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Hayden Christensen Loves Liquor

Hayden Christensen Loves Liquor

Hayden Christensen stops by a liquor store in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The 27-year-old actor is currently filming Bone Deep, alongside Paul Walker (The Fast and The Furious). The film centers around a group of bank robbers that find their $20 million plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective. Walker plays the leader of the bank robbers while Christensen plays the detective intent on serving them justice.

Bone Deep
is set to hit theaters in January 2010.

10+ more pics inside of Hayden Christensen loving liquor…

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hayden christensen liquor store 01
hayden christensen liquor store 02
hayden christensen liquor store 03
hayden christensen liquor store 04
hayden christensen liquor store 05
hayden christensen liquor store 06
hayden christensen liquor store 07
hayden christensen liquor store 08
hayden christensen liquor store 09
hayden christensen liquor store 10
hayden christensen liquor store 11
hayden christensen liquor store 12

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  • beautiful

  • s

    he looks happy

  • tristgrey

    @ stops by a liquor store in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

    Not only a consistently-rotten actor but a freakin’ drunkard might as well..

  • tristgrey

    @ stops by a liquor store in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

    Not only a “consistently-rotten” actor but a “freakin’ drunkard” might as well..

  • Hayden ROCKsssssssss

    I love him and Rachel :) He looks so cute here. his smile is so sexy….awwwwwwwwwww!
    Rachel&Hayden 4 EVER !

  • crapshack

    It looks like those Junkper/Tankper/Thumper (what else?) duo are now in a CONTEST on who can get more photographed doing the most useless/wortless stuff. Media-ho begets another media-ho isnt it?!

  • yeah

    wonder what they said to get him to smile?

    looks cute.
    he didnt buy anything. maybe something small and put in his pocket

  • qbOY

    Why doesnt he come out of the closet ????

    we all know he’s gay

    i love him sooo cute

  • time call

    He probably just smoked a joint and that’s why he looks happy. Smokes pot and does harder drugs A LOT. Maybe he stopped at the liquor store for rolling papers like he’s been snapped before. Yeah, he’s practicing his media ******* technique so he can keep up with his papparazzi-loving *****. The guy is such an incredible *@*$*$*h*0*7*e as a person it’s amazing. Not someone you would EVER want to know, total user and an ego bigger than his *****’s SUV. Everyone on the set hates him.

  • verity

    Looks like SAME old looking pants that we’ve seen on all his previous photo-opps. lately. Jeeez he didnt bring a spare or even buy another one… such an oddball!

  • @8

    When high he will **** almost anything. That’s why he stays with RB, she’ll gladly spread her legs for him any time and he uses her like a ***** which suits him just fine. Not gay. Might be reduced to ******* off guys in parks for drug money but not there yet.

  • pam

    Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen, two of the most wooden actors today. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • zui

    HAaters you all idiots. it’s not funny to say he takes drugs.


  • blairite


    It looks like that Hay-deign & Rash-chel now “shares” the same official photographers & paparazzi friends as their random pap shots just looks the same – “baloney”. Utterly doubtless as it is!

  • searlus

    @ #12

    I think Paul Walker is so much classier than Manakin as Paul wasnt been hooked-up ever to any of his leading ladies and also rarely been features on the gossip blogs/tabloids. The End!

  • kate

    anyone wonders what his hat smells like by now

  • Molly

    I don’t get all the hate now. It’s like he goes public with his relationship, which by the way is none of our business, and you all decide to hate on him.

    And you shouldn’t be saying he’s on drugs and that everyone hates him. He doesn’t hit the party circuit and from what I’ve read, most of his co-stars and directors/producers says he’s a really nice guy. Probably too nice. I think Jessica Alba said he was a bit “odd” but consider the source on that one.

    The studio is probably making him appear in public to keep attention on the movie because it’s a storyline that has been done before, many times before and they need to keep it in the public’s attention or it will fade away into the sunset.

  • Sasha

    Molly these people are jealous,now they hate Hayden because he is indeed with Rachel! LOL I also see no alcohol in his hands and he’s heading back to the car.

  • rascal

    @ Molly

    No one gets the haters Molly. They don’t have a logical bone in their bodies. They are just spewing because they think it feels good but they only crave more attention. What they say doesn’t even have to make sense. They pride themselves on being totally unreasonable and completely prejudiced with some perceived understanding of Hollywood.

    In other words they are ‘know it alls’ trying to exert their own miniscule power in a fanatical way. Some of them are no doubt stalkerishly obsessed.

    So a word to the real fans who love Hayden. Carry on!

