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Robert Pattinson Adores Apple

Robert Pattinson Adores Apple

Robert Pattinson greets fans and takes questions while promoting Twilight at the Apple Store in Soho on Monday in New York City.

During the question and answer session, fans kept asking him to take off his hat to see his hair. Pattinson teased the crowd, which drew a big applause from the audience.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed Twilight, sat beside Pattinson and also answered a few questions.

10+ more pics inside of Robert Pattinson adoring Apple…

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robert pattinson apple store 25
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Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty
Posted to: Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Pattinson

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56 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Adores Apple”

  1. 1
    MJ Says:

    Thanks Jared! Rob looks great! He’s gonna be one busy guy these coming weeks. Looking forward to tons of coverage on him!

  2. 2
    anne Says:

    love him! haha. hes so hot as always

  3. 3
    anne Says:

    love him! haha. hes so hot as always

  4. 4
    Micheala Says:

    aah hes so sweet!! And HOT
    luv him!!!

  5. 5
    Micheala Says:

    aah hes so sweet!! And HOT
    luv him!!!

  6. 6
    Helen Says:

    He never took his hat off. He teased them that they were shallow. Here’s a some photos of the event set to his other new track in the film.

  7. 7
    erica Says:

    Click on my name and view videos of the event

    I love how the girl says WOW when she looks at him

  8. 8
    erica Says:

    Click on my name and see more videos of Rob at the event. Can you believe they asked Rob about dating Kristen. !!!

  9. 9
    Holly Says:

    He was wonderful. Funny, sweet and patient with the silly questions.

  10. 10
    Mmmm Says:

    hes soooo hoot

  11. 11
    Mandy Says:

    Jared, there’s a new song from Rob in the soundtrack. It’s a bonus track called Let Me Sign

  12. 12
    Cristina Says:

    i love him SOOOO MUCH!!! i cant wait for Twilight

  13. 13
    Jane Says:

    he looks so adorable here.
    Love him so much
    he’s gonna biggest young Hollywood star

  14. 14
    Holly Says:

    Yeah play the other song Jared.

  15. 15
    Jane Says:

    Love him so much
    he looks so adorable
    he’s gonna biggest young Hollywood star.
    he’s talented, handsome, sexy,.

  16. 16
    azuma-rodriguez Says:

    he’s hot, as always…

  17. 17
    Tammy Says:

    He was so awesome…those are my girls that got pictures with him…they were so excited…

  18. 18
    Maria Says:

    Now I regret going to NYC this summer instead of this autumn!!

  19. 19
    Kerry Says:

    Check out

    for lots of video footage of Rob at the NY radio station

  20. 20
    Kerry Says:

    Thsi is so sweet showing Rob having his photo taken with the radio station

  21. 21
    liz Says:

    i love Rob!! he is so hot!!
    cant wait for twilight!! hehe

  22. 22
    liz Says:

    i love Rob!! he is so hot!!
    cant wait for twilight!! hehe

  23. 23
    vanessa Says:

    OMFG! Robert is so atractive, and beautiful and talented, I loved seeing him like… shaved xD, but Also I love him like an hobbo (L

    And GOD! His fingers *faints*

  24. 24
    LIBBY Says:

    It’s so gresh to know that there are celebrities who don’t give a … about how they look. May I say he just looks yummy

  25. 25
    dialectic Says:

    im sick of this guy already,overexposed and he hasnt even done anything yet…typical hollywood

  26. 26
    aska Says:

    yay, he looks good and actually sober!

  27. 27
    Andrea Says:

    Love this interview from this morning–g5E

  28. 28
    helen Says:

    He’s a wonderful actor. Hurry up Little Ashes trailer where are you

  29. 29
    ruth Says:

    He’s so sexy because he plays it so low key. American men could do with following his way of operating.

  30. 30
    abi Says:

    The James Dean of the 21st century

  31. 31
    Fan Says:

    I’d love some news on his new project Parts Per Billion. Lot sof sex scenes in that film. One in the bath for instance.

  32. 32
    alison Says:

    I so want him to play Jeff Buckley in a film

  33. 33
    alison Says:

    I wish Just Jared would add Rob’s name to the top of the page

  34. 34
    Caz Says:

    Sexiest actor on the planet. Best actor too.

  35. 35
    Carolyn Says:

    I want him t oplay the lead role in the Gargoyle film. Its a brilliant book and he;d be perfect as the lead role.

  36. 36
    Carolyn Says:

    Fans go mad at apple

  37. 37
    strawberry snow Says:

    OH YAH!!! luv Rob! he’s sooooooooo dreamy, & talented, & delicious. the list goes on & on
    so psych’d for Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38
    lu.lucia Says:

    omggg!!!! i didnt know he was in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i could’ve been there!!
    Cant wait till the movie comes out

  39. 39
    Jo Says:

    He’s an excellent actor and will surprise a lot of people. He was fantastic as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

  40. 40
    Joanne Says:

    I agree he has a James Dean feel to him.

  41. 41
    Cmm Says:

    yay! thanks for the Twilight/Rob pics. keep them coming. this movie is going to be great. he is so hot!

  42. 42
    lani Says:

    ugh, why is he so adorable? He’s making me late for going to vote, cause I keep clicking on all the photos…..Darn you roberto!

  43. 43
    lani Says:

    omg, and can I just say? He’s corrupting the young girls of america with his cuteness, he’s pushing them all into puberty prematurely! stop it rob! stop making us vote and stop pushing little girls into puberty early!

  44. 44
    Aly Says:

    He is Ugly :/

  45. 45
    heywood jablomie Says:

    What a punk ass. This is the next Orlando Bloom, it’s so obvious: a no talent prettyboy hyped up beyond all reason by his training bra wearing fanbase.

    He’ll crash and burn, and the fangirls will move on to the next limpwrist. You’ll see.

  46. 46
    florence Says:

    look at how he’s sitting so little kiddish hahah how cute

  47. 47
    bumblebeeeeeee Says:

    he is absolutely adorable

  48. 48
    Kel Says:

    he is so adorable! Can’t wait for Little Ashes and How to Be, not to mention Twilight as well of course!

  49. 49


  50. 50
    me Says:

    he is gorgeous!
    im addicted to the twilight books and
    i can’t wait to see the movie!

  51. 51
    ana Says:

    He’s so hot!

  52. 52
    andrea Says:


  53. 53
    juliane Says:

    OMG *__* he’s perfect! I love him smiling :D Brazil loves you Rob

  54. 54
    becca Says:


  55. 55
    Lindsay Says:

    Robert is not cute.

  56. 56
    somebody;) Says:

    uh,,he looks good!i love robert pattinson=]

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