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First Celebrity Reactions Of Obama Win

First Celebrity Reactions Of Obama Win

Below are the very first celebrity reactions of Barack Obama‘s winning the race for the White House. Among the 125,000 people at Tuesday’s victory rally were Brad Pitt and a tearful Oprah Winfrey. Here we go:

Oprah: “There are not even words to talk about what this night means. It’s one of the greatest moments I could ever imagine. That’s how great it is.”

Madonna: “I’m so f—ing happy right now”

Lindsay Lohan: “YES WE CAN.”

Samantha Ronson: “YES WE DID!!”

Kanye West: “HI MOM, OBAMA WON!” (His mom passed away about a year ago.)

Usher: “Isn’t this incredible news? Man, this is incredible. It’s so incredible to see that this historical thing has happened.”

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  • katie n

    Ophrah was at the speech, as gorgeous as usual. I did not see Brad Pitt though. It is happy day in America.

  • mima


  • three

    i think he deserves to win

  • Greta

    GO Obama! Europe loves you!

  • Shakira

    America clearly needs a clean break from the past and this election showed that more than ever. Both candidates, Obama and McCain are worthy men that ran good campaigns and now, with Obama as the choice, I hope we can move forward together and do the right things.






  • NancI Black

    that was kool

  • The saner sex

    Good for Obama. He’ll do well for America in terms of social progress. I hope he has some economic answers too (Some things he has said could ruin trade).

    As for the celebrities, some of them are real douchebags. Like Diddy. None of them have any sort of base in reality anymore so it’s annoying to hear what they say.

    I also hope now that people realise that there won’t be any drastic change, even with the house and senate. Improvements will come in time and be incremental. Remember the popular vote was still close and that’s a lot of Americans that voted against his policies.

    Of course it won’t be hard to top the last 8 years.

  • katie

    i was like crying when he won! but i did feel bad for mccian. but he gave a very very respectable speech. but trust his supporters to boo obama. whatever. Im still in shock that the president i wanted won!

  • mia

    oh Jared I LOVE the Obama jeep party.
    Where do you find such genius things?
    you rock!

  • boo

    CONGRATS AMERICA!!!! Now the World can respect you again

  • laurencaligirly

    i like freaked out when he won! i was watching ‘paris hiltons my new bff’ ad all the sudden it stopped and an mtv news thing came on and all these people were screaming and the dude was like ‘Obama just won!” and i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol. and oprah made me cry! when she was crying i was like awwwww! and then it hit me how amazing it is that a black man was elected. and I think he is just so awesome!

  • skjflkdgj?

    You took that Gif. from ONTD! credit it!!

  • skjflkdgj?

    You took that Gif. from ONTD! credit it!!

  • mia

    oh Jared..your Obama jeep party was so KOOL!!!
    where do you find such genius things?
    you rock!

  • bet

    Thanks God. God bless U.S.A.

  • Halli

    YES YOU DID, America!

  • larry mullen jnr rocks

    cool gif! cool win!

  • izzie

    yeah katie but if obama lost his supporters would have booed too except it would have been louder because it was a much larger crowd… they were just very disappointed that their candidate lost, its heartbreaking you could see it on their faces. just imagine if it were reversed

  • lori

    COOL Gif.
    Jared where do find such genius things?
    you are so creative.

    Obama is bi-racial kids. Why dis they say African American?
    His Mom was white & his grandparents who raised him since age of 2.
    His father is from Kenya..a deadbeat father..but the half African blood
    is no denial.
    Good for him. I love bi-racial people. I am one :)

  • pyur

    I’m Indonesian And I LoVE OBAMA

  • daniel

    it’s so funny &cutttttttttttttttttttttte

  • t

    i want that gif for my myspace page. does anyone know how to put those on myspace?

  • wtf

    Dude what the hell does it matter what Lindsay Lohan or her dyke girlfriend think?

    Oprah can just go eat fried chicken, too.

  • me

    skjflkdgj? @ 11/05/2008 at 2:49 am You took that Gif. from ONTD! credit it!!


    And ONTD took it from someone else. They are all over the web including one of McCain driving.

  • K

    Here’s to a great future!

  • heyheyhey

    Watermelon seeds and the smell of coco butter lotion in the Whitehouse…. jk, congrats OBAMA!!!

  • Greta


  • RM

    I’m so happy he won. I always wanted him to win but didn’t realise how happy/emotional it would be :)

  • Luis

    Hi Jared just to let you know, during the Maroon 5 concert in Mexico City, Adam Levine said the following(well may not be his exact words but you get the idea):

    “Ladys and Gentlmen I’m proud to announce you, that Barack Obama has been elected president of the US….we’re so fucking happy!”

  • Tina

    Obama won???? This proves that idiots are in fact a majority in America. haha

  • alm

    orange mocha frappucinos!

  • steph

    is that from zoolander? right at the beginning bfore all his friends get blown up?

  • tina

    Obama will be just as bad as past presidents. Seriously, everyone should know by now that all politicians lie….Obama is no exception to this.

