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Leo DiCaprio Brings His 'Lies' to Paris

Leo DiCaprio Brings His 'Lies' to Paris

Leonardo DiCaprio promotes his new action drama, Body of Lies, during a Paris photocall on Monday in France. (It was released wide last month.)

The Hollywood Reporter talks a little about the Oscar trophy trend: “Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt almost certainly are strong contenders in the best actor category — shining, word has it, in their respective upcoming movies, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road. But they and others might be up against a subtle force they can do little about in the best actor race: Oscar voters tend to favor actors playing real people.”

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio bringing his Lies to Paris…

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leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 01
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 02
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 03
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 04
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 05
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 06
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 07
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 08
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 09
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 10
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 11
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 12
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 13
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 14
leonardo dicaprio body of lies paris 15

Photos: Julien M. Hekimian/Getty
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  • anonymousdiva

    Ouch. Methinks LD is suffering from al ittle jet lag there :)

  • Aimee

    He is SO FUGLY! YUCK!

    He has NOT aged well at all.

    Must be all of that smoking!

  • frenchie

    He is getting fatter and fatter

  • Justine

    His balloon face is about to POP!

  • mary

    Leo deserves an Oscar win- he’s an amazing actor…my personal opinion is that he was robbed the win for The Aviator…his performance as Howard Hughes was great…no disrespect to Jamie Foxx (for Ray), but Leo was incredible that year…

    The Academy plays favorites and loves to go on hype…so I don’t find them too credible in picking the best performances or films…in the past decade there have been some real head scratching victories that have left everyone confused…

    But good luck to Leo and Brad- great actors with quality films this year :-)

  • salma

    too hot to be true

  • Janie

    #5 I agree! The Aviator, he was just incredible in that film! No way, should he have lost! I don’t ever need to see any of his films to know he can be a contender, because he’s just so brilliant all the time!

  • Petunia

    Leo is might fine, he may have some jet lag it happens to all of us who flies across the oceans.I like to see what you look like when you’re tired. You people have no idea what FAT is, thats NOT fat…unreal!!
    He is still a fine man and a great actor.
    Mary I agree with you he was robbed for the AVIATOR, as his Howard Hughes portray was excellent. Hollywood tends to go on hype, sad because they miss the mark so many times, its hard to call them credible at Oscar time. I hope Leo and Kate get both nominated.

  • french

    he’s so cute and it’s a brillant actor

  • nina

    he’s a great actor but i hope he getting marry soon and have children but not with bar (she’s a bitch who use him for her career , i hope it’s over)

  • Lorene

    Wow ! Leo looks fantastic !

    Thanks, Jared, you made my morning

  • Stupid justjared

    Nr 4… Are we looking at the same pictures? WHAT ballon face? You are nuts.. he looks great, its just that JJ chose to post some bad pictures!! Stupid JJ!!

    Leonardo Dicaprio is an amazing actor and he is gorgeous!

  • nina
  • lisa

    Yuck! Leo looks like a bloated strange looking mannequin. Yes he’s a good actor but there are a lot of good actors around the world. Leo is definately overrated and the fact that he acts like an 20 year old is laugable. Word on the street is that Leo’s way younger foreign girlfriend dumped him and is seeing a fellow paisan. Leo can now go on the prowl for a barely legal model girlfriend. Leo’s a disguating pervert.

  • u.

    Lisa, that’s just stupid. If he was 45 dating a 20-something then yeah, that’d be ridiculous. But he’s in his early thirties so that’s not that big of an age difference. Not compared to a lot of Hollywood people for sure. When he dates an underage girl then you can call him a pervert.

    He’s a great actor and he’s good-looking. Apparently most of you have been staring too long at your monitor because you’re vision is f*cked.

  • nina

    the bitc* (bar) has got 23 years old and it’s him who dumped her

  • Regina

    So many bad comments…this is a site with annoying tweenbop pre-teens after all. You wouldn’t know what a good actor was if it punched you in the face.

  • LolaSvelt

    He looks great! Great actor and environmentalist!

