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Barack Obama's Grandmother Dies On Eve Of Election

Barack Obama's Grandmother Dies On Eve Of Election

Sen. Barack Obama‘s grandmother died of cancer at age 86 in Honolulu, his campaign said this afternoon.

The 47-year-old Democratic presidential nominee and his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, 38, released this joint statement about Madelyn Dunham (their maternal grandmother): “It is with great sadness that we announce that our grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, has died peacefully after a battle with cancer. She was the cornerstone of our family, and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment, strength, and humility. She was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances. She was proud of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and left this world with the knowledge that her impact on all of us was meaningful and enduring. Our debt to her is beyond measure.

“Our family wants to thank all of those who sent flowers, cards, well-wishes, and prayers during this difficult time. It brought our grandmother and us great comfort. Our grandmother was a private woman, and we will respect her wish for a small private ceremony to be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, we ask that you make a donation to any worthy organization in search of a cure for cancer.”


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    McCain = President
    Palin = Vice President

    In a week, all you average lookin broads will be trying to copy Sarah Palin!!

    lmao! jealous!

  • Jonnie

    My grandmother died last week!

    I have NO concern for Obama’s family!

  • Ben

    His Grandmother raised him because his muslim father didn’t want him and his mother took off to indonesia. So his grandmother took him in. You know, the typical white woman.
    Typical indeed. She stepped up to the plate when the deadbeats didn’t!

  • amanda

    OMG all you people on here saying he is trying to get a sympathy vote? Seriously? The guy doesn’t need a sympathy vote…and you know what? I honestly think that this late in the election….someone’s relative passing is NOT going to make them change their mind and switch parties….seriously come on now….and one more thing…do you think the press would not have found out about this??? Come on now…quit trying to make things into more than they really are….if one of Sarah Palin or McCain’s relatives died today…they would release a statement as well…..

  • trey

    I also don’t think people realize that tax increases on ANYONE will affect EVERYONE.
    Raise someone’s taxes and they will just raise the prices or prices of their services of whatever they do for a living and pass it on down .
    If someone works very hard for a living to get ahead, they should not have someone else “steal” it to give it to someone else. Just because some people make wise choices in life and get rewarded for it out of hard work, does not mean they should give it to those who made bad choices.
    So Obama’s tax increses will affect EVERYONE. Can you imagine just how dumb some people are to actually vote for higher taxes ?

    No ones hands belong in MY pockets but MINE.

  • nate

    wow…..reading these comments…some people can just be so cruel…

  • james

    Obama will be the D i c t a t o r of the S o c i a l i s t S t a t e s of
    O b a m a m e r i c a.

    The only people who want a s o c i a l i s t President are those who want something for NOTHING.
    Modern day Robin Hood…steal from people who work to give to those that don’t.
    Expect a depression next year people. Businesses that he shakes down for more money will just raise the prices of their services or products and lay people off.
    Get ready, because a depression is on it’s way !

    Decided to vote Democrat ?
    Here are the reasons.

  • to #54

    I don’t believe anyone said they were trying to get sympathy votes. They said “no sympathy votes”. Duh!

    How can some of you read the crap that you do into other’s comments. Negative people! Think positive and quit trying to out think somebody else.

    I don’t care about Obama’s family any more than any other stranger I know. I’d be a weirdo if I did. I don’t know them and I don’t feel anything but I sympathize with anyone that loses a loved one!

  • http://non David

    Sorry obama, May her soul rest in perfect peace. don’t worry this might be a barrel that has been taken out of your way, either to kill you or something else may happen; she has paid what ever prize for you! wish you all the best of luck tomorrow, may God help you Obama.

  • mikchael

    No one cares.
    Heil Obama !

  • kev

    Who gives a flying F**K???

    None of you even knew this woman.

    How can you all feel so bad?

    What a bunch of fakes!!!

  • mandy3540

    so happy that obama’s gonna win!

  • One of many

    About 152,000 people die every day. Why should I care about Obama’s grandmother more than the other 151,999 people that I didn’t know.

  • marisa

    best wishes to their family.
    still doesn’t change my mind about him.
    mccain/palin 08

    no sympathy votes for mr. obama

  • Dancer

    bleached photo @ 11/03/2008 at 6:41 pm

    Can you be any more of an idiot than you are?

