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Daniel Craig: The Next Bond Should Be Black

Daniel Craig: The Next Bond Should Be Black

Daniel Craig and Bond girl costar Olga Kurylenko hype up their new 007 movie, Quantum Of Solace, at the St. Regis Grand Hotel on Wednesday in Rome, Italy.

There, Craig, 40, sang the praises of Barack Obama, America’s president-elect.

“If we can have a black U.S. president we can have a black James Bond,” he said. “This is as significant as when man landed on the moon. The Obama election is a wake up call for the whole world.

Craig added, “I’m a real fan of Obama because I like his political ideas. And I think it’s the right moment for a black James Bond.”

WHO DO YOU THINK could be the next black James Bond???

15+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig bringing Solace to Rome…

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# 1

Bet you 10 dollars he can’t name one of Obama’s ‘political ideas’. He is not Martin Luther King people, he’s an African American politician who is the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

# 2

It should be Don Cheadle or Will Smith or someone

# 3

shut up jinja..
he is th voice of blakc people everywhere, people in general!

# 4

The next ‘James Bond ‘should be a WOMEN

# 5

No one talks about other minorities. It’s always “Black”. How about an asian or latino Bond?

# 6

“We have a blcak president” ? !!!

1) Daniel Craig is English, he has a Queen and a Prime Minister

2) The US has president, not a black president.( playing the race card is pure ignorance)

# 7
[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 11/05/2008 at 3:00 pm


.. james blond? lmaoo

stop it!

# 8

daniel craig is playing the race card, so i thought id play one back :)

# 9

Garrett, you f***ing dumbass, it took all that “whining and crying” to get a black president. And it wasn’t just one race that tipped the scale. If anything, the Latino vote gave Obama places like Virginia. STFU and STFD

sure…why not? Just not P. Diddy

Anyway, I think a James Bond of any other race would be hot.

TIM GUNN rocks

wow. slow folks. baby steps, baby steps…

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 11/05/2008 at 3:06 pm

`will smith would make a great; james bond.

Merri lee @ 11/05/2008 at 3:09 pm

Dear Jared,

The real James Bond WAS black. Sir Ian Fleming was driving through Jamaica when his car broke down in a predominantly poor and black area. He was certain he would be robbed an killed. Instead, a man came out and fixed his car, even refusing payment. Fleming promised to name the main character in his next book after him. The man’s name was James Bond.

face @ 11/05/2008 at 3:04 pm

that mans face does it for me every time..

daniel craig for prime minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good lord.

Anyway, I agree with Infamous, except I want someone a little more smoldering as a bond. That is one reason why Daniel Craig is an epic fail.

I do like what Daniel Craig is wearing though in the above picture.

i hope to god the african americans whom still cry about being held down and blaming current white people for slavery hundreds of yeares ago in America finally shut up, after white people elected obama president pretty much”

Garrett, what the hell kind of an ignorant comment is this? a hundred years ago in this very country african americans were treated like animals. they are not and were not any less american than anyone else, and it is shameful that it happened. and “white people elected obama president pretty much”. this COUNTRY voted for obama. this COUNTRY elected him president. and this country includes people of ALL races.

Great comments from him!

i luv this hot…his gf is hot too

When Casino Royale came out wasn’t Craig saying that the next Bond should be gay? Now he thinks the next Bond should be black? Does he think the only way to make progress is through James Bond?? If the next James Bond is Black I vote either Don Cheadle of Mos Def

Wow that would be awesome, but it would perhaps change the legacy a bit…wouldn’t it?

ohh yea Will Smith he will be great to watch add a little bit of comedy and action it will be a HIT!!!

its nice to see him and olga together for a change

Ian Fleming named his character after an author of the Birds of the World he saw in his study at Goldeneye in Jamaica.

The authors name was James Bond.

Get your story right.

Remember the actor who plays Bond has to British or part of the Commonwealth (exception: Pierce was Irish)…

we have some hot Brit actors and so does Australia…

Batman,Capt.America,Spiderman,Iron Man should all be black too….

Majoring in History and Public Affairs with Obama promising big change for America and the world…HIGH expectations from him likely will be a letdown. He has no Sept.11 national drama. All WW2 Presidents so hyped suffered from the freshman blues at the White House. Only 3 were exceptional such a Nixon,JFK and Reagan but remember JFK and Nixon had bad endings and Reagan had the boost from the Cold War(scary time for America) and surviving his assasination attempt.

exactly whats going to happen the next four years

everything is going to become MORE about race when the point is it should be LESS about race

obama isn’t even black. he’s mixed. so half the black people that love him so much.. in real life.. would shun him because he calls himself and presents himself as black when “he isn’t fully african-american”

and a black james bond would be weird.
you shouldn’t change something like that when its a movie and irrelevant. it wouldn’t connect to the other films because all of the sudden he’s black

and people get tired of hearing african americans scream about what happened to them years ago because it wasn’t JUST to the blacks.

indians and other minorities were still slaves YEARS after blacks were given freedom.
they just have enough class to not scream about it and throw the race card around all the time.

not that i wanted to make this into a race comment session, i would prefer will smith to as a “black” james bond.

