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Jennifer Garner is Post-Halloween Happy

Jennifer Garner is Post-Halloween Happy

Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner, take their daughter Violet Affleck out for a day on the town in New York City on Saturday morning.

For Halloween, Jennifer and Violet, 2, dressed up as canine friends Ted and Fred from the “Big Dog . . . Little Dog” book series.

Ben Affleck recently opened up about his high-profile engagement to Jennifer Lopez, saying they were “too accessible” to the media.

“I think Jen and I made a mistake in that we fell in love, we were excited and maybe too accessible,” Affleck said. “I don’t think either of us anticipated the degree to which it would take on a world of its own.”

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76 Responses to “Jennifer Garner is Post-Halloween Happy”

  1. 1
    jean Says:

    awww…now this is a nice family. Look how happy little Vi is!

  2. 2
    Rachel Says:

    Gosh, she looks so much like her mom here!

  3. 3
    RIP Julian!!!! Says:

    Perfect family.

  4. 4
    Lara Says:

    they seem like such a perfect family i could barf

  5. 5
    Lara Says:

    they seem like such a perfect family i could barf

  6. 6
    Lara Says:

    they seem like such a perfect family i could barf

  7. 7
    Christine Says:

    See, she’s got on a cute outfit that looks comfy for a child. She’s wearing a vest to keep warm. It was a nice sunny day today in NYC. And she’s smiling!!!!!! How refreshing! How fun would it be if the Affleck’s crossed paths with the Cruise’s!!!!

  8. 8
    sunshine Says:

    she is so adorable. such a cute family.

  9. 9
    Lara Says:

    Wow I’m sorry that sounded way harsher then i intended. My point is they look so happy with each other that they actually look perfect.

  10. 10
    Sol Says:

    Is there ever a picture where Violet is not smiling? She is too precious.

  11. 11
    SwE3t23 Says:

    They’re soooooooooo sweet! Let it beee!!


  12. 12
    anon Says:

    don’t you think ben needs to stop talking about jlo?

  13. 13
    Adiore Says:

    I love it. They’re so normal. lol at Ben he looks off-guard. Hope they’re next kid is a boy

  14. 14
    ana Says:


  15. 15
    tessla Says:

    Little Violet is adorable and so pretty way prettier than Suri Curse and she is always smiling, even for the cameras. Jen Garner is such a wonderful mother and has raised such an adorable she doesn’t use her daughter for PR reasons (like to start a child’s clothing line). Ben Affleck lucked out when Jen Garner agreed to marry him, he certainly didn’t deserve, at that time, such a good woman. Hopefully, he will not hurt her and become selfish and nasty as he was when he was with J Low. Violet is so unlike Suri Curse who is a spoiled brat raised by a selfish, self-centered mother who only thinks of money and fame.

  16. 16
    Jane Says:

    anon @ 9:23pm

    Ben gave that interview in 2006 when he was promoting Hollywoodland in the UK, the UK site that posted that has a habit of re-hashing old interviews and passing them off as new. Ben has not given an interview in awhile because he is not promoting anything. Problem with Ben is that when he is asked about his relationship with JLO instead of saying “no comment’ he tries to make excuses for it, and that gives the media something to talk about, I have a feeling Ben will not being talking about it anymore when he promotes his movies coming out next year.

  17. 17
    oh, Anon Says:

    Don’t you get it? It’s an interview.

    The reporter asks a list of questions, there may have been hundreds, then the reporter makes one irrelevant and simple answer the focus of the article.

    It’s bad journalism, also known as sensationalizing, e.g., to falsely make a trivial comment appear to be sensational.

    Tabloids always focus on the polite answer regarding a a famous ex-love. Why? Becasue white trash America then buys the tabloid $$$

    Surely, you’re too smart to fall for such trickery! :)

  18. 18
    Vic Sage Says:

    It’d be less amusing than I’d imagine given mutual friend JJ Abrams, #37.

    He barely talks about her, #12.

    They’re both very cute, #15.

    Garner is accused of using her daughter for PR purposes too but that’s not the case and both Garner and Holmes are good mothers.

