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Orlando Bloom is a Masked Motorcyclist

Orlando Bloom is a Masked Motorcyclist

Orlando Bloom wears a colorful mask as he arrives on his motorcycle at a Halloween party in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

The 31-year-old Lord of the Rings star has also been linked to a new film adaptation of the legendary tale 1001 Arabian Nights, which will star Bollywood’s Celina Jaitley as an Iranian princess. Sean Connery has reportedly come out of retirement to shoot the new film with Orlando Bloom.

Sean Connery is there in the film and recently Orlando Bloom was also signed. They are planning to start the shooting from January next year,” said Jaitley.

10+ more pics inside of Orlando Bloom as a masked motorcyclist…

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orlando bloom mask halloween 01
orlando bloom mask halloween 02
orlando bloom mask halloween 03
orlando bloom mask halloween 04
orlando bloom mask halloween 05
orlando bloom mask halloween 06
orlando bloom mask halloween 07
orlando bloom mask halloween 08
orlando bloom mask halloween 09
orlando bloom mask halloween 10

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  • keke


  • Victoria

    He looks scary in a way.

  • sweet

    I think that it is sweet that he was handing out candy to the kids instead of partying inside with the grownups. The mask made him anonymous.
    Looks like his manager went as Palin. :)

  • http://rip RIP

    River Phoenix 10/31/93

  • hank

    i would rather see his gf.

  • Draico

    he looks better with the mask on….

  • He does look freaky

    The masks kinda thorws you off a bit, why the hell is he wearing it, out of any mask he could have worn he chose that. I dont know but it is very sweet of him to pass out candy to children. At least his b!tch wasnt their im good, she would have scared the kids off though so it is a good thing she wasnt their.

  • shenanyginz

    connery denied the rumors saying he’s never even heard of the project… I doubt Orlando is involved. Ms Jaitley doesn’t know what she’s talking about and might possibly be talking out of her ass… or (giving her the benefit of the doubt) she maybe she’s being fed false information. Maybe she’s being used as a mouthpiece to reel in publicity.

    What fcuk is orlando supposed to be? I still can’t figure it out!

  • @7

    not “their”

  • @8

    A Rastafarian bank robber?

  • a mexican wrestler

    I think one of those mexican wrestlers guys. Who knows just some creepy azz mask. Haha a gay pride theme mask. lol, but he looks cute, and so does Kris and his wife, you can tell it’s love for them.

  • shithappens @9

    their, there and they’re. Remember they’re are more than there and their. Three different ways to use them.

  • it look homemade

    Is there any where in the world where this would be used? Someplace cold.
    It is pretty and creepy all at the same time.

  • Miranda

    I miss Miranda, I wonder where she is working now?

  • OUCH

    He looks like he is stoned out of his mind. I am surprised that none of his friends and family haven’t kidnapped him and taken him to rehab. I think he is a drugged, drunken menss.

  • shaZa

    he is HOT!!!

  • grrr…..
  • frenchie

    whooo…i’ve seen that pair of jeans and pants for a number of occassions..looks like the rumor is true that orlando smells stinky


    I couldn’t give a rats ass where or what Miranda is doing (probably some guy). As for Orlando (what I tell my coworkders) – DO SOME WORK!

  • RealityCheck

    That mask is stupid. I think he’s just trying to be interesting.

  • Linda

    I like his mask, it’s original. How sweet he looks giving candy out to the kids but I swear if I saw him I’d rip those clothes off him, not to see his body but to burn them! I’m so sick of those ill fitted jeans and shirt! There is also a pic of Natalie Portman leaving a Beverly Hills Halloween party wearing her own weird mask, I wonder if it was the same party. I secretly would love for them to hook-up, bet she would’nt let him wear that crap LOL!

  • me

    he looks funny and lovely. Wish he leaves his gf soon.

  • OUCH

    Total loser, has been, shallow, empty, no talent, drug addicted, pervert. There I think I covered it all.

  • Hmmm

    Ouch! You should not put YOURSELF down like that, though it’s obviously true.

  • @23

    Yeah! What a loser!
    Millions and millions in the bank. A career other actors would kill for. A promising future. Intelligence. Altruistic heart. Near physical perfection. Oh, and dating a gorgeous model.
    Yeah, how can he bear to live like that?

  • @25

    Gorgeous model???……..whoa, so he must have broken up with that funky-faced Miranda then, huh?

  • @25

    I think you may be confusing 2008 Orlando with the 2004 version, back when he had a career and was being offered roles (the last time he actually got a new role), when he looked good and had a pretty girlfriend. Orlando in 2008 hasn’t worked in over a year, dropped out of a movie under less than professional circumstances, looks awful, hasn’t aged well at all, and is losing the acting skills he may have once had since now he can’t even fake an interest in the tacky model he poses for the paps with. No promising future and nothing more than PR stunts to divert attention away from his floundering career. Sad really, that someone with such great prospects has been reduced to nothing but pap set ups.

  • @23

    Wow #23. How would anyone who didn’t know him know if he was a pervert? lol.

  • f-f

    He already said need about 2 years break before finished potc, but still not enough 2 years ( 2007 potc ). He ‘s back to work now. He’s a good actor ,all his film are success. KOH is success in world wide box office, but my husband and I like KOHDC more, it’s a wonderful film. My parents like Elizabethtown, they watch DVD over and over again. My children love Will Turner (POTC), so all his film are success.
    And his girlfriend, I think she can find other man, her fan can away from him. She talks too much some time, she’s a big mouth. He should find other a nice girl.

