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Rachel Bilson Banks On Business

Rachel Bilson Banks On Business

Rachel Bilson leaves an office building after a business meeting in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Hayden Christensen and Rachel went to the polls and voted together for Barack Obama in LA.

In her interview for the November 2008 cover of InStyle UK, Rachel said, “Getting dressed is a creative expression. Acting and fashion are my two passions, and to be able to live out both of them is pretty incredible.”

10+ more pics inside of Rachel Bilson banking on business…

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rachel bilson office 03
rachel bilson office 04
rachel bilson office 05
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  • salma

    i love her she’s so sweet

  • Jijna

    The election is over now, can we just get back to celebrities as this website was meant for?

  • bonnie

    Why does she get photographed so much? She hasn’t had a big hit since O.C and she’s not really a good actress anyway. Yeah, she has that indie movie coming up but I think people just like her because she’s cute.

    Cute outfit, btw.

  • toni

    Why does this girl (not woman as that implies some maturity) never comb her hair? Why does she only wear flats with Hayden and heels when she is by herself. Not liking the brown boots with her black dress and white coat.

    I think she voted because she thought Paris Hilton was running.

  • Justin

    She gets photographed so much because she is an actress, beautiful, cute, a real role model, NOT wasted all the time, NOT dumb, NOT a pot smoker,
    She does have 2-3 movies in stock..thank you very much!
    She has perfect hair. She still looks prett y and not a hag combed or uncombed.
    and i completly beleive that she dosent need to explain to you wat shoes she wears…

    I cant beleive it!!..I mean u haters!!..u pooor pooooor jealous haters!!
    Dont have anything so pawning on her for wat kind of shoes she wears!!! Gawd ur pathetic.

    GET OVER IT!…She is GOOD!
    She deserves to be famous and she is a good actress…

  • mack

    who is she, she is so mediocre looking, someone’s secretary?
    these legs should be covered with something longer

  • sue

    can’t wait for retarded children from her and her bf hayden

  • yeah

    acting and fashion? you suck at both! you dont deserve what you have!! thank daddy for what you have !

    waaay too much makeup by the way. why you hiding? cannot stand her eye makeup. looks like a hooker

  • pam

    “Acting and fashion are my two passions”. She’s a passionate copycat for sure.

  • hypocrite

    Business meeting? For such a crappy actress that can’t even get a decent film she sure does have A LOT of business meetings to go to. What business does she have? Shouldn’t she have her publicist, agent or lawyer do business for her? I think she is partaking in a little of the casting couch business that’s what it is. That’s why she looks so disheveled. Who looks like the just rolled out of bed to go to a business meeting? Oh, wait. She did just roll out of bed – with a casting director. LOL

  • lisaB.

    @justin..sweetie there isn’t anything to be jealous of about her. if you’re so sure that we’re ”jealous” than why try to hard to put US down?? first of all she’s a terrible actress. also it’s a little pathetic that she pretends to be in a relationship with hayden just to get camara time.
    why is this girl getting so much attendtion anyway?? she’s not in a tv series anymore and i don’t think she’ll be appearing in any movies. so wtf?? she’s not even that pretty!! i would expect this much attendtion towards miley or paris hilton..good greif…

  • rachel_*love1

    @Justin thank you for your kind words! I’m so tired over the haters aaaa!
    She looks so pretty in these pics. Love her hair and her face. However I’ll always adore her! Yeah she has a great style and she is NO copycat!!! Never saw her that she was copy somebody!

  • sue

    can’t stand this pretentious stupid midget with nothing to offer but her subservient behavior with her boy friends
    no brains no talent no looks
    retarded midget

  • pretty

    She hasn’t too much make-up.@yeah.You haters are just pathetic. No words can explain you brainless kids

  • Library lady

    Gee unwashed hair, not combed majority of the time. throws on whatever is clean that day. and is seen shopping at liquor stores and snack shops gee can someone say stoner..Just b/c you don’t see her do it doesn’t mean she isn’t..BFF is known to toke and drink etc..and she does too so wake up Justin and smell the weed buring as for the movie yea she hasn’t worked that in almost a month and guess they realized she is not an actress that they thought she would be NO movies is done in a week’s time..that or her part was very small.

