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Reese Witherspoon Sips Starbucks

Reese Witherspoon Sips Starbucks

Reese Witherspoon returns to her car after grabbing a cup of Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif., on Friday.

The 32-year-old actress was spotted holding hands with her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal last week after they had breakfast together.

Reese was just announced as the first presenter for The 42nd Annual CMA Awards, which airs live from the Sommet Center in Nashville, on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

The Legally Blond star first appeared on the CMA Awards in 2005, when she co-presented an Award with Joaquin Phoenix, who just announced his retirement from Hollywood.

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  • hal

    That outfit is doing nothing for her.

  • !


  • Look Katie

    Casual clothes that match.

    No bodyguards

    Reese carries her own keys and drives her own SUV

    Reese is normal

    Reese is happy

  • Melly

    LOVE HER! =)

  • bebe

    why are people obsessed with Katie Holmes on this site? People always complain that Jared posts too about Katie too much, and yet on every single thread people are always bringing her up even when she has nothing to do with the subject. Geez, people, get alife!

  • Reese is PHONy

    And she is a bad dresser!

  • Reese is PHONY

    Reese is a bad dresser, she has no taste.

  • mIKE

    “No bodyguards”



  • Jane

    Poor Reese!

    Jake is in London so she can’t parade her fake boyfriend around.

  • legally blonde

    She’s so ugly. I don’t blame Ryan for cheating on her with Abbie. Imagine waking up to that hideous looking face. Major ewwww!!

  • joey

    She is getting a big fat butt

  • Truth

    She has a nice butt, not flat like some of the other crackhead actresses. And Jane, Jake is in London you silly twit. She still has that smile on her face from Jake’s visit last weekend, luck girl!!!

  • Gus

    She’s cute. She reminds me of Cindy McCain.

  • candygram

    her expression in picture number five makes me want to punch her in the face….she has such a major bit ch vibe

  • joey

    Cindy McCain has a better body than Reese.


    Reese Witherspoon is so lucky to have gay “boyfriend”.




  • Reese is a Paid girlfriend

    She still has that smile on her face from cashing her paycheck from Jake’s visit last weekend!

  • OMG

    completely agree with comment #3.
    Not all about media attention like most celebs. Love Reese :)

  • Money Talks and smiles

    She never smiled that much when Jake was here. She cashed that $$ check for last week’s phony girlfriend role on Friday, that’s what’s making her grin. Woohoo, she’s getting a new pair of crap shoes and another ugly purse!

  • media whore reese

    Better not let her read your comment #18 or she’ll send out the sniper team on you. Reese is ALL about media attention. ALL.

  • be nice

    Reese is a good person!
    and you cant even see her butt!

    god how would you feel if someone is bashing you?

    be nice!

  • pink salmon

    I’m with Candygram… In pics #4 and #5 she has the most smug expression imaginable. Someone should tell her that being a beard for a creepy gay means she is no longer Little Miss Perfect.

  • imanie

    The only one who is very creepy and disgustingly ignorant and giving gays a bad name is YOU, Pink Salmon.

    Not to mention the pathetic, desperate and delusional posters like Phonyspoon, and #19

  • Tania

    of course, she is happy. She is well off, oscar winner and Jake is your boyfriend.

  • shelby

    I hate these photos. Reese is a horrible dresser and she needs to keep her big fat ugly mouth shut. She looks like a disgusting riteous pig.

  • Penn Vadgely

    Her ‘boyfriend’ is a homosexual parking lot stalker.


    She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivana

    Who cares is she beautiful or not ……. she got Jake… :))))
    She is aware of that fact, and that way she is full of herself… :))))

  • Ivana

    She have something, that most actress don’t…. she enjoy in life and that make her even more beautiful… She don’t need rehab center… : ))))

  • se

    Reese Witherspoon has her own PR to make Mass propaganda for herself. It is time for this old women go out of cinema and don’t disturb other people with their bad films and his bad acts.

    Joaquin Phoenix is a verry good actor. It is a pity that he gives out to act!

  • dianel

    # 3 you are so right

  • Brad Spit

    She has ‘mom body’ now. Ugh.

  • ew

    most boring person ever. she smiles like a special child.

  • @ Mike

    Appararantly you do Mike?

    She has more class than most of the people on this website.

  • reggie

    She keeps fit by doing Yogahop, we are told. Yogahop??? That’s it. Some new Hollyweird fad. Why can’t JJ post pictures of her doing a Yogahop? Especially with Jakey hoping about too.

  • abc

    Joey if I had a butt like her when i’m 32 and had 2 young kids i’d be absolutely ecstatic

  • reggie

    Well if you could get 20 million for a few months work depending on your butt looking good, I imagine you’d find a way to make your butt look good. LOL

  • Geez

    JAKE’S BEARD should learn to dress – Reese Witherspoon looks awful.

  • Me

    Most of these posting are so incredibly ridiculous. Most of you sound like you actually know her and Jake. Get a life – losers

  • mark

    She’s saggy for her age. I have a life and I can see that she isn’t all that.


    God, Reese looks terrible.


  • Trine

    Ugly woman….. yuck…