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Kristen Stewart Haunts the Twilight Premiere

Kristen Stewart Haunts the Twilight Premiere

Kristen Stewart, in a Temperley London dress, and Robert Pattinson strut down the red carpet at the haunting premiere of Twilight at the 3rd Rome International Film Festival in Italy on Thursday evening.

Tickets for the devilish flick – out November 21st in theaters – go on sale today at and Since it’s also Halloween, a special trick-or-treat is available to every Twilight ticket purchaser: a free download of “Bella’s Lullaby (Remix)” on iTunes.

60+ pictures of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and director Catherine Hardwicke at the Twilight Premiere in Rome…

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pattinston stewart twilight rome 02
pattinston stewart twilight rome 03
pattinston stewart twilight rome 04
pattinston stewart twilight rome 05
pattinston stewart twilight rome 06
pattinston stewart twilight rome 07
pattinston stewart twilight rome 08
pattinston stewart twilight rome 09
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pattinston stewart twilight rome 11
pattinston stewart twilight rome 12
pattinston stewart twilight rome 13
pattinston stewart twilight rome 14
pattinston stewart twilight rome 15
pattinston stewart twilight rome 16
pattinston stewart twilight rome 17
pattinston stewart twilight rome 18
pattinston stewart twilight rome 19
pattinston stewart twilight rome 20
pattinston stewart twilight rome 21
pattinston stewart twilight rome 22
pattinston stewart twilight rome 23
pattinston stewart twilight rome 24
pattinston stewart twilight rome 25
pattinston stewart twilight rome 26
pattinston stewart twilight rome 27
pattinston stewart twilight rome 28
pattinston stewart twilight rome 29
pattinston stewart twilight rome 30
pattinston stewart twilight rome 31
pattinston stewart twilight rome 32
pattinston stewart twilight rome 33
pattinston stewart twilight rome 34
pattinston stewart twilight rome 35
pattinston stewart twilight rome 36
pattinston stewart twilight rome 37
pattinston stewart twilight rome 38
pattinston stewart twilight rome 39
pattinston stewart twilight rome 40
pattinston stewart twilight rome 41
pattinston stewart twilight rome 42
pattinston stewart twilight rome 43
pattinston stewart twilight rome 44
pattinston stewart twilight rome 45
pattinston stewart twilight rome 46
pattinston stewart twilight rome 47
pattinston stewart twilight rome 48
pattinston stewart twilight rome 49
pattinston stewart twilight rome 50
pattinston stewart twilight rome 51
pattinston stewart twilight rome 52
pattinston stewart twilight rome 53
pattinston stewart twilight rome 54
pattinston stewart twilight rome 55
pattinston stewart twilight rome 56
pattinston stewart twilight rome 57
pattinston stewart twilight rome 58
pattinston stewart twilight rome 59

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66 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Haunts the Twilight Premiere”

  1. 1
    d Says:

    dress by temperley london, she looked great! love kristen and rob, cant wait for the movie!

  2. 2
    brunah Says:

    they are so cute!

    love them


  3. 3
    JJ Says:

    cool but Robert doesn’t look so good.He’s in his 20′s and looks like he’s in his 30′s.She doesn’t know how to pose for pictures.

  4. 4
    georgia Says:

    yay twilight [‘x
    rob looks erm.. wow rob looks like something.
    something sexy i’ll say (Y)

  5. 5
    Nicola Says:

    They all look great! I love Kristen’s dress.

  6. 6
    lalala Says:

    ohh edward! alice would never let you out of the house looking like that!

  7. 7
    ana Says:

    aaaw,love them!

  8. 8
    Isverooo! Says:

    OMG!! Rob is soooo Hott!! i love him! and kristen looks so beautiful in that dress! i cant wait to see the moviee! LOVE U ROB!!!

  9. 9
    anna Says:

    they look like they could use a nice long vacation after promoting twilight comes out. they look a bit “dead” tired haha

  10. 10
    a&a=) Says:

    i dont know why i dont like them=S
    but i love the character in the book=)! i will still imagine is the handsome edward of the book and not that grossy guy

  11. 11
    Andrea Says:

    This Robert guy is not even remotely cute!! What’s the big deal????

  12. 12
    Haley Says:

    they look great as always. I love her dress and Rob well he’s so hansome

  13. 13
    ginny Says:

    ahhh twilight<3!!!!!
    i love robert and kristen!

  14. 14
    rafaela Temporim Says:

    kristen and robert LOVEEE!

