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Daniel Craig Brings Solace To Germany

Daniel Craig Brings Solace To Germany

Daniel Craig and longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell share a passionate kiss on the red carpet at the premiere of the latest James Bond film, Quantum Of Solace, in Berlin, Germany on Monday.

Despite only being available in three overseas markets last weekend, Quantum hit the No 1 slot in the international box office charts, drawing $38.6 million. The 007 film opens in theaters everywhere on Tuesday, November 14.

20+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig bringing Solace to Germany…

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daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 01
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 02
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 03
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 04
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 05
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 06
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 07
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 08
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 09
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 10
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 11
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 12
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 13
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 14
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 15
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 16
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 17
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 18
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 19
daniel craig satsuki mitchell kissing 20

Credit: Reflex, Toni Passig/Davids/WireImage; Photos: WENN, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • SF

    Hardly passionate, more like a peck on the lips. Notice the way he holds on to her, she seems rather well… wooden. She looks nice for once, which is rare, he looks tired and this PDA is clearly a sign of him telling everyone to stop dissing her, he is marrying or maybe already be married to her. Whatever it may be… she is probably the oldest looking 32 or 33 or 34 year old I have ever seen like ALi Lohan is the youngest looking 30 year old!!

  • SF

    And by the way she did smile a little to herself after the kiss as she turns away to walk the other way. She is one very happy woman to have a man to commit so publicly. Next step, getting pregnant. That could probably guarantee a marriage if they haven’t already have one but will it last?

  • Just Jared


  • Obama 2008

    Daniel Craig!
    What do you see in this woman?
    I just do not get it.
    He is so hot and talented.


  • Pff

    we dont wanna see thaaattt, gawd.

  • gnothiseuton

    the 14th is a friday not tuesday…can’t wait to see this movie! :D

  • Pff

    It’s a very ‘we’ve been together a lonnnng time’ kiss.


    Uuuuuggghhhhh! UGH Daniel kisses monkey Satsuki!

  • kiss

    there it is..the kiss again..he is really hammering it home that he loves this woman!

  • tigerlily

    Satsuki is gorgeous, it’s about time Daniel planted one on her lips!! It’s safe to say they are happy and in love…damn..i love it when i’m right, just had to come back on and rub it in!!!

  • kiss
  • annie

    i think this girl is pregnant. but we won’t know for sure until the oscars; that is if daniel attends. if sats is pregnant i dont think he’ll be there unless nominated. personally, i think she looks beautiful here.

  • clara

    they kiss, its a shame that it lacks genuine feeling
    satsuki’s body lang. is pulling away/frozen, she’s not the cuddly type
    dan’s is better, from the way he’s holding her, he is attracted to her

    it looks like his PR team have been reading JJ and have told them to act more couply.
    it seems as if she is insecure and he has to reassure her that she is the one.

  • to clara

    I concur Clara, but they both have their eyes open during the kiss and she looks like she is very uncomfortable with all this PDA stuff.

    Daniel then reverts to walking by himself outside when they go through the check point.

    Why all this now????

    Yes, maybe his PR team have said, up the ante so the dissing wiil stop but I’m sure they hardly care what we think.

    I think this is a deliberate PR move to “ease” the public images mind into him being his wife. With such a huge star as he is, they are probably wanting to do it as smooth as possible.

  • zac

    An ugly woman, ugly dress, fake dorky PDA. I really don’t get it???? Freakshow

  • daniel is eternally hot

    AAAAH! Everytime you post something on Daniel JJ, YOU MAKE MY DAY! That man is SOOOO hot. Satsuki is a lucky woman & as he is lucky to have her I’m sure.

  • strange

    they look really happy here…fake PDA, something is very strange here..what is he trying to prove and why bother proving it to the world?

  • Lexxie

    How old is Satsuki? Does anyone know? My husband thinks she looks like she is in her early forties, when i told him it was more like early thirties he didn’t believe me!! Men..what do they know any way!!

  • hot

    love her..they suit each other

  • to lexxie


  • Lexxie

    Thanks #20. My husband was way out on that one then!!

  • gnothiseuton

    personally i don’t find daniel craig attractive but he’s an awesome actor and a great bond…him and his gf make a nice couple, she’s really pretty :)…

  • becky

    I have no problem with him being with her and showing it openly, never really liked the whole hiding your partner act, its disrespectful to a relationship.

    Also if you want to kiss at a premier, fine! even if it is a publicity stunt, but………… why not make it seem natural, like pose together and then she looks up and he kisses her, not this sort of way.
    It looks like they were told to do this and suddenly he remembers time is running out so grabs her unaware, just does not look very loving.

    I wanna see pics of him and olga, they look soooooo stunning together, hope she gets a chance in hollywood as she’s not only beautiful but a good actor aswell.

