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Daniel Craig is Spain Sexy

Daniel Craig is Spain Sexy

Daniel Craig and his Bond girl costar Olga Kurylenko attend the photocall for their latest 007 movie, Quantum of Solace, at Las Arenas Hotel on Thursday in Valencia, Spain.

The 40-year-old British actor, who rocked out a Burberry ensemble, has been dating film producer Satsuki Mitchell for several years. He tends to see flaws in his Bond work, but Satsuki is still impressed. “I’m looking at myself and say, ‘I got away with that … I didn’t get away with that … I kinda got away with that.’ My girlfriend is more than forgiving,” he tells USA Today with a laugh.

40+ pictures inside of Spain sexy Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko

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Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • mike


  • lover

    I LOVE OLGA’S SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGG I WANT THEM SO BAD!!!:):) daniel craig is so sexxxxy

  • roma
  • olga

    Olga rocks!

  • pics

    JJ we Bond fans are so way ahead of you with pics…

  • eyes

    His eyes look swollen

  • too sexy for that suit

    hot as shit and sexy…he knows he’s don’t believe him when he says he doesnt in the


  • Dancer

    This man is hot! Remember all the nay-sayers who said he’d never make it as Bond? Wow were they wrong! Big Time!!!!

  • heywood jablomie

    Forget dim bulb Craig, look at Olga!

    Now there’s a fine looking woman…

  • sats

    Wheres the gf?

  • to 9

    He has morphed into Bond or at least he does when he puts on the suits..if you see him when he isnt posing for Bond, he’s not as swaggering (still hot though)…

    why do you call him dim-bulb?

    he needs to rethink some of the statements he makes though as he might be getting a little cheesy..all the posing with the gf too is a little overpowering…

  • sienna

    OMG!Daniel is sooooo HOT!Quantum of solace is such a perfect movie.Everybody should see it! Olga is beautiful too,and they would make a beautiful couple…She would be so much better for him than that ugly girlfriend of his Satsuki!

  • report of spanish premiere

    sats wore a teal one shoulder dress, dan pecked her on the cheek before he went to sign autographs…he spoke a few words in Spanish

    there were pics yet

  • bella

    Those shoes are crazy.

  • Lou Lover

    That man is cool. Simple as that!

    Olga is stunning I have to say. Gorgeous.

    Now my gf wants the shoes. Never ends.

    I see Tiger and Kitty have gone, hope you kitties are ok.

    Prate done.


  • bond in india
  • i see dead people

    im really starting to love olga
    she dressed up so nice

  • carly

    woah, those shoes look killin.

  • wow!
  • wow!

    Sats nailed it again, she is looking radiant all the way along here..she is a happy lady.

    Wearing loose fitting dresses a bit more now…???

  • sats

    Sats is radiant. I love her! They look great together, v happy..they are getting married soon thats why. She finally got him to marry!!!

  • Me

    daniel craig is the best looking actor on the planet, he makes George C. and Brad Pitt look like sloppy seconds!

  • couple

    they look great together, happier than they have ever been

  • snubbles

    He looks well and very happy……………

  • tammy


    THE SHOES…………………………..GROSS.

  • moore
  • Amber

    Loved Satsuki’s teal dress – something I would have chosen for myself – talented designer!!!!!

  • seen better

    The dress doesn’t look very becoming,rather like a huge green sack. She is blah

  • janice

    I think the dress is lovely but she does not wear it well like many of her choices. Daniel may find her attractive but she has the sex appeal of a wooden door.

  • tigerlily

    I’m still hanging around and reading all the comments Lou lover!! You don’t get rid of me completely you know!! ;)

    I’m glad there is not so many negative and nasty comments about Satsuki and her relationship with Daniel like there use to be.

    Satsuki looks absolutely stunning, she is so beautiful and i’m so jealous!! And she is smiling so much lately, doesn’t she have the most beautiful smile?
    Something has definitely happened in their relationship, i don’t know what but she is glowing with happiness. And it’s so nice to see Daniel showing her some affection, how could he not when she looks as beautiful as she does. Whatever has happened it seems to have done them both the world of good, they are relaxed and glowing with love and happiness. Tiger is a very happy kitty indeed!!

  • zoe

    olga looks great here. she always dresses exceptionally well but i would really get rid of tht grey string ‘scarf’ around her neck. anyhow, she looks beautiful.

    satsuki looks great. this is my favourite dress of her. teal is a great colour of her…but i wouldve like dthe dress to be a bit tighter.

  • to tigerlilly

    It looks like something has happened although maybe they were just as happy before but we didnt see it visually as much as they were nervous?

    I think they are enjoying themselves a lot more with this whole Bond thing but the “just yet” said by Sats’ father may indicate a wedding is pending.

    You think she’s wearing the looser dresses to hide something?

    There is a lot gossip coming out of London but until anything happens that’s just what it is really.

    I think that finally Daniel has committed and is going to marry her..I think the date was set only recently even though she was wearing that ring.

  • Defiance

    Premiere of Defiance

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 – 6:30 p.m. at the Cinerama Dome (as part of the AFI Fest), 6360 Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood.

    Daniel has to be there..poor man will be exhausted.

  • link to AFI

    The Europe premieres are done now so I think he maybe be flying straight back to the US for this???

  • pr

    Well we all knew they weren’t married in any top secret ceremony as no evidence was found and her father addressing the issue was because her family was plagued by newspapers etc. He had to set the record straight for them as well as Dan and Sats. It was becoming overwhelming as apparently that is all they are asked on the red carpet now. That and, “Are you pregnant?”.

    I think half the time why Sats is smiling is at these questions being thrown at her, probably finds it exciting and amusing.

    When a wedding happens, we will all know as the certificate will be found. The media are on standby.

  • becky

    did anyone see the pic of DANIEL AND OLGA on Getty images for the rome photocall, they kiss, but the pic is just as there about to.
    IS it NORMAL for two co-stars to kiss on (what looked like) the lips???

    they do look stunning together though.

  • to becky–253×190.jpg

    yes i saw the pic, just a familiar kiss between co stars.

    check this pic out of dan and sats

  • People’s SMA

    Sexiest Man Alive predictions!

  • People’s SMA

    I disagree though with lainey’s thoughts on Daniel. i dont think he would be uncomfortable with “having his flesh apear all over the newstands” considering what type of roles he’s done and being “intensely private” seems a little odd now considering he’s opening up a bit more.

    And the SMA cover will be revealed on the same day as QoS comes out!

    perfect