But as a white male, whom had nothing to do with slaves being traded nor beat is sick of “some” not all black people thinking that I and my race owes them anything, and pull the race card every time or sometimes things do not go their way…

yes latinos and asians helped with electing obama, but if this country was a racist as jesse jackson and other proclaim it to be meaning whites against blacks, barack would not be the president imo

erin i couldnt have said it better myself…i was once told that even us white folk were a sort of slaves back in the day in europe, am I crying…

get over it, quit with the black white bond how bout just a James Bond


hehe, a black Bond yeah!

i have few black friends and they are totally cool… will smith would definetely be a super sexy bond or that hot model from britney spears toxic video.. whats his name? tyson i think :)

A black James Bond would be great. But the actors that some of you mentioned, I like them, but I can’t see any of them playing James Bond. They just will not do. I think they should find fresh new talent, a new face, IF, that ever happens!

the rules @ 11/05/2008 at 4:28 pm

Bond has to British or part of the Commonwealth….come on people.

That tradition they will not break.

President Obama leads to today’s Wall Street and World’s stock market plunging because they are losing more confidence as investors.

Not a good sign for Osama I mean Obama.

2 of my kids are adopted. They have several races in them. White, Hispanic, & African American. They are Beautiful!!! When people ask me about it I tell them they are American.
We have an American president that’s skin color is brown. That is what is wonderful. America is what it is because of all the cultures united as one. Lets think about that Americans.

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 11/05/2008 at 4:37 pm


`will smith – with no comedy. you wanna give a gun to the fresh prince of bel-air? LOL

mos def…. nah! lacks the charisma, style, looks, smooth debonair swagger. and he probably couldn’t fight to save his life. don cheadle on the other hand would be a bit better… but, no way!

…denzel would be a perfect bond, if he were younger..

With that said: Will Smith is HOT so if they are going to do it, have a bond with color. He is my vote.

Craig Babe @ 11/05/2008 at 4:41 pm

If James Bond were black his name would be Jamal Bond. I could see the titles…

Dr.Hell No
From Compton With Love

But I hope Daniel Craig stays on for a while. He is hot! I like the fact he’s not a pretty boy. I’ve read many sources that compare him to Steve McQueen and I think that is very accurate.

i’m confused. how did a simple statement by daniel craig that the next bond should be black suddenly turn into a political discussion. can’t we just discuss the idea without all the political hype??

Why not? That would be great. Will smith though having a smoldering body and a great face a little bit too much into comedy. But there are many hot, young blck actors who could do this…

Racist people is the people who see races and not personalities…
Ofcouse this comments came because Barack Obama is President now… but for me I see a PRESIDENT… like the other presidents.. and we need to think if will be good or bad… and dont think.. the black president.. or the white president….. because making that kind of difference is being racist…

Not every god damned thing has to be taken over by a black person these days…..

Lets have some white guy play Jesse Jackson in a movie or something, and see how that goes over… see the point??

Yes, 100 of years after slavery, we, the white people, should be made accountable for the abysmally unjust conditions in which more than 50% of the african american people live. The wealth we enjoy as the middle class america today was built on slave labor and the removal of native americans from their land (read the hsiotry of capitalist development in North America).

It would be fine in few generations if good social reform programs raise the bottom tear into an acceptable platform.

Idris Elba would be a great Bond ( if they want to go that route). He’s black, sophisticated AND British.

Will Smith would NOT make a good Bond. He couldn’t pull off a British accent to save his life.

Look up Edris Elba (sp?) who someone mentioned. He’s British. He would be a better choice.

yes but what about the gf?

to katie n @ 11/05/2008 at 6:33 pm

Why not? That would be great. Will smith though having a smoldering body and a great face a little bit too much into comedy. But there are many hot, young blck actors who could do this
good idea however, will smith is not british. james bond is british; he works for mi6 (or whatever) not for the cia.

Sorry, no we can’t have a black James Bond. What an idiot. And he looks f’n disgusting in these pictures.

i dont undertand why the next bond should be black, not having a black Bond isnt racist, this campaign has just highlighted race more.

theres no need for a black bond.

