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Suri Cruise Hides During Halloween

Suri Cruise Hides During Halloween

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leave Balthazar in New York City and then pick up Suri Cruise from their apartment on Halloween night.

The couple posed for a few pictures as they were swarmed by fans and photographers as they left Balthazar.

On Thursday, Katie and Suri wore matching orange dresses as they played together on a Central Park playground in New York City.

10+ more pics inside of Suri Cruise hiding during Halloween…

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katie holmes suri cruise halloween 02
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 03
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 04
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 05
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 06
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 07
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 08
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 09
katie holmes suri cruise halloween 10

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  • ada Souza

    Tá linda a Suri!!

  • Ray Palmer

    I want to know.
    If you looked at the video link at X17 online.
    Out of so many restaurants in New York, how did the paps make the right guess which eatery Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going for lunch and

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan


  • Ray Palmer

    so that all the paps could all gather there to stand by?
    Have a look at the video link:
    A handful of paps got it, that I understand.
    But a whole crowd all got the destination right? Isn’t it interesting?

    A huge group of the paps were standing by way before, WAY BEFORE, the two idiots arrived.
    So don’t tell me that TomKat don’t invite or notice the paps their every move for photo ops.
    Unless you’re in deep deep poo of denial.

  • iLOveSuri

    Dear Suri,
    Your parents can’t stop torturing you. They are addicted to exposing you even though they know you don’t like crowds and paps because they think you are a strong woman and you will eventually get used to it.
    Well I can see that you never get used to it because you are just a little girl. I can see that they are idots who can’t understand why you have to cover your ears and hide your face.

    My suggestion for next time they are exposing you is to do more than just crying and hiding your face. Throw tantrums, big one in front of paps and people. Play crazy like you are being possessed by an alien. Perhaps by doing that it will finally make your parents will realized that you really don’t it.

    Good luck with your life Suri. Be strong and I hope you will never be crazy when you grow up. Anyway even if you do oneday, I and the rest of the world will blame your parents for doing this to you.
    Your fan.

  • pinkydoo

    I can’t take it anymore. I can’t stand that she isn’t wearing warmer clothes. It was 60 degrees yesterday, but during the day only. I guess they feel that she shouldn’t bother wearing a coat becasue they would just have to take it off of her when she got in the car? I am trying to understand. The child clearly can’t stand the noise or the picture taking either. Why subject her to all of this nonsense? Isn’t the well being of the child more important than the picture taking???? There are ways of going about doing this the right way.

  • Cruise’s unfit to parent

    Someone call CPS on the Cruise’s. Unbelievable neglect to continually let that child go out in the cold/even rain one time, without proper clothing , not even a coat.

  • NAta

    its official they want to kill Suri, they want her to have pneumonia. Its extremely cold in NY and they don’t even take the time to put her on a sweater?

  • Ray, get over yourself

    Scietologists don’t trick or treat it seems.

    More media for the Cruise family. They knew the paps would be out to see Suri’s Halloqween costume.

    But, no, another thin short sleeved summer dress.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Kids can handle the cold better than adults. Everyone keeps complaining about coatless Suri. Do you notice she does not have a cold or runny nose ever??

  • Ray Palmer

    another day, another old lady dress on the Suri’s twisted body.
    Another blanket to cover her overloaded diaper.
    Another picture of under dressed Suri clenching her teeth, hands covering her ears, eyes tightly closed.

    Why do they do this on daily basis to a child?
    Are they human beings or not?
    Many people treat their dogs and cats way better and warmer than they treat Suri.

  • Poor suri

    It’s obvious that Suri hates paps! Why the parents expose her???? We’ve seen many pics of Suri hiding her face

  • Sonia wu

    ok – I am wondering why KH allowed Tom to be dressed that way with all the thick jacket and scarf when in fact, she doesn’t do the same for Suri?

    Funny how she is less dressed than normal with Tom – but, when out with Suri – she is all bundled up. Just observant.

    While Tom is out working hard for the money – he should #^%#^# her for letting Suri dress less during the cold weather.

    But then again, less clothes show less hassle in changing her baby size 6 diapers. She should be in pull-ups already.

  • Women for Obama

    NAta @ 11/01/2008 at 10:50 am

    its official they want to kill Suri, they want her to have pneumonia. Its extremely cold in NY and they don’t even take the time to put her on a sweater?
    I am shocked that this is going on right before the public’s eyes and nobody has done anything about it. This is child abuse.
    The public is witnessing child abuse, and nobody has called those crazy parents on it.
    A child that young is not old enough to make decisions on whether to wear proper clothing or not. THIS IS WHY CHILDREN HAVE PARENTS!

  • Savesuri

    Why is it, that they continue to bring this little girl out in the cold without a coat on? And why is she still wearing clothes that are short sleeved?
    Katie, WTF?, you’re her mother! Do something about this you robot!

  • i love ivanovic

    always cute =]
    happy halloween

  • Ade

    EWWW….AGAIN : No coat, no leggings, no sweater !
    Katie and Tom are smiling while their daughter is complaining about the noise. They really don’t care for Suri’s health and her well-being.

