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Anderson Cooper Talks To Will.I.Am Via Hologram

Anderson Cooper Talks To Will.I.Am Via Hologram

CNN host Anderson Cooper, aka Silver Fox, interviewed musician/producer via hologram during last night’s election coverage from CNN’s Election Center.

The technology included around 44 high-definition cameras that take a real-time, three-dimensional image of a person live!

Coop started off saying, “, I want to thank you for being with us via hologram tonight.”

CNN certainly showed what news coverage will be like in the future. Nifty. Watch the video below!

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Talks To Will.I.Am Via Hologram
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  • boogie

    WOW. Last time I saw a hologram being used…is when Lisa Marie Presley sang with Elvis’s hologram. It was awesome and chilling at the same time!

    100 years from now…or sooner….maybe…..people will be “beamed” like in Star Trek. LOL

  • fashion smashion

    holy moly!

  • hologram!!

    technology is finally reaching the star trek revolution-its fantastic…

  • Shiaedoeu

    So at the end of the day… WILL.I.AM? Our first hologram is credited to HIM?

  • Kel

    I saw the first hologram on CNN last night when Wolf Blitzer “beamed” in Jessica Yellin to talk about the Obama campaign. So…credit to them.

  • LuckyL

    Hahaha I remember this

  • Michael

    The BEST was when Will.I.Am told AC to wait a moment, then did the snake with his arms. BEST!

  • dnjs

    this is so cool, yay for the future, yay for OBAMA

  • ANNE

    Every time i saw one of these stupid holograms i bursted out in laughter, It just looked like they were floating there. I hate how the celebrities were so involved in the obama campaign. I think it is ok to say who you support, but i have just as much knowledge about the election as any other celebrity. We should be able to make are own decisions about who we want to vote for without some celebrity telling us who to vote for. I got so angry when i saw that tell your parents to vote for Obama video with the stars of Gossip Girl. I am all for celebrities encouraging young people to vote but not telling them to vote for someone in national commercials. I think they should voice their opinion, but in the same way that everyone else would. Has Oprah really accomplished enough in politics to make a speech in Bryant Park like she did last night. Did i mention the hologram thing looks rediculous

  • Frida


  • Sarah May

    I was in awe when I saw that. I thought it was so cool and futuristic to see real live TV using it. I know it’s been used before, but it had a nice kick to it. Although I wish the technology would advance so he doesn’t have that glowing light thing around him, but I did like that it wasn’t just a hologram of the from of his body. We could see him all around!

  • Luke

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    It is that there is going to be a lot of problems heading Americas way. It is a matter of history is going to learn out of this. It is that there is going to be a twist of fate. What America has done (by electing Obama), is going to place themselves into a bad position. They are positioning themselves for another war. For sure, terrorism is going to increase. It is that they are going to find that they have not reached the place where they face peace. It is that I says the Lord did speak into the hearts of many, but many would not listen. It is that you (the writer) are one who was keen to see America going another way. I have to say that their problems are only going to begin. It is that there is going to be a lot of discord. People in America are not going to be united. It is that there is going to be a lot of people with much discomfort. There are going to be people who feel that the media had a hand to play in the situation. It is that they are going to say this whole thing was crookery (cheating). It is that there is going to be a lot of disappointment coming their way. They (Americans) are not going to stay on the stage as world players. They have played into the hands of the African nations. They have submitted to what the world wanted. They want to prosper but what is going to come with it is more poverty. It has to be noted that you cannot take someone from another land and plant them in your land and think it is the right thing. You have to think that you are crossing cultures. And that the laws of the God are being violated. So it would have been better for them to have taken their own (Mc Cain) and used him. It has been a matter of God putting Mc Cain there to clearly show them the way. But there had to come a day when no one was listening. It is that there is going to be a greater list of terrorists. There is going to be attacks coming Americas way. There is going to be disunity amongst their people. The whites are going to be alienated. It is not going to be long and the black fame is going to fade and in its place is going to come a rude awakening. There is going to be a lot of discord amongst the American people. It is not going to be that American dream that everyone believed in. It is going to be the beginning of a lot of problems for America says the Lord. By Lynn.

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    Remember there is both a spiritual and physical side at play. It matters where God has placed man as well as the nations decline in morals … yet they expect to lead by example. America has sold their birthright for a bowl of pottage.

  • Luke

    A decline in morals and wrong teachings have caused Americans and the world to begin to move away from God and the foundations that once allowed America to prosper. Where there is sin .. maggots breed and decay sets in. Eg. Abortion, Evolution, Homosexuality, Mixed relationships (man has lost his pride in his own race and some no longer know their roots), Adultery, Drugs/drink, Materialism etc. America you are in for a rough ride. You cannot rule the world, do as you please and expect to remain the leaders and an example to the world. You do need God.

  • Nicolette

    Anderson Is Hot! :D