  • pretty

    Is it forbidden to be little/small??? Do you have no other problems?? STOP BASHING RACHEL! She has a great personality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unlike you

    Stupid haters……………………………………………………………………………………….


    I love Rachel! So pretty cute! awwwwwwww! RACHEL&HAYDEN


    for the stupid lisaB.

    you will see her in “NY I love you” and “waiting for forever”

  • katie

    Love her style

  • toni

    Just noticed that she is carrying money. Must be payday for the photogs.

  • twah

    She’s really not that great…but she is very pretty, and she does seem sweet.
    At least she’s 100 000 000x better than Miley Cyrus or the other pathetic Disney retards

  • yeah

    umm yeah she is wearing a lot more foundation, its caked on. her eye makeup is whore makeup. im not a hater, i call it like i see it. if you dont like it go somewhere else. im savoring freedom of speech as long as i can before you obama-nites take away that right too

  • Team RB

    Rachel owns you all

  • Are You Serious?

    @ 5

    She has only two movies in the can. In one of them, the early reviews for her are not positive at all. In fact, everyone who seen the early screening called her performance forgettable. Good actress, hardly. A role model? What has she done that is exactly worthy of her being a role model. Does she work hard at her craft? No. She said so herself that she waits for the right roles to come to her. She doesn’t have it like that, but apparently she thinks she does. Is Shopping the reason why she’s a “role model?” That’s all she does is shop and get photographed doing useless things. And the latter is because her PR people give photo agencies her to do list. And if she’s a role model because she wears cute clothes and shops at Barney’s, some of you seriously have your priorities screwed up. She’s done absolutely nothing to get the type of A list attention that she gets. Nothing at all. And for anyone that still doesn’t believe that this girl is a media whore, you’re a fool. If you still believe that her people don’t call the paps you’re a fool. Why is it that more important people who live and work in LA can hide and go about their business? Yet Rachel Bilson is photographed almost ten times a week. And the times you don’t see her on JJ, she’s on some other gossip site. Or on a fan site, and the pictures were never bought. Or on a site that the public has no access to. And when people call her a fame whore, they’re called haters. Well what would you call a C lister who isn’t doing anything, yet gets all this attention. she’s not falling out of clubs drunk, not smoking pot as you say. She’s boring, uninteresting. But she still gets this type of attention.

    She lives for this stuff, she doesn’t want to be known for her body of work. She’s working the fame angle by being photographed all the time. And you people just eat it up like she deserves all the attention, and like someone is picking on her. Well we talk crap about Paris Hilton and all the other people who have paps follow them around. But Rachel gets a pass? Why? Because she’s “cute” and she would never stoop to the level of calling paparazzi? But people are picking on her for calling her out like we do every other celebrity? Some of you seriously need to wake up. Anyone who gets photographed more than all of young Hollywood put together, people who actually work and get accolades for it, and this person has done absolutely nothing, is obviously paying people off.

    A lot of the photos that are taken of her don’t even end up on JJ. And I’m sure if everyone knew just how many times she’s really been photographed, you wouldn’t be so quick to call people who call her out haters. oh and for all the people that don’t think she’s a fame whore because she’s not photographed falling out of clubs drunk and all that other stuff. Please wake up and soon. Not everybody does that to get attention. Candids are the way to go, really. You learn a lot interning for photo agencies. She’s no better than the other media whores in this town. She’s just cute and bubbly, so people think nothing of it when they see her 6 times a week. Oh and the days you don’t see her at all. She’s either out of town, or she’s taking a break. You do know that is possible right? Actually not being seen? Bigger stars practice that everyday.

