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Suri Cruise is Ladybug Lovely

Suri Cruise is Ladybug Lovely

Katie Holmes takes 2-year-old daughter Suri (in 3.1 Phillip Lim) for a walk around rainy New York City on Wednesday night. The mother-daughter duo made a stop at baby gap.

How cute is Suri holding her very own ladybug umbrella??

OK! magazine is reporting that a baby brother might be on the way for Suri.

Katie and [husband Tom Cruise] very much want another baby,” a source reveals. “There may be no better time than now for Katie to get pregnant again and absolutely nothing would make Tom happier.”

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suri cruise ladybug umbrella 01
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 02
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 03
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 04
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 05
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 06
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 07
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 08
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 09
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 10
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 11
suri cruise ladybug umbrella 12

Credit: Mauceri/Daniel; Photos: INFdaily
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  • buckeyegurl

    Very cute. That little girl needs a sibling so she can learn to interact with humans.

  • pup


  • hannah

    I live in california and my 2 year old son went to playschool today wearing a long sleeved thermal and a nice warm jacket with jeans and a hat. this baby is wearing a very thin dress practically 3 quarter length. If the child argues about apparel you say tough,if dont wear a jacket, we aren;t leaving the house. They need to take a stand and make this little girl wear warmer clothing!! I see shes holding a jacket so she at least tried to have suri wear it.

  • Rayan

    Oh my gosh!!! Is she really actually wearing a long sleeve dress AND pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    *applause* for Katie for finally dressing her appropriately.

  • Kel

    You have to admit, they did a better job clothing her then what we have been seeing.

  • Dani

    Awful outfit on Katie. She has a pooch on her stomach. Pregnant?

  • tom c

    Mushroom hair
    Mushroom hair
    Mushroom hair
    Mushroom hair
    Mushroom hair

  • piperwest

    The oufit she is wearing was actually fine for todays’ weather in NYC. The air was humid and not chilly at all. So for once Katie did well in dressing her. I love Suri’s red nails and that she looks more comfortablle with the paps.

  • denise in NJ

    OMG, she makes the best faces…especially when Mom tries to kiss her. It is nice to see both of them dressed more appropriately. And BTW, my daughter would only wear a long sleeve cottown t shirt today and we are even cooler than NYC. So I think she is dressed fine…

  • postwatcher

    Yes We Can!

    We did it everyone.

    We changed the way Katie dresses Suri!

  • SP NC

    What an adorable child. She is lucky to have such a loving mother who is clearly very attached to her and spends a lot of time with her rather than dumping her with a nanny. Suri will grow up feeling loved and secure. Suri’s little dresses, accessories and outfits are as cute as she is…lovely, lovely child!

  • me

    Katie is playing up to the paps. You can also tell lately that Suri is being coached to smile at the paps. Her smiles look awkward. Seems Katie must be reading about how happy Violet always is and she is trying to make Suri look the same way.

  • Shawna

    #10 – yes, I’m sure it is all because of Just Jared. *eyes rolling* Maybe it is just that the weather is cooler now and Suri complained of being cold. The child can talk you know and if she had been freezing those other times I’m sure she would have made it known. Anyways…

  • chloe

    Suri looks adorable here. I am glad to see she is wearing more weather appropriate clothing. They look like they are having a wonderful time together.. Katie looks happier than we have seen her look in a while. Cute photos.

  • katty

    Katie shopped at The Gap? And she’s wearing Converse sneakers? Maybe she is slowly coming down to earth again.

  • tessla

    Who’s sperm are they going to employ for the second child? We know this one was not TC’s as he shoots blanks.

  • mar

    # 10 LOVE your comment!!! classic…

    WE CAN

  • Shawna

    #16 – unless you’ve had personal contact with Tom’s genitalia and also taken his sperm sample to a urologist then you do NOT know that. The idiocy on this board always amazes me.

  • kprocks89

    aww, cutie.

  • boogie

    #16 & 18….LOL

    will it be twins or triplets for Tom and Katie next ?

    (rolls eyes)

  • Yes

    It is not like Suri is adorable but the little girl ooks the cutiest in all pictures of her that are taken in the night time.. In the day pictures not so much usually . Katie is doing good on this one.

  • doc

    Is Katie mentally challenged or something?

    The objective in dressing a child is to protect them from the elements–cold, heat, wind, rain…snow–not to dress them for a fashion show. Granted, this outfit is more protective than the parade of Easter dresses that Suri has worn lately sans tights or a sweater, yet the child is still cold. Not to mention that she isn’t wearing anything waterproof.

    This isn’t so hard. Or is it Katie?

  • Yes

    It is not like Suri is not adorable but the little girl looks the cuties in all the pictures of her that are taken in the night time .In the day pictures not so much usually. Katie is doing good on this one.


    Katie, please stop.

    Just stop.

    This is the third dress you’ve designed for Suri and it shows.


