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Robert Pattinson Takes Over Planet Hollywood

Robert Pattinson Takes Over Planet Hollywood

Robert Pattinson takes over Planet Hollywood with a special hand print ceremony in New York City on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old Twilight actor recently admitted in a Q&A session that he’d prefer to see Bella with Jacob, rather than with his character Edward: “I’d go with Jacob [for Bella]. Jacob is way more interesting…If you have a girlfriend that’s like Edward…yeah, you’re hot and everything, but just shut up.”

The Twilight cast is taking their show on the road too! Robert, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and others from the highly anticipated movie are coming to malls across the country as part of the Hot Topic Twilight Tour.

To see if they’re coming to a town near you, visit!

10+ pictures of Robert Pattinson taking over Planet Hollywood…

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robert pattinson planet hollywood 01
robert pattinson planet hollywood 02
robert pattinson planet hollywood 03
robert pattinson planet hollywood 04
robert pattinson planet hollywood 05
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Credit: Roger Wong, Richie Buxo; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Renata

    first!…aaaah he looks creepy

  • pup

    what a nut!!!!!!! bet he never even read any of the twilight saga books. for him to make such an idiotic claim like that, is beyond me. Henry cavill should of been edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steph meyer was so right on that.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Yay for RPattz!

  • joss

    hes cute =P

  • Jashleyforever639

    he kind of looks creepy

  • Elizabeth

    Well, damn.

  • jacqueline

    WOW seriouslyy way to go against your own character

  • kate

    uhh what?!?! has he even read the book?!

    Jacob is what just turned 15? and only part of the plot because he told Bella about the vampires?? seriously R.P learn your stuff!

  • Anna

    i love robert pattinsonn!! and i love how hes in just jared moree..
    twilight is bombb<3

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    creepy very scary indeed
    for a sexy- vampire
    but still hot :)
    can’t wait for twilight in 2- 3 weeks (L)

    love you pattinson <333

  • hannah


  • hannah


  • Daniella

    love him! but he should really take a break from those hats. i like his messy hair :)

  • lilly

    he’s not attractive..

  • mike

    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toni

    sorry to change topic but OBAMA WON!!!!!
    YES HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • girl5

    I love him, but hate that he wants Bella with Jacob!! I want to hit him for that!!

    Obama sucks!

  • Giaa

    ahaa i was there :] i was supposed to meet him cause i won some Z100 thing but i didnt which sucks :/

    but it was pretty fun seeing him for 5 mins lol :p

  • Elow


  • Kate

    Get your quote straight. He didn’t say he would choose Jacob for Bella. He was asked if it were him. Otherwise, the rest of the quote doesn’t even make sense.

    He needs a publicist to step in though. All he did was stir up fangirls who think he is ungrateful for the role now. Play to your audience RPattz. Although, misquoting like this on a big site doesn’t really help him.

  • inshape

    ew…who is this guy? a second rate jude law? pulleeeze! why is he always on justjared?

  • Lily

    #2, I totally agree! Henry Cavill would have been PERFECT!

  • Radhanuga

    No problem,Jacob can have Bella, and I can have Edward, hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    QUOTE: “If you have a GIRLFRIEND that’s like Edward.”

    So Edward’s a female now? Hm, I always knew there was something odd about him; despite the fact that he isn’t human.

    As for the Bella/Jacob comment, I would’ve agreed last year (when I started reading the series), but after reading ‘Breaking Dawn’ I don’t care who Jacob is with anymore. As long as he’s with someone who’ll love him back; unlinke Bella.

    By the way, the main photo of Robert scared the crap out of me.

    Before fans get defensive: I’m not bashing.

  • Ashley

    Oh get over it people!

  • laura

    He’s playing Edward yet he hates his own character.
    He’s like every other guy out there who hates Edward.
    I think Rob is Jealous of himself. I mean Edward

  • forever lotr

    Obama is harry potter and hannah montana fan.not twilight. ha ha

  • italylovesrpattz

    he is the hottest and sexiest man alive. Love him so much!! And that hair makes him hotter!!