  • Lara

    “And his girlfriend, I think she can find other man, her fan can away from him. She talks too much some time, she’s a big mouth. He should find other a nice girl.”
    Great, just great!!!!

  • please

    “A career other actors would kill for.”

    If you mean getting paid millions for preening in the background while looking like a prepubescent girl, then you’re right! This motherfuccer doesn’t have any discernible talent beyond “hot extra”. And kick yourself for trying to imply that he does!

  • ahhh

    So while his “girlfriend” was where?- He was at a bar with a male pal last wednesday night- watching strippers- sorry I mean burlesque dancers,seeing how crap Miranda moves and her no curves body, I bet Orlando was saliviating!

  • lookie

    FlyNet ozzies again. What a coinkydink. Don’t hold your breath, probably means she was about somewhere just forbidden to be flashed. Ha Ha! Or she at least knew where he was.

  • @32

    It’s funny isn’t it??
    How much longer can they run with this fake girlfriend game?

    Poor Desperate Miranda will milk it as long as she can all the while calling him names and slamming him but yet still playing the “true love” card in magazines to get her press.

    It will all come back to her in a big way.

    Even if he doesn’t have any more success from this day on (but I think he will)he still will be set for life unlike his fake girlfriend who is about to expire any day now. He will always have the thrill of knowing he was in some very cool movies that are a part of history.
    Orlando can bounce back but I doubt she will get much further at all.

  • @34

    …”all the while calling him names and slamming him…”

    Do you mean as suspected here many times, or has she let lose somewhere else publicly that I’ve missed? No harm meant, just trying to figure out what you meant. Thanx!

  • hehe at twentythree

    So Miss 23, if he is all those things it’s even worse that a certain someone would still follow him around using him for fame and wave her phone around with his picture on it to get attention. So very sad that if he is all those things ‘someone’ would still need to use him to get attention since she isn’t important or interesting enough to do it on her own.

  • @35

    I’ve suspected it here many times by the things said and other blogs too
    like Perez for example.
    Little hints that if you have been paying attention will make sense it has that same feel and basic point to it.

  • looks happier when

    How come when he is away from the witch (Kerr) he looks happier with his friends and family so on. When she is around he looks horrid. Hey Miranda can you at least help him with his clothes, tell DJ’s to hook him up with some new gear, it’s the least you and DJ’s can do for him because you fame whore him to death and use him name so many times.

  • OUCH

    Total loser = someone with little self respect or integrity. Money does not make someone a good person
    Has Been = someone who cant’ seem to work in their chosen field. Vacations are fine, but he doesen’t seem to be offered film roles that he might be interested in, and has little luck getting independent films off the ground
    Shallow= has to be seen at the right spots, with the right people, and have the eye candy on his arm. Doesn’t seem to have enough self-respect to not care about what others think, but has to be in the right crowd
    drug=addicted- it seems like many times when I see him partying he looks drunk or high, it is possible to have fun without being either one.

    empty= vacations are great, but sitting around on your ass all day figuring out pap set-ups is not much of a way to use your time. He can’t even keep his flabby body in shape.
    pervert= even with a supposed girlfriend he is caught in threesomes, foursomes etc. For some people sex is about two people, but seems like he will sleep with anyone or anything, anytime.

  • @35

    Don’t forget #35 that when called out she can then come back and try to adjust it in the next post to try and not make it look obvious (wink)

  • http://justjared poor loons

    hahaha a year latter and the sad people prettending to be his fans while bashing him and calling him names can’t get over the fact that he found a girlfriend GIVE IT UP LOOSERS HE WON’T DATE YOU KEEP BASHING MIRANDA BUT THAT WON’T CHANGE THAT FACT

  • @41

    Eri! You’re back! And just as incoherent as ever!

    Do you think that Orlando and his “girlfriend” will invite Veronica Taylor, the 3 girls from foxtails, the waitress in Oz, the model from Ghetto, the 4 girls from Luau, and all the others he’s been with throughout their “relationship” to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with them?

  • lmao

    @42 you forgot the burlesque dancers from last wednesday night, bet he nibbled their pasties off ;) heheh

  • love7

    All of u guys are very sad to sit here and make bad comments about Orlando and his life, but you know it’s his life and he’s livinging it the way he wants and I don’t think he gives a s*** about what u people think.

  • foopsy

    a drunk stoned guy doesnt playing with kids and do stuff
    all he does is look for more
    but i agree you need to work

  • mia

    First, he obviously never changes his cloth.
    Second, I read today that SHE, Miranda started talking about their marriage. Some “insiders” told that “after O&M spent perfect evening in Primitivo restaurant sharing love mixed with meal” they decided to get married. I remember paps photos in front of Primitivo before that historic meal. Orlando was literally trying to escape from Miranda. He did not want to hug her, he looked bored. And after that crystal clear avoidance, after he looked ready to dump her, she starts talking about their marriage. She will do anything to keep hanging on him. More Orlando, more fame, more paps, more cover pages, more money.

  • @46

    Not to worry Mia the more she does that the more of a fool she looks.
    She tries to draw attention away from the obvious fact that the pictures showed how much he can’t stand being with her and then we get countless claims of him having fun with other women. She will dig her own grave making an ass of herself. Just enjoy the show we already know how it ends with Miranda Mae Kerr on her ass crying and begging.

  • Jen

    He does look kind of creepy..I think by trying to keep attention off of him he actually drew more, but I think it’s good he was giving candy to the kids. Are the rumors really true that he’s engaged to Kerr? I hope not she’s really no good for him and will probably break his heart. He needs someone his own age.