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Carrie Underwood: No Respect for Celebs who Endorse Candidates

Carrie Underwood: No Respect for Celebs who Endorse Candidates

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood has lost all respect for Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and other celebrities who have backed candidates for office.

While talking about the presidential race with TV Guide, Carrie revealed, “There is someone I do support, but I don’t support publicly. I lose all respect for celebrities when they back a candidate.”

“It’s saying that the American public isn’t smart enough to make their own decisions,” she explains. “I would never want anybody to vote for anything or anybody just because I told them to. Music is where you go to get away from all the BS. Whether it’s from politics or just the world around you, music should be an escape.”

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P.S. Today’s election day, don’t forget to vote!!!!!

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  • Jijna

    Carrie Underwood goes up a lot in my book now.

  • kaylee

    i love her for saying that!

  • megan

    i totally agree with her!! i hate it sooo much when celebrities r lyk o vote for mccain hes best or o vote for obama cuz he is better. thats soo stupid. idc if they have their own opinions, they should, but speaking about them publicly is soo rediculous. i agree with carrie 100%

  • Heather

    She is a idiot!

  • mike

    why is it that every one BUT celebrities can express their opinion…well anyways….to me it realy doesnt matter if i see a celebrity endorsing someone….i think the same with a lot of people…in the end people are going to vote for who THEY want not who someone else wants…you know what i mean?

  • leah

    Well said.

  • jess


  • Matters

    Um Carrie, NO ONE respects an “artist” who won a reality TV show contest. Whose respect is more important? Yours or Oprah’s? Whom will people remeber year from now? You or Oprah?

    Also, dummy, celebrities are just people who are famous and because they’re famous their opinions are broadcasted publicly. They’re not saying anything anyone else isn’t saying in private.

    Furthermore, people who are influenced by celebrities to vote for a candidate are likely not voters, anyway.

  • Nina

    I disagree with her, not all celebrities are are urging fans to vote for their candidate. It’s annoying when people get all upset when celebrities say who they are supporting. Celebrities are human as well and if they want people to know who they are supporting so fucking what! Carrie get over yourself! Are celebrities suppose to not tell anyone who they are supporting just because they are in the spotlight and us regular people are allowed to say who we are support? I don’t recall Oprah telling people to explicitly vote for Obama, she is just one of his supportors and I think she has a right to show up at his rallies and donate money to his campaign just like any AMERICAN would support their candidate.

  • MER

    I AGREE!!! Finally someone famous that doesn’t try to push her BS on me!!!! She’s 100% right entertainment is there to get away from all the BS, not preach to me on who I should vote for! I am so sick of celebrities and their endorsements…it does nothing for me.

  • tia

    ummm she gets to get off her freakin high horse. EVERYONE is entitled to express their opinion however they freakin want. she just made it pretty clear that she is a mccain supporter, so i dont know why i am surprised at this ignorant selfish comment.

  • ObAMA1

    How’s a celebrity endorsing a candidate any different from Karl Rove making calls/visits to the homes of people to get them to vote for their candidate?

  • nk

    Sounds like a PARANOID Republican to me! Does she think Americans are so stupid & submissive as to be that influenced by celebrities? Americans are smarter and more informed than ever in this year’s election, and we really mean who we vote today.

    FYI, music SHOULD be MORE than just an “escape”. What a dingbat….

  • xoxogossipgirl

    oh god republicans are so annoying. why cant celebs have their own pinion! before they were famous they were everyday peple going through everyday problems but its like once they are in the public eye republicans feel the need to bash them and bring them down whenever they support a candidate….and its because they are supprting the candidate they dont like! anytime someone supports Obama, every single republican bashes them like crazy, but if someone supprts mccain, they are like ‘finally, someone with sense!’ like how hypocritcal can you people get. and carrie underwod is so effing self involed. fame went to her head in a bad way. she needs to get over herself and realise that the majority of the world could care less about her.


    stfu bimbo

  • Brittny

    carrie underwood is obviously dumb.


    she a dumb b*tch just like jessica simpson, go back to the country

  • flutters

    Saying she loses all respect is going a bit far but I can see Carrie’s basic point about celebrity endorsements. Oh and by the way, public records show that Carrie’s not a Republican.

  • kitty

    i just lost all respect for carrie underwood.
    are celebrities not people?
    carrie, that was retarded, they’re allowed to do what they want, just because most celebs are democrats, and you’re probably not, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t support someone

  • Lolopiki

    She is dumb as shite bricks and average looking and she looks like she supports McMoldy too. Dissing Oprah is not going to get her any more fans.

  • elle

    Carrie who??? The only famous carrie I know (AND ANYONE IN THE UK FOR THAT MATTER) is SATC’s Bradshaw!



    OBAMA 08!

  • liz

    someone needs to tell her what a b!tch that makes her seem like. stupid republican.

  • Melissa

    OK, I am going out an buying her CD today, I was never sure about her until now. I feel the same way and I love the fact that she has the courage to say it.

