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Miley Cyrus Loves It In London

Miley Cyrus Loves It In London

Miley Cyrus is spotted leaving her hotel to go to the studio in London on Friday night.

The Hannah Montana star’s sweet sixteen is approaching on November 23, and she told Extra! she really wants her first car. “I am begging,” Cyrus confesses, “I got to go take my test first — I don’t really want to go get my picture taken.”

Miley joked, “Its like, really hard to pick out your outfit. I was the dummy that asked, ‘Can you give your own picture?’”

10+ more pics inside of Miley Cyrus loving it in London…

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miley cyrus london studio 01
miley cyrus london studio 02
miley cyrus london studio 03
miley cyrus london studio 04
miley cyrus london studio 05
miley cyrus london studio 06
miley cyrus london studio 07
miley cyrus london studio 08
miley cyrus london studio 09
miley cyrus london studio 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • uhchristine

    rlly? atleast she dresses better in london

  • jaime

    Is this girl only 15? She looks at least twice that.

  • chanel


  • She looks like a wrack

    I feel bad for London, she will annoying them now for the rest of her stay, hey as long as she isnt in the States, im glad.

  • Erica(:

    I Love Miley she’s so cute :D
    And I love her clothes.

  • Holly

    She is right about the picture.
    My permit pictures is HORRIBLE.
    They didn’t tell me to smile. They just said okay, 1 2 3 SNAP!

  • swe3t23

    she looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    give her some credit, she’s been promoting in the UK this whole week then goes back to la this weekend to continue taping Hannah Montana…..The life of a rock star who appreciates her fans and does this job because she loves it.

    i don’t know how she does it but she gets the work down with ease!!!!
    She does deserve all the success, so stop hating

  • kiara

    i love miley and everything she does and ill love to go to london oneday

  • diama

    she’s cute!!!!!
    she rocks

  • tia and manderzzz

    Is this girl only 15? She looks at least twice that.


    No she doesn’t, she looks AMAZING (=
    Someone’s jelous. I’m loveing her hair lately.
    Glad to see she finally looks sincerely happy since the Nick thing.

  • laksjdlfkj

    when did her face become so fat?

  • Kat

    your right sweet23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gahh i love her sooo darn much.
    her outift is absolutely ahmazing- the usual.
    we need some support. is best miley site.
    only love no hate.

  • hi


  • erika

    she’s gorgeous (:
    i love mileyy!

  • Jeniffer luvs the Jbs


    Check out

  • paulinho

    She’s really fabulous! *-*
    Love her, forever!

    … forever Miley! <3

    From Brazil!

  • jo

    She’s been looking great. Honestly, she doesnt even have much makeup on here. If she looks older, is that her fault? Not to mention, she’s tall and had big features.

    She looks cute!

  • someone

    She hasn’t turned 16 yet? I thought she’d done that twice already in the last few months. lol I kept hearing about her parties.

    The stuff about the picture is stupid. Really hard to pick out an outfit? Has she seen a driver license before? You barely see clothing. And considering she’s photographed quite frequently, I really don’t think it’s all that traumatic. It’s not like you HAVE to show it to everyone.



  • bond007


  • bond007


    miley cyrusssssssssssss

  • London

    horayy for Mileyy <3
    we love her in Londonnn!
    anyone know what hotel this is?

  • michelle

    i LOVE miley! so much! i wish she would come 2 ireland!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    hahaha i bet she wasnt joking whe she said that. i mean, it IS miley cyrus afterall! this girl is so effing self absorbed, she was probably being dead serious when she said that. and btw. why is she begging for a car? cant she buy her own freakin car?!

  • Maria diamond

    She is really cute and allbut every time I see a post of hers on, I can’t help but wonder “Where are her parents?” My father’s advice was, live your childhood because it won’t come back, you’ll be an adult all your life.

    She is not even 16 and all this attention, the underwear-model boyfriend, the camera-loving… I’m just worried she is not another Britney or Lindsay waiting to happen.

    I sure hope not because she is so sweet.

  • Lynn

    Aww, she looks great, if tired. Seriously, her schedule would kill me, and she just graciously gets it all done. She really is quite the girl.


    awh how cute!

    miley wants to submit her own picture..well lets see..

    you could hand in the one where your bra is hanging NO

    what about the one where up in a sheet???


  • any

    is it me or does she have some weird sores on her mouth??

  • lol

    miley is disgusting

  • boogie

    Miley- do us all a favor pls….stay in London

  • jom

    luv ya milez

  • Lillylove

    She looks good! Lover her clothes and her cell phone charms! So cute! Her eyes have been lookin pretty lately too!

  • victoria

    i freaking love her!
    i think she looks absolutely adorable, and really happy,
    especially for losing alot of sleep, lol
    mileylove <3

  • miss lena

    miley looks like a girl who had a serious condittion at her face!

    she doesn’t look soo beautiful;

    she looks FAT!!!

  • melanie

    hahaha, Miley I would totally ask the same thing. I have like the perfect headshot and there’s no way I would be able to get a good one at the DMV. thanks for posting Jared, she looks great! (:

  • jonas brothers #1 fan

    she looks great
    i wish i were her.

  • jkjgjfdk

    Can she cake a little more makeup on?
    has she ever heard of a thing called a brush??

  • Harry Potter Fan

    Give her some credit even if you hate her, at least she’s working her butt off doing something she loves. She has not ONCE been photographed partying, drinking, or doing drugs. Sure she took some risky PRIVATE pictures (NO NUDES) but those were IN THE PAST and has obviously learned her lesson or else we would see more. And seriously, how does she looks very old? She looks her age and very pretty.

  • American GIrl

    if u hate her, what are u doing clickin on her posts? i know this isn’t only for fans, but why torture urself looking at things relating her if u hate her so much? this girl is sweet and u haters are cold-hearted.

  • xoxo

    Miley is a cutie and sweetie! Haters get a life if you spend time hating on a 15 year old girl that’s never did anything to you or anyone else. It’s pretty darn pathetic.

  • Savannah

    Miley please stay in London you rock

  • cristal

    she looks fantastic!!!! she is blossom in a beautiful young lady. i dont know if i can cope with such a heck it schedules.going from one place to the other singing,acting , going tv show, school,traveling,learning new songs and dance, picture photo shots, learning lines for the tv show doing she a busy 16 year old and i think she is more busy than a lot of adults. plus i have never seen her act consided to the paparrazi she always smiley even when they are all in her face and actually talks to them even when she is walking. she really knows how to handle the paparazzi she so nice to them all the time unlike certain brother that just ignored the paparazzi an keeps on walking. i think she is very but very professional. she getting better and better and she deserve everything she got because she earn it with very hard work and that what people in general need to focus.

  • yo

    her face looks like a cherry face, her double chin is bothering me, her fashion sucks, she should just get out of this world. peace. miley grow some pretty at least. slut.

  • bonbon

    Miley is just so damn CUTE!! She is the best and nicest girl you could ever meet.

  • Sarah

    ‘Can you give your own picture?’
    She just wants to have one of her suductive naked pictures on her licence.
    She died her hair.

  • :P

    She looks stunning.

    And if you honestly have such a huge problem with Miley, then get the hell of her post you stupid MORONS.

  • ellie

    omg we dont want her over here a week is long enough

  • loz

    I hope she leaves London soon – we’re already sick of her!

  • xsleekx

    she looks lovely, i have her coat! wonder what shes doing on our side of the pond?

  • xsleekx

    she looks lovely, i have her coat! wonder what shes doing on our side of the pond?