    Of course she is bleached out..the photo was taken in bright sunlight in front of a window which is a big no no in photography.

    And baby-cakes-most women are not jealous of Palin because she’s pretty, smart and a go-getter.
    Most women are now questioning how smart she is because the more she talks, the more of an idiot she seems. She does not represent the majority of women in this country. McCain could have chosen a much better female running mate if he’d actually put some thought into it. One that was smart, intelligent, well-informed, had a track record–and since looks are important to you–one that looked good.

  • ana

    Oh, how sad! I’m so sorry! But, at least, I’m sure she died a proud woman. With every reason to be. May her soul rest in peace.

  • Rob

    His grandmother was a whitey?

    Was that picture photoshopped?

  • hotel

    you people are big freaks!
    you actually scare the crap out of me!
    i’m only concerned by the future of your country because it has an influence worldwide!
    make an informed decision tomorrow and dont use arguments like “obama’s a terrorist” because you know hes not,or “hes black” so what, i don’t understand!!

  • alli

    oh no! :( thats so sad! and the person who wrote “bleached photo” as their name- i am a woman and i know that women are not JEALOUS of sarah palin. i admire her for her interesting life, but i certainly do not envy her! especially not for her looks! i have never understood how people say shes so pretty…i just dont see it at all. but if she is- good for her! that doesnt mean she would make a good VP.

  • alli

    oh no! :( thats so sad! and the person who wrote “bleached photo” as their name- i am a woman and i know that women are not JEALOUS of sarah palin. i admire her for her interesting life, but i certainly do not envy her! especially not for her looks! i have never understood how people say shes so pretty…i just dont see it at all. but if she is- good for her! that doesnt mean she would make a good VP.

  • alli

    oh no! :( thats so sad! and the person who wrote “bleached photo” as their name- i am a woman and i know that women are not JEALOUS of sarah palin. i admire her for her interesting life, but i certainly do not envy her! especially not for her looks! i have never understood how people say shes so pretty…i just dont see it at all. but if she is- good for her! that doesnt mean she would make a good VP.

  • mul

    who cares?

    people die every day!

    none of you even knew the old hag!!

  • cassie

    millions of people die every day – so what is the big deal about this death?

  • H

    Exactly bleached potato. People just cant stand that Palin is a go getter and she’s done in Alaska what everyone wants done in this country and yet they call her an idiot. I don’t understand it.

    McCain/Palin 08

  • jon

    I agree with “bleached photo”. I think most females are jealous of any woman that is pretty or is successful.

    Instead of wasting your time being jealous of Sara Palin, why don’t you get off your fat bottoms and exercise, diet, get off this blog and get an education like Sara did. Instead of becoming Mayor, Governor, Vice-Presidential candidate she could have wasted her time like you are doing on the Internet.

    Now, looks aside, who’s smarter…you whining females here or Sara Palin. Doesn’t take much thought, does it? Admit it, you don’t want to put forth the effort but you’re jealous of anybody else that does.

  • tom

    So, now maybe he can drop out of the race and go to her funeral and ask for forgiveness for comparing her to his Anti American, crazy race peddler of a pastor who for a supposed man of the church lives in a million dollar home while screaming how racist America is and to the loser who said Canada is rooting for him, speak for yourself, I’m Canadian and the last thing as a Canadian I would want is an Obama in the White House, I don’t know why as a Canadian you would want a man who’s weak on foreign affairs, which always makes the world a more dangerous place just ask his number two Joe Biden or your history books and see Jimmy Carter’s Presidency, a man trying to buy the American election 620 million could pay for the all G7 elections combined, with funds that his campaign has made every effort to not verify, who talks about international cooperation but then say’s he will reopen NAFA a 15 year old agreement signed by a democratic President , that shows real respect to your neighbors and then to have his campaign tell Canadian officials that he is just B.Sing , so instead of standing up to anti trade people in his party he took the easy way out (seems to be his m.o.) and feeds their misplaced grievances for votes while behind their back will say’s another thing, a man who has the most radical associations and mysterious past of an American candidate in it’s history. I don’t know how America can vote for charlatan, who uses slogan like “change” and “hope” because he doesn’t want people to look to closely at his welfare, high tax big government policies, that Canadians moved away from because they only make a country weaker economically and bred class warfare that takes no one out of poverty just brings everyone else closer to it.