  • jen

    she can stfu, i guess celebrities aren’t people and are idiots, God forbid them from expressing themselves.. I think anyone (including celebrities) have the right to publically endorse anybody who they want and the ones who do it, use their celebrity to get people to vote but ultimately its up to the people to either vote for the candidate endorsed by that celebrity or vote for who they want to.. so i don’t see the big deal.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugh.. okaay… so… she has no respect for 90% of the entertainment world.. great! who cares?! LOL

    she needs to stfu and worry about taylor swift on her heels dismantling her “country” career.

  • nk

    Music is a form of art. Art is a form of communication.
    Judging by this Carrie’s lack of talent and trashy opinion, she is not a true artist. thank you.

  • Melissa

    When did Jennifer Aniston endorse a particular candidate, she did do a get out and vote commercial but she never said who she was voting for.

  • Carrie is great

    I think she is cool, but I also think that what she said was idiotic. Celebrities have every right to broadcast their opinion as much as we do and I don’t think Oprah gives a shit about this blonde’s respect for her. Carrie try not to take yourself too seriously you only got where you are because of a reality show moron.

  • chabacana

    very well said, but i also believe celebrities could voice out whom they like just like any ordinary people, as long they don’t endorse them.

  • Jan

    When will she stop criticizing others?
    Everyone- celebs or not- has the right to express their opinions/preferences.
    Somebody please tell her to shut up.

  • taylor swift is no1

    do you know whats funny? she is here because people PUBLICLY supported her!!! and then voted! what a stupid ungrateful bitch! when it was in her favour she didnt care, and now that people are supporting someone she is agaisnt them. im really mad right now. i liked her until this retarded idiotic comment. she can go get stuffed.


  • elle

    On a serious note; is she saying fans of the famous celebs are so stupid that they don’t know how to judge a candidate for themselves and hear what they are offering America for it’s future?
    Is she saying that celebs (who are people too), who also want change and difference in society and they world do not have a right to an opinion and to believe in their own country?

    Another dumb blonde with nothing but air in her head!

  • anna

    matters, and all the people who say she is supposedly dumb, you are fools. she is right, obama openly supports obama. btw she was magna cum laude in college and 2nd in her high school class. its fact.

  • katie

    what a cow. why are all republicans so judgemental?

  • megan

    she has a magna cum laude from and is actually an obama supporter. and idiots, she never told anyone NOT to vote. fools. she just send she will not openly support anyone. stupid.

  • Tee

    Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood are Republicans. It’s no wonder she would make a statement like that. I feel sorry for racist people that can’t except some one that’s different from them self.
    I had no respect for Jennifer Aniston any way.

  • megan

    how do you know that she is a bloody republican? she never said she was, she just said she will not tell people who to vote for because its a personal decision.

  • Kim


  • fabia289

    shes a dumbass…. people have the right to voice their own opinion
    celebs dont think people will listen to them
    their just very excitied, so carrie i have lost total respect for you
    you could of kept that to yourself
    p.s. your music sucks!!!!

  • darnyl

    Uh, this is our right…celebrity or not. It’s just like having a conversation with anyone you talk to about the candatide you choose…you either tell them or you don’t. You shouldn’t lose respect over it! If you put a bumper sticker on your car, put a shirt on your body, or put a sign in your yard, that’s your perogative. I don’t think celebrity’s try and swey the voters, they’re just giving their opinion.

  • Ashley

    She must support McCain.

  • lindsey

    she has multiple grammys, female vocalist awards, and is getting RAVE reviews on her tour.

  • flutters

    She didn’t mention any celebrity by name but I’d guess she’s specifically talking about John Rich, who’s been shilling for John McCain and even wrote a crappy song called Raisin’ McCain.

  • No one’s surprised

    Look who just put her foot in her mouth!
    It’s no mystery must country people are Rep.

  • Michael

    But Americans are too stupid to make up their own minds so they need all the help they can get. One only needs to look at Reagan, Bush and potentially Palin to see that we need to do whatever we can to make sure Americans are pressured into voting and to stop them from using what they call their ‘brains’.

  • Edie

    Sounds like she’s a McCain supporter who’s afraid to speak up. Why shouldn’t celebs talk about who they’re voting for *if they want to*? It’s their constitutional right. I have no respect for people who actually allow a celeb determine who they should vote for!

  • Diva

    American celebrities have as much right as any other American…to express their views. Telling the public that they have no respect for others expressing their views is un American.

  • jain

    don’t know who the hell she is, but thank god! someone who at last speaks some sense. Not everyones fans vote the way celebs do, and it’s insulting to those who disagree. ‘It’s ok to take your money, but you are an idiot if you don’t vote my way!’.Politics should be between the person voting and the ballot box. No one else, not even your partner in life.

  • Peace and intelligence

    Ummm…excuse me but why would you assume the american public is so stupid that they’d vote for whoever Clooney or Oprah would endorse? Also, this election is the most important election of our time it has been infused in to every part of our culture, tv , news, books, music and movies. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that celebrities would like to be a part of it as well if they feel so passionately about the election.

  • MARY

    Carrie Underwho is a dumb ugly bitch