  15. 15
    justjill Says:

    Thanks for that tip D ;)

  16. 16
    um Says:

    Robert’s a be-yoot. He tends to try to downplay the hotness though. He doesn’t seem like a very vain guy. Just a regular dude who doesn’t iron clothes and forgets to shave….lol

  17. 17
    quest for knowledge Says:

    Can’t wait for this movie these two look like they have great chemisty on screen..

  18. 18
    ali Says:

    woohooo twilight!!! i love them both. so lovely! :)

  19. 19
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Can I say this scruffy guy looks so sexy! I love it! :D Rock on ROB!

  20. 20
    lore Says:


  21. 21
    em Says:

    Ya Know, I Really REEEEEAALLLYYY Liked How Robert Looked In The Movie.

    But Now; He Just Kinda Looks Ugly :l

    With His Stupid Hair; And His Stares Kinda Creep Me Out .__.

    But, He’s Still An Awesome Person! ;D

  22. 22
    pup Says:

    @ #3: yeah she rlly doesn’t. needs a bit of practice.

  23. 23
    asdf Says:

    she obviously don’t know how to pose. at first i thought robert was cute,but now he’s just plain creepy. and they are so conceited w/ themselves. especially the director. twilight is not a big deal, the book suck. and so is the movie.

  24. 24
    Lizz Says:

    I love the series, cant wait for the movie… BUT… Who the hell let them go out like that? It looked like they hadn’t showered in a few days. Especially Rob. Kristin looked greasy and uncomfortable. Rob looked like he’d been on a 4 day bender and is considering growing dreads.
    C’mon, someone spring for a stylist for their next premiere! It is a sin that they look like that. Kristin didn’t fare any better at the MTV Awards- she looked awful there too.

  25. 25
    Val Says:

    WOW twilight I LOVE IT

    BUT she is really NOT PHOTOGENIC i mean
    in some pictures she really looks bad

  26. 26
    zoe Says:

    wow. they do not look good. kristen needs a stylist asap and yes, she is not photogenic. im sure she’ll make a good bella though….whats the deal with the robert guy? he is not cute. seriously.

  27. 27
    Angeline Says:

    i love the both of them, i think they’ve got unique personalities.

    but honestly, robert needs the makeup artist from twilight to tag along with him wherever he goes, because in the movie, he looks indescribably and godly, but out here, he looks like a normal guy. though i do think he’s unbelievably hot with his sex hair [:

    and kristen. i think she’s got a beautiful smile in these pictures, and i don’t like the pout she always puts on. she’s stunning when she smiles. and her hair. maybe a straighter and more fixed look, and the makeup looks so goth.

    i guess that’s who they are.

    i’ll accept it [:

    happy halloween!

  28. 28
    zach quinto's wife Says:

    looooooooooooooooove them <3

  29. 29
    xoxo Says:

    they look so bad asss

  30. 30
    Macy Says:

    I agree, Kristen is not that pretty here but hope twilight is good, I’m off to watch that.

  31. 31
    Macy Says:

    Yeah she’s not photogenic here, but still she might have done very well in twilight

  32. 32
    andrea Says:

    i love them both so much
    kristen is so talented and rob is just downright amazing
    thanks for all the twilight updates jared :)

  33. 33
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    Love them :)

  34. 34
    Andrea Says:

    Why didnt you get the muich better images of the premiere. There are some gorgeous ones of Rob and Kristen from that day. You always seme to get the worst ones JJ

  35. 35
    Mmmm Says:

    Robert Pattinson :)

  36. 36
    um Says:

    they are adorable, both those kids. I like how Kristen is sorta tomboyish even though she has the body to pull off a more sexy look. And I like that RP plays down his heat a lot too. They are so cute that way.

  37. 37
    alèxia Says:

    Kristin is gorgeous but she really needs a stylist to make her look better, and please! someone has to teach her how to pose.
    And Robert, I have to ask… where is the Harry Potter cutie? He looks great in Twilight but when he goes to any event, he always looks creepy

  38. 38
    ELI Says:

    I LOVE ROB , but he looks weird here, and kristen is not pretty , and she’s too shy

  39. 39
    ELI Says:

    I LOVE ROB , but he looks weird here, and kristen is not pretty , and she’s too shy

  40. 40
    nona Says:

    This is how I like the RP pie. A little dirty and messy, like he just rolled out of bed…with me.

  41. 41
    OpsSS!!!! Says:

    wow this chick is HOT!

  42. 42
    Kristen Says:

    Has anyone noticed that Kristen is always smiling A LOT more when she is near Rob? Seriously I have looked for pictures or interviews of her in which she is smiling and the only time she is smiling is when she is with Rob! It’s amazing! haha.