    How do you know how Suri Cruise or her mother is like?

  19. 19
    mia Says:

    at least Violet is DRESSED for cold NY weather
    as opposed to the numbskull Katie who’s trying
    to make her daughter get pnemonia.

  20. 20
    Lisa Says:

    Too bad Violet and Suri can’t play in the park together since it seems like they don’t have any friends in New York to play with ( besides their own Mommy’s).

    I have a feeling though, the Affleck family will be on their way back home to LA though after Ben is finished with hosting SNL.

    Do you think that Ben and Jen know Tom and Katie? Maybe Kevin Bacon can introduce them ( since he is the 6 degree guy) tee heee

  21. 21
    Lisa Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Violet and Suri could play at the park together since they seem to only go to the park with their Mommy’s?

    Do you think Ben and Jen know Tom and Katie? They could call Kevin Bacon? ( since he knows everyone since he is degrees of Kevin Bacon) tee heee………

    Maybe the Affecks will stay in New York for a few more days now that Ben will be finished hosting SNL? Although, they are pretty active in politics, so they might want to go back home sooner than Tuesday?

  22. 22
    Vic Sage Says:

    Why would she want that, #19?

    They’re not friends but Tom Cruise and Jennifer Garner certainly know each other since both are friends with JJ Abrams, #20.

  23. 23
    Claire Says:

    What a cute family!

    Stupid how they have to re-hash this old interview, too.

  24. 24
    pinky Says:

    This kid is cute but she does have goofy ears and cute buck teeth!

  25. 25
    ADORABLE ^_^ Says:


  26. 26
    lizzie Says:

    very cute I admit

  27. 27
    Larice Says:

    Ben has not given an interview for about one year, since the promotion for “Gone Baby Gone”. We have to wonder why that sutpid 10th rate British tabloid rag has dug up that old interview and why the idiotic American gossip sites have followed suite, quoting it as if it was something new.
    Violet is indeed adorable, and sensibly dressed.

  28. 28
    Lucky Charm Says:

    I think this is a band aid baby! :( They were about to break up. Also Jen is not so sweet and innocent, she cheated on her ex-husband Scott as well as Michael Vartan. She’s another Hollywood ladder girl, trying to land the next big thing on the ladder to success. Good luck to little Violet, she is precious and cute.

  29. 29
    Sophia Says:

    I agree with you. And then she cheated on Michael Vartan with Ben Affleck.

  30. 30
    misty Says:

    Ben stop talking about Jlo , we all know that you were madly in love wih her, we all know that she was and still is your fantasy woman, but keep the fantasy to yourself it is quite embarrasing to Jlo who is happily married and to your wife, No one has to know how you still fancy Jlo, keep her in your dreams and when you make love to your wife close your eyes and pretend its Jlo , your wife will never know !!!!!!!

  31. 31
    poland spring Says:

    cute kid and jennifer is looking decent

  32. 32
    annie the nanny Says:

    oh wow the kid can walk

    Ben stunk on SNL last night.

  33. 33

    Ben did not stink last night.. infact this is the first time that he has not
    talked about himself or said anything about anyone famous…

    Too bad that the press had to bring up a stupid article that Ben did
    4 years ago.. What is he suppose to say after his breakup..??

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Vic Sage (if this is really you) can you please save your poision for the TomKat Suri threads. Don’t bring your crap onto the thread of good people. Save it for your favorite FREAKS..

  36. 36
    Kait Says:

    I think Violet is the most adorable little girl. She doesn’t seem as spoiled as some of the other Hollywood kids appear to be. And that smile! She’s going to be a heartbreaker when she gets older. Like Adiore said, I hope their next child is a boy.

  37. 37
    Sam Says:

    Annie the nanny, there are many pictures of Violet walking. Most people wouldn’t want their little 2-years old walking around paps. Ben wasn’t bad on SNL either. You stink.

    Lucky Charm, what is a band aid baby? There were rumors they were going to break-up that were proven false. Nobody said Jen is sweet and innocent. Her and Scott were never married, they were dating and broke up just like with Michael. Anyone in Hollywood is trying to make it big, nothing new.

