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Violet Affleck is Super Scholastic

Violet Affleck is Super Scholastic

Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck take Violet Affleck shopping at the Scholastic Kids Store in Soho, NYC, on Sunday.

After picking up a few things at the Scholastic store, the Affleck family then went back to their apartment to finish packing for their trip. They all then headed for the airport a short while later.

On Saturday, Jen and Violet visited the Children’s Museum in New York City and also stopped by Matt Damon’s apartment.

10+ more pics inside of Violet Affleck being super scholastic…

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jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 01
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 02
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 03
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 04
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 05
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 06
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 07
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 08
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 09
jennifer garner violet affleck scholastic store 10

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  • anna*

    no. 1 !!

  • Holly

    She is so cute!

  • anna*




    btw … violet’s pretty cute :)

  • Daphne

    aww look how long violet’s hair already is :D it’s amazing!

  • real world

    what amazing family they are!

  • Anon

    I think it is SO wrong to stalk and follow celebrities and their little tiny kids all the time. Ben looks disgusted and so would I be!!! We really do not need to see pictures of Violet Affleck,weekly. And did I really need to know a blow by blow account of their intinary while they were in NYC? No. The paparrazzi would stop covering them if no one wanted the pictures, Jared. It isn’t only you, it’s the magazines mostly.
    I think they need to make it illegal for the paparrazzi to harrass and take photos of the minor children of celebrities without their parents permission. Suri Cruise, Matilda Ledger, Violet Affleck, have all recently looked upset bcz of it and they are just tiny kids. It is wrong.

  • sonia wu

    Jen looks great without an iota of makeup.
    Violet is happy and cute as usual.
    I really don’t like the look that Ben walks way ahead of his wife and daughter.
    He must be pissed by the paps.

    I also notice they took cab to the airport.
    Hope they tip well.

  • deanna

    I know the kid cant help it but her ears could fly a plane

  • Lisa

    HOW OLD IS VIOLET?? SHES STILL ON A PACIFIER?? in the third picture jen has a pacifier in her left hand??

  • Lisa

    oops, I ment the forth picture*

  • Keegi

    How old is Violet??? She is still being CARRIED by her mom and dad. Is there smth wrong with her legs or the kid just doesn’t like to walk, or is she spoiled or i don’t know. It’s just everytime there’s smth about them, the kid is always on someone’s lap.

  • Sunny

    Keegi, don’t be dumb. Celebrity parents must carry their children because of the herds of papz chasing and hounding them. It’s not safe for small kids to walk on their own under the circumstances, and the kids could get hurt or separated from their parents. Of course the kids walk when it’s safe.

  • Kathy

    Violet is a cute kid, and Ben and Jen look like great parents. At least they know how to dress their child warmly. Thanks for the pics, Jared.

  • regina

    How come Violet is dressed up for chilly New York, and silly Suri is always in a summer dress!”???????
    How come !!!!!??????

  • Ben/jen fan

    Other pics show Ben walking closer. Pics of them in the store, etc.

    He usually walks in front to make a clear path for V. and Jen to walk and not be tripped by the Paps.

    If they are headed to the airport, a lot of parents take a pac. for a younger child to have during take off.

  • h.

    Jared, all of that and you didn’t even mention the real reason they were in New York. Ben hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and that was worth a bit more of a mention than where they shopped for goodness sake.

  • Samantha

    Awww. So normal and so cute.

    Sweater – Check
    Pants – Check
    Socks – Check
    Shoes- Not Summer Ballerina Slippers- Check

    How wonderful to see! I would like to see Jen do a little something with her hair. Ben might want to see some glam occassionally.

  • Jen1

    They’re such a sweet family. :)

  • Ben/jen fan

    When they were going to and from the cab they were shopping. when they left for the airport they were driven in a black car. Video of them leaving and getting into the black car is on the web.




