and fortune) became her top priority and is now paying the consequences.

    She is the Bride of the Cult and stores should sell a mask of her face for a Halloween costume.

    She is wearing her wicked witch shoes. She looks like an idiot in them (as usual).

    She looks like she has a disease. Too pale to be healthy!

  • zoe

    not hot. i mean i love boots but katie cant pull off the look. she looks tired and the make up is done poorly. the trench coat aint great either…does fit her and it should be shorter. pants or rubber tights arre unattractive.

  • sam b


  • magda

    hate the shoes, what a nightmare!!!

  • jennyfay

    OMG please people those shoes are hideous. You need to stop blaming Tom for the way she looks She Is A Grown Ass Woman (because grown ass women dress themselves like that ) she knew exactly what she was getting into it just may be that the shit is not working.

  • michellej

    maybe she looks like that because she reads the crap people write on these boards!

  • kiki

    I swear americans have no fashion taste. the shoes are HOT. i would love them, but i bet they are expensive. Katie has great style.



  • normal

    nothing this poor excuse for a woman wears can never be hot.

    bad mother, no talent, shitty fashion sense- no wonder Jared loves this woman.

  • simona

    shoes are most definetly hot! and she doesn’t look that bad without make up…like the whole otfit, again, gorgeous shoes!

  • Dancer

    Skip the shoes. OHMIGOD is she wearing rubber leggings? Leather leggings? Polyurethene leggings? Whatever she is wearing is making her legs look heavy and they do not go well with the shoes. The shoes would look much better on someone younger in a thigh high mini-skirt or something. On Katie they look awkward and they wear her instead of the other way around.
    Oh yes, for those saying she looks sick, she isn’t wearing any makeup. The camera’s flash isn’t attractive on her natural skin tone. If she was on death’s doorstep, I’m sure her understudy would step in in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for Katie, the understudy probably can act.

  • Bubbaness

    Nothing she does is hot. She just always looks unkempt or desperate for attention and to live up to Crazy Tom’s expectations.

  • Bubbaness

    Nothing she does is hot. She just always looks unkempt or desperate for attention and to live up to Crazy Tom’s expectations.

  • marla

    I love the shoes and the coat. I don’t mind the fact that she’s not wearing makeup. After all, the professionals are going to do her makeup at the theatre so what’s the point of putting it on just for the paps?
    But For the love of God, I really wish she would grow her hair out or at least finda different style. She would look soooo much better with longer hair.

  • LolaSvelt

    It’s like she’s trying so hard to be fashionable. It’s been like this since she was with Tom Cruise and he introduced her to Victoria Beckham.

    I’m not a massive fan of Beckham, but she has her own style and good for her, but Katie Holmes hasn’t even got a personality of her own, she has to copy looks from others. If I were Beckham, I’d be laughing at her silly attempts to look like a fashionista. She isn’t fooling anyone.

  • Ely

    How about noooo.


    2things, 1- I will not be running out to get myself a pair of those shoes any time soon!

    2-Tom has DEFINITELY had some work done to his face… While he looks about 5-10yrs younger, his wife is ageing rapidly right in front of our eyes…

  • cult fashion

    Victoria Beckham pictured in a sharp, stylishly tailored suit…following week, Katie Holmes appears looking like Tom’s big, gay lover in…an unfitted, baggy suit.

    Victoria Beckham pictured in rubber leggings on well toned, slender legs…few weeks later, Katie Holmes is pictured with…rubber leggings on her matronly tree trunks.

    As much as i dislike ‘clothes horse’ VB, at least she knows how to wear the clothes.

  • cult fashion

    haha! I only just spotted #45 who is saying much the same as me. :)

  • marla

    this is not the first time katie has worn these pants, and she has been wearing suits for a long time as well. I don’t always like katie’s style, but it’s annoying how people are always accusing her of copying Posh when their styles aren’t even that similar. Also, Katie had a pixie cut before Posh.