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Clay Aiken Hits Spring Awakening

Clay Aiken Hits Spring Awakening

Clay Aiken poses with the cast of Spring Awakening — including Weeds star Hunter Parrish — backstage at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City on Monday.

The 29-year-old former American Idol finalist is currently back on Broadway reprising the role of Sir Robin in the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Monty Python’s Spamalot through January 4, 2009.

Parrish joined the cast of Spring Awakening this past August, taking the lead role of Melchior Gabor and winning rave reviews from critics.

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  • lori


    love him ( blond one)

  • lizzie

    Who’s doing who?

  • http://justjared marie

    Is it me or does Clay look like an elf?

  • April

    Stupid Queer. He voted for Obama

  • LolaSvelt

    Hunter…step away from Clay Aiken! Run for your life!

  • Lana

    Awwwwww. I love Clay. He’s so awesome!

  • mai

    Not sure why he should “run for his life”. He looks pretty happy there. Jeesh, not every situation with two men is a hit on one. And Clay is a respectable man…he’s had his fair share of garbage thrown his way yet handled it all pretty damned adult and graciously. Give it a rest.

    Not a fan but he isn’t the devil, people. Save that shit for someone who truly deserves reviling…like Karl Rove…or Bush…et al…

  • trinity

    NICELY SAID ” MAI “, NUMBER # 7…..Clay has come along way since American Idol….Alot more than the winner Ruben Studdard….Ruben is already struggling with foreclosure on a home he bought for his mother….Clay seems to be very happy with who he is, and he certainly has turned out to be a talented actor and well as singer…Fatherhood has really agreed with him…I wish him the best !!!

  • trinity

    NICELY SAID ” MAI “, NUMBER # 7…..Clay has come along way since American Idol….Alot more than the winner Ruben Studdard….Ruben is already struggling with foreclosure on a home he bought for his mother….Clay seems to be very happy with who he is, and he certainly has turned out to be a talented actor and well as singer…Fatherhood has really agreed with him…I wish him the best !!!

  • Ruth

    mai, dont you know..people think Gay men can only be around men if they are interested in them..just like I as a straight woman can only be around men if Im interested in them, not just for a photo op or a backstage visit…ignorant much *eye roll*

    Clay looks great, hope he enjoyed the show.

  • Ick

    Can’t stand him or his looks.

  • js

    Clay looks great and it’s good to see him out giving support to casts of other Broadway shows. Clay has always been a supportive person to his friends like Ruben, Kelly, and others.

    marie # 3–it’s you. Clay’s no elf at over 6 feet tall. Get over yourself.

    ick # 11–Ten to one he looks better than you, has more talent than you, more friends than you, and defintely more money than you’ll ever see.

    Ruth # 10–absolutely correct. If women can be around other women without being interested in gay sex then certainly so can a man. Many men pal around and support each other as friends. Some people see sex in everything they look at–they are the deranged ones.

  • Jake

    It’s a sign of respect for “Spring Awakening” and for the cast that Mr. Aiken went to the show on his day off. Having the camer there gives PR to both Spring and Spam, a win win for both.

    Thumbs-up all around!!

  • ick

    So…..#12 you know him personally? Didn’t say anything about his friends, talent or money. Just said I didn’t like his looks. Wow… must be sexually frustrated to be so hostile.

  • micki

    No, ick #14, you said you couldn’t stand him (or his looks). So, inless you know him personally, how can you say you “can’t stand him”? Do you make it a habit of “not standing” people you don’t know. That man has handled everything that’s been thrown at him for the last 5 years with grace and dignity. He’s given his personal time and money to help others less fortunate through his foundation (BAF), Unicef, etc. Grow up!

  • What?

    If you can’t say ‘nuthin nice, don’t say ‘nuthkn at all.

  • Eragon

    “Is it me or does Clay look like an elf?”

    Actually the correct term for a full sized human is elve or to say they look elvish and since he has a great voice and can swivel those hips when he wants to, I’d say he looks quite elvish. Elves in human form are powerful, beautiful and have magical powers, so I think you are probably onto something and he is indeed an elve.

  • EMB
  • zoey

    Clay looks totally cute. Love him.

  • roland

    Everybody that was there said they saw Clay with his boyfriend in the audience that night anyway. Relax.

  • sam

    Well, since I was sitting 2 rows behind Aiken at the show Monday, I can dispute Roland’s post. He was there with a woman, entered and left with her. From the pictures I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure it was the mother of his baby – short brunette, petite, looked about 40. A lot of people asked for his autograph and she was very gracious in being kind of pushed to the side during it. She’s cute and he’s a lot better looking in person… and very tall.

  • amy

    I was sitting about three seats away from him, and he was with a very cute boy with dark curly hair. He seemed to genuinely enjoy the show- which was fantastic.

  • lisa

    haha its so funny that 3 people who were apparently really close to him, came in with different accounts of who he was with, I think Im not gonna believe any of them…Its good to see Clay, I dont need to speculate, or care to speculate about his personal life..

  • Phg

    Lisa #23 Welcome to the world of Clay. It has been like this for 5 years. LOL

  • B.V.

    He was there with a male and a woman, actually. The woman was introduced as Jaymes and the male was introduced as Clay’s friend.

  • lisa

    hehe and the two stories come together as one..

    I love the internet.

  • Lana

    There have always been fake sightings and false reports about Clay. Same shit, different day.

  • jeff

    I could believe he was there with Jaymes–they are living together in NYC with their son, Parker, and they do go out together. They are best friends, so why wouldn’t he take her to a show if he wanted? The rest of the sightings are highly unlikely as Clay told Diane S people will never know if he has a “friend”. That’s a fact and backed up the the interview–anyone can check it out.

