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Nicole Kidman - "Parade" Cover November 2008

Nicole Kidman -

New mom Nicole Kidman graces the November cover of PARADE Magazine and talks about her new movie, Australia, baby Sunday Rose and husband Keith Urban.

The 41-year-old Academy award winning actress tells the weekly magazine that she’s been given a gift with Sunday Rose. “I’m raw and emotional. I cry even thinking of her. But they are tears of joy. Because I suppose I never thought I would get to have it. To have been given it so late in life”I’m so ready for it. And I think giving birth to a child, as a woman, is what we’re born to do. I don’t mean that to sound sexist, because many women don’t get to do it, and I thought I was one of them. But at the same time, if you are given that gift, it’s an extraordinary thing.”

PARADE magazine is distributed in Sunday newspapers so be sure to pick up a copy! To read more of the feature, visit

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  • Aly pokry

    Olhos Azul’s, Boca perfeita, pele bumbum de bebé!
    kkkkk brincadeira…

    Nicole Kidman perfeição de mulher, perfeição de obra de DEUS!

    Bj’kas Pokry

  • lol


  • fresh

    i think she’s forgotten she already has kids.

  • fresh

    i think she’s forgotten she already has kids.

  • cataz

    Awwww…..she seems to have truly found happiness.
    I love how she specifically say the special thing about Sunday was giving birth to her, as opposed to saying that she finally has a child (cos shes alredy got two adopted ones) I mean is doesnt make the other two any less loved or special, but its an experience that shes been wanting to have for a long time.
    I also love how she tried to be careful with what she says and stated “I don’t mean that to sound sexist”, because we all know that if she didnt say that ppl would all be like “what a sexist, anti-feminist blah blah blah.”

    Proud of you Nicole!

  • oinc!


  • liz

    Too bad she forgot she already had kids. She is a freak.

    P.S. She looks absolutely horrible. Nobody can deny she is a plastic surgery junkie.

  • hahahahahahhahaa


    Suri Cruise @ 10/31/2008 at 2:32 pm Somebody please come to New York to kidnap me and drop me in Tennessee. As a “strong woman”, I will find my way to Miss Nicole to grow up with Sunday Rose.
    Miss Nicole knows that I am not a doll.
    Miss Nicole will respect and protect my privacy.
    Miss Nicole will not flaunt my diapered butts to the whole world.
    And Miss Nicole will keep me warm and comfortable.
    And most importantly, Miss Nicole will potty train me so I can wear girlie undies just like Violet A.

    Somebody please come to New York and get me out of here…..


  • Office fan

    I agree with you #5. I don’t see anything wrong with what Nicole said or how she feels. I became a mother through adoption and I love my son with all my heart, and I thank God everyday for him…..but I do sometimes feel a little bit cheated out of experiencing pregnancy and childbirth. It’s not so much to do with having a biological child, but more with just wanting to know what it’s like to carry a child and to give birth. But I am so thankful that I get to experience the most important thing and that’s being a mother. That said, I am sure that she loves Bella and Connor just as much as she loves Sunday.

  • Kat 2

    That cover is scary looking.

    So the women out there who don’t feel compelled for whatever reason to “birth” a child? What about them? Are they just taking up space? Just because you “birth” a child doesn’t make you a mother.

  • ryan

    Omg she really is getting ugly , looks like the surgery has trun into the other sense , that is really bad .

  • wow

    I feel bad for her 2 other kids really, sorry Nicole, but you still be a “woman” and a “mother” even if your child didn’t get out of your vagina, they are womans who can’t have it through a vagina it’s not their fault, and that doesn’t making theme different, they are giving their care , their love more than anyting, they probably love their adopted kids more than loving themseleves.

  • to Nicole

    Look at Tom Cruise’s beard, Katie Holmes. It takes more than pushing a baby out of your VJ to be a mother. Katie Holmes is a pathetic mother. I still believe she is trying to hurt Suri by taking her out in the cold without proper clothing. She’s evil!

    This is not a popularity contest. If Katie were a good person with good morals and integrity, I’d like her but she doesn’t have good qualities. She is white trash.

    Nicole Kidman could have had a baby years ago but she did it the right way. She didn’t have to trap a man or sell her soul to get a part in a play or some designer duds.

    Nicole Kidman=Lamborghini
    Katie Holmes=Ford Escort

  • mju8

    I don’t think Nicole is saying anything bad. She’s just saying that the process of being pregnant and giving birth is a very special one and she thought she’d never experience it. I think if she could have given birth to her 2 other children she would’ve wanted to experience that.

