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Taylor Swift Shares Joe Jonas Heartache

Taylor Swift Shares Joe Jonas Heartache

Country superstar Taylor Swift was interviewed on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM radio show on Tuesday morning. (Earlier this morning, she warned girls to stay away from ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas in her latest video blog.)

The 18-year-old songstress tells Ryan about what she did on election day, how she loves talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, admits that she was dating Joe Jonas and how the breakup affected her: “I’ve written about [the breakup] and I write about my life…that’s just how I deal with things. It’s tough and it’s been tough.”

Taylor will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on November 11th, the same day her new album Fearless hits stores.

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71 Responses to “Taylor Swift Shares Joe Jonas Heartache”

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  1. 1
    tayyyy. Says:


  2. 2
    Kate Walsh Fansite Says:


  3. 3
    carly Says:

    wow is she that upset?

  4. 4
    dialectic Says:

    shes 18 so i get that break ups are the end of the world at that age but come on,im sure they dated for a month.

  5. 5
    brianna Says:

    Woah!!! he must have really hurt her to STAY away from Joe Jonas….hmmmmm i wonder that that would affect JB??

  6. 6
    yvonne Says:

    JARED, YOU SUCK! This is the 2nd topic on this Taylor/Joe thing and you still haven’t put up a topic about Kevin’s miestone 21st B-Day being today. Whatever!

  7. 7
    nicole Says:

    Wow I am getting SO sick of her. Seriously, get over yourself, he broke up with you, big deal, move on. She’s probably going to write ANOTHER song about this now, way to keep the pattern.

  8. 8


  9. 9
    charmaine Says:

    i’m sorry but she needs to get over it. i mean be mature about the situation and deal with it privately. it’s not the end of the world and being this upset about it and making it soo public is pretty low if you ask me… especially in the industry they’re both in. this causes unnessacary conflicts between fans and influences people to look negatively on him. it shouldn’t be that way at all.

    it’s safe to say that she is getting back at him in a big way which shows one up for any girl who got her heartbroken by her dream boy, but it also makes her look somewhat pathetic to make such a big deal about it. if that makes sense?

  10. 10
    blah Says:

    Wouldn’t you be upset if Joe Jonas broke up with you?
    Give the girl a break.

    *I think it’s good she admitted it. Same goes for Miley, although Nick and Joe may be upset that Taylor and Miley told “everyone” they had a relationship with the two Jonas boys, I think it was good for them to be honest for a change. (Taylor has really been honest the whole way through though. She never once said she WASN’T dating Joe, she just said she’d be lucky to be dating him..)

    wow. long comment.

    oh! and i agree with yvonne about giving kevin a bday shoutout!
    he deserves one, jared.

  11. 11
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    WOW NUMBER 6 – GIVE JARED SOME TIME , he has OTHER stuff to worry about then JOE-JONAS ‘ S BIRTHDAY PARTY ? ^o)

    jared didn ‘ t post ZAC EFRON ‘ S BIRTHDAY party , because ; he had it PRIVATELY

    annd maybe JOE did too ?


  12. 12
    Unknown yo Says:

    They dated for publicity. gosh, just cuz she says stuff like that doesn’t mean its all true, it was PUBLICITY people

  13. 13
    Kriscott 43ver **** Says:

    TAY is on a role all the place by really opening herself here.
    AND all this time, she didn’t…
    I wonder what the JB’s would say, about all of this =/
    And yes, TAY found it heartbreaking, cuz JOE broke up with her, over the phone..since they weren’t seeing each other, for awhile.
    mmmm…im’ guessing their dated for like..1 – 2 months approx.
    Didn’t really last, cuz their so different, and so far apart. Basically what they want in a totally the opposite.

    stay away from joe?
    he won’t hurt us..cuz you just hurted him tay :S

    YIKES! this is the same move, miley made upon NICK, by telling everyone about their breakup. And also wrote tons of songs, within her album :S
    WHOA WHOA…she’s going to fast upon this =S
    And all this time, she wanted her status of a relationship was to be far away from the media, before it jeopardized their bond.
    NOW she’s taken full advantage of JOE’S needs and her suddenly telling everyone how it happened:S


    But JAYLOR didn’t last long..sadly..
    Not everyone wanted JAYLOR to last..wich is rude.
    totally jinxed there relationship.

    i feel bad she had to go through this, the hard way. EVEN from the JONAS BROS. Those guys are amazing..but this is just wrong & kinda understanding.
    You have to see it both sides.. not just blaming JOE for it all.
    He has is morals and intentions too..but i don’t think he’ll admit anything yet :S

    :O TAY wrote a song about JOE already?
    she should put it on her album ….

    Don’t choose sides.
    keep supporting :)

    Be a true fan, and show respect towards them both!<333

  14. 14
    k Says:

    F taylor swift. she looks like a rodent and honestly needs to just get over Joe! She didnt even deserve him in the first place!

  15. 15
    Janie Says:

    If you want privacy stop talking about what goes wrong in your personal life. I don;t think famous people get that sometimes.

  16. 16
    Janie Says:

    If you want privacy stop talking about what goes wrong in your personal life. I don;t think famous people get that sometimes.

  17. 17
    Janie Says:

    If you want privacy stop talking about what goes wrong in your personal life. I don;t think famous people get that sometimes.

  18. 18
    kAI Says:

    Umm ok, people are telling her to be mature?! So a few second phone call breaking up with someone is mature? Seriously, thats lame. TEAM TAYLOR! I love her & she will find an amazing guy out there!

  19. 19
    yvonne Says:

    TY BLAH! I’m happy that you think Kevin should get a shout out for hd birthday like I do

  20. 20
    cuddlybear96 Says:

    woah! i never thought she’d admit it..
    seems like shes really sad

  21. 21
    katie Says:

    get over it taylor
    ur actin stupid
    god everybody goes though it not just u
    i hope joe gets over u and finds someone better than u

  22. 22
    Swift river crew Says:
  23. 23
    lAUREN Says:

    Maybe Joe broke up with Taylor because they don’t have much in common

  24. 24
    jet' aime a:) Says:

    get over it stupid “blondie!”

  25. 25
    wtf... Says:

    WHAT THE F*CK Taylor. You dated for like what 4-5 months? Get a f*ckn grip. I hate when girls go on and on about breakups. Seriously, you’re teenagers. There are plenty more boys out there. And wtf do the JB do to the girls they date (Miley, Selena, Taylor…)? It seems like they’re always so depressed and sh*t afterward. It’s so annoying. And I know they wanna VENT or whatever, but if you are both in the spolight, then maybe it’s better to keep thing PRIVATE. It just seem immature and pathetic on their behalf, especially since the boys ignore them.

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