    SHE IS 3 DEC 5…

  • http://justjared tan

    violet is sooo cute! she looks huge in jen’s arms and tiny in ben’s. wierd. becky violet’s 3 on dec 1st.

  • http://justjared tan

    violet is sooo cute! she looks huge in jen’s arms and tiny in ben’s. wierd. becky violet’s 3 on dec 1st. nice to see she’s dressed for winter. k.h take note.

  • it’s a recession

    jennifer is so plain yet i like her
    wierd =]

  • hEY ANON

    Anon, if you hate the itinerary and the posts stop clicking on them. Obviously other people like it or there wouldn’t be so many posts on them. Do not preach to others, make decisions for yourself. Keep posting Jared, you do a good job.

  • Lizzy

    Deanne, Violet will probably grow into her ears. Ears tend to stand out more when you have your hair pulled back anyways.

  • Lizzy

    You’re right about Ben not liking the paps, there’s a video on x17 where he almost attacked them, but backed away. I couldn’t blame him when he was just trying to enjoy a nice dinner out and they kept surrounding him and asking him personal questions.

  • Mimi

    Deanna — Stop talking about a child.

    Jen isn’t plain, she’s pretty.

  • Allen-Clark

    Samantha they obviously don’t care about looking glam. It’s their business… so why care. Nothing wrong with being casual.

  • Vic Sage

    That’s such a dumb complaint, #11. They like to and sometimes have to carry their kid. She won’t die if she is.

    Why don’t you ask them, #14?

  • Liv

    … They are far from fug, you must be speaking about yourself.

  • Clark

    “…” is the one who is fug.

  • Clark

    Cute family.

  • Heather

    Nice-looking family. Violet is adorable.

  • Heather

    Jen and Ben seem like good parents. At least they know how to dress their daughter for the weather, appropriately.

  • Richey

    I agree with you Heather. It seems that Suri is usually the only celeb child that we see not dressed for the cold weather.

    They are a cute family.

  • Richey

    And some children still have a pacifier at two years old. It’s not that big of a deal.

  • Co-co

    Violet is a cutie. She looks more and more like Jen as she gets older.

  • Indonesian Girl

    WOW, jen looks a little like Liv Tyler :-P

  • Liz

    Violet is a doll. What a cutie.

  • Britney

    Jen does look like Liv a little.
    What a cute little family. They seem so casual compared to the glitz and glam of most celebs, a nice change.

  • Sean

    To those asking how old Violet is: she’s 3. Not quite three when most of the pictures were taken (she turned three on the 1st of December). If you research the statistics first before you make ridiculous accusations, you’d know that a large percentage of parents still carry their children right up until they are three or four, some even to age five. An enormous amount of children use pacifiers or suck their fingers until they are three or four. It’s considered a normal part of childhood development. Perhaps you’re the abnormal ones, not Violet.

    As far as the paparazzi, I do agree that they follow celebrities far too much and often break the law to obtain pictures. However, a couple things to bear in mind. First, most celebrities set aside certain public times when they allow the paparazzi to photograph them, in an effort to keep the paparazzi away during more private times. It doesn’t always work, unfortunately, but I’m sure that shopping trips are amongst the times set up with the paparazzi to take pictures. I don’t see a problem with that, so long as they aren’t bothering the parents or child, not taking inappropriate pictures, and not endangering the child. The other thing to bear in mind, as you sit there condemning the papers and websites for publishing these pictures, is that we, as the general public, are at fault. We put these people – and their children – up on pedestals, treating them as something more than human, and then turn around and fault them for attracting so much attention. We do the same thing to celebrities with problems with alcohol or failed marriages – we treat these people as superhuman, and then can’t understand how they could possibly have the same problems as everyone else. We don’t condemn average people for divorce or drinking, we help them. Similarly, we don’t scream bloody murder when Average Joe puts pictures of his kids on the web, but God forbid a celebrity do it. If you don’t like celebrities having special rules attached, don’t treat them like they’re better than everyone else.