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Carrie Underwood - "Elle" December 2008

Carrie Underwood -

Country superstar Carrie Underwood gets perky for the December 2008 cover of Elle. The complete article will be going live tomorrow along with a behind-the-scenes video from the cover shoot. In the meantime, this is what the 25-year-old former American Idol champ had to say about fame, her voice and that other blond:

On the rumor she was dating Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps: “I swear on everything, on my job, on my house, my dog…That’s how serious I am. It’s all just a lie. Anytime any [media source] ever says ‘a friend said,’ or ‘a close’ whatever – no, they didn’t! It’s just made up. None of my friends would say anything. Ever. About anything!”

On her comment that a taken Tony Romo still calls her: “It was just something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or to stir up anything, because I’m just not about drama. At all. I might be mad too if somebody said my boyfriend was calling some other girl. So I can definitely see where she [Jessica Simpson] would be coming from. But I haven’t talked to him since, like, May.”

On whether or not she’s dating someone: “If I say I am or I’m not, as soon as this magazine comes out, it might be the opposite of what I tell you now. In three months, it’ll be ‘Carrie said she’s not dating anybody,’ yet last night, I was out on the town with some guy. He’s going to get mad at me. Everybody’s going to think I’m a liar. It’s just best not to go there.”

On life on the road: “I don’t know how people do it. It’s tiring. It’s hard. Right now I do a lot because I have no reason not to. I don’t have a husband or kids. If I go home, I’m home by myself. I have no reason not to be on the road, no reason not to just get out there and do everything right now, while I’m young enough to, while I can enjoy it. But I think when I get a little older, I definitely want to slow down, just because it’s very stressful. It’s hard on your body, hard on your mind, hard on your emotions.”

On dealing with celebrity: “I knew what I was signing up for, and I’m not complaining at all. I’ve learned how to deal with it, and my life is great, I’m a happy person. What are you going to do? Give it all up? No!”

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  • Hailey

    Love Carrie~~

  • flutters

    Cute! She seems like she handles things like a grownup should.

  • jenny

    She sounds normal and down to earth.

  • jenny

    She sounds normal and down to earth.

  • carly

    shes so pretty :)

  • Don

    The cover is meh but the inside pic is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh really?

    ” “It was just something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or to stir up anything, because I’m just not about drama. At all.”

    Sounds a bit too coy, I think she knows how to stir things up just fine.

  • Paula

    READ IT!
    omg!! watch paramore’s new video!!
    please, JustJared post this on your site.

  • tia

    i dont like her. she seems really fake like fame has gone to her head. She could learn a thing or two about being humble from Taylor Swift.

  • peter

    i agree… she used to be so humble… now she has just bought into the fame life. stay humble girl or else it’s all gonna go away.

  • Meg

    Tia how does it seem like fame has gone to her head? She hasn’t changed since her days on Idol from her interviews, maybe she’s become more smart on what she should reveal to media sources.

  • sgihsfg

    i agree with poster 12 and 13!! she used to be sweet and now she’s annoying and cocky. i don’t even like her voice anymore.

  • Sam

    Tia how has fame gone to her head?

    Carrie is a sweet ,adorable and yes humble woman.
    Taylor ” oh gosh your clapping for me!!!” Swift ( how fake can you be) could learn a thing or two from Carrie.

  • Lea

    I love her. She is so talented.

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    Spactic smile. Her nose looks really big and flat. She is a famewhore! Paparazzi-hungry sl*t!

  • Mr. d

    I don’t think she is arrogant at all! I think most people when they achieve a great deal of success, may let it go to their head a bit, but she seems refreshingly down to earth. I think she is cute and talented, and obviously has done well for herself. Tony was a fool for letting her get away. Also, I think Carrie has become more savy about how to handle the media and how much personal information to divulge. Some things like how you are dating, etc. should be kept close to the vest IMO.

