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Daniel Craig is Quantum Shirtless

Daniel Craig is Quantum Shirtless


Daniel Craig loses his shirt in this new episode still from the upcoming James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

You bet there will be lots of other scenes in the 22nd 007 adventure featuring this beefcake!

As of today, Quantum has received a decent 74% from The site sums up the film, saying, “Brutal and breathless, Quantum Of Solace delivers tender emotions along with frenetic action.”

To check out the video of director Marc Forster talking about his fave scene, visit

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  • lol


    i dont like him

  • pup

    oh niice. ;D

  • boogie

    I really don’t find him that attractive—however..he does have really nice blue eyes.

  • glam-sam


  • Giovanna

    Oh he’s cute… :D

  • RIP Julian!!!!

    Looks like he just gave birth by Csection. WTF?.

  • Jijna

    His face is reminiscent of a bulldog chewing a wasp.

  • Pff

    hot stuff.

  • http://YAHOO lauren

    sooo overated his not hot or cute, his stuipid and ps the james bond before him was soooo much hotter… even though i always forget his last name

  • to lauren

    sooo overated his not hot or cute, his stuipid and ps the james bond before him was soooo much hotter… even though i always forget his last name

    interesting you should say that. there are people who would disagree. in the ‘in touch” magazine nov 10th, the had a poll asking readers to say who is the hottest bond.

    57% said daniel craig
    23 % said pierce brosnan -the previous bond
    20 % said sean connery

  • Yada

    He is the one of the 3 James Bonds I like best.. He brought a dark quality to the movie.
    He is so good as Bond and he is drop dead gorgeous, sexy!

  • aqua


  • t

    only reason to watch

  • Mr. d

    Busted face, but great body! Daniel Craig’s face is craggy.

  • WhosDat

    he is delicious.. but definitely suffered a lot for this movie.—i-ve-had-plastic-surgery-

  • LoneWolf

    oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh llllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddddddddd……somebody slap me………….I say he should advertise Levi Straus Jeans……they fit tight and I can only begin to imagine…… they would have to spray them on…..and……and……*heads for the gutter….**

  • Chelebelle

    His imperfection is what makes him sexy. AND his eyes are killer hot. Enjoyed all the previous Bonds on some level BUT Daniel Craig has definitely moved the concept into the 21st century. AND he’s a good actor i.e. ROAD TO PERDITION, INFAMOUS & SYLVIA.

  • daniel lover

    He looks great with or without clothes, and his face is messed up for the movie. He is the best Bond ever.

  • Larice

    Ugh! He is ugly. He looks like Putin, very far from Sean Connery in the early Bonds.

  • wow

    Ugliest Bond ever.

  • http://none 1-888-EWWWW

    What a old mans face

  • non

    something weird about that man. he’s handsome but scary.

  • sienna

    OMG!!!!!!!Daniel is PERFECT!!!!He is sooo talented,he is gorgeous,has a beauuuutiful body,a beauutiful accent,he is cute,funny…HE IS PERFECT!

  • becky

    @ Chelebelle @ 11/04/2008 at 8:34 pm

    Totally agree with you, he doesn’t have obvious handsome face etc, but its the rugged imperfections that make him hot and sexy!! and ofcourse he’s always maintained his body well.

    I’m seriously not into pretty boys, their just boring.

    What i find strange is why do people who don’t like him, click on a LINK THAT SAYS DANIEL IS SHIRTLESS????? shouldn’t they just go look at pics of guys they do like, i would.

  • http://yokoono yoko the clown

    He is hot but the GF is fugly. That’s what makes him hotter, because the ordinary can relate to the fact that DC can fall in love with ordinary looking women like that.

  • doodle

    Already seen the movie – yay for living in England ^_^ Opening day = Halloween 4.30pm :P

    Daniel is so gorgeous, and its a really good movie, just not as good as Casino Royale in my opinion.
    Although I’m sure all who see will enjoy =]

  • http://yokoono yoko the clown

    He is not that popular with American press because of that baggage that he carries with him all the time. Who wants to take a picture of that woman with him? DC – get real, we do not want to see her in every picture frame. You don’t get to see your photos often in the press here and when you do, you have that monkey on your back!

  • Mrs_007_2008

    He is the best Bond ever!!! Daniel has brought reality back to Bond. He is gorgeous!! I love him!

  • to 27

    I agree. I’ve actually lost interest in his work. It does get tiresome seeing fugmug with her face in the cameraconstantly.

  • o brother

    Not conventionally handsome, not at all, but startling blue eyes and is a great James Bond. Amazing body. Satsuki is very lucky…but so is he actually.

  • to 29

    …but fug mug will be his wife and the mother of his child…ironic isn’t it?

  • blair

    he is gorgeous.
    i have loved him since like forever!!

  • montimo

    Daniel Craig is the sexiest Bond since Roger Moore and Sean Connery. He has brought sexy back to James Bond. Pierce Brosnon was dreadful and almost brought down the 007 series.

  • Lisa J.

    Please – besides being a great actor with enormous range – he is extremely sexy! If all the early haters who were shocked he was selected as the new Bond would rent “Layer Cake”, they’d be embarassed – actually, where did all those knuckleheads go??!! I grew up with the Connery Bond and I thought no one could top him. Not that I’m ready to say Dan prevails over Sir Sean….This is a great film; I was worried about the running time being shorter than Casino Royale – but it works, since this QoS is so action packed. Mathieu Amalric pulls it of as the villian as well – a real sleazy lizard.

  • gagirl

    Hot, hot, hot. A real man: rugged looks and blue eyes with that incredible body. Good actor, too.

  • thread head

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  • DLU Str8t on til morning!

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    Do you think we should go down further?

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    We might be okay here because I actually found this on page 4.

  • DLU Str8t on til morning!

    thread- what made you say that?
    LOL I was thinking the exact same thing-
    maybe we should go further down…?

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    how did you find it on page 4, when on my computer it says page 5?

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    It could just be a difference in the browsers we’re using. I use Firefox. But actually, when I first found it, it was on page 4, I then went and cleared all my cookies, cache etc. quit and restarted my browser and when I came back here after that it was on p.5 like you said. It just that this JJ site has so many glitches it screws with your browser.

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    How about you are so in vogue thread head….

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    I’ve been waiting for you

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  • lol

    you guys keep jumping around.
    who was ryan phillpe’s ex? the blind item..whats her face with the teeth and jaw? dont get it.

  • really childish

    cotcha! LOL is a bit like playing hide and seek!