  • Library lady


    your might have something there what did the press say exactly to get him to smile or else he would be wailking out without much emotion..again doing something on command. Funny he is now shot always coming out of either gas station, liquior store or lately grabbing a ice cream..Guess if he is sharing a photographer with Batshit Bilson then good chance that is why we get these stupid nothing pictures.

  • Elizabeth

    It’s official and complete now. Darth Vader has finally, completely and happily gone over and embraced the “dark side” of the Hollywood life. I’m really NOT surprised by it in the slightest. Anyone not legally blind and not an idiot could see he has been going over and embracing that lifestyle for a long time now. It’s certainly not a shock by any definition of the word. I was only wondering WHEN it would be full on. I got that answer. LOL

    @ 15

    Aren’t you telling the truth?! LOL Paul Walker sucks a** as an actor but he at least doesn’t do those things you mentioned.

  • darko

    The thing is: when he is photographed or filmed alone, he is mostly smiling, hearing to and even talking with the photographers/paparazzi; when he is photographed or filmed with his current girlfriend, he mostly looks absent, angry and pissed on.

  • lisaB.

    hayden is so beauiful and sexy…mm..but his acting is going to ruin the movie…and paul wacker is not very entertaining to watch…he’s not even good looking…
    can’t wait to meet hayden though^^ <3

  • toni

    It’s nice to see him smile. He would have a better chance of not getting recognized if he would change his hat and buy his own car. Does anyone else find it odd that he doesn’t have his own car? It could mean that he doesn’t plan to stay in LA after filming is done.

    As most of the pics revolve around her car maybe Rachel had an alarm installed that goes to papparazi central that alerts them that the car is rolling. Come take pictures please. Just kidding!

  • Endoftimes

    Wow, haters abound again. Grow up you ding dongs, how do you know any of this about him? Its all BS. Everyone who has worked with him has nothing but good things to say about him, same goes for people who’ve met him. So he dresses funky, so what, its only clothers. and all the other dudes his age do the grunge thing too. Look around when you’re out and about, its no different. Get off his back haters and go back to whatever pathetic planet your sorry ass came from.

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    Hayden’s famewhoring g/f has train’d him well…he’s starting to b a regular fixture here on JJ. Does he have some sort of exclusive contract w/JJ?? He’s rarely pictured on any other websites…..

  • i don`t mind seeing him on jj,the more the better, the haters can hate him if they like, i don`t care

  • Elizabeth

    @ 25

    Oh, grow up already. He doesn’t need you defending him. He’s a big boy. If he can’t stand it, than he desperately needs to get out of the public eye. Whether he likes it or not, he signed up for this exact thing. He’s also PURSUING it himself and has been for quite some time. He’s just reaping the rewards for those efforts. If he didn’t want the attention, he would be and would have done the things he has done for a very long time now. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop behaving like an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand.

  • Elizabeth

    Sorry. I meant wouldn’t have.

  • real world

    They still haven’t said that was officially dating.Why bring that up all the time.He’s only threre to work not to hang around her.Where is she at anyway.I don’t think he’s thinking about her right now.Just wondering when this movie is over so he can move.He don’t like La that much anyway.He do not tell those people to take his pictiure its up to them if they do.He”s not the only person get their picture taken like that.If you all work threre to you would have to get use to it.Stop hating Hayden for that when you don’t know what’s going on with him.He has the right to go and be with whoever he wants to be with.And stop bringing Rachel into whatever he’s doing.She does not control what he do.If she did he would have went to the party with her and he didn’t.Also maybe he be mad because rachel makes a big deal about him taking pictures with her.When he knows that nothing is going on with them like that.But he puts up withit anyway.He just went to the lquor store nothing wrong with that.Maybe he should tell her not to go anywhere him.So should she do the same so people won’t keep saying they are a couple.Because like you said @darko He get pissed off when he’s with her.So we can say he’s really not into her when they are together.Rachel really haven’t got the message yet.Are she just stupid like that. SO let hayden have his fun while he’s there like he always do.

  • Endoftimes

    quote: “@ #12

    I think Paul Walker is so much classier than Manakin as Paul wasnt been hooked-up ever to any of his leading ladies and also rarely been features on the gossip blogs/tabloids. The End!”

    @#15, What are you, 12? Wow, you’re an idiot!! What is so bad about hooking up with your leading ladies? Send out the FBI, this guy is dangerous, he’s dating his leading ladies!!! Thats so common and has been a common thing going back to the old Hollywood days. People date people they work with, big deal! And how is it Hayden’s fault that people gossip about him?? Is he ever doing anything illegal or immoral or otherwise controversial in any of the tabloid pics? No, he isn’t. It’s just him walking around shopping, and all you idiots choose to gossip about him, Thats all it is,,, GOSSIP!!!
    THAT is the end!!

    and #26, he is pictured on plenty of other sites. Geez you idiots need to get off the mediawhore thing, its so stupid and so old. People walk around doing normal stuff and that makes them a media whore. What are they suppose to do, never go out?