  • Mr. d

    who you are dating

  • average

    Carrie needs to tone down her arrogant attitude a bit. She’s cute and that’s it. The media is trying to create a sexy Carrie, but I just don’t think she is sexy at all. Cute, pretty maybe, but in no way sexy.

    First thing, she needs to get rid of that mop on her head. What look is she going after, the Farrah Fawcett 70′s look?

    She’s an ok singer but she needs to reinvent herself!!! Looking at Carrie is like listening to the same old song over and over….

  • kris

    oh my god. are some of you serious ??
    Carrie has not let game get to her head at all ! Everytime she recieves a new award she’s always so humble and always thanks the fans and american idol because she knows that is where she started..
    She’s the most successful AI winner out of everyone . yet she is still very likeable .. She seems so down to earth and she also seems very real ..

    Screw Jessica Simpson anyway .. she’s just a stupid jealous person..
    && for someone that compared Taylor Swift to Carrie. get a grip.
    They’re both great artists in the country industry and they are both equally humble and great.

  • Chaucee

    Wow! She looks great in these pictures!!

  • Mitch

    Don’t say anything negative about Obama. Jared won’t allow it !

  • kris

    #21 . she’s an OKAY singer.
    can you please please get your ears checked..
    If you’re a hater you can say all the things that you want about how she needs to get rid of that haircut and what not ..
    but even the haters should know that Carrie has one of the greatest voices in the industry..
    her voice isn’t just OKAY .
    it’s AMAZING.
    she’s got one of the best voices in country music let a lone music itself
    && you can tell that she has real talent cuz she can actually sing LIVE.. and she still sounds the same as she did in the recording.

  • Amanda

    So five or six people now have said that she sounds arrogant, but I have yet to hear anyone give anything to back up that statement. In what part of this interview does she sound arrogant because I went back and re-read it and I just don’t see it. …I think her Allure interview sounded a bit arrogant (even being a fan I’ll admit that although her intentions weren’t bad when making the comments about Tony, she shouldn’t have even spoken about him), but in this one nothig she says jumps out at me as being anything but humble.

  • leighton and blake fan

    The cover is ok.Carrie is awesome

  • Lesley

    She is very arrogant. I live in Nashville and have many friends in the music industry. She is known around here as a major b****. She was like that even before fame got to her. Taylor Swift atleast is very gracious and humble to people. I don’t care who you are but if you aren’t nice to your fans and the people in the industry who give you songs to sing and produce your album then you are nothing!

  • Just real

    Annoying and cocky sounds about right. Oh and boring….

  • lala

    Really Lesly .. cuz My sister has a friend who’s cousin’s best friends sister that lives in Nashville and they say that Carrie is super cool and nice and very gracious to her fans ..

    Cuz you actually think anyone is going to belive that crap ?
    && Why does Taylor Swift always get’s brought up ??
    Is she a cute girl that can sing cute songs all about boys and heart breaks .. yes.
    but come on!
    comparing Carrie to Taylor is like comparing a million dollars to a penny.
    we all know in anything Carrie could outsing Taylor ..
    && i like Taylor .. But We all know that carrie smokes taylor in the vocal department

  • MIMi

    Well I work in Nashville as well and she’s the sweetest artist I ‘ve ever worked with. Taylor Swift is the fakest bitch I’ve ever met.

  • Amanda

    Carrie underwood is so fake, I can see through this little act of hers.
    She is not a nice person but she makes a good go of making you think so. Why else did Tony run? She is an ice queen.

  • Jenny

    Ive met Carrie numerous times and she is very sweet and down to earth. She is the same as three yrs ago. Are you judging her from articles that can be spun anyway? What about in person and interaction at concerts?
    She is not a negative person at all. And the hairstyle is not a hairstyle, her hair is wet from one of the shots. Carrie doesnt wear her hair like that as a style it hasnt been blown dry or styled. She just does not speak a negative word about people and she has learned how to deal with the press and sometimes its been the hard way.