  • jacob ftw

    Before you start bashing on his opinion, have YOU guys read the series??
    I agree that Jacob’s a much more interesting and more developed character than Edward, and for most of the series, Jacob was my favorite character! Edward was kind of boring; all he had was his “hotness”
    And the series itself was nothing spectacular .. one of those guilty reads, those reads that piss you off with their poor plotlines and characters but make you want to keep reading anyway

  • Skillah


    Get over yourself people!!
    my god! Sorry Rob has a sense of humour!

    Dare he upset the fan girls!! *gasp*
    For that he shall be condemned!

    Keep being who you are Rob, us more mature teens love you for it ;)

  • Skillah


    You people really need to get over yourselves!
    *shock* Rob has a sense of humour!

    Do you want him to apoligise for being the person he is?

    *gasp* How dare he upset the desperate fangirls!

    Keep being who you are Rob, us more mature teen fans love you for it!

  • ana16kin

    yeah jacob !!! jacob’s one of my favorite character in the book .. :D .. although i wouldn’t want jacob to be with bella .. don’t like her that much ..

  • brunah

    he is so cute!!

  • mitk

    Annelyse Schoenberger is one lucky girl !!!

  • mina

    “I think Rob is Jealous of himself. I mean Edward”
    I think laura-#26 is right. lol! Plus RP is not use to all of this sudden attention, I bet he feels uneasy and doesn’t feel worthy of it all (imho).

    Side note: RP has read all 3 book according to video interviews including part of Midnight Sun that SM gave him. According to a video red-carpet interview a while ago, he has not read Breaking Dawn (last book) but was given a copy by SM. Who knows he could have read it by now? Sorry for the long post. —and Thank you Jared!



  • REbecca

    Well….it’s true. I guess he kinda looks creepy. But he’s hot none the less. Jeez girls are so picky now a days. I would marry him in a second.

  • Kate

    Yeah, I’ve read the books. Jacob is a chester the molester to the max. First he tries to force himself on Bella through actual physical force and emotional manipulation. When that fails he sets his sights on an infant child. I mean, hell, I guess thats “interesting” to some. I’d say its creepy as hell.

    I love Rob but this comment was stupid as hell.

  • pati

    I think Rob is a perfect Edward Cullen…
    Btw, the guy is hot, inteligent and cute!

    About Jacob… He’s cute and perfect for Bella, if Edward does’t exist..
    I really love Jake, but Edward and Bella are so special…

  • Andolyn

    I don’t understand why everybody is getting so worked up about his jacob comment. If you’ve read and understood the books, this is exactly something edward would say as well because he knows that jacob would be able to offer bella a more “normal” life than he ever could. Besides, he is looking at this from a guys point of view and also he gets the fact that edward is disguted with who and what he is. Just think about all of the times that edward tries to warn bella to stay away and in new moon he leaves her. Imo, this comment shows that he is playing to his character and that he gets that there is more to life than just a pretty face.

  • Hulla

    Such a bad choice for Edward, don’t find him attrative at ALL!

  • ali

    lol guys. dont take it seriously. lol. yes he has read the books.. :P

  • ana

    rob,rob,rob *-*

  • claudia


  • mitie

    i love him

  • Sara

    He looks as happy as a fat kid with a cupcake…lol still gorgeous tho

  • lani

    he looks like a naughty school boy in all these pictures, too funny,.

  • lani

    wow, I”m reading this whole thread and I’m sorry, but some twilight fans are so quick to take offense on the most stupid and ill read things. You guys are taking his words out of context, and then getting offended? Get over it, he’s trying to be a gentleman aby pointing out some of the great things about the Jacob character. Take a xanax and relax already.

  • maddy

    i wish he would stop wearing those hats.

    we love you rpatz but please dont wear them.

  • Twilight!!

    I think he looks better w/o hats on. lol