  • lol

    She birthed a pillow.

  • liz

    to Nicole is a psycho. Do you know Katie Holmes? She is “evil?” You are insane.

  • need family

    We all need a family and Nicole has been blessed to have both a bioligical child and 2 wonderful adopted kids. I see her as doing her very best at being a good mom to all 3 of them and in the case of her adopted kids, circumstances have made it difficult at times. I am so happy for her and Keith, that they have found this wonderful life together with Sunday Rose! Nicole will always be there for her adopted kids, as well! Am looking forward to seein g this beautiful and tallented actress in her new picture, AUSTRALIA, later this month.

  • 2 #16

    Like you know her, #16! LMAO.

  • baffled????

    Really Nicole…I would really like to see you cry any sort of tears!
    For real…no hollywood bullshit…real tears! Something that would really make you cry some sort of tears of sorrow, remorse, joy. Anything that could produce real tears from you would be a sight to see for sure!!

  • Suri Cruise

    Hello Miss Nicole,
    Have Connor and Bella ever talked about me when they are with you?
    Please come and get me….
    I want to get out here….please let me grow up with Sunday Rose.
    I know you will take good care of me.
    You will not use me like an expensive handbag, or doll me up for the paps.
    Please let me live with you.
    I promise I will pick up my own stuff form now on.
    I promise I will never let Connor and Bella pick up my toys, blanket and trash.
    You know, I will not be cranky if I am not pimped out by my mommy and Daddy Cruise for those people.
    I’ll be good, I know you’ll be good to me, because you have the thing my mommy doesn’t have….what do they call that?
    Oh…the class!
    Yes, my mommy has no class.

  • cricket

    Halloween was the perfect day to put this picture up cause she looks scary as hell in this picture.She doesn’t even look human. She looks like an ugly Pez Dispenser. She needs to get a giant Pez stuck in her mouth so she shuts up with all this nonsense she keeps putting out there. This crap isn’t going to sell Australia .

  • daisy

    Again a lot of jealous people here. And I guess a lot fo people have never heard of photoshopping. That is up to the magazine to do or not on pictures not Nicole.

  • clarification

    The journalist keeps saying her first two children are adopted, not Kidman. This Is a very badly written article. Sensationalized.

    More tabloid then anything. Very poor writing.

    It makes Kidman look bad if you don’t read it closely. But, if you do, you can see the writer trying to shape Kidman’s quotes to meanings that are more sensational, when she is really just being normal and a kinda dull mom.

    It’s a shame Kidamn can never speak on Scientology or risk losing all visitation. I’d love to hear her opinion on being forced to attend that cult’teaching for a few years and then escaping that evil cult.

  • niki

    DAYUM! Trout pout! She’s turning into one crazy old lady. God I would hate to have to sit and listen to her prattle on about herself. The woman is a complete airhead.

  • Butterfly

    Nicole Kidman has found such serenity in her marriage to Keith Urban. He is the best thing that has happened to her in her 41 years. She loves all three of her children; Sunday is a delight to she and Keith because of their age and the station they are in their life. The picture of Nicole on the cover is lovely, but way too enhanced. When you see pictures of her out in public she does not look “enhanced”. She looks truly beautiful. Why do people push the botox baloney; she is only 41 years old…….she doesn’t need botox. She is a beautiful, lovely woman who has found true love and happiness.

  • zoe

    nicole does not look good on the cover. i like the whole old hollywood hair idea but something is off about her face…cant wait to watch australia though!

  • Undecided


  • Ray Palmer

    I don’t know where to begin cutting down your ridiculous post, #13.

    Who says she can’t speak against it, #23? Who told you all that?

  • Macy

    Nicole kidman is a fine actress and beautiful inside and out back to her tom cruise days. :)

  • sofia

    Wow. That’s an unfortunate-looking cover. Yikes.

    I don’t dislike Nicole, but those comments about crying and all that – weird.

  • Ace

    I actually like Kidman, but the lip injections have to stop. I thought she was really good looking in a very original way before she began playing with cosmetic surgery and/or procedures. She looks very glamorous, but very artificial – like spectacular silk roses. It’s sort of startling in a “Wow, that almost looks natural” way. “Almost” being the operative word there . . . .

  • http://comcast susan

    Seriously, Kidman needs to lay off the botox. Her face looks like a plastic mask, photoshopped onto someone else’s body. Scary.

