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Robert Pattinson - "Never Think"

Robert Pattinson -

Robert Pattinson soulfully sings that he’s in love in the song “Never Think” on the Twilight soundtrack, due out in stores on November 4th.

The film’s spooking soundtrack features songs from Paramore, Linkin Park, Collective Soul and Muse. In addition to Robert‘s song, “Never Think”, “Spotlight” and “Bella’s Lullaby” are all available to listen to on YouTube.

Twilight haunts theaters on November 21st so be sure to purchase your tickets early from and!

Robert Pattinson – Never Think

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  • mia


  • Michelle

    His voice is so gorgeous. A lot of people can’t seem to appreciate his sound because it’s not something they expected from him. But, I think his voice as well as the folk genre fits him perfectly. It makes him sound so vulnerable and open when he sings. It’s breathtaking.

  • Cami

    it sounds very good
    i like the song :)
    I think he sounds like damien rice :D

  • Lizz

    Waaaayyyy to Bob Dylan for me!
    Love Robert, super psyched for Twilight. hate the song

  • blair

    omgomgomg i am in loooove with him!

  • loverpatz

    his voice is love!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilly

    eh i don’t like his voice

  • erica

    He has such soul. I adore his voice. It really sticks in your head . Thsi actor is perfect just perfect.

  • becca

    AMAZING!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!!

    Robert Pattinson is sooooo talented.
    a true Renaissance man.

  • reishan

    His voice is special – distinctive just like him. I want him to play Jeff Buckley in a film. I hope it happens one day. I know one was planned a few years ago but never came to fruition. Rob’s your man.

  • stocky

    Fantastic voice and fantastic actor.

  • helen

    Rob’s an amazing talent. I cant wait to see him play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. I think he’d be perfect as the lead in the new Clash of the Titans film.

  • jane

    OMG he’s so amazing. Its such a bluesy voice. Incredible. Love it.

  • Rosalia

    I love this song!!!! It is very… It sounds like something that would be on Grey’s Anatomy… That’s why I think I like it!!!

  • rafaela Temporim

    essa música é a mais linda!

  • Tania

    He has a very unique voice. I love it. Its a breath of fresh air. Rob is so talented. I wish the piano scene was longer in Twilight.

  • Terry

    Thanks for posting. Love it and Rob.

  • k

    that doesn’t sound like him at all.

  • joanna

    Fantastic track. Really memorable. I wonder where it appears in the film. Someone said at the hospital. He has another song int he film and thats a bonus track if you buy the soundtrack via itunes,

  • sharon

    Like it a lot. Classy

  • shel

    I adore the song and am thrilled Rob has it in the film but I hope he focuses 100% on acting as he’s such a tremendous actor. I dont want him sidetracked.

  • k

    his “talking voice” (like in Twilight) is so much sexier than his singing voice…

    i like him, and all…

  • sarah

    Great song. Rob’s so talented. I saw him as Dali in Little Ashes and both he and Javier (who plays Lorca) are outstanding.

  • cristina

    cant wait for the movie!!!!!! :D

  • kerry

    Gorgeous and seductive track. Not only a fantastic actor and stunningly handsome but musically talented too. I love his sense of humour. Look up the behind the scenes Twilight footage they showed in Rome. He’s very very funny.

  • kerry

    I think this track is played at the hospital but not sure where the other is placed.

  • sandy

    I love the song and Rob looks really hot in that photos. His hair is perfect.

  • a fan

    I agree he’s ideal to play Jeff Buckley in a film. Also like him to play Bowie. Imagine him as Ziggy Stardust

  • ruth

    Yeah Jeff Buckley would be a perfect role for him.

  • Rebecca

    Listening to this track while I’m in bed is going to be heaven.

  • becca

    He definitely is a talented actor and musician. Sigh or is that swoon.

  • Wendilynn

    I”ve seen enough clips of the movie to see where this will fit. The music is nice. I’m not so much of a big fan of Bob Dylan style singing, but his voice is nice and mellow.

    The important thing though is that the song creates the right mood in the movie where its placed, and that’s all I really need.

  • your love

    he just got 10 times hotter!
    He’s such a great talent.
    Love his voice, it’s perfect.

  • Mr. d

    I gotta be honest, this dude is one ugly mofo! He must REALLY be talented to make it with a mug like that. He could sink a thousand battleships with that countenance of his. He looks like a deranged individual that just escaped from an insane asylum, with his wacky hair and vacuous gaze. My eyes hurt now!

  • becca

    Mr d who posted above is clearly an ugly insecure guy thats for sure. Rob is stunningly handsome.

  • ruthie

    I love this song so much. He’d have been great as one of the Bob Dylans in that Christian Bale film whose name I cant remember at the moment.

  • ruthie

    He is a bit like Damien Rice

  • sarah

    HOT from start to finish

  • Judith

    Incredibly moving voice. Rob you’ve got me as a fan for ever

  • kris

    wow this is absolutely beautiful..
    It’s so different ..
    and his voice is could definitely fit into the folk/bluesy/acoustic genre..
    it’s so beautiful and perfect for twilight.. you can tell that he puts a lot of emotion into this song..

    how can one man be so talented. great voice. great actor. great looks.. and he can play the guitar and piano..
    he’s simply amazing and will make it far into this industry ..

  • ilkeeze

    I am enjoying his Van Morrison-esque stylings! I agree with reishan about having Pattinson play Jeff Buckley. I would see that movie in a heartbeat as well!!

  • Judi

    I really want to hear the other one now. Hardwicke has shown a lot of faith in Rob and he’s delivered for her.

  • Mr. d

    No BECCA, just calling it like I see it. If he is the benchmark for comeliness, then I ought to be a male model! He’s homely, plain and simple! I’m not gainsaying the fact that he is a talented actor, but looks wise he is below Shia LeDouche, Zac Efron, Ben Barnes and just about everybody else I can think of. Not worth getting your knickers in a bunch!

  • carolyn

    I like the version thats attached to this you tube clip

  • Ronja

    The song is great and his voice… I love it

  • carolyn

    Ha Mr D as soon as you mentioned those second raters in your message the light bulb went off. hahahahahahaahah

  • curluvd

    Absolutely perfect. The man can do all. Can’t wait to see where this song fits into the movie.

  • nona

    dude, I didn’t expect that voice to come out of a skinny little pasty English white boy….lol

    It’s very husky and bluesy, like he grew up in the south.

    And it’s NOT bob dylany…bob sings through his nose! He’s all nasaly! Robert’s got a stronger, husky voice.

  • hahhah

    mr. d, stop while you are a head. You sound loopy, and a little too moved by Robert’s face. Calm down and take lude why don’t you.

  • Steph

    What’s so perfect about his voice is, when he sings it’s like you can feel his heart. It’s not just words. You get a feeling with it. It’s quite a gift he has. This guy seems to be able to do everything right. Beautiful track!