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Barack Obama Elected President

Barack Obama Elected President

Democrat Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States of America on Tuesday night.

The 47-year-old senator from Illinois defeated Republican Sen. John McCain. Officials said voters came out in record numbers on Election Day — 130 to 140 million people.

The crowd is going wild in Grant Park in Chicago, where Obama will give his first public speech as president-elect.

Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President on January 20, 2009.

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  • kathleen

    I am so happy that Obama won……If I am only an american, im sure i will vote for him………….

  • annabelle

    Some of us know what kind of people voted for him, well I can pretty much imagine what will hapen

  • jan

    History has been made.

    God Bless America

  • annabelle

    I believe there will be more history made soon……

  • Duncan

    Obama for president.
    i hoped for this day :D

  • Ann

    Oh my gosh gas is gonna go up!!! Now that we have a democratic for president!! Here we go again with over $4.00 gas prices!!

  • barbie

    you mexicans are going to get any money from that nigger

  • Val

    I pray that may the good Lord Almighty wash President Obama and his family in his ever flowing blood of Jesus!

    May He stomp anyone who dares wish harm on him, in the name of Jesus Christ!

    This is more than historical…I cannot describe it, but yet the work has just begun!

  • annabelle

    I would like to know why my posts don’t show up !!!!
    Where is the freedom of speech? Here we go, they already shutting us up!!!!!!! Go F>>>> yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MC CAIN / PALIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Macbrown9

    I’m going to pick up the shattered pieces of my soul.

  • annabelle


  • meursault

    This must absolutely represent the end of accusations of racism in the US. When a black person holds the highest office in the land, there is NO room left for the argument that blacks cannot succeed due to skin color; it sure starts looking like a convenient excuse.

  • annabelle

    I’d say this will be the beginning of shit to hapen….


    Omg. I’ve never seen so much negative on this country over all this stupid shittt that has nothing to do with the shitttt we are in Gay? Abortion? Jews? wtf do jews have to do with hurting america. and btw im not black and i make a lot of money but i have friends who work harder then most and don’t have good pay who deserve to earn more. I VOTED FOR OBAMA! i am a Republican too have been for years but after Bush we do need a change. An being a black president first ever. It is a big thing for america maybe not to the rest of the world but it proved to the rest of the world we are not the idoits we used to be.

    Obama/biden in whitehouse :D
    History has been made.
    God bless America
    God bleck Barack Obama

  • Papua New Guinea




  • annabelle

    The only hope for us is ALIENS!

  • mimi

    Haters and loosers I laugh in you faces. You’re all loosers and you thought your hatred would stop him from winning. Now you and your dumb Palin can crawl back into your Alaska jungle and remain there. God bless America and long live the Obamas.

  • annabelle

    Yes plenty of idiots still here

  • Jessie

    Is it just me or do people realize hes not black but coloured?
    Anyway., hope he does excellent things for our great America!

    Even though when the honeymoon phase ends and he starts making decisions people dont like, we’ll see how that goes!!

    It happened with all the presidents before. :-)

    Congrats Obama!




  • thehopeandchangeweneedintheus

    Today is a day that we all will remember, a day for our children and a day for the future of our country. We have to forget what is red or blue or white or black, but to remember that we are a great country that is made up with great people. I see hope and change for our country; I have never been more proud to be an american. God bless America and everyone

  • pr person

    Ignorance is a shame. Choosing to be ignorant is vile.

    Congratulations to our new president!!!

  • annabelle

    It is sad to see how many are so stupid. Bush might ruin lots of s… but w/ Mc Cain we had chance for CHANGE for better .Osama Obama is nobody, we will all suffer.

  • Papua New Guinea




  • Abigail

    lol Putting McCain and “change” together is funny to me considering McSame agreed with Bush 90% of the time during his presidency. Yep, that’s “change” alright. But anyways, here’s wishing Obama/Biden good luck with the presidency. May God bless their families and god bless everyone in America. From your friends across the pond.

  • annie

    I am SO proud to be American today

  • Edila

    I’m so happy the americans vote for this great man, congratulations to the american people, congratulations to Barack Obama the new presidente of united state.
    I’m from Brazil and I never care about the alection in the US, I only hate Bush so much for all the bad he has done around the world, but this time was diferent and I fell joy and pride today, is not my country, not my presidente but I’m very pround of the american people.
    congratulations to all!

  • sarah

    My family is mourning for America… from being the greatest nation in the world, soon to be a third world country, or much worse.
    Congratulations, America, for being so deceived and down right ignorant. Hope this change is what you wanted. You’ll see.

  • dee

    I have a joy headache

  • laura

    231, have a crow prepared after 4 yrs then. better yet, eat one now you douchebag.

