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Penn Badgley is Scarf Sexy

Penn Badgley is Scarf Sexy

Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and John Patrick Amedori bundle up in warm jackets on the NYC set of their hit CW show on Monday afternoon to film a funeral scene.

WHO DO YOU THINK the funeral is for???

In tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, Serena (Blake Lively) invites new beau Aaron (Amedori) to be her guest at a charity gala and she discovers a secret that he has been keeping, making her doubt who she thought he was. Meanwhile, Blair (Leighton Meester) takes a on a baby-sitting job and Jenny (Taylor Momsen) plans a plan a guerrilla fashion show with Agnes (Willa Holland). Be sure to tune in tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW!

Penn, 22, was also seen sporting a Barack Obama support pin on his backpack.

10+ pictures of the Gossip Girl cast at the cemetery…

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gossip girl funeral scene 01
gossip girl funeral scene 02
gossip girl funeral scene 03
gossip girl funeral scene 04
gossip girl funeral scene 05
gossip girl funeral scene 06
gossip girl funeral scene 07
gossip girl funeral scene 08
gossip girl funeral scene 09
gossip girl funeral scene 10
gossip girl funeral scene 11
gossip girl funeral scene 12

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  • Janie

    Chace Crawford is for McCain/Palin! Yay!

  • t

    Penn is rockin the scarf look. So hot and Happy Belated Birthday Penn!

  • t

    Penn is rockin the scarf look. So hot. Happy Belated Birthday Penn!

  • sfsfsd

    don’t find chace that attractive. There’s something about that new guy tho

  • cabezona

    ohhh thanks, Penn is so hot.. ^^, the new guy is UGLY.. ewwww xD

  • catik

    ed is the hottest =D

  • Jay

    #5, really !?!?!

    I think he is freakin’ gorgeous. He has a Johnny Depp thing about him, but more on the cute side.

    I think he’s better looking than all of the current GG guys.

  • cupcake

    i think vanessa is gonna die…

  • ember heart

    Scarves are so cool, but I don’t understand wearing them in summer heat- which I did see! Why? Otherwise I love them on me on others..

  • Janie

    Chace Crawford is the most attractive! He’s got those blue eyes, and a lot of confidence which makes him more amazing! ;) He’s the best actor on the show too, in my opinion.

  • nicole

    i think its for bart

  • lol

    #5, really !?!?!

    I think he is freakin’ gorgeous. He has a Johnny Depp thing about him, but more on the cute side.

    I think he’s better looking than all of the current GG guys.


    OMG I KNOW!!! if i saw *aaron* walking down the street id effing faint. Hes from Stick It, by the way

  • lol

    now that i think of it..if i saw john in real life, id be thinking ‘thats someone id like to know’

  • cj

    Bart’s the one who dies, it’s pretty much been confirmed.

  • Megan

    Ed is so sexy!!!

  • Sarah

    Ed is so HOT, i LOVE him!!!:)

  • diamond C

    I think the funeral is for Serena’s grandmother Cecilia van der Woodson….she has been sick for a while so thats where my head is at..but Penn is adorable but the new guy is cuter =)

    as for chace crawford, hes the sexiest thing on the show…but the fact that hes for McCain and palin is rediculous….lol

  • cj

    It’s for Bart! Serena’s grandmother is alive, there are pics of her at the funeral.

  • devouring79

    my goodness…leighton meester is soooo freaking sexy.

    every post should include at least 1 picture with her. damn i love that girl.

  • anna

    I love Chace Crawford. and I love him for being McCain/Palin! :D

  • pearl

    “He has a Johnny Depp thing about him, but more on the cute side. ”

    When he was younger and thinner, he looked a lot like Johnny Depp. Now not so much, perhaps if he loses some weight and sports a different hairstyle. The one he has now just doesn’t suit him I think. He still has the killer cheekbones though.

  • mikay

    mmm..they’re all just really good looking. i love everything about them. not too fussy on the new guy, but could care less.

    as for funeral, probably bart which is sad in a way..i didn’t think they’d start killing people off so soon. boo funerals.

  • jen

    Bart dies. Too bad it’s not Rufus instead.

  • Stacy

    its gotta be someone jenny is close to, cuz remember the pics of her breaking down a few weeks ago when blair told her something??

  • Puhlllease !!!!

    Just Jared and his Heinous Headlines

    Just Jared is Ungodly Untalented

    Just Jared is Pathetically Pitiful



    all of them are flipping gorgeous :)

    wow bart dies? sadddd. ):

  • Michelle

    PENN is the hottest.. new guy is not ugly, but there’s no chemistry between him & serena.. everytime i watch aaron & serena, i like.. *yawn*…..
    this season’s getting boring….

  • Tae

    I think the funeral could be for bart?!?!?!

    I agree with #7 all of them Guys are so gorgeous!!!!!!


    the PICTURE of TAYLOR omg soo cute…

  • Piper

    bart, please bring jenny with you.

  • malisa

    If u read some of the clues on Eonline u can totally tell its for BART without question

  • Matty

    Hopefully the funeral is for that show.

  • serena

    Penn is so hot..the new guy is ugly..ugly..
    Serena and Dan forever
    Blake Lively and Penn Badgley forever

  • serena

    Penn is so hot..the new guy is ugly..ugly..
    Serena and Dan forever
    Blake Lively and Penn Badgley forever…
    Go Obama


    that picture of jenny is so cute

  • R0xy

    I love all the GG guys!!! But Penn, Chace and Ed are the hottest!!
    Aaron has a cut face but I prefer the other guys


    I think its Bart

  • cain

    Why Bart? he’s a good guy, and i just started to realize that.

  • Brittney

    I think the funeral is for Bart Bass


    It’s going to be Bart. They said that someone is going to die who allows a long awaited love to finally happen.

    If Bart is out of the picture Lilly and Rufus can be together.

  • Katie

    I think it’s Bart, he kinda needed to go. I don’t know how Lily’s going to react, though. I don’t think she would be happy. Jenny has become totally insane, I don’t know what happened to her.

  • aaron

    PENN Is so HOT!! HOTTER IN SECOND SEASON! more penn news jared!! :)

  • Tiffany

    They’re all hot…especially Ed!

  • GossipGIRLFAN


  • Kate

    Dear John Patrick Amedori,

    You’re kind of sexy. Just saying.

  • Katie

    Has anyone noticed that Chuck/Ed always whispers when he talks? I like him, it’s just kinda weird……

  • twiggy