    But I guess I’m just a hater right? LOL

  • still Team RACHEL

    @24 are you serious somebody reads ur b*llshit?
    Something for you all. Are these girls all midgets????

    Rachel Bilson 5’2″
    Sophia Bush 5’4″
    Vanessa Hudgens 5’1″
    Hayden Panettiere 5’1″

    I’m 24yrs. 5’4 so I’m a midget too! wuhuaaaaaaa! So terrible for me.. *eyesroll*

  • sue

    still retarded midget with no looks or brains or talent

  • Oh Please


    Please, you’re preaching to the choir here. The person underneath you is proof. This place is made up of delusional Rachel fans who think that she deserves all the attention she gets. “Leave Rachel alone, she’s great and has done so much, she deserves the attention.” Then there’s the hateful Hayden fans who say nasty things. Yes, most of us with a brain can see that she tips people off. But you don’t have to get nasty about it, if people want to be stupid and believe she’s the second coming of Angelina let them. That’s their stupidity and cruelty isn’t going to change their minds. Then there’s the equally delusional Hayden fans who swear that Rachel couldn’t possibly be using him. And she couldn’t possibly be calling the paps, “NO WAY!” And he’s too smart to allow it to happen. Hmmmmm, his track record says otherwise. When it comes to women he’s clueless. Sienna used him to numb the pain of breaking up with Jude. Someone should have told him it was just a fling, because he clearly fell for the girl. Lola, I actually liked her. She was intelligent, beautiful, had great things going for her. But she did befriend a gossip columnist and spill details of their relationship to her, and pulled a drama queen act when said gossip columnist would write things about him/them. What did you expect? She also had a very public Myspace where she spilled details about their sex/home life. And swore she didn’t want attention. Yet you keep your Myspace public? Yeah OK. And now there’s Rachel “I’m private, yet I’m photographed doing absolutely nothing 6 times a week” Bilson……Yeah, he’s way too smart to be used and fall for a woman that would do so. The way I see it, that’s three strikes right there.

    And the hateful Hayden fans call Rachel dumb. Well Hayden’s just as dumb. I like the guy, but he is stupid.

  • rachel_fan

    @ 25

    don’t forget to include:

    Shakira 4’11″
    Kristen Bell 5’1″
    Natalie Portman 5’3″
    Sarah Michelle Gellar 5’2″
    Shiri Appleby 5’1″
    Nicole Richie 5’1″
    Eva Longoria 5’2″

    and a lot more…
    so i guess Hollywood is full of midgets huh? LOL


  • sarah


    Umm you are # 25. So you’re responding to yourself, lol. You should have covered better. You could have at least had some typos to make it look like you’re someone else. Why do people do that here? Reply to, or agree to their own posts under different names? You can’t say what you have to say under one name? Or are you afraid no one will agree with you? I don’t get it.

  • elo

    Jared shouldn’t overexpose Rachel too much or it will backfire on her. Everyone will get sick and tired of her and nobody will take her seriously as an actress. Celebrities need to have an air of mystery about them.

  • cew

    WTF? Why is she on here every. single. day? She’s doing nothing interesting here. YAWN

  • cutie

    She’s beautiful! :-)

  • atlqueen

    Wow! With all the hate!

    Like I said before it sounds like jealousy. Just pure born freakin jealousy and that’s why I hate responding. She does nothing at all (in some of yous opinion) or she does a movie or two a year and ‘copies’ others designs and gets paid a lot of money for it. I guess I’d hate it too if I were a hater. I’m not so I won’t. And to waste so much time typing in hateful words must be so exhausting (#24). LOL! Jeez girl, get a grip. Put all that passion into something useful!

  • sugar sawce

    Rachel is so cool, love her style!!! i heard she’s working with stylista Kira PLastinina .. can’t wait to see what comes of that!!! ; )

  • sharon

    ugh she has the same dress and tights on from yesterday just different shoes and jacket everyone comments on hayden not changing his clothes guess she does as well .