    Sophia she didn’t go with Ben until after she broke up with Michael. She wasn’t married to him.

  38. 38
    Sam Says:

    Misty, this interview was from 3 years ago. The media just brought it up again. Ben hasn’t talked about Lopez since the break up. Ben wasn’t madly in love with her, that’s why he dumped her. She wasn’t and never will be his fantasy woman which is why they broke up, you pathetic Lopez fan. Why must you come on every Ben post? You are obsessed with him. Sounds like you wish they would go back together so Lopez will be relevant again. You’re the one fantasizing that he has feelings for her, which is quite embarrassing. Ben is happily married and so is Lopez. He doesn’t still fancy Lopez, you wish he did. Nobody wants her in their dreams except you. Also he loves Garner which is why they are married and are having their second child. He dreams about Garner and thinks about her. You’re the one dreaming about Lopez when making love, obviously. Please keep your fantasies to yourself. We don’t want to know.

  39. 39
    Uh, Sam, think again Says:

    Sam, if you’re going to make comments, at least get your facts straight. Jen Garner was MARRIED to Scott Foley, she divorced him to take up with Michael Vartan, and then she cheated on Michael Vartan with Ben Affleck. Then she got herself pregnant, blackmailed Ben into a shotgun wedding (but no one forced Affleck to sleep with her), and has been working to rehab her image ever since with a gazillion “mommy and me” pics.

  40. 40
    LOL Says:

    Pinky — She doesn’t have goofy looking ears or buck teeth. Stop talking about a little child.

    Lizzie — Why is it something to admit? They are cute.

    Poland Spring — Jen looks better than decent. She looks great.

    As for Misty she is obsessed with Lopez. She is obviously expressing her own feelings of Lopez and how she dreams of her, because nobody else does, that’s why Ben dumped Lopez. And Lopez is nobody’s fantasy except her rat-looking husband. Ha!

    Misty stop talking about Lopez , we all know that you are madly in love with her, we all know that she was and still is your fantasy woman, but keep the fantasy to yourself it is quite embarrassing to Lopez who is happily married and to everyone reading your comments. No one has to know how you still fancy Lopez, keep her in your dreams and when you make love to your spouse close your eyes and pretend its Lopez , your spouse will never know !!!!!!!

  41. 41



  42. 42
    Uh, Troll, think again Says:

    My mistake she was married to Scott, I got him mixed up with Michael. How do you know she cheated on him? They were already broken up. Nobody “gets” them self pregnant. It takes two to have a child, which Ben obviously wanted too. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be having a second child with her and married her. Affleck didn’t need to be forced into anything, he’s a grown man and makes his own decisions. No blackmail, you must be speaking about yourself. There was no shotgun wedding, but then again you’re the same troll on x17 who types that crap like you know these people. Pathetic! If you’re going to make comments, get your facts straight. She hasn’t been working to rehab anything. She takes her daughter out, like many other celeb mothers. The paps follow her around. If you don’t like Jen, stop looking at pictures of her. Jealous people sure can’t stand to see a happy family, how pathetic.

    And if you want to talk about a cheater, Lopez is the one who went with Marc Skeletor and cheated on him with Affleck and when Affleck dumped her went back with Marc, even though be then he was married and has 2 kids, which he doesn’t pay child support for.

  43. 43
    Sam Says:

    If he didn’t like being called that, he shouldn’t have married her in the first place. Anyways, I agree. Why must people bring up the past all the time?

  44. 44
    Laura Says:

    sOPOHIA AND LUCKY CHARM, Forget about it–what you are talking about was years and YEARS ago. Get over it why dont ya. She never was married to Vartan anyway so what did she owe him? He himself even said they made better friends than BF&GF. Scott has said he didnt like the fame Jen had. It wasnt her fault. Bytheway, Jen Garner is nothing as bad as Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie (or JLo) when it comes to men so hate on them for awhile why dont ya. Shes a great wife and mother now, so leave her alone. By the way nobody blackmailed anybody. Ben’s not stupid. He wouldnt marry anyone he didnt want to marry. Obviously, that’s why he didnt marry JLo: BECAUSE HE DIDNT WANT TO!

