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Sienna Miller is a Cow

Sienna Miller is a Cow


Sienna Miller and a mystery male enjoy a smoke break outside the Cow Pub in London on Monday.

The 26-year-old British actress is reportedly having relationship issues with oil heir Balthazar Getty.

A source reveals, “The couple have also had a series of rows about how much time Sienna spends socializing. While she enjoys drinking and partying, Balthazar, a former addict who stars in the TV show Brothers And Sisters, prefers a quieter life.”

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  • Lara

    Lol and she wears a fur west. She really is satan :P

  • LolaSvelt

    Lovely title…lol.

  • Jane

    Jared honestly please stop with the title puns, you are not funny and they dont make sense most of the times and are downright offensive sometimes.

  • Victoria

    that’s the first time i see Jared insult s.o.

  • Victoria

    A pun? Didn’t get it. My bad.

  • teehee

    Poor Sienna “having relationship issues” I guess dating a married guy with four little kids isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • NZ

    lol. love the title

  • Artlover

    Nice to see her – she was wonderful in Edge of Love – see it!

  • Trinity

    LOL..NUMBER # 6…..I guess after he went through her turnstile, he left it spinning for another catch for some type….it did not take long did it ?

  • Nec

    a holy moly.

  • Aimee

    Great title Jared!

    Sienna Miller is a PIG!

  • murphy

    White Trash Sluut!

  • sunseeker

    it was not long ago she said did not go to clubs yet seems to be always coming out of clubs, with getty last time and on weekend again at 5 am in the morning. she is in London to make getty file for divorce and that is a dangerous game to play, also said she wants him to move to London which means he will not see his children that much, if it is true miller is feeling insecure and needs to trust but how can you trust a man that has left his wife.

  • honestly

    She certainly is a COW. She keeps ****** other women’s husbands she will wind up the most hated heifer in the Western World.

  • Nikkilou

    I love sienna miller <3

    Enough said

  • boogie

    Jared- you mean….’

    oink oink oink!

    I knew these issues would come up……..both Sienna and Bath. are such lowlifes.

  • sienna milllaa

    The Hours – See The Light

    hooooooooly coooooooooooow )))))))))))))))))))

  • Mr. d

    While I don’t countenance her sleeping with a married man, I must say she is a talented actress IMO and ohh so pretty to look at! I can understand the allure that she would have over some men. However, she is playing a dangerous game by flaunting her relationship so openly. She is already one of the most reviled people on the face of the earth, if I were her, I would keep a low profile until the hullaballo has blown over LOL.

  • alicia

    she is looking better in these pics, didnt she say she doesnt go to pubs anymore… or has not gone to one for like 6 years??

  • murphy

    skaanky whoore!

  • A
  • hoho

    She’ll be back on her back under a married man in no time

  • mju8

    What a copy-cat!! Kate Moss has been wearing those fur vests for the past decade. Sienna never has an original thought in her stupid little brain. She can’t even find her own man – she has to steal others’

  • mery

    The title is for the pub, I think.

  • Jules

    Well theres a news flash, Sienna is having relationship issues. What a shocker. She is an A class loser and tramp.


    why doesn’t anyone critize Barthazar?

    He is the one that has a responsibility to his wife and children not her!!

    I like her outfit and i don’t care if she’s wearing fur.

  • mju8

    ^^ The reason why Sienna gets more bad press is because she has already has a bad reputation for having affairs with married or taken men. Balthazar on the other hand does not have a reputation for having affairs – at least not any the public is aware of, besides this one with Sluttyienna.

    Same reason why Angelina gets way more blame than Brad for their affair. She had already broken up Laura Dern and BBT’s relationship before.

  • Zoe

    Hey, Jared is right on the money today!!

    MOOO SIENNA. Dressed like the cow you are.

    I bet it’s not that Baltazar likes the quiet life, it’s that he’s reportedly already has a new chick on the line. He’s already suposedly been cheating on her.

    WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, EH SIENNA!!! Who’s husband is next?

    And for the record, Baltewhore is no better than Siennawhore.

  • celery gloss

    Surprise, surprise. Did anyone think it would last?

  • pri


  • shea

    Homewrecking Cow is more like it! :lol:

  • c2

    SM should change her name to VICTIM or VICTIMienna because everything is always someone’s else’s fault and nothing is ever her fault. She is sleeping with a MARRIED MAN, shamelessly flaunting it, and now whining and complaining because the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN won’t abandon his children, divorce his wife, move to UK, and make her his number 1 priority? Considering the fact that she is just a “friend with benefits” or “booty-call” that is financially supporting BG, I serioulsy doubt that BG has ever made any promises to her. Well, I take that back, he may have promised to appear in public with SM in exchange for money, gifts, and free sex. Did she really think that people would believe this story about the MARRIED MAN making promises to her? He couldn’t even honor his marriage vows, so putting out a story about him making promises to her is only making her look even more pathetic. And now she tips off the papz so that they can capture her without the MARRIED MAN and show that there is some truth to the PR story.