    Just stop.

  • Kath

    OK isn’t a magazine, it’s a tabloid filled with paparazzi pics and BS.

  • cari

    Fact: A ‘two year old’ does not have that many teeth.
    Just sayin…

  • Jen1

    So adorable. What a cute outfit. Suri! And we must get that umbrella for my niece. :)

  • Awwww

    Fact: Suri will be 3 this coming month(off the record) and on the Record in five months. She has plenty of teeth(unless scientologists take them for some reason) and she should be able to speak in complete sentences as well as be potty trained. Of course who knows if any of these are true statements for Suri.

    On a positive note it is so good to see that Katie is getting a little closer. She still is not quite there. Katie, honey, remember however you would dress for the weather is how you should dress Suri.

    I do like that she is being taught to be less fearful of the Paps. I am in agreement that Katie has seen all the positive responses that Violet gets. I am guessing that next week we will also see Suri going to the book store????

  • anna

    It’s none of our business how this woman dresses her child. Why do you all care so much?

  • Lisa

    Suri is so cute holdlng that ladybug umbrella. I bet she really likes it, plus it matches her red nail polish too. Is she wearing leggings or pants or tights? It’s hard to tell since it’s so dark in the pictures. I am pleased that Katie finally dressed her appropriate for the weather just like most of you posted as well.

    Also, Suri’s hair is starting not to look so freshly cut and it looking cuter day by day too.

  • Katie tells Suri

    Katie tells Suri in the pictures:

    “Suri. Listen. If you dont smile and play along with the Paps… Uncle Tom is going to take you to be reprogrammed. You know how we dont want to be reprogrammed. So pretend for Mommy that you are having fun and are normal. Remember Xenu is watching”

  • ssa

    sooooo cute

  • usana

    God bless them

  • Hcsd

    Finally pants!!!

  • reese

    some haters will be always losers till the end

    judgements about sweaters, what’s next?????


  • anonymous

    cutest mom
    and baby

  • market


  • karma

    trolls saying nasty things about this child and family
    only reflects their bad miserable family and life

  • Rayan

    @ #26 (cari)

    You’re kidding right ??? A 2 year old has all their teeth but the molars.. just around their 3rd year they should start getting their back molars…

    You’re ridiculous.. She’s 2 1/2 and she looks like she is.

  • Arthur Curry

    That’s stupid, #1. There are plenty of sibling-less people out there that are perfectly fine. What an idiotic and offensive thing to say.

    I knew you’d do this, #3. She has long sleeves and pants after weeks of whining and STILl you’re trying to nit-pick things. It wasn’t even that cold.

    I highly doubt that she needs to copy anyone to be a good mom, #12.

    You’re right, #13. I knew idiots like #10 would actually take credit for this. If anonymous strangers on the internet really did have an effect on this woman, she’d have put something on her soon not wait an entire month.

    And that’s obviously Tom Cruise’s kid.

    And you know she’s cold how exactly, #22? She told you? Quit nit-picking. She’s dressed perfectly fine.

    Her birthday is in April and those conspiracy theories are false, #28.

    She COULD be potty trained but TomKat, for reasons that are there own, haven’t done it yet.

    Not there yet? Who are you to tell her how to parent her child? Mind your own kids. She should dress HER kid however she feels she should be dressed.

    Quit accusing her of copying people already. It’s silly. And why is she copying Jennifer Garner? Weren’t you comparing her to Michelle Williams too?

    Exactly, #29. They think because there are pictures of her public life out there they have a right to judge them.

    Get a life, #31.

  • Dyle

    suri is just too cute!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..okay, it’s official: suri cruise is the best dressed celeb child alive.

    she’s so adorable.. LOL

  • katie n

    Suri looks absolutely gorgeous in the photo where she is holding the umbrella and looking straight at paps. Nice photos.

  • dog

    i echo the loveliness sentiments for them

  • thanks jj

    heartwarming pictures

  • iLOveSuri

    HA! I was right all along everythime they take Suri out it’s really for photo op. This bug umbrealla thing is really for showing off to us how cute little Suri. We get it Katie. Enough pimping your daughter.

    Yeah after months of talking why Suri never wear pants and why Suri doesn’t wear warm cloths, finally it slightly got into this robot mother’s brain. And yet Suri is still not yet wearing any jacket. Boy, she is a slow learner.

    Do you know why robot Katie always dress Suri in oversized dress? Because they don’t want us to see how tiny Suri is. I bet Suri isn’t eating well. She only eats when she feels like it. Princess Suri rules.

  • jo

    46 is crazy. violet is skinnier than suri. yea, katie pimps her kid because she knows freaks like you love to see pics of her and commenting on them.
    PS you are a robot yourself.

  • EYE

    She’s got a crazy eye in that one pic.

  • rc


  • bess

    Its obvious Suri is so happy and she is the world of Tom and Katie.