  • Wait a minute

    This is to those non-Americans:

    This is not to cause controversy but I do not appreciate all of you telling me as an American how you will or won’t respect me just because of who my president is. Mind your own business. You may not like George Bush, I may not like him, whatever, but to make it sound like we can be respected again ONLY because Obama has been elected is insulting. John McCain is NOT George Bush just because he ran on the Republican ticket. He is a man who deserves RESPECT. Obama deserves respect—which I as an American will give him due to his office and becaue he is a respectable man. I resent what has been said by some posters who are not Americans given the facts that most countries like England and France, etc, have benefited greatly in the past from MY country. Do not tell me that NOW I can be respected again.

    There are way too many things that George Bush might be guilty for but there are a lot of things he has been blamed for which he tried to fix but it was the Democrats who are now in office who kept it from happening. BTW, I am non-partisan but usually vote Democratic but the truth is the truth. In times past the Democrats have liked John McCain enough to try to get him to change party affiliation so let’s not make him a bad guy now. He has more courage and fortitude than most of you put together. Nor do I embrace celebrities who are smart alack and because of who they are try to tell me and others what we should think and do. I swear, the more they go on the more I do not want to vote who they are backing so they should shut up. Matt Damon lost a lot of respect from me due to his insulting remarks that even Obama was not pleased with. Thank goodness this time the election revolved around two men who really did try to stay above board and not mud-sling, etc.

  • anonymous

    Hollywood and Obama that’s the trashy future of America
    and the world

  • bess

    Hell is near!

  • bonnie

    GO OBAMA! Good job Americans, and I haven’t said this in a LONG time!

  • change? get real

    Enjoy your celebration,lost souls because the judgement of God is coming. Choices by Hollywood people usually lead to
    evil and destruction. Their lives says it all from drugs,sex,divorces you name it. Obama is their man so why am I alarmed and not comforted at all?

  • farah

    America has hit rock bottom

  • 818

    Bravo #37

    Shame on Europe but they are in turmoil because they are being outnumbered by terrorists population. They are turning their backs on God. A facade of aristocracy when deep down they are so poor.
    9-11 = Europe at war
    America’s economy in trouble = the world was in trouble too
    following their own European bailout

    The youth of France doing graffitis on dead American soldiers graves at Normandy etc while the old were the ones cleaning up the graves to respect these heroes. America should have sacrificed them to Hitler. Europe is going down and they wonna take down America with them. God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Thanks lori for pointing out that Obama is as much white as he is black—not that that makes any difference. Another thing that is not different is this man is the president of the US, not the dictator which means all those people in this country as well as the world should not expect things will be all that different. In this country we have a Congress which creates a “check and balance” situation which means no ONE man can change everything that has been up and going for decades. And as with any administration whether it be Democrat or Republican there will be a lot of spin doctors doing their thing. Some people use another term instead of “spin doctors”, that is liars. I pray that Barrack Obama is successful in office but at the end of his first 3 years in office let’s see what people are saying then and let’s see at the end of her term in office what things are blamed on him that should have been blamed on the Republicans.Unfortunately, that is how it works. I minored in History and I am over 50 years so I do have a clue how this sort of thing works.

  • pathetic

    Obama will bring change because Hollywood says so. Har de har har.

  • bye

    Obama is just a puppet of his white experiences advisers.

  • rmw

    @ # 37

    You know… this is exactly the kind of crap that we get from Americans that makes us like Obama. I’m from Egypt, and I cannot tell you how many Americans are over here studying the “democracy” in Egypt or whatever!! They criticize the government, the elections, and everything else political about this country and other countries as well. So I guess its ok for you to do it…

    Now let me tell you that all non Americans that I know and that includes people from almost all around the world, were hoping that Obama wins. We didn’t really care about elections in France for example, or many other countries in the world. Ever wonder why? Because whoever gets elected in there will not determine OUR destiny! But we are in fact the most affected by what YOUR president did.

    Now you’re sitting in your little white fenced house criticizing foreigners who are hoping for a change in the world, while I’m sitting here watching the influx of Iraqi refugees increasing every single freakin day. Families who have been torn apart leaving members back there and running for their lives, same in Jordon and around the regions.

    So please don’t tell me that our opinion doesn’t matter because while you might know a few people who went to war or maybe even died there, which is really sad unfortunately, but you have NOOO idea what your president has created in the region; its far worse than soldiers dying.

  • irene

    RMW Obama will not care for Egypt. He will care more for Kenya than Egypt. Do you think he is the Messiah of this world who will bring overnight changes and fulfill all his promises?
    enough of those blinders

  • nod

    Obama,McCain and Biden same ole same ole politicians baloney

    the real President should have been Palin

    she is the heartland of America

  • jyotsna

    history is made in US
    see more of Barack Obama victorious news on

  • rmw

    @ Irene

    That just proves you totally missed my point! Do you really think I care if your president cares about Egypt!! My point is… because you’re geographically alienated, you are not aware of the turmoil that this whole region went through because of Bush. Now I know the Middle East has a lot of problem, but this is by far the worst one that we’ve been suffering from lately. And you know, suffering from problems that we’ve created is better than suffering from problems that he’s created. (which is exaclty how Europeans feel about the financial crisis)

    And I think this whole war thing is one of the main reasons why many Americans voted for Obama, so this is not just a personal opionion.

    THEREFORE, which is my main point, we are entitled to at least say what we think. And we think that Obama is a much more peaceful man than Bush and Mcain.

    ps. making an assumption that Obama will care for Kenya because he has Kenyan roots is definitely one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in this campaign. Its also kind of racist!