I don’t see the point in selecting someone for the sole purpose that they are black. If the best actor for the role happens to be black then fine. But purposely selecting someone because they are a minority just means they are making race an issue.

corsair70 @ 11/05/2008 at 6:47 pm

Will Smith would be a terrible Bond.
And Merri Lee,where did you get that ridiculous story from? As has been stated elsewhere,Ian Fleming took the name from the author of a book.,’Birds Of The Caribbean’. There’s a reference to this in the movie Die Another Day,where Brosnan’s Bond picks the book up.

Will Smith, not so much.

If any of you recall, “Thunderball” has all the agents in the room when 007 walks in. So instead of deliberately making Bond a black man, they should just activate one of the 00′s. There even was a 00 agent that was a woman.

See below (as a child of a Bond-lover, this has been ingrained in my memory):

“Thunderball” has Moneypenny state the “every
Double-O man in Europe” is in the conference room, and Bond arrives as the ninth agent to be briefed. Whether this means that the agents are 001 through 009 or not is never stated, as it COULD be 002 through 0010, for instance. And perhaps we should consider that some Double-0′s were not in Europe and missed the meeting. Sharp eyes also could not miss the moment in “The World Is Not Enough” when Moneypenny distributes assignment folders to other agents, one of which is a woman.

here’s the link if you guys want to read:

lol does he not want to work anymore, i bet he can’t name one of obama’s “political ideas” what a joke. how about an asian , middle eastern or latin bond – why always purely black or white?. WAKE UP AND FACE THAT DISCRIMINATION.

I’m black and i dont want bond to be black
james bond should not be black
what next?
spiderman played by a black person just cause..
heck why not have morgan freeman just play batman because well he’s black.

Will Smith for Bond

angelina jolie would be a GREAT james bond

angelina jolie would be a GREAT james bond

See Tim Gunn

1) Craig doesn’t have a black president, he is English, he has the Queen of England.

2) Bond is British and white, the end.

FELIX LIETER @ 11/05/2008 at 10:58 pm


FELIX LIETER is the black character in the Bond films, the black head of the CIA ops overseas.

Too anyone that thinks Will Smith would be a good Bond……WTF???
A. Bond actors need to be just that…..ACTORS, not emoters/hams.
B. Bond is not gay.

A black Bond? I don’t think so. If a blonde Bond can cause so much fury and criticisms, more so a black Bond, a complete deviation from Ian Fleming’s character. A black Bond villain would be great though.

for the last time Will Smith or any Americans can’t be Bond. Bond is British! Stay British! Scottish, somewhere that region.

And Obama is MIXED race. Not black, mixed. I hate the race card. Interesting it was CNN who pointed out Southern states did not vote for Obama and the question that was flashed on the screen was Racist? So this is it isn’t it? Those who didn’t vote for him is racist. What about those who didn’t vote for McCain? Aren’t they every bit racist by definition?

This reminds me a little bit of when halle berry won the academy award for best actress everyone was talking about how she was the first black woman to win then when jamie fox won for ray people were saying that its the first time a “real” African American won a high honor like that (including female actress) and halle didn’t count because she was part white. What happens when a full African American wins the white house will Obama then become the first mixed race to win the white house in the medias eyes?

That is a silly point to make because he likes Obama or if your politically correct you have to go on record likings Obama…… Obama is black, well half black since he never even knew his black father and President that means putting a black man in the role of an iconic british character of over 40 years is the next step, stupid. It at the same level of Spike Lee getting mad at Clint Eastwood for having no black characters in Flags of Fathers, Clint Eastwood was to rewrite history just to make Spike Lee happy.

That is a silly point to make because he likes Obama or if your politically correct you have to go on record likings Obama…… Obama is black, well half black since he never even knew his black father and President that means putting a black man in the role of an iconic british character of over 40 years is the next step, stupid. It at the same level of Spike Lee getting mad at Clint Eastwood for having no black characters in Flags of Fathers, Clint Eastwood was to rewrite history just to make Spike Lee happy.

Yeah, I’d love to see a black James Bond, but he’d better be an unknown extremely handsome chap. Not a black Daniel Craig. Craig disappoints greatly in the looks department.

I have several ideas:

Adrian Lester, black, handsome, young, british
Chiwetel Ejiofor, black handsome, young, british
Colin Salmon, black, handsome, not so young, gentleman, british
David Harewood, black, handsome, young, british
Eamon Walker, black, handsome, young, british
Hugh Quarshie, black, handsome, young, british
Idiris Elba, black, handsome, young, british

And if He was a Latino, I could only think of Gael Garcia Bernal.

If I had the right to choose, I would choose Colin Salmon. His deep voice, his sharp eyes, bright smile, and beautiful dark skin….

Forget Will Smith. He can only play Will Smith.