  45. 45
    wendy Says:

    Oh God Ben, at least pretend that you are happy.

    I love how people are saying he didn’t want to marry Jennifer Lopez…HELLO, he proposed to her and bought that big ass diamond ring. They didn’t work out because Ben is a head case, ask Gwenyth. Garner is the one desparately in love so she puts up with it all. That’s why she spends all her time with Violet…..out of the house!

  46. 46
    Lily Says:

    Wendy, it is a known fact that Ben hates the paps. He almost attacked one last week on x17. That is why he is not happy.

    I love how you type about these people’s relationships like you were there and know them personally. He didn’t want to marry Lopez, at the time maybe he did back then, but he obviously didn’t want to in the end or he would have. Ben isn’t a head case and Gwenyth can say anything. Ex’s always try to say bad things about their ex’s. There is always two sides to a story. Garner isn’t desperately in love because it takes two to have a relationship. Stop projecting your own life onto these celebs, whom you don’t even know. She doesn’t spend all her time out of the house. Pap photos only take a few minutes to take, they don’t equal a full day.

  47. 47
    Lily Says:

    Also you say ask Gwenyth… what do you know her personally to ask her yourself? LMAO!!!

    Enough about Lopez, it is in the past and not relevant anymore. Lopez and Affleck are both married and have families now, they have moved on why can’t you?

  48. 48
    Mimi Says:

    Oh God Wendy, stop talking about Lopez.

    I love how Lopez fans keep coming on Affleck/Garner posts because they can’t get over it. Lopez is the headcase media who was desperately in love. That’s why it didn’t work out and why she is irrelevant now.

  49. 49
    Vic Sage Says:

    My poison, #35? Get a grip.

    Rehab her image, #35? Her image is just fine. I don’t think anyone beyond people who read Us Weekly and go on Just Jared even know let alone care if she cheated.

  50. 50
    Vic Sage Says:

    Sorry. Typo. I meant:

    Rehab her image, #39? Her image is just fine. I don’t think anyone beyond people who read Us Weekly and go on Just Jared even know let alone care if she cheated.

  51. 51
    Helen Says:

    Damn…. will everyone stop arguing and just enjoy the photos. Either way nobody knows anything about any of these people or their relationships unless they know them personally. Everything people type on here is just rumors and assumptions.

    Anyways… Violet is cute and Jen and Ben look good.

  52. 52
    Rita Says:

    I agree with you Helen and Violet looks so much like Jen.

  53. 53
    Rita Says:

    Misty is creepy.

  54. 54
    Helen Says:

    The poster, Misty that is.

  55. 55
    Rita Says:

    What the heck? Why is Helen’s name displayed on my comment? That’s weird. I guess the log-in name section had a misconfiguration or something.

  56. 56
    Liz Says:

    LOL — don’t worry Rita that has happened to me before too. :P

  57. 57
    Adoring Fan Says:

    Jennifer Garner never cheated on anybody. That’s why Ben says he trust her. If she has cheated with him, would he trust her. I think not. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I heard that both Gwyn and JLo cheated on Ben. There was gossip that JLo cheated on Chris Judd with Ben. Ben dumped JLo when he realized he had made a mistake and talk about miserble (that’s when the man was as miresable as any man can get). He said himself that he dodged as bullet by calling of the wedding. BTW the Bennifer engagement was due to JLo’s manipulation, she placed a call to Ben during a TV intereview and asked him could she tell the interviewer that the two of them were engaged. Being put on the spot like that and also being the gentlemen that he is he had no choice but to say yes. Thank God he found a way to end the charade before he made a big mistake. They had absolutely nothing in common. JLO is with somebody who likes the same things she does. Fans as well as the media should move on.

    Now Ben is happy with his life and trying to to live a normal life (especially for his daughter’s sake) she didn’t ask to be put in the paparazzi spot light. Because of her parents’ careers there is not much chance that she will be left out of it so Jen tries to make it as unstressful for her as possible. Ben, however, is not so gracious about it.

  58. 58
    Adoring Fan Says:

    I saw Ben on SNL and he was pretty good. Nobody can deny the fact that he is a good looking dude.