  • 39 Degrees in NYC at Night

    and………… dingbat is wearing bare strappy sandals and posing like the demented.

    IMHO. Katie is so stupid she believes that she is hot, fashionable, and beautiful everyday. Tom, her handlers, and the paps reaffirm these delusions. Hence, she will wear anything.

    and…she is a horrible mother to take her child to that sophisticated restaurant at night. Suri should have stayed home with the sitter and a simple nursery fare. No Paparazzi.

  • Nina

    I find it crazy that they could use jackets everyday and don’t use nothing but summer dresses for Suri. I live in NY and is cold here I even started to use a coat instead of a jacket because I feel so cold. And I see the same thing everyday in you post pictures of them and to tell you the true I feel confuse why would a parent not think about their child first.

  • jennifer

    People use to tell me Tom and Katie are crazy. NOW I believe it.

    That is clearly child neglect. Never any socks, never a coat, never warm clothing. It is really twisted.

  • gigi

    They painted her fingernails! Whats the matter with these people! She is only two years old and they are trying to make her look all dolled up!

  • Lauren

    You know, you look at the pictures below of Jennifer Garner, all dressed up in a cute Halloween outfit to match her daughter’s and enjoy a night of trick-or-treating together and contrast them with these, and the difference is truly pathetic. The more pictures I see of this family, the more disgusted I am by them. Can’t stand giving up their dinner photo op for one night to let their daughter have a semi normal childhood. experience. And they they (especially Katie) have the nerve to grin like idiots while Suri covers her ears and grimaces. I’d say I can’t wait to see the therapy bills this child’s going to rack up, but Dada wouldn’t let her go anyway. Such losers.

  • pingy_ponga

    Maybe we should stop complaining about Suri not wearing a coat. Couse they are not listening to us. When they will have problems with her getting sick, its theyr problem. Not ours.

  • marla

    wow you guys need to learn how to read. They aren’t taking Suri to dinner in these photos. They went out to dinner and thenpicked her up. Maybe they were going to a Halloween party or something.

  • Mrs. Jones

    I use to tolerate Tom and Katie, but not anymore, they are insane. You can tell. Something is wrong with them.
    How they treat that child is neglectful.

    Children have parents for a reason, to make choices and decisions for their best welfare.

  • zoe

    there is clearly hate towards them. i dont blame the hating though. there is something eerie about this couple sometimes. suri does not look happy at all. cant tom and katie take a less noticeable entrance instead of the main entrance? others celebs do it all the time. or better yet. let someone go ahead with suri and then do your whole entrance thing. the child doesnt need to be involved.

  • sacha

    Various people tip off photographers. Somebody saw them in the restaurant. The pictures are of two separate occasions. They were going to their car with Suri. They adore Suri. What’s with the cracks about diapers. You people are like unpleasant nosy neighbors with too much time on your hands. If Suri is still wearing diapers that is not a sign of abuse; too early potty training might be. Don’t hate them because they are beautiful, talented, rich, and famous and you’re not.

  • to #3

    You are right #3. There are over THREE THOUSAND restaurants in NYC and the paps just happen to know which restaurant the freaks are going to? Ha ha ha.. Not only are they abusers they are media whores.

  • Jess

    Children can be akward, not wanting leggins, a sweater or a coat on but as a parent you force it on them…whether they like it or not!

    I just wish Suri would have more practical clothes on once in a while…like a coat, I mean its only a 6/7 weeks before Christmas…we’re in the middle of winter, even now at 16yrs my mum won’t let me out the house without a coat on!

    Another thing I don’t like is how Suri always seems so distressed. You can’t just blame the paps either. If I was her parents, I’d hold her close, cover her eyes or even put the blanket over her so she isn’t as scared. Or go out the back door so theirs less noise & camera flashes!!

    Sacha, hate is a strong word. If we dislike them, it doesn’t mean we’re jealous because they’ve got more money etc…it just means we don’t agree with how they treat their child. Of course, we cannot comment really as we do not know how they care for her in the privacy of their own home…we can only go off what we see.

    Some children are scared of crowds and loud noises/lights, and thats why I cover the little one’s eyes & ears, and have her bury her head into me so she feels safe. I think Katie & Tom should do this with Suri.

  • child abusers!

    Definition of “Child Abuse”

    child abuse
    mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation.
    [Origin: 1970–75] Unabridged (v 1.1)
    Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

  • Cruisazy

    Coat on Katie – CHECK

    Coat on Tom – CHECK

    Suri in a short sleeve dress with no tights or leggings, terrified by the exposure to the paps her parents are causing – CHECK

    If people can’t see the problem with this, they need to have their heads examined.

    That poor little girl is miserable with the paps, dressed inappropriately and her parents couldn’t care less. It’s all about THEM, THEM, THEM and the press they need for her play and his upcoming movie.

    No self respecting celebrity goes to a big name restaurant like Balthazar unless they want to be noticed and photographed. They’re media who*es who are no better than Paris Hilton, not to mention lousy parents. To me, that makes them pathetic people who don’t deserve a penny of my money.

