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Orlando Bloom Supports Barack Obama

Orlando Bloom Supports Barack Obama

Orlando Bloom wants you to vote for change, as shown in the latest PSA. Here’s what the 33-year-old British actor had to say:

“Hey, I’m Orlando Bloom. I’m here in the Obama California headquarters… Barack Obama, for me, is head and shoulders above anyone else and it’s time for change and he brings the hope of the country.”

He just lost Carrie Underwood as a fan. She certainly would not approve this message.

Watch the video below!

Orlando Bloom Supports Barack Obama
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143 Responses to “Orlando Bloom Supports Barack Obama”

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  1. 1
    Anon Says:

    I realise everyone’s entitled to their opinion but is he even an American citizen? Does he pay taxes and vote there?

  2. 2
    chris Says:


  3. 3
    heywood jablomie Says:

    What a clown this loser is. A burned out Brit prettyboy trying to tell Americans how to vote?

  4. 4
    chris Says:

    NO GAYS!!!!

  5. 5
    jain Says:

    being a brit, may i say..what the bloody hell has it got to do with Orlando Bland !

  6. 6
    Jen Says:

    Um…Isn’t he Brittish? Our opinion doesn’t mean squat when they pick their leader, why should we care who he supports?

  7. 7
    not me Says:

    Why would he loose carrie underwood’s support? Is she a a palin supporter. I did not know Underwood is that stupid. She is entitled to her party preferences the same way I am entitled to think people who vote mcain/palin at this juncture in history are down right ignorant.

  8. 8
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    ..`every celebrity (and mostly everyone else) wants; obama to win.

  9. 9
    Bristish and confused Says:

    ermm I’m British and it kind of has an effect on us but WTH!? why’s he giving he’s opinion, can he vote

  10. 10
    British and confused Says:

    i’m also apartently crap at spelling…

  11. 11
    katty Says:

    Another celebrity with nothing better to do.

  12. 12
    carrienae Says:

    He is not even a citizen of this country. What f### does he what is good for us? Bug off!!!

  13. 13
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Oh lord, I don’t mind these adverts, but he’s bloody English! Why would American citizens care?

  14. 14
    anonymous Says:

    oohh Orly I love you!! I hope Obama wins too!!!

  15. 15
    Lilmisssuri Says:

    Hello you are not a citizen of The United States of America!!!! Shut up!!! McCain Palin 2008

  16. 16
    hmm... Says:

    seriously it’s one thing for an American to say who they support but he is from england. I am honestly so glad that after today I wont have to hear anything else about mccain or obama and this election.

  17. 17
    Joyce Says:

    who the hell cares if hes British.
    maybe he is an American citizen.
    hes working on American films all the time.
    how the hell would you know.

    you guys need to shut up already chill out.

  18. 18
    allthegossip Says:


  19. 19
    Joyce Says:

    and what if he’s British?
    doesnt mean he cant voice his opinion.

    seeing how hes working on American films sometimes, its common sense that he would be an American citizen.

    you guys need to shut up and chill.

  20. 20
    tommy Says:

    Orlando why did you waste your time voicing your opinion to the american citizens?I mean they voted twice for GWB they love blood and wars not hope and change

  21. 21
    shenanyginz Says:

    when did orlando turn 33?
    Last time I checked he was 31

  22. 22
    Jes Says:

    I doubt he’s even an American citizen.
    He doesn’t pay taxes here, at least full taxes.
    So be quiet, Orlando, and stop meddling in our affairs.

    Vote for Obama and you’ll see your taxes go so high you won’t be able to afford milk at the store. He and Biden even want the UN to be able to tax Americans. Nice.

  23. 23
    J Says:

    its so funny how most of the people here are saying **** about him cause hes supporting Obama and some of you guys are supporting McCain.

    you guys just dont know how big the election do you.
    its not going to just affect us. its going to affect so many countries on so many levels.

    if only he can call me (:

  24. 24
    crabbie Says:

    Dear Orlando Bloom,




  25. 25
    leah Says:

    I’m pretty sure he is English meaning he is NOT an American. You can take your opinion and shove it, Orlando. I am so sick of foriegners telling us who to vote for. If you want to have a say in my country’s election, become a citizen. Until then, butt out.

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