  59. 59
    anonymous Says:

    Why is he even talking about Jennifer Lopez( who I like), even if the interviewer asked him about her, all he had to say was that relationship was in the past and they’ve both moved on to happy lives.

    Why bring that up now?. Is he still in love with JLo, does he regret listening to his family and friends and dumping her; does he envy the success she’s had; how hard she works and how much her husband publicly professes his love and admiration for her?. Does he now realize that he should not have feared how ambitious and driven she was?.

    Marc Anthony said in an interview that he admires her strength and drive, that she works hard and is the best wife(this was pre-babies) on an ABC interview.

    Ben needs to move on, he made his choice and Jennifer Lopez thankfully made the best choice in the man best suited to be the loving husband she so deserves.

  60. 60
    Anne Says:

    Ben is not a good enough actor to pretend to be happy, that’s something you can’t fake. Ben looks like he wants to be somewhere else.

  61. 61
    Jane Says:

    Anne, Ben is a good actor. He doesn’t need to “pretend” to be happy. You don’t know if he is happy or not. He does probably want to be somewhere else away from the paps, whom he hates.

  62. 62
    Milly Says:

    Lopez fans are so annoying. Why must they come on every Garner/Affleck post? It shows who really hasn’t gotten over it. Stick to your Lopez posts, you don’t see Garner/Affleck fans coming on those posts, then again barely anyone does. They only come here to type negative comments because they are bitter, Lopez gets plenty of negative comments, so go defend her. Ha!

  63. 63
    Milly Says:

    Anonymous — He isn’t still talking about Lopez. This interview was from 3/4 years ago and the media decided to re-release it. He hasn’t talked about Lopez since the break-up and it’s always the interviewer who brought her up in the first place. Lopez talked about Affleck long after the break-up too, so it was mutual.

    He isn’t still in love with Lopez, which is why he broke-up with her in the first place, you Lopez fans just wish he was, obviously. I’m sure he doesn’t regret a thing and the interview proves it even more that he doesn’t miss her at all. Good thing he listened to his family and friends who saw right through her fake character.

    What success? She hasn’t been relevant since the break-up and nobody cares about her anymore. In his career span he has had more success, so if anything she probably would envy him. He has worked just as hard as her and he doesn’t have to publicly release his feelings about his wife for attention, like Marc Anthony.

    He didn’t fear her, he was sick of the media circus that she wanted and didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Ben has moved on, Lopez fans now need to. Affleck made the best choice by leaving Lopez and going with a woman best suited to be his wife and start a family with, he so deserves.

  64. 64
    Milly Says:

    Affleck thankfully made the best choice in the woman best suited to be the loving wife he so deserves.

  65. 65
    Adoring Fan Says:

    To Anne #60 why would Ben be in a relation that he did not want to be in? That makes no sense. Your abilitly to reason appears to be sadly lacking. If he wanted out, beleive me, he would find a way. He does not owe you or anybody else the intimate details of his home and personal life. BTW Anon # 59 Marc Anthony had better praise JLo if he wants to continue to live off of her. He needs her help to pay his back taxes and child support for his other children. Also since it was reported that she cheated on Diddy with him, he better keep his eye on her. He know her reputation. Why do you think he won’t let her out of his sight.

  66. 66
    Mina is a troll Says:

    Mina = Misty. No, sorry you didn’t hit any nerve and only proved how crazy Lopez fans are. You Lopez fans sure are a trip to come on Garner posts and type about Lopez. Talk about getting a life. No, the things we are saying about you aka. Misty are clearly what you think of yourself. You wish we felt that way about Garner. It’s called being a fan. Nobody is fantasizing about Ben and Garner, you were the one to bring them up in the first place making love. That is gross, indeed! Ben’s impression of Obermann was hilarious and everyone has talked about how funny it was. Ben is a good actor, unlike Lopez who couldn’t act if her life depended on it. Lopez is one ugly dude, she get’s fuglier as she get’s older and looks like a tranny. Garner doesn’t have to cover up with make-up like that fake ho. Lopez does look like mother dearest!