  • sharon

    (getting dressed is a creative expression) as i commented earlier same dress from yesterday guess making a creative expressiion.

  • sue

    ratchel the midget retard is perfect for dumb trashden
    both talentless
    both losers
    i think they are good for each other, perfect match
    the fact that he made more movies does not matter anymore, his experience is erased by being with stupid ratchel for 2 years
    now they are equal =losers

  • Molly

    Umm, hello it says Tuesday the same day that she voted so of course she would be wearing the same thing, she just changed her shoes to something more professional (not in my opinion but that might be what she was thinking). I’m thinking Hayden went with her to the polls because she had a meeting that afternoon and he needed the car while she was in her meeting. So, instead of sitting in the car while she voted and be hounded by photogs, he went inside with her.

    The only thing that doesn’t add up regading their relationship is that they share a car in LA. How come he doesn’t have his own vehicle in LA? The both can more than afford another vehicle.

  • sharon

    @38 if you look at the top of the post its wed 05 08 at 7:51 AM yesterday post says tuesday 04 at 5:43 pm big time difference dont you think??

  • cheryl cole is so pretty

    i love rachel so much
    i really like how she dresses as well but i always hate her shoes/boots

  • @39

    You’re an idiot.

  • real world

    I agree with #24 and 27 why do she have to have pictures of her every week when she don’t be doing nothing.Like i said previous i don’t hate her.And atleqeen don’t you start on me about my opinion.I don’t believe hayden was with her at all. why do people have excues for him when he don’t be with her.I see he didn’t say her boyfrrirnd this time.what happen to him saying that.Isaw everyone on tv but them taking going to the polls not them. Maybe he didn;t want to be seem with her. About the car thing guess he don’t want to get one cause he don’t stay long enoughAlso hayden can’t vote here anyway he’s not a citizen of LA he lives in canada.Maybe she came home to vote and she is the lead in the movie.Which i don’t understand why she leaves all the time.

  • still Team RACHEL

    thanks @ #28 ;)
    everyone just talking b.llshit. the pics are all from Tuesday! dumb dumb dumbass haters.
    Love Rachel for ever! Stop bashing her. tz!

  • still Team RACHEL

    real world,
    are you on every rachel post to bash her????? And what the heck are you doing??? Nothing – or just spread hate here!

  • still Team RACHEL

    THANKS JustJared for Rachel posting. I’m a big fan and happy when I see new pictures :)

  • newport beach, 92660

    She has the best fashion sense , i look up to her for my clothes and outfits , Rachel annd Audrey Hepburn , even though she ‘ s dead ; she still has the best fashion sense anyone could every hope to have

  • FrankJames

    Damn, she’s beautiful.

  • Molly


    The date and time stamp at the top are the date and time the post was made on the internet, not the date and time the picture was taken. JJ clearly states it was Tuesday she had her meeting and Tuesday was voting day. Same day, same outfit.

  • antwacky

    Latest thread STILL pouring all negative.

    Tsk… such a poor gnome. The crippled, co-dependent & never-ever-been actress just can’t get a damn break!

  • Kendra

    You guys are aware there are mush, much more important things in the world and in life than clothes and fashion sense and those things ARE NOT worthy of being looked up to because those things really have no merit or weight on what gets someone through life and this world successfully, right? You can have the so-called greatest fashion sense in the world but still can’t do sh*t and make a difference that’s influential enough to actually change society, how it treats people and handles things. Sure, everyone wants to make a good first impression and not look like a slob but it’s only proverbial wrapping paper. You do have to back it up. Fashion and someone’s fashion sense are just illusions. It really doesn’t tell anyone much of anything because what it can signal to others can be a deception. It happens all the time. I wouldn’t put much stock in fashion people, the fashion industry/designers, models and those who worship clothes and trends because 1. they aren’t truly being themselves because they deal in illusions and 2. they don’t really have the power punch to back up the glitz and glamour of the outside presentation. I really do hope you guys get all that.