  • pics

    I think people may be reading too much into this..I think he is reassuring her as she is probably nervous at these things.
    During the CR time it was both new to them so they were supporting each other, now he knows the drill but maybe she hates all of this and is tired of it?

    After all, the lifestyle came with the guy and she most likely puts up with it but hates the adoration he gets with women around him (and I’m sure he has many viable ladies around him)…when they are filming they are sequestered to a point, when they aren’t filming she has him to herself.

    If I saw a few other non carpet pics of them being affectionate I wouldn’t think otherwise but I haven’t. Holding hands yes, but not a kiss picture in sight. So yes, these come as a shock considering how private a man he is.

    These pics are nice to see as they really show their body language off.

    I wish I knew how to read it!

  • to 24

    every time he’s kissed she looks totally surprised, i think it’s shocking her as well

    dont want to say it but i think it looks really staged the whole thing..thekisses at the royal one too..there seems little passion in the wy they held hands and kiss

    looks like an uncle kissing her niece aprt from the one at berlin, thats the first time on the mouth

    whats next? heaven forbid…maybe at the last premiere he will say something or whatever…

  • nuckingfats

    Maybe its the beauty within Satsuki that makes Daniel stay with her. Satsuki may not be the most attractive girl there is, but I think beauty is skin deep and Daniel knows that. I heard that borth Satsuki and Daniel have been engaged for a long time.

  • Passion
  • to 26

    well yes, since Dec 2006, thats not old news..

    2 yr limit I think then marriage and/or baby..

    ulitmatum from her or agreed by him..who knows?…

    she isnt a Heike thats for sure, Sats isnt waiting 7 years for f**k all…

    He and Heike were “engaged’ too for many years..committment rings and all…

  • Lexxie

    Well what ever is going on it’s certainly put a big smile on Satsuki’s face. I’ve never seen her look so happy and relaxed on the red carpet. It’s the Italian premiere tomorrow so i wonder what Daniel will do then to put a smile on Satsuki’s face!! It’s so nice to see her smile she has a beautiful smile.

  • sienna

    He is perfect as usual!!

  • to lexxie

    I thought the Italian one was not going to have him there? Last time he just did the UK, France, Germany, Spain (photo call only) then Australia/beijing

    If he is there then he will be ultra romantic..what fun to be travelling around lke that!

    is this old news?

  • Lexxie

    I read some where that Daniel and Satsuki arrive in Italy tonight for the premiere tomorrow. Maybe they got it wrong, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Lexxie
  • dan

    i like the new and improved lusty daniel

    he was prob fed up of trying to hide it

    lucky girl…

  • to lexxie

    are they doing more premieres for QoS it seems?

    how many more appearences will they do?

    he will be all over her in italy..they love that country!

  • Lexxie

    From what i’ve read there are seven premieres in seven European capitals in Seven days!! Then on to America then Australia and Japan. Then i think they need a good rest or holiday!!

  • annie

    sienna @ 11/04/2008 at 2:59 pm
    yeah we really get that you hate her, although why escapes me. what exactly has satsuki done to personally offend you? you could just say you don’t like her without the insult, you know. maybe, your reaction is because satsuki has what you can never have. she has daniel craig.
    what ever!!!. i think she’s beautiful and all i can say is all power to her.

  • to annie

    leave it annie, dont provoke it.

  • to lexxie

    what are the other places?

    is there one in NY?

    so far then uk, paris, berlin, italy then where else?

  • kate beckinsale is 2 hot

    whoever she is, she is pretty

  • annie

    to 38 @ 11/04/2008 at 4:18 pm

    you’re right maybe i shouldn’t have said anything. but i my mother has always taught me that it’s unkind to insult another person. even if you don’t like them. because once you say the hurtful words they can never be taken back.

  • daniel lover

    Nice to hear from you again Tigerlily and No. 41 your mother is right. I think it is great this Daniel is showing his feelings for her at last. They both look great and get 95/100 (just incase they look even better next time.

  • sats

    i want whats in the

    happy trail, happy lips..Satsuki i am sooo jealous of ya but you go gf!


  • Lexxie
  • married

    there you have it,

    not married yet!

    her family were in town for the royal premiere and i think they will be going back to london to get married after this tour.

  • becky

    I think they might be doing a red carpet event in INDIA for the first time, as BOND is huge there.

    Apparently it’s releasing in india before america and canada.

    I’m looking forward to the pics if they do go to india, how exotic!!

  • ill
  • to lexxie

    I did say many times that the marriage wasn’t a done deal.

    Her family was in town for the Royal Premiere and were present with some of his family when he was presented to the Princes.

    The will most likely marry before the end of the year in the UK.

  • daniel lover

    Let’s hope Daniel is better soon. Poor guy, too many late nights and flying all over the world. He needs to say in bed, cuddle up to Sats and have a hot toddy.

  • sats dress–51108.aspx

    i see that sats went shopping at Burberry a lot..her dress in Berlin was from them…