  • emmy

    carrie’s awesome… taylor swift is such a fake bitch though..

  • Carrierocks

    Carrie is AMAZING and looks beautiful as always. I love her responses to the questions- they are honest and direct, down to earth.

    To the haters here– grow up! Carrie is talented, smart, beautiful, and nice.

    And to anyone trying to say Taylor Swift is better- get your ears checked. Taylor can’t even sing on key to save her life. Her live performances are horrid to say the least. And if anyone is arrogant, it is Taylor, not Carrie.

    Go Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    She is gorgeous.

  • LoveCarrie

    Leslie– you must be kidding. Carrie is the most humble celeb out there, and the most genuine. If anyone is fake and arrogant- it is Taylor Swift, who pretends to be humble– but is so arrogant she begs people for votes on national tv. It is pathetic and juvenile.
    Carrie has way more class then Taylor and way more integrity. She also sings circles around taylor, who can’t sing her way out of a paper bag.

  • Carrierocks

    Tia– Taylor Swift should learn a thing or two or TEN, from Carrie Underwood. Taylor is the most arrogant, fake, self-absorbed brat I have ever come across. And the worst part, she has NO talent whatsoever to back it up.

    Carrie is super talented, super nice, and real. She doesn’t brag about herself like Taylor does- nor does she try to make it ALL about her, like Taylor does. pathetic.

    Taylor does beg for votes, and all she does at her concerts is brag about how great she is, when she can’t even stay on key or hit any high notes. She has no power or range to her voice, yet she thinks she is God’s gift to the music business. Taylor is not even country either- but a pop sell out.

    Carrie Rocks!

  • Rihanna

    I have met Carrie many times at concerts in meet n greets, and she is so so nice! I watched her interact with other people while waiting in line, and she was having a ball. It was not fake- it was real… and she is a wonderful, nice person with so much talent that Taylor is not even fit to wipe her boots.


  • Kara

    I don’t think she sounds the slightest bit stuck-up…..where is everyone getting that from?

  • mike

    meh. bring back kelly clarkson, the best AI winner. carrie sings the same boring songs all the time.

  • anna

    mike, kelly is not the best, carrie kicks her ass in the vocal, looks, and talent department. all kelly sings are the same angry rock songs. carrie has uptempo, ballads, fun, sexy, solemn songs. she has tons of variety.

  • MARY

    she is not that pretty…her face is so weird….and she is not top charts material…she is just like any random girl that is out there…

  • anna

    mary, pathetic. she is amazingly gorgeous. and her voice is what got her to the top. its one of the best in the industry. period. and her grammys, cmas, vocalist awards, 12 million cds sold prove just that. so haters screw off.


    I don’t think there is an arrogant bone in this girl’s body. In fact I think she does an amazing job dealing with all the BS that comes with fame.

    It cracks me up how people come on this site and act like they have the inside track about who she is as a person. Then they go on to praise Taylor Swift. Please try to be a little less transparent. You don’t know a friend of a friend that says Carrie is cocky. You are just trying to pick at the reigning Female Vocalist of the Year in a lame attempt to promote Taylor. You do Taylor Swift a disservice. Grow up!

  • liz

    Oh Mary -

    I can only imagine what you look like in the mirror LOL

  • Andrea

    Bitch knew what she was saying when she made the “Tony Romo calls me” statement. She’s trying to appear like she’s so humble. What the crap ever…

  • jilly

    There is a saying ” when you are in the hole, stop digging”. Why does she has to bring up Tony Romo again. Can’t anyone spell OBSESSED

  • ok

    Don’t you think it was probably the interviewer who brought up Romo?
    Carrie is gorgeous and very talented. I beleive that she and Romo became good friends and I think it is a shame when a guy starts dating a girl and has to give up friendships with other girls. Guys don’t insist that girls give up their guy friends when he starts dating a girl.

  • lyn

    She has obsessed stamp all over her face.