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Natalie Portman: Vote or Die

Natalie Portman: Vote or Die

Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones are back with another PSA, urging everybody to vote this Tuesday, November 4th. (It’s very much in the same vein as their puppies one.)

Here’s what the actresses and Harvard graduates had to say:

“On Tuesday, November 4th, we’ll be making the most important decision of our generation. This election is not just about choosing between the candidates, it’s about deciding the future for children and our children’s children. The choice is clear… So do the right thing, America. Kitties.”

Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones: Vote or Die
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  • magy

    the kittens are almost as cute as Natalie
    she is sweet, intelligent what more can you ask for

  • Duh

    Betcha that Ivy League pussy tastes real goodt….afta they douche.

  • kitten

    Natalie is always in the news with a substantive message unlike other superficial celebs with reports what they eat or what they wear all the time
    thank you just jared for reporting about Natalie, it is a pleasure tor read for a change

  • oinc!

    So you have to choose between the Old Mummy or the Monkey.

  • k


    the old mummy has experience, the monkey does not, or you can take a chance if you like

  • Gasol_fan16

    Thank you!!!
    Finally showing something that is political and again Natalie Portman doing something substantial with her life and, not another usless thread on the same stupid ditzy media attention seeking starlet’s that, pop on jj all the time! Keep on bringing in Natalie!

    I love the kitties!!! So cute!!! Natalie looks beautiful too!

  • gina

    Kitties would get my vote too if they were up for election. I don’t like either candidate.

  • qwerty

    That is without a doubt, the stupidest, most irrelevant, sickeningly obnoxious Election 08 Celebrity PSA I’ve seen to date. Harvard graduates, go back to preschool!

  • prak

    Thanks Natalie.
    McCain/Palin ’08

  • kate

    millions of people look up to Natalie, she is doing the right thing

  • mju8

    I don’t get it, but it’s cute nevertheless. natalie portman looks beautiful even with minimal makeup.

  • real world

    Natalie is always doing things for a good cause.You go girl!

  • poland spring

    i love both of them specially natalie =]
    but im tired of this damn election
    i cant w8 till its over tbh

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ qwerty,
    Oh! You think you can do better do you? Oh! Did you actually graduate from college? Think before you speak please? :roll: :0: So.. I guess you love the threads of the usual media wh$res being featured in jj all the time of, only shopping. walking her dog, eating, getting her hair done or gasing up her car? Yeah! That takes so much ambition and intelligence! ;)

    You must hate cat’s I presume. At least the threads or all the threads on Natalie are for a substantial cause and not the same old irrelevant, useless threads on starlet’s doing nothing but shopping and mundane tasks!

    I thought Natalie and Rashida’s vote for campaign was quite clever with the little adorable kitties!

    Natalie is truly a bueaty who can get away with wearing very minimal make-up! It shows she is a classic and natural beauty and seems like the actual girl next door! :D

  • sharon

    @ 14 kudos to you i guess their are too many brainless idiots in this world today.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Thank you SHARON! It is amazing how people do not realize the difference between a cute election PSA between two intelligent woman and then some media hungry starlet’s that are alway’s on jj doing mundane tasks. This to me was a nice change! Keep it up jj!

    OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Thank you SHARON! It is amazing how people do not realize the difference between a cute election PSA between two intelligent woman and then some media hungry starlet’s that are alway’s on jj doing mundane tasks. This to me was a nice change! Keep it up jj!

    OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!

  • quest for knowledge

    Natalie has always been political she is trying to make people aware of what is going on in the world. Yes she graduated Harvard..not many people can actually say they could even pass the SAT’s to get in the door let alone walk the campus to such an elite University. She is always doing something for public awareness..As do a few handful of celebrities. I rather see them do something for the greater good of the country then do as GF said be seen food shopping after a few rounds of weed and have the munchies so alert the media we’re going for a ride to the store. Or those that have to hit Rodeo Drive, the Nail or Pet salone then back to the ME ME Luxury car’s they drive to go to a relative or friends home in some posh town in LA for more pap alert press media pictures.

    Some of those celebrities your lucky even know who is on the ballots or even if they listen to the campagine speeches they just pick anyone at least Natalie has an objective and stuck with it. I do admire her for that. Silly or serious for her PSA it’s still getting the word out to support who you want and vote.

  • Madeline rossinger

    the old mummy may have experience but it’s clear the monkey has way better plans for us americans. The old mummy’s just in this race to do something “fun” before he dies. If McCain wins, we are all going to die ’cause he’ll send everyone to war.


  • genevieve

    Vote Obama!

    Seeing sarah palin gives me one of the most hideous nightmares i’ve ever seen!

  • aqua

    These two are awesome.


  • me

    i dont get it

    but i love natalie!

  • agree

    @ quest for knowledge

    Agree with you. And here we have a talkback where people are actually discussing politics however small the detail may be. So I’d say while many may think the PSA is silly, it’s better than a post about these two beautiful women going shopping or simply walking down the street. The subliminal message got through.

  • Gasol_fan16

    YES! Thank you! At least we have naturally beautiful and smart woman doing a PSA for a political good cause. They are wearing minimal makeup and don’t have these Christian Louboutin boot’s on media wh$ring and pictured giggling shopping and walking down Rodeo Drive and it is not all about ME! ME ! ME! With Natalie or Rashida. It is for a good cause.

    Think about that one. What a concept! Plus. The ladies are being themselves and not all fake. With them. It is all heart and intelligence to back them up and hello?? Yeah.. Harvard is not that easy to get into. Think about that one too! ;)


    whats up with that cat flying in the back of that chick at 43? thats kinda of mean

    natalie is a great inspiration i really look up to her, loves her

    great cf~

  • Lauren

    I found a video that is a bit funnier than this one….

    Sorry no kitties :(

  • someone

    I love you Natalie <3.