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Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood Split

Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood Split

Evan Rachel Wood dumped live-in boyfriend Marilyn Manson on Oct. 23 after he tried to kick her brother Ira out of their guest house.

Evan owned the house and didn’t want her unemployed sibling living on the street,” a source tells Star. “It was the tipping point. Evan was fed up with how controlling and emotionally abusive Marilyn was.”

Evan, 21, and Marilyn, 39, started dating in December 2006, as his marriage to Dita Von Teese was almost over.

UPDATE: Evan has spoken out against these rumors! She just released this official statement.

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  • Anna


  • suzy

    family 1st.

  • Erin!

    who would date him?

  • Um…

    Wow, who else isn’t shocked that this didn’t last? Seriously, Marilyn was only using Evan to justify ending his marriage to Dita. I am glad Evan finally saw how bad of a person he is and dumped his A S S!!!


    I hope there is nothing but the truth to this story. Evan is too young and too beautiful to be tied down with that “Man”… That man gives me the heebie-jeebies

  • ellen


  • Kristine

    Good for her! =D

  • victoria

    this isnt really shocking

  • ObAMA1

    Good. The damage is done, anyway. She will be that girl who dated Manson. Yuck!

  • MiMi

    FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready for an Evan Rachel Wood comeback. One that involves dressing like her old self! Old Evan Rachel Wood please return to planet Earth!

  • nora

    ugh, these two are both gross. He’s worse for stepping out on his wife, but it’s not like she was a child when she did what she did. Dumb girl, trying to play grown up with a gross married dude who has obvious control issues.

  • ObAMA1

    Good. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s that girl who SLEPT with Manson. And that video of them having sex. YUCK!

  • … xp

    is there a video of her having sex with him?

  • Desireé

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO EVAN!!!!! :) :) LOVE her btw <3

  • Stefanie

    was a weird couple anyways..

  • LolaSvelt

    Thank god. Maybe she’ll stop the gothic schtick!

  • kc

    Just as I was getting into her, she went with that freak. Sorry Evan – damage done

  • Yes!

    #13, he made a music video last year that showed them having sex. She was moaning all loud and they were naked and everything. It was gross. Search the net, I’ll sure you’ll find it.

  • dialectic

    good! what was she thinking? now everyone who knew it wouldnt last say it with me now “i told you so!” i myself fancy the older gentlemen too but manson is just a coke fiend.

    oh yeah there is a gross vid of them bumping uglies,you think your curious and want to see it but trust me you really really dont(even though it doesnt show anything you will still throw up)

  • newport beach, 92660

    uhmmm ; ABOUT TIME ? !

    she could do WAAAY better ! ;)

    eww , he ‘ s like UGLY , and she ‘ s so pretty , it just doesn ‘ t work out ! and i ‘ m glad it didn ‘ t , cause honestly that guy scares the living shitt out of me…


  • dmnf

    Good for her, he’s dirt. But there must be something wrong with her too since she f.u.c.ked him

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Whoa, two years, oh well she’s too good for him, she’s a great actress

  • b chick

    omg! marlin mason scares the crap out of me!
    just the idea of seeing him… ahhhhh.!!!!!!
    good for her!

  • cj

    FAMILY FIRST !!!!!
    Now she can restart her career and be the actress she was always meant to be. He was always jealous of her potential anyways.
    Evan Rachel Wood is BACK !!

  • Halli

    Uggh, good. She can hopefully move on and focus on her growing career.

  • alkimi

    Back? She was never HERE. Skeezy. I am glad they broke up and I hope we NEVER see her again.

    AND I am still willing to bet you all $5.00 that her “new” look will conform to what ever her “new” next guy is into.

    At least she will stop trying to be a DITA copy cat.
    I HOPE….

  • boogie

    Ick! That Manson guy gives me the creeps big time!

    monster is wht he really is.


    he is by far the nastiest creature on earth, both looks and personality wise.

    I am glad she is moving on…let hope with someone better this time!

  • mia


  • Undecided

    SHE is too young for that man…I think HE is a freak …. not in a good way either…..

  • Amanda

    WOW she was wayyyyyy toooo young for him. WHAT THE?????!!!!!!

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • gjc

    Who cares??

  • Matthew

    He’s gonna send his little evil elves for her..

  • marie

    weird couple

  • Jazz Minic

    Seriously…who cares? She’s old enough to make her own choices and everyone I know who has met Mr. Manson said he’s actually really down to earth…who cares what he looks like. If you don’t like him…don’t date him. She’s 21….every relationship is probably “too much for her.” It seems like she’s got a lot of growing up to do…maybe now she’ll be her own person.

  • jbells07

    About time. I wonder how she would justify going from dating Jamie Bell to dating…”him”. I mean, at 22, Jamie’s already a pretty respected actor…it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking either. While Mr. Manson, on the other hand, well…he’s like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

  • TheReflectingGod

    That bitch is dumb. that really sucks though. EMDM had a few songs you could tell he wrote for her, including Heart Shaped Glasses.

  • rose

    thats a really great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im so glad to hear that!

  • Sally

    Geesh! That Manson sure has one funky face!

  • raven

    Jazz Minic (#36)

    Finally, the voice of reason – Loved your comment!

  • Tina3

    New girlfriend looks a little like his ex.

    Man is he ugly, but there are a few songs I do like by him.

  • Isabela


    evan is so hot for him, he’s old and weird, finaly she wake up!

  • troy

    Good for her maybe she can get her career back on track now that she is out of his self-destructive orbit. She had a lot of potential and what of any value (other then this “music video” people are talking about) has she done since she’s been with him? I can’t think of anything.

  • Ha!

    “Evan was fed up with how controlling and emotionally abusive Marilyn was.”

    Was she, perhaps, also fed up with how completely disgusting he is?

  • Robin

    Hmm. Marilyn Manson controlling? Gosh. Shocker. Well, now maybe Evan can take a really long bath and wash the goth off. Next time, let’s hope she chooses an unmarried partner who lives above ground during the day.

  • Tomb

    Marilyn, you still around? Your music is derivative and was done better 30-40 years ago. And if we ever meet and speak, yes, I would like fries with that.

  • mjkbk

    So. Beautiful teenage girl hooks up with charismatic, controlling older man. Then, once she actually grows up, she rebels and tries to escape the relationship.

    When has THAT ever happened before?

  • emily

    what that girl ever saw in that freak is beyond me anyway :(


  • chadmack