  67. 67
    Mina is a troll Says:

    Lopez = Fat, Fugly Tranny
    Marc = Ugly Rat-Faced Skeleton

  68. 68
    Julie Says:

    No Misty, you are the one making other accounts and posing as Garner. You are the super psychotic Lopez fan. Why else would you look up Ben’s current wife? You are the only crazy one here.

  69. 69
    Katherine Says:

    Mina is such a loser. It’s so obvious that she is Misty and just changed her name along with using the name Jennifer Garner. Talk about an obsessive hater with no life, she comes on all the Garner posts all the time. Stop being such a hater towards people you don’t even know. You go on and on like you have rabies or something. Stick to your Lopez posts and buzz off, annoying little twit. You are the only crazy here. You obsess over these people and make multiple accounts. Stop spreading your self-hatred here and save your insecurities and hatred for your shrink and stop spamming. Everything in your comments is about your own pathetic self. You’re only driving yourself crazy by continually coming on every Garner post. So, relax and go take your medication. You’re the one who couldn’t hate anymore and race has nothing to do with it, except when it comes to you. You’re the one coming here in the first place of course the fans are going to tell you off, the Affleck and Garner fans don’t go on your Lopez posts to start arguments. Get a life and stop being so damn hateful.

  70. 70
    maria Says:

    normally I just lurk on JJ, but the racists posts here made by Affleck/Garner fans has pushed me to speak. I’m not really a JLo fan (who, btw, is a Puerto Rican American, not a Mexican American), and although I’m not crazy about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, I’ve always liked them. I seriously doubt they’d approve of fans calling other posters (even haters) “cholas” or anything else. And it looks like a lot of people are posting under multiple names- all of you need to just chill out already.

  71. 71
    Rebecca Says:

    The only solution to the crazy Jennifer Garner fans is for Jared to stop posting pictures of Jennifer Garner then all the nasty, racist name calling will stop. I agree that neither Ben nor Jennifer would approve of what their fans are doing.

  72. 72
    Lisa Says:

    I tried so hard to stay up late to watch SNL, but fell asleep ( I have been sick and the Nyquil knocked me out!). I remember seeing two skits, but I couldn’t tell you which was the last skit I saw? The Obermann skit, he spoke so fast that I really don’t remember it since I was spaced out. Then I also remember a Target skit where he was a UPS worher and he was trying to pick up the cashier lady. Those were the only skits that I remember. Were there any good skits later in the show? I think I turned over at one point and the SNL news was on, but I couldn’t tell you what they said. I guess I will have to wait for a rerun.

    As for the Ben and JLo breakup? If I can remember that far back, I thought Ben broke up with her because “something” happened at his bachelor party that she didn’t like? It may have been just a rumor, but I thought maybe he just wasn’t ready to settle down and I thought he gambled lots back then too? Wasn’t he really into play cards? I just thought I would put my two cents in because everyone else did? ha haaa

  73. 73
    deanna Says:

    they better be careful when they take that child out on a windy day hang on tight momma violet just might fly away. lol

  74. 74
    Lizzy Says:

    And I think the haters are just as bad as the obsessive fans. It’s not fair to bunch all of the fans together and say they’re all like that, when the haters started the name-calling in the first place.

  75. 75
    Mimi Says:

    Why should Jared stop posting photos because of a few stupid comments? There are negative comments on every post on this site, by fans and haters. The haters are more the crazy ones to look up someone they don’t like in the first place, just to type negative comments. They were typing nasty, racist name calling comments too. It’s not all the fans, only a select few. The only solution would be if the negative people would stop making comments in the first place, then there would be no arguments. There are fans on all posts that defend the celebs they like, this is nothing new.

  76. 76
    Adoring Fan Says:

    When hateful jealous people come on Jen G post trying to talk sh*it about her baby or her, h.e.l.l yeah I’m gonna come to their rescue because they have done nothing to deserve that crap. If they have a problem with the Afflecks as a couple, I say take it up with your shrink but leave Violet (a sweet beautiful innocent child) out of it. Children should be off limits to attacks by closet computer nutsjobs. Find another outlet to vent your angry.

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