  • sarah

    I found it humorous that were several different people saying they were there and each had a different take on who he was with! Maybe each just saw what they wanted to see. But it does kind of make you wonder?

    But I do agree with Jeff, even if has a “friend”, he won’t be parading him around any time soon! I think he still adjusting to life with a son, one step at a time!

    Good for him either way and I agree he has handled a lot of crap with a lot of dignity and head held high.

  • Koman

    I was there too and know who the guy was that was sitting next to Clay. He just happened to get that seat. “Cute boy with curly dark hair” has a boyfriend already and has for a long time.

  • lux

    In response to jeff and sarah, i think why would he not bring his boyfriend with him to the show? its brilliant. his boyfriend is hiding in plain sight, no one would suspect it so soon. LMAO. maybe clay is better at this then we give him credit for. he did keep things a secret this long.

  • megan

    Clay was sitting next to a chorus boy from another show, but the theater was crawling with them that night because it was on a Monday so who knows? Beside that fact, why can’t he have male friends without other people always reading into things?

  • jess

    I think everyone who claims to “know” anything wbout that night probably wasn’t even really there. Clay would not be out on a date when he has a child at home to worry about. The last thing he wants right now is to make this any bigger deal than it has been. Everyone needs to just stop speculating about his private life. He would tell us if he was dating someone that he found important to him. Until then everyone should give it a rest.

  • lux

    I don’t even really care about clay, i just came to see the pictures of hunter, he is soo cute and talented.

  • sheri

    B.V. #25

    “The woman was introduced as Jaymes and the male was introduced as Clay’s friend.”

    What you wrote sounds a bit stupid. That someone would introduce one person by name and the other just as “Clay’s Friend” like that is their name. And where were they “introduced”? Did they make an announcement? Were you there? I don’t buy one word of what you wrote.

  • amy

    sam # 21

    I know who Jaymes Foster is and I know what she looks like and she was absolutely NOT there that night. That is a load of bull Sam, you must have been severely halusinating or just crazy.

  • matt

    Does anyone know if Hunter has any brothers or sisters? I was just wondering bc I saw a boy that looked just like him on the street today, but older.

  • another amy

    Was that Spring Awakening’s last show? I was hoping to see it because I love the soundtrack, but I heard it was closing. Does anyone know? Hoping to get to New York for spring break this year.

  • steph

    I think Hunter Parrish is an only child, but I could be wrong on that.

  • tom

    I really liked both of their shows. They are completely different, but both good. Too bad they are both closing.

  • for real

    Aiken deserves to find a suitable guy for him. If he has then great, if he hasn’t yet I hope he does. He seems like a nice person and I wish him the best.

  • jody

    I agree with “For Real”. I think Clay deserves to date whoever he wants to and not have to care about it anymore. He came out, we all know he’s gay. What’s everyone’s big deal about the whole situation? People are too hard on celebrities. First they want them to come out, then they aren’t happy until they know who they are dating. When are people just going to let people live. It is a new day. We have a new President, thank God. I think we should move forward and let everyone be happy, I don’t think that is too much to ask.

  • trying again

    I waited outside after the show to get Clay’s autograph and he didn’t come out for a while after the show ended, but when he did he exited through the stagedoor with his bodyguard and they both got into a black van that was waiting. He didn’t stop to sign anything for us. Then his “friend” came out a few seconds later and got into the car too. No woman got into the car with them so I don’t know why people are saying he came and left with a woman. I am going to try to get a ticket to see him in Spamalot and maybe get his autograph then. I just thought I would share that because what other people have been saying just isn’t accurate.

  • Lovely

    Everyone just needs to relax. It’s not that deep and when did this become the CA chat forum anyway, LOL!

  • amy

    Like this really matters, but Clay came in with the guy with dark curly hair and a body guard. They sat down beside an older couple that definitely wasn’t his child’s mother. She woman to his left was in her sixties, with reddish blond hair and glasses. During intermission clay and the boy stayed in their seats and the body guard kept an eye on them. When the show was over, the body guard whisked away Clay and the guy out the side exit.

    it wasn’t clear if they were on a date, but they seemed to know some other guys in the audience and were friendly but reserved with people.

  • Deborah Brand

    Jeff #28. Clay said wouldn’t tell Diane if he had a Boyfriend. He said in PEOPLE . He didn’t have anyone

  • lisa

    I think its great if he wants to date, that has nothing to do with why im laughing at the whole thing, I just read an interview by Carrie Underwood where she said someone said she was dating someone she hadnt even met, I think its easy to say that Clay is there wtih someone, and hide behind a computer screen. I think its completely disrespectful to speculate that anyone Clay is sitting next to, he is dating..I just think its funny that so many people were apparently there, and they all saw different things…am I the only one who finds that incredibly hilarious?
    If clay is dating, great…its not my place to discuss who, where, what..I do know that if I sit by a doesnt mean Im dating him..and I have male friends who are just that…friends..

  • smiling girl

    I hope Clay had a good time watching the play. These pictures are nice publicity for both Spring Awakenings and Spamalot, both of which are great, so I’m glad.

    Clay usually does give out autographs after Spamalot, if he is able. He’s generally pretty good about interacting with fans. It’s understandable if he doesn’t have time for autographs when he’s not at work, though. If you’re looking for Clay’s autograph, trying Spamalot is a good bet.

    I’m not going to speculate about his personal life. If there’s something to know, I’ll know when Clay decides it’s my business, and not before. I think that way about all celebrities.

  • crista

    Apparently the guy that was there that night with Clay was Reed Kelly. There is a blog of one of Reed’s friends online that tells all about him:

    He is in actually a performer on Broadway too and model as well. Go Clay! :-D