  • to #65

    Lol….you must really be insecure if that comment affected you as it obviously did.

    I suspect you are jealous of Sara Palin! Most women are…..

  • AMEN #76

    Thank you for the truth, #76!

  • pinkydoo

    I am so sorry for his loss. I am sure she will be looking down on him and will be so proud when he wins! GOOOOOOOO OBAMA!!!

  • Suzi

    My condolence to the family. I know this must hurt a lot.

  • April

    First of all I find it amazing that Mr. Obama even shows an interest. I mean after all she is just a “typical white woman”. He is such an idiot, and so are the people that don’t see through all his bullshit. He hates white people and is half white himself. I do find it interesting how he completely forgets that he is as much white as he is black. As for the Grandma that raised him, I would not call her typical. Not many white people of that time would have had anything to do with their bastard halfbreed Grandson, yet she raised him. Then the most he could say about her, was a put down. Funny, this man supports abortion the way he does. Back in the day he was concieved if people were having abortions right and left like they do these days he probably wouldn’t even be here, yet there he is in all of his glory in full support of abortion. What an IDIOT!!! God help us all if he wins.


    I know how stupid some people are when it comes to voting. That’s why I’m using the “down with sympathy votes” name.

    I’ve got a dumba*s cousin who admitted that she voted for Bill Clinton cause she thought he was cute. I asked her about his views on foreign policy, abortion, etc. She said she didn’t know any of that stuff but voted him totally because of his looks. Typical female response….

    Don’t take offense the the “down with sympathy votes”. It means don’t vote based on sympathy alone!

  • omg

    awww R.I.P

  • mindy

    Thank you #81. Seriously, God help us all if he wins. We will be in serious, serious trouble.

    I’m not a big fan of McCain either but it’s like choosing between the “lesser of two evils”. The only evil I see in this race is OBAMA (terrorist-in-disguise).

  • wtf?

    I think that’s Michael Jackson’s grandmother!!!

  • kate beckinsale is 2 hot

    so sad if she could only live for a few more days =\



  • who cares!

    Who gives a RIP!

  • SkyEatsME

    #17 is such a FCUKING idiot. “become dictator”?

    #18 said, didn’t you learn anything in history class you dumb fcuk?

  • gina

    My thoughts go to him and his family. What horrible timing.

  • strange

    strange that she died the day before the election?????

  • strange

    She said just days ago that she would not speak regarding the whereabouts of his birth until after the election! Now she’s dead?

    Very strange. I think this tells me all I need to know. Obama was born in Kenya.

    The truth will come out after the election. Anyone want to wager if he was really born in the U.S.?

    When someone won’t provide their Certificate of Live Birth, you can count that they are hiding the truth!!!

  • Brie2009

    People, weather you are against Obama or not have a little sympathy for pete sakes!! His grandma did a pretty good job raising Mr. Obama. And Tim #17 stop being such a dick and for all of those people who are being nothing but dicks have some heart. I mean come on its his grandma and she passed away the day before the election. She didnt have the chance to see her own grandson win an election (thats if he wins but I hope he does!)

    My thoughts and prayers are out to the Obama family.
    R.I.P. Madelyn Dunham

  • abriana

    aw thats sad
    she doesnt get to vote for her grandson

    VOTE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L

    Totally off-topic, but I’m a little confused about some news I read earlier about Palin getting prank-called. Can anyone explain what that was about? Or was it just a load of bullsh*t? Thanks in advance.

  • bobbi

    How sad at the timing of this all. She could have potentially seen her grandson become President of the United States.

  • 2 #95

    It was just a prank #95. I forgot the details but I’m sure you can google the details.

  • michelle

    awwww may she rip!!!!

    best of luck tomorrow obama!!!!
    i hope you winnnnn:)

    GO OBAMA:):):):)

  • kelz

    wow how sad rip. good luck obama!

  • Ann

    Prayers go out to his family.

    McCain/Palin 0