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Hilary Duff's 'Reach Out' Gets Censored

Hilary Duff's 'Reach Out' Gets Censored

Hilary Duff looks flushed as she shops for home furnishings at Lucca Antiques on Wednesday afternoon in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 21-year-old starlet’s new single Reach Out has been getting a lot of buzz because of its music video — so much that there’s now a censored version of it. The “censored” version cut most of all the thumb-sucking scenes and replaced them with less explicit versions. Check it out here.

Hilary‘s Best Of album hits stores on November 11th, so be sure to pick it up!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the censored version of Reach Out?

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  • Rose

    shes pretty

  • sama

    i love hilary..funny thing is they’re gonna censor this video with her finger in her mouth..and they don’t for britney’s where she’s nakeeed?! i’m confused lol

  • sama

    i love hilary..funny thing is they’re gonna censor this video with her finger in her mouth..and they don’t for britney’s where she’s nakeeed?! i’m confused lol

  • sama

    i love hilary..funny thing is they’re gonna censor this video with her finger in her mouth..and they don’t for britney’s where she’s nakeeed?! i’m confused lol

  • Susan

    You’ve got to be kidding? We see girls wearing next to nothing in videos shaking their butts and/or crotches up close to the camera and Hilary sucking on a thumb in 3 short shots gets censored? *rolls eyes*

  • emilie

    ok i like Hilary and all but i HATE it when she tries to be all sexy and stuff.
    it just comes off…kinda awkward. she’s always been awkward, even when she was on lizzie mcguire.
    i’m just saying that she should stop trying to be too sexy, cause she looks uncomfortable when she does

  • sammm

    haha that is pretty weird,
    thumb sucking is not anywhere as sexually explicit as
    someone NAKED in a sauna, oh well
    i still think reach out is such a great song and video
    plus, she’s not 15 yr old lizzie anymore, she’s 21! =]

    anyways, i love hilary! i can’t wait for her album tuesday!
    and she looks pretty in these pics
    love the cool boots



  • thats dumbb

    that lipstick does not work for her

    but i agree withh “sama”

  • jasmine

    she looks beautiful and loving her new songs how are they going to censor this if it’s not even sexually explicit

  • The saner sex

    I think America should stop focusing on sexuality as a bad thing and join the rest of the world. Hell, we are more backwards in our views than the Romans and that was thousands of years ago!

    It doesn’t help though as our girls lead the world in slutty fashion, trends, etc… So maybe we should educate on sex instead of condeming it. It’s like drugs. We have the highest abuse of most 1st world countries and we have the most strict laws.

  • banana

    what exactly did she do? sorry i am kind of behind

  • banana

    if she was sucking her thumb…though i don’t find them to “censor worthy” i do find that pretty darn creepy

  • jasmine

    she was sucking a guy’s thumb in her music video it’s not that big of a deal she wasn’t naked nor did she show a lot of skin she’s 21 people

  • TIm

    wow Hilary is such a hot babe

  • Sasha

    she is so beautiful love this outfit I love her bag especially

  • Jennifer

    she’s in great shape love her hair

  • Tom

    I saw the video it’s pretty sexy clean I don’t see why they would censor this and make an additional video for it?

  • leila

    I hate her for sampling from Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.” BOO!!!

  • W

    she’s still tied up and blindfolded, cause that’s not sexually suggestive… :P uNF

  • cyn

    gorgeous as always

  • Penn Vadgely

    Is it true that Mike Comrie beats her? I keep reading about a restraining order against him on the other sites.

  • JBhsmHildemiselemilfan

    crap with that!!! please censored you gotta be kidding me..
    like that was sexual…
    People…… she’s 21.. she ain’t 13!!!
    always critising hilary… agg!!

    can’t wait for her cd!!!!!
    best of ilary duff-november 11!!!

    HILARY you r my idolll

  • jonhar

    i love hilary..but im wonderin what good projects Disney is gonna give her?

  • cristine

    she’s boring but I gotta admit she has a beautiful face

    I don’t like the lipstick though

  • Luke

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  • Luke

    You cannot rule the world and do as you please.
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  • Oh

    i LOVE hilary… so damn much. BUT i don’t like the fact that she tries so hard to be sexxy . it doesn’t suit her. however, i totally agree with “sama”! why the hell does she get censored ……compared to britney, that’s nothing. pfft, i guess for the “queen of pop”, it’s acceptable. britney can do whatever she wants, she’s so f.u.c.k.i.n’ MEDIATIZED and paparazzitized lol. and people are still dumb to worship her for the not-so-incredible songs and videos she does [ xtina aguilera for instance is much more an artist and yet she's so underrated......what a shame ]

    anyway, hilary is gorgeous as always

  • justin

    love her

  • http://google toni

    Lover her, I think she is good rule model for teenagers, and also good actress.

  • Gabriela


  • elona

    i think its perfect

  • http://hilaryduffmexico hdchmd

    that is not fair because hilary is older and you want watch hilary who one kid but she is older please silent

  • Hugo

    I Love Hilary Duff!!!
    I prefer the first verssion!!

  • Gaby

    oh Common Boy’s!! Hilary Grows Up and she can do it!!! and the video is amazing!!! i can’t wait for the new cd ‘Best Of’ :D!!

  • Cynthia

    If anything they need to censor that ugly cow Britney’s naked scenes in her shitty video ‘Wooomanizer’. Hilary didn’t do anything remotely scandalous!

  • MIchelle

    That girl is not sexy…even with her new obviously enhanced bustline.

    She can’t sing and that song is so auto-tuned that it sounds like a robot or a synthesizer sang it!

    Who are all these people who think she’s talented? The same ones who thought Sarah Palin was qualified?

  • tallchick666

    Seriously, i just seem to find more reasons to get pissy today, this one was a good one too. Censors are putting warnings on this music video because she was sucking a guys thumb?! She wasn’t wearing anything skimpy, she had her hands tied up and blindfolded, true, but truly was anything sexual done? She also was rather tastefully dressed, nothing was falling out or hanging out or anything like that, and yet we have music videos today were women are barely wearing anything or in a sauna naked, dancing provocatively or performing sex scenes. And a music video that i would rate pg 13 was censored? Was there even swearing in this song?! Honestly, people today are suck prudes its insane! Britney Spears is seen naked on her back in a sauna writhing around and no one says a damn thing!! It seems people play favourites with most of todays artists. Britney has done lots of raunchy things in her videos, no one says a word, lots of male singers have scandily clad women dancing around wearing almost nothing, yet Christina Aguilera comes out and gets censored, more than for dirty but her video for can’t hold us down where she is riding a hose was deemed raunchy, and Hilary Duff sucks a thumb?! People today aren’t just being prudes but i think you’re all hypocritical and immature!

  • ana

    It’s just a music video!!
    What it’s the problem???

    I like the video! She looks different, but seriously it’s just a video.
    It’s not so bad.

    Love Hilary <3

  • sprbtch

    i loved the video…but i don’t think it is explicit enough to be censored… she’s just sucking a fuckin thumb!!!!

    paris hilton offers her qoochie to the photographer by opening her legs in Stars Are Blind!!!

  • Lucy

    i watched the video. it wasnt that bad. i mean, britney has bloomin gang bangs in hers! and she gets naked!

  • Lucy

    i watched the video. it wasnt that bad. i mean, britney has bloomin gang bangs in hers! and she gets naked!