  43. 43
    rd Says:

    I agree. They need to take “Red Carpet 101″. Their inability to understand the link between good publicity photos and success of the movie is making everyone look bad. Including Stephenie Meyer!

  44. 44
    k Says:

    they both look really good….especially Robert :D

  45. 45
    Kelly Says:

    Kristen looks awkward and Robert looks hungover?

  46. 46
    Catheirnec Says:

    If you don’t want to walk the red carpet, then don’t.

  47. 47


  48. 48


  49. 49
    Ericka Says:

    She looks beautiful.

  50. 50
    Magali Says:

    ohgosh she’s so pretty ! love her jacket and dress.
    i totally want her with RPattz , they make a great couple.

    Cath is so fun and she has a great spirit, i admire that on her.

  51. 51
    Em Says:

    love kristen! ;)

    i really hope they are gettin some sleep, summit is workin em to death!

  52. 52
    bindz Says:

    it would be really cute if Kristen and Rob started dating :)

  53. 53
    bindz Says:

    it would be really cute if Kristen and Rob started dating :)

  54. 54
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    this movie is gonna KICK ASSSSSS . !!! [ L ]

    20 more daaays ! ♥

  55. 55
    kris Says:

    Some of you guys are really pathetic ..

    Rob and Kristen needs a stylist .. blah blah blah ..
    that’s what i love about the two of them..
    they could care less about designer crap .. and they’re not superficial ..
    not to mention they are both so uncomfortable with all this fame that twiliight is launching them .. it makes both of them even more humble..

    They don’t need to be all superstar glamorous for us.. Clearly they both singed on to Twilight not expecting to get as much attention as they are getting now.. and they didn’t do it for the fame or any of that .. && i hope they stay just the way they are.

  56. 56
    flirtlikecrazy Says:

    he’s still sooooo stoned & hung over.

  57. 57
    Cmm Says:

    thank you thank you thank you for all the twilight support. they look so awesome. please keep reporting on my fav. new kids on the scene.

  58. 58
    ...... Says:

    robert looks terrible..and he never washes his hair.ever.

  59. 59
    Jujupops Says:

    I agree with Kris (comment #55), just because they love acting doesn’t mean they should like attention and die to hog the limelight or anything. It’s just their characteristic NOT to be so attention-seeking and vain in that superficial way which Kris so clearly pointed out.
    Anyway, how does their characteristic and looks on “the Red Carpet”, for that matter, affect the way the movie is going to turn out? It’s not as if they’re trouble-making good-for-nothing drug addicts or anything:)

  60. 60
    Katelyn Says:

    im disappointed… this makes impressions of the film for non-twilight fans a bad one (im assuming here since im obsessed already)

    this is supposed to be the PREMEIRE??!! why are the three of them the only ones there?? why does kristin look like she rolled out of bed and then put on clown makeup and edward look homeless? nice clothing, but i mean come on! a little more class maybe? kristin looks so trashy and unprofessional posing like that…ugh

    Summit needs to get their act together and not ruin this AMAZING opportunity that fell into their lap…

  61. 61
    mariiiaaa Says:

    I love that guys!! can´t wait for see the movie

  62. 62
    gahh! Says:

    i think theyr adorable
    nd that rob is sexayy in twilight and does a perfect “American Accent
    But here… he looks like a hobo. Doesnt look like an edward at all. Actually… total opposite of edward.
    here.. he scares me 0.o
    idk. he should go shave. that would help him out alittle. lol :D

  63. 63
    Nathália Borges Simões Says:


    Robert Pattinson é muito lindo……..muito lindo mesmo……..

    Adorei o filme…………exatamente como no livro……..todos os atores são maravilhos…………mas ele é prefeito………….rsrs

    não vejo a hora de ver a continuação…………..

    bem que ele poderia fazer uma visitinha ao Brasil…..

    Adoraria ver esse gatão de perto………..


  64. 64
    Nathália Borges Simões Says:


    Robert Pattinson é muito lindo………….um gato;;………

    o filme é maravilhoso…………………..todos os atores são otimos…………mas ele é perfeito…………

    bem que ele poderia fazer uma visitinha ao Brasil…………..seria demais………..


  65. 65
    charlotte Says:

    dont u fink robert is so cute and his hair i went to see the premiere it was ausem but kristin can not pose lol love the film !!!!! [ =

  66. 66
    charlotte Says:

    i want to marriey robety CUTIE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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