    SM released this “break-up” story to save face because many posters were not convinced by their Italian vacation/kissing on the street in NY staged photo-ops and started questioning how he could be “in love” with SM when he won’t even get a divorce. Many people even pointed out how his body language didn’t convey the “in love” image that SM was trying to portray in those staged photo-ops. It looks like SM is trying to convince the public that her AFFAIR with BG is more intimate than what it actually is. RG called BG’s bluff, and all he has proven is that SM is nothing more than just a **** buddy.

    She is not going to end her AFFAIR with the MARRIED MAN because she is too “in love” with his FAMILY NAME and without his FAMILY NAME and a woman and her 4 kids to humilate, she would become irrelevant. It won’t be long before she bombards the public with more staged photo-ops of her and the MARRIED MAN to convince us that he really really does love her. She does have a pending “harassment” lawsuit in the works.

    A poster on another board pointed out that SM must think that all women are weak and helpless because she assumed that RG would give in and take BG back after all of the hurt/pain he has put her and those kids through. I also find it interesting that BG resumed “quality time” with SM, ONLY AFTER his wife had a big birthday bash. Was he upset because she didn’t invite him to her birthday party? It appears that he only went on vacation with SM because he was trying to humilate his wife for not taking him back and having the audacity to have fun without him.

  • Puhlllease !!!!

    Nasty Slag, mooo, indeed

  • sheryl

    Do we really need these play-by-play accounts on the status of their relationship? Half of them say one thing, half another. Truth is, this girl is not talented or famous enough for this level of what is it? Her PR working overtime just to keep her name “out there”…any kind of attention is good attention? There are countless other actresses more famous and talented than her who get a fraction of the “press” she does. She’s just not that interesting, so what gives?

    And why are the paps still photographing her after her lawsuit? Just leave her alone. Nobody really cares. Really.

  • sandy

    sienna was doing blow jobs daily for Getty…

    now she’s looking for someone else to FUCCk

  • real world

    Why don’t she just leave the RG alone.Allof this is not going to make his wife any faster.With all that money involved.She always messing with someone husband,Think she get a kick of it and think its funny,She should stay with the men she hang out and leave and move on with her life.She don’t have to make herself look stupid.

  • Sunny

    Gosh… the thrill must be off her fling with a married man with kids. Time for slutty to move on to her next victim.

  • jane

    Lipstick on a cow is still a cow

    Lipstick on a slut is still a slut !

  • WAWA


  • RI

    ^^My name is Ryhs Ifans and I approve this message^^

  • sienna milllaa

    ^^ I guess its pretty f*ckin’ hard to get sober and learn how to spell your own name. right, Rhys? better stick to drinking, than writing, mate

  • RI

    ^^You’re the last one to be criticizing anyone regarding their sobriety,there, luv. Or anything for that matter you two-faced lying b*tch. Why don’t you go watch that video of my colon again. It truly expresses my feelings for you.

    Loved you in the dead cow thing.

  • sienna milllaa

    ^^ Touché. )))
    but I never gave a f*ck about you feelings, sweetie.

  • RI

    ^^or anyone’s but your own

    But I live in hope that you will rot from the vagina out

  • inshape

    i love her i love her i love her! well, i mean, i love her wardrobe. :) she’s sooooo cute and pretty and a great dresser. i wish she would go out more so i can see her outits!

  • sienna milllaa

    and I never gave a f*ck about your or anyone’s hopes, mate. but keep hoping, mate, keep hoping. until you got OD. what a waste of time.

  • I am sienna

    i am sienna miller . please squeeze my fat cheap breasts in public getty. I’m cheap.

  • PJAY

    Do they have Alcoholics Anonymous in The UK?

    That’s why Sluttyienna looks much older than her twenty-six years! My goodness, she looks much older than Rosetta Getty and she is in her thirties and has had four sweet children! When Sluttyienna has children (God forbid) I suppose she will wind up looking like mum Jo!!!!!!!!!! Now that is pretty scary! Between Sluttyienna’s drinking and smoking and screwing there will not be much left of her to go around . At least we can be thankful for that much!

  • vaja

    i like sienna very much and the thing that she’s going out with a married man doesn’t meen that she is a slut or whore !!!! wake up people sometimes we are doing much worse things… but we aren’t judged by millions of peoople….

  • sandy

    she looks old because she does blow jobs daily for getty