  • Gabriela

    Leo is HANDSOME, very hot…and a INCREDIBLE actor.

  • Gabriela

    Leo is very handsome, and a INCREDIBLE actor.
    nice pants by the way ;)

    You said everything Regina. ;)

  • sophietje

    WOAH looking gorgeous!

  • ihb

    Leo is an incredible actor and he looks great.
    nina, thanks for the link, those pics are better quality.

  • mimi

    LURVE him. He’s still as hot as ever.
    Leo has been an AMAZING actor since forever. I admire him even more for his continued dedication and efforts to environmental as well humanitarian causes.

  • anonymousdiva

    Oh PLEASE, lisa….she’ll stay with him as long as she gets the free publicity, and he isn’t about to say no to free booty.

    Anyone who thinks he’s bloated is clearly blind. Just ’cause he has jetlag doesn’t mean he isn’t smokin’ ;)

  • H

    It’s because they expect him look like a scrawny, teenager/young man forever. He looks better now then he did in Titanic, Basketball Diaries, or Romeo and Juliet.

  • beck.

    leo is an amazing actor who will, one day, get his award.

    but i think that they are right – sean penn will most likely win for milk.

  • laura

    He is absolutely gorgeous here. I just wish he’d smile for more pictures, he has a beautiful smile.

  • jennifer

    Leo is handsome as ever and is a great actor and if you people that just care about look, you don’t have to post here on Leo pics because in first place he’s a brilliant actor that comes before everything because what really matters is that he has TALENT, what is really hard to find today, now just have this boys that dance and sing in the movies.

  • Regina

    #25: Amen. I’ve actually been saying those same words for ages! Good to see that someone agrees!

  • mike

    I am happy because bar is not in Paris with him and we can admire the wonderful face without seeing the bar’s horrible face (I hope that it is finished between them for check because she really begins to irritate me this girl, Leo needs to find a girl who loves him for him, not for his celebrity nor for its money) I hope that he is going to leave his career (not for a long time) to start a family (he is 34 years old, he would have to think of getting married and of having children)

  • ihb

    I`m with you, mike #30.

  • chinook

    he is gaining weight…well maybe the so called “environmentalist” has quit smoking..hmmmm…..I never have met a environmentalist who smokes..interestingly hypocritical, as most smoking celebrities are.

  • anonymousdiva

    Chinook, that comment is stupid beyond belief.

    You’re clearly ignorant of all the things DiCaprio has done for over a decade (NRDC board member, among others – wait, you probably don’t even know what that is!)

    Have a nice big glass of STFU and sit down, pal. The stones you’re throwing at DiCaprio are breaking the glass walls around you.

  • Mr. d

    Father Time has NOT been good to Mr. DiCarprio. He got ugly! Many years ago I would see pictures of him and think, gosh I wish I looked like that. Nowadays, hell no! Bloated countenance, skinny-fat body. No thanks.Too much decadence over the years. We are the exact same age, but you’d never no it. Anyhoo, great actor and environmentalist by the way!

  • sl

    Lisa where did u read that?

  • Alexa

    Love u Leo!

  • Jess

    Leo is soooo Hot <3 :D.

  • lamaloom

    PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! leo dicaprio is the most beautifuly acctor… and wonderfull guy why are you guys denis him….and he is the most beautifully man and has prefect body he is not fat or skinny….leo dicaprio is way better alooking than all the actors believe me…. oh and one thing he is the most nicest person on earth …..he is doing u job signing the autographys for you and stiill u denis him….stop begin alike 5 years old alot of people surffing to meet him ……do u know why people hate becoz he still going out wit bar rafaeli u don’t know her ………..if u have problem wit has girlfriend and stop makking shit for le o dicaprio…..he is dating model dosen’t mean u have to hate him from her… if he loves her or not it is has choose not your’s soo stop making fun of just becoz he is wit bar rafaeli still…..

  • ANonymousdiva

    Uh…..once again, in English, please?

  • cherrie

    i think he looks fat here….i think he has been eatin too much lately hahaha