  • definition of neglect

    The definition of child abuse includes “neglect”. Here is the definition of neglect: Unabridged (v 1.1) – Cite This Source – Share This
    ne·glect /nɪˈglɛkt/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[ni-glekt] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –verb (used with object)

    1. to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight: The public neglected his genius for many years.

    2. to be remiss in the care or treatment of: to neglect one’s family; to neglect one’s appearance.

    3. to omit, through indifference or carelessness: to neglect to reply to an invitation.

    4. to fail to carry out or perform (orders, duties, etc.): to neglect the household chores.

    5. to fail to take or use: to neglect no precaution.

    6. an act or instance of neglecting; disregard; negligence: The neglect of the property was shameful.

    7. the fact or state of being neglected: a beauty marred by neglect.

    [Origin: 1520–30; < L negléctus, var. of necléctus (ptp. of neglegere, neclegere to disregard, ignore, slight), equiv. to nec not + leg-, base of legere to pick up + -tus ptp. suffix]

  • non

    One day a pic of Tom wrinkled like a bulldog, the next day smooth like a baby.
    One day (well, the past year, daily) Katie pale and thin like a skeleton. The next day she’s oranje like a roasted skeleton.
    Wonderful magicians those scientologists..

    But inventing coats and REAL care for their daughter.. ? Naaghh, that is not yet their stage of development.

  • Winter

    Awwwww,, how cute, and her tiny fingernails are painted!:)) She is just adorable:)
    Keep it coming, JJ:)))) The cutest kid ever:) God bless!

  • sofia

    To be fair, Balthazar is a place celebs frequent, so the paps may have already been staking out that place. Actually, they probably have spies inside.

  • Stephanie

    Poor Suri.
    Very disturbing to see her mother smiling away while she is clearly scared to death and very distressed/crying.
    They are setting this little girl up for an anxiety disorder and PTSD!

    Disgusting that they continue to subject this little girl to these situations that are so upsetting to her, there are other solutions.
    Very selfish of K & T!!!!!

  • Lynda

    fair enough some kids don’t like wearing winter clothes.
    easy solution……….put the summer stuff away and only have winter clothes available if she is being allowed to pick and choose what to wear.
    the kid is 2, she is too young to decide what to wear.
    They wear winter clothes, about time they got some for Suri.

    Funny, when his other kids were small, he didn’t parade them around for the paps to scare them……..
    They are just pimping Suri and loving all the publicity it gives them.

  • Let’s Discuss Diet and menu

    Balthazar is ever so chic,, THE NYC French Bistro to be seen!

    What do you think Suri loves the best when they drag her there?

    The Escargot, the grilled squid, the steak tartar (raw meat), the oysters, the roasted beets in vinegar, the duck confit?

    I myself am a foodie and j’adore bistro fare, however I was also a professional nanny for years.

    Children under five do not eat food with strong tastes and almost always prefer simple food, simply prepared. Plain food or as it known in England, nursery fare.

    The place for Suri on a winter night during their 2 hour meal was at home in comfy pjs. Her Disney dvd playing as Nanny fed her a nice nutricous bowl of vegetable soup with a tiny grilled sandwich.

    However, it seems Katie knew Suri wouldn’t eat Fancy french food marooned in wines an vinegar, as Suri is carrying a box of Pumpkin marshmallow Peeps for dinner.

  • prak

    Those tiny little fingernails are painted with toxic paint. The person that thinks this is cute should do some research on the Internet on nail lacquer. Katie is proving herself to be more inept by the day.

  • Jill

    gigi @ 11/01/2008 at 11:09 am
    They painted her fingernails! Whats the matter with these people!

    Oh honestly, now, painting a two-year-old’s nails is no big deal and it’s easily remedied by a little nail polish remover.

    Dressing her inappropriately for the weather and letting her stay up at all hours of the night is something else again, and shows they don’t know how to be parents.

  • Ray Palmer

    Quit calling a child in distress cute! #4
    Are you a sadist? or child molester? You enjoy seeing children suffer?
    You are sick!

    Shut your effin’ mouth about things you don’t know. #11
    Quit calling a child in distress cute! #35
    Keep your child molesting pleasure to yourself! You troll!
    The general public don’t enjoy seeing children suffer.

  • prak



  • Umm, RAy

    Did you just admit the child is in distress?

    Admission is hte first step in recovery :)

    Now, go and take your meds, I can see you skipped a few pills this week.

  • mia

    no tights. She will get very sick.

    CPS..please the tabs..anyone!

  • Thumbs up #42 and #43

    Right 42 & 43!!! Keep up the good work!

  • K

    Put a damn coat on this child !!!!!

  • Wrongo Jill

    Nail poilish is toxic to small children. Even worse when they bite in off ans swallow it.

  • Wrongo Jill

    Nail poilish is toxic to small children. Even worse when they bite in off and swallow it.

  • Well Said No. 39

    Who takes a toddler to a fine dining French Bistro.?

    Balsamic Marinades, oooohhh, yummmy!!!! Can I have some escargot au jus on my Pumpkin Peep?!!! Pretty Please!

    Answer: No one.

    PS: it’s rude to bring small childten to adult only restaurants.