  • s

    @ real world

    at first, i feel sorry for you, now you are entertaining me

  • real world

    @s i didn’t want you to feel sorry for me.Just like to express what i feel once in awhile.I can get mad sometimes but i ease off.Its not worth getting upset about Hayden and rachel when their pictures show up when they are togetheror not.Because i know something about hayden that no one knows here about Hayden and someone else he was involved with before he co-star with rachel in jumper.That’s why i say that he not too much into rachel that she want people to believe.Yes nothing wrong with hanging with your co-star but not dating them like rachel.It take two you know it have became a habit with her.Don’tput all the blame on him.But this wiil soon end like the big secret iknow about.What say always comes to past.I have been right abiut a few things here so far.But i will let you all find what it is.It not what it seens.Iknow i have been hard on rachel but ihave my reason.You see she is jealous of one of his co-stars and trying to be just like her Hope you all go out and vote.Hayden did look good on the set of Bone deep.

  • linda

    Wow. He sure is easy on the eyes. Beautiful man.

  • quest for knowledge

    @Real World

    I have some info too about him send me your email and we will share info there are some things maybe you haven’t heard or visa versa..

  • l

    wow he looks so good, you haters are just jealous or something I don’t understand. Like the other person said, he hasn’t done anything to you so what’s your problem? The guy just likes to be left alone although we know that won’t happen because he is so attractive: in looks and in his original way. He does things his own way, which is one reason I do like him. So go ahead and keep it up because no one beleives the lies you are vomiting out of your nasty mouths, because of your pathetic lives, you have nothing better to do. I feel sorry for you, you’re the worthless ones, not Hayden.

  • l

    sorry, got a little nasty there, but you people really put me off, but I’m over it, you’re not worth it.

  • unfinished antipathy

    Hey idiotic blind fans! There’s a new thread about Mr. “too lazy to have an opinion about my g/f”.

  • selly ju

    Thanks Molly! These haters are – no words –
    I love him. as actor and for his personality. I adore Rachel too!
    He’s hot and I know he is happy with her.

  • lavett

    you guys are all pathetic. so hayden cant go out of his house without being a famewhore? its not his fault they want to take pictures of him. so he should just stay in hiding? leave him alone.

  • november

    I know the man personally he is the most mysogenistic person I have ever known fits right in the the trash-about-women world of gansta rap.
    The waste that spews out of his mouth about RB and women in general would make anyone look at him with disgust. He has zero respect for bilson, does not even like her as a person, just ***** her and does drugs, gets drunk with her. She is party girl from way back, he wipes his @$$ on her.

    HC likes to present this image like he’s this really nice guy and knows how to be nice when he wants something or to deceive people but in private he is a huge *@*$*$*h*0*7*e* and most of his old friends have left him alone since the drugs started getting so bad.

  • sharon

    Shame on Jared that’s adding fuel to the fire because people accusing him of taking drugs and if i am not mistaken you have posted Rachel coming out of the same liquor store so are we to assume Rachel loves her liquor too.

  • l

    he smokes cirgarettes, no bag in his hand as he leaves so probably cigs he’s buying not liquor. geez…….

  • Lyla

    this guy only has one freaking hat?

  • verity

    and ONE (1) pants too!

  • the_boyfriend

    great candids.

  • Mother

    I don’t hate hc understand I am his fan I dislike her, ( rb) and her bad influence she is having on him is not good. I see nothing I like about her I am a huge movie fan. I just don’t know what there is about her, believe me I am not jelaous my man and i both love hc, infact we both wanted hc and nat back together. Why? Closer in age, and seemed to have more class. Which now will never happen it seems. However neither of us like rachel , its not her looks, its her mouth she runs it to much and does not respect hayden. There is alot of reasons one is class. And media trying to make a name for herself by dating a big time star , instead of earning things having it handed to you instead. Anyways just my thought. My old man even laughs at her.My impression of her big time user, I seen other stars like this to in the end when they are done the guy becomes like the couples in the movies they played together married punch out a few kids divorce and their career is shot and never the same. Its bad news, and if you ask me. Plus the looks and the way he has changed as a fan I am more then concerned, we are old sw fans in my family, and we don’t like seeing anyone getting hurt or mistreated. I can’t help but think she is doing this to, to hurt his fans as well, its working, it seems . Of course I am just sharing my thoughts I am way to old for hayden and have no thought anyway , just a big fan.