  • ana

    I understand she is talking about giving birth and not having kids. It’s ok, these are two separate things. But, from what you read these days, it would seem she has never ever been a mom at all. Just a feeling. If I didn’t know about Conor and Isabela, I would think that Sunday is her very first child.

  • gabriel

    Why Tom Cruise uses his children for make pubblicity?

  • cat

    Nicole in her last interviews has always talked about her children: Vogue, Elle, W, InStyle, Womans Weekly.
    Nicole said Bella helps her with the babysitting of Sunday and the most important thing she has now is a photo with Bella holding littl Sunday Rose, and also she said Connor and Bella are very protective with her little sister…She loves very much her eldest children.
    Can you say the same with Tom? Why he’s always with Suri but never with Connor & Bella?

    And it’ clear like the sun that the photographer of that cover was totally drunk, because he abused with the photoshop…
    In her last apparance at Elle Tribute she was STUNNING and you can see wrinkles everywhere!!!

    So, shut up AND STOP WITH THIS STORY!! It’s horrible that a great actress like Nicole Kidman is blamed in this way.

    Kidman haters should live their lives

  • ana

    Clearly, this site needs some sort of moderation. For no reason, people offend one another.

  • fmodem

    gee, what happen to her face? no photoshop software in the ‘parade’??

  • Tahlia

    Has anyone seen the latest In Style magazine with her on the cover? In one of the photos inside she is posing like Mariyln Monroe with a blonde wig on. Honest to God, she looks like a drag queen!!! It gave me quite a shock and I just wanted to keep looking at it because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!


    are you jeloause my dear tahila?

  • Tahlia

    P.S. I don’t hate her, but I do find her quite scary.

  • Over2u

    I saw the preview (trailer?) for “Australia” a few weeks ago and now whenever I think about it I’m reminded of the 1955 Charles Chauvel classic, “Jedda”, which I have seen twice in the last 6 months on the National Indigenious TV channel 13 (on the Aurora remote area service). I have been wondering if Baz drew inspiration from “Jedda”. It is the most fascinating movie I have ever seen in so many ways I cannot explain. You would have to see it to believe it. I first saw it by chance and was absolutely transfixed. I now wish I’d recorded it as I feel compelled to watch it again.

  • je

    How much people with envy! OK.
    Nic is intelligent, beautiful, talented, rich, married, he has a baby and other things.

    Envious, look for a better life.
    I love Nicole.

  • yes to Nicole

    Is there anything that Nicole doesn’t have? No. She’s truly extraordinary and who cares if she’s used botox? Most of us here would use it too if we could afford it.

    Anybody that wouldn’t want to be like Nicole is lying. She’s pretty, talented, intelligent, kind, a good mother, self-confident yet not arrogant, she cares about her appearance and works out to look the best she can………

  • Daviii

    Nicole is my life.

  • Degigia

    OMG!!! no more botox please!

  • Not the botox

    It’s the lip plumping. Her eyes are fine, always have been.

    What people can’t seem to realize is that her face is changing because she is aging and she is much thinner then when she was married to Tom.

    It makes no sense to compare photos from 15 years ago to Nicole today,. Go look at a photo of your mother at 23 then at 41, there are major differences. Same with weight loss or gain.

    The one thing that changes Nicole’s face is the lips. Same as Meg Ryan, they had the same cute little mouth, now bot look odd.

    Maybe Keith likes plumper lips? Who knows? Maybe Chanel asked her to do it for the AD campaign, that’s when it started.

    What matters is that she likes it.

  • Not the botox

    It’s the lip plumping. Her eyes are fine, always have been.

    What people can’t seem to realize is that her face is changing because she is aging and she is much thinner then when she was married to Tom.

    It makes no sense to compare photos from 15 years ago to Nicole today,. Go look at a photo of your mother at 23 then at 41, there are major differences. Same with weight loss or gain.

    The one thing that changes Nicole’s face is the lips. Same as Meg Ryan, they had the same cute little mouth, now bot look odd.

    Maybe Keith likes plumper lips? Who knows? Maybe Chanel asked her to do it for the AD campaign, that’s when it started.

    What matters is that she likes it.

  • maryrowery

    she looks really bad

  • JILL

    I don’t think she has used limp plumper. It looks like they have used liner to make her lips appear to be much larger and then they caked on the lipstick and gloss. I’ll bet she’s go 4 oz of “goop” just on her lips in this photo…nevermind all the photoshop work that has been done.

  • N+P

    Nicole Very Beautiful ,l love her