I think Nicole Ari Parkers hubby Boris Kodjoe would make a hot bond. Beautiful body and that look in his eyes, pure sensual seduction.

cant wait for the movie. olga looks great as usual. i really love her red- carpet choices lately.

heywood jablomie @ 11/06/2008 at 1:05 pm

Sigh. How dumb is Craig? Too bad, he’s a great actor. Will Abraham Lincoln be played by a black actor in the next biopic? How about Julius Caesar? Or Mr. Darcy? Or how about a black Hitler?

heywood jablomie @ 11/06/2008 at 1:05 pm

Sigh. How dumb is Craig? Too bad, he’s a great actor. Will Abraham Lincoln be played by a black actor in the next biopic? How about Julius Caesar? Or Mr. Darcy? Or how about a black Hitler?

What the hell? I suppose we should also have a white Shaft and a white Urkel too! We want equality after all!

James Bond aka 007 is and always should be WHITE. People don’t just change races and neither should characters. Make a movie about 008 or 006 but don’t make James Bond a different race. That doesn’t even make sense.

Toots @ 11/06/2008 at 2:36 am I think Nicole Ari Parkers hubby Boris Kodjoe would make a hot bond. Beautiful body and that look in his eyes, pure sensual seduction.


Boris Kodjoe’s face & features are too overwhelming and horsy. Just like baskeball player Rick Fox. They are good looking, but they look like giants. Naw. They need someone who is tall and slightly muscular but with a very attractive body – not someone like a bodybuilder or who will look clumsy when he’s running like Andre the Giant.


Angelina Jolie should be a Bond girl. She’s got the look.

Either Terrence Howard or Will Smith can pull off James Bond!!!! But I think Terrence would be dreamier for the role on screen.

pineypointgal @ 11/07/2008 at 10:26 am

Black Bond? All this poitically correctness. Puhlease. Obama is the only one who played the race card just by bringing it up. He is mixed not african american. America will get what she deserves. Check this out.

Back to Craig – he is hot for sure, but he’s only an actor, not an academic. He is a populist like all hollywood types.
Unfortunatey people listen to these type of people as if they know anything. It’s like listening to the head high school head cheerleader and taking her advice on financial and political matters.


They can just make black character similar to james bond. but not james bond itself.


(mayb a young bond movie would be cool)

thebreadboy @ 11/10/2008 at 12:27 am

If it has to be black then it should be Denzel Washington….He is the only black i know that can make a good James Bond movie.

thebreadboy @ 11/10/2008 at 12:32 am

Denzel Washington will do…

unknown …

I agreed with you and that’s maybe what Crag is “saying”. If you guys have a mind , think about it (meaning used it)…he’s trying to say that any person (no matter what skin color you have) should be treated the same just liked everyone esle.

Totally off topic, but this man has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen.

Yeah, you know what? Maybe Craig and Sean puffy puff daddy p.diddy diddy combs are right…maybe it’s time we start crossing some boundaries:

Let’s have p.diddy play Bond, Hugh Grant should play the next Shaft, and Ken Watanabe as Christopher Columbus…

ooo and Benecio del Toro would make a GREAT Clark Kent/Superman…

And how about we throw in Reese Witherspoon as Foxy Brown in a revival flick for good measure?

First off just no. Screw this idea. If they want to have a black be a spy fine. You just can not call him James Bond. James Bond is supposed to be white of Scottish decent. This character was not made for the minorities. Sorry but minorities should have to find their own movie characters to steal. Ian Flemming molded a lot of Bond after himself. He was white. Do not destroy This Great Mans dream and his work by giving blacks something else to ruin. Haven’t they ruined enough

Bet you 10 dollars black people can’t name one of Obama’s ‘political ideas’.

Lets just stick to the Character that Ian Fleming visualized!! Now its Black James Bond, the next is Chinese James Bond, Palestinian James Bond.. etc .. Whats next?? A Gay bond? A Pornstar bond??? How about morphing Indiana jones !!!.

I happened to glance Lee Falk Phantom comic at a book store and I was appalled to see that the stories are all about racism!! This whole race nonsense destroys the character as well as the story.

There is enough focus on racism these days.. we don’t need to beat it to death by putting that message into everything. The sooner people get over it, the better.

jamesbond007 @ 06/20/2011 at 2:24 am

Bond should be playing by an Alien, human is too dumb to be Bond.
A dog, a black dog. d00g7.
Time to have an animal Bond.

jamesbond007 @ 06/20/2011 at 4:56 am

stupid Bond
what’s next after a Black Bond?
shouldn’t there be an Asian Bond?
a Christian Bond?
a nun Bond?
a baby Bond?

A Bond is a Bond, let the Bond be Bond.

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