  • Ace tomato

    You kids need to learn the difference between a Republican and a conservative.

    Conservatives will often be Republican, but all Republicans are not conservatives.

    Bush was certainly NOT conservative -
    McCain is the least conservative of any of the Republicans who were in the primaries this year.

    Republican is a party. Conservative is a political ideology. Conservatives want smaller government, lower government spending, lower taxes – basically Conservatives want the government to collect enough taxes to build highways and fund our national security, but otherwise leave us alone and get out of our wallets.

    All Democrats are not liberals. Clinton was a moderate Democrat (like McCain is a moderate Republican). Obama is a very, very liberal Democrat. Liberals believe the government is supposed to take care of the people and will support spending for all kinds of programs to do that.

    Those are really simple, baby explanations – but I am tired of seeing people who just hate all Republicans and don’t understand that a lot of conservative Republicans feel just as betrayed and disappointed by President Bush as you Democrats do.

    We just have different ideas about what would have been better. We should all educate ourselves on those ideas, the very basic forms of them, so we can make decisions based upon the ideas – not a my team/your team mentality.

  • Mariella

    GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!! YAY.
    i’m glad our lives are still going .
    if mccain won, we’d all die LOL.


  • life

    It’s a sad day for USA. He won’t be my president.

  • bee1202

    Lord Jesus, ,Have mercy on America! I believe most people have made a poor choice electing this individual based on emotions and excitement of having someone different as a US President, dont complain when your taxes are soo high you cant afford to do or buy anything anymore. Thank God Prop 8 wasnt passed in Cali, because we would have officially became the modern day Sodom & Gomorrah, but hey, we are heading there with this liberal president and with the lack of morals among our people nowadays, and the terrible example being set by many hollywood celebrities to young people. I sure hope the second coming of the Lord is near, I cannot imagine enduring 4 years, or worse 8 years of Obama as President. Its time to get down on our knees and let God lead this nation so we can once again be the Great & Blessed nation that we used to be.

  • Oh PLease!

    all you ‘believers’ preaching God need to step back and remember the importance of acceptance.. because obviously you have forgotten that little aspect of Christianity.

    I dont think McCain was terrible, but i think the choice he made in Palin was his downfall.

    GOBAMA! from Australia.

  • Europe girl

    god bless america!
    Obama will be a good president.

  • Seminega silas eugene

    God has done the miracle in blessing AMERICA GIVING IT BARRACK OBAMA as President. OBAMA has done it.

  • DirtyHarry


  • putri

    from Indonesia: congrats for obama and americans.
    there is a hope for a better tommorow. not only for americans themselves but for the world. no more violation against human rights and war based on unreasonable causes which only leaving devastation in this earth.

    for love,peace and unity: go OBAMA.

  • Sunny

    Woohoo!! Germany and the rest of the whole world is happy. Congratulations America, finally the right choice! This is a great progress. Way to go!

  • Jess

    From the UK….


    If I was American, I would have vote Obama too!


    So happy!

  • From France

    I’m so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy vive l’Amérique!!!!!!!!

  • http://MANISTON boo(real)

    history is made.. all of us are witnesses to it!!

  • Jo

    Finally the right choice ! Yay ! *Happyyyy*

  • Phiwe

    What a day!!!!!
    Congratulations to the American people and the rest of the world

    South Africa

  • kate

    Some of the comments made here from so called “americans” who are republicans and pro-Mccain really frighten me. Obama is now your president no matter what you believe or who you voted for and the fact that some of you are saying that he will fail and ruin America is outrageous. Look at what the republican Bush did to America. I think you should take John McCain’s lead and be gracious in defeat, his speech showed his class today and maybe some of you should show yours.

    In years to come when our children and their children learn about American history this will be a day that stands out. Obama will succeed just give him the opportunity and your support to prove it because it takes a whole nation to create change not just one person. Every American whether your republican or democrat have to come together. Embrace the American “patriotic” way and help create the change the rest of the world knows can happen!

    Well done President Obama you won convincingly and i cannot wait to see what the future holds.

  • mm


    i live in ireland but i stayed up until 4:30 to watch the results it was history in the making.

    a victory for all people

  • joneblaze

    This is a historic victory for anyone who believes in freedom.This is a victory for Martin Luther King,Malcolm X,and Medgar Evers.For those that came before us and put their very lives on the line for civil rights.This is for the three brave men James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner who didnt see color in Mississippi 1964.This is a victory for my late Grandfather and Grandmother.We as a people still have a tough road ahead.But i cant tell you in just a few simple words of how proud i am of PRESIDENT Barack Obama !!!!!!!!!!

  • florence

    obama is going to pick up the pieces that bush left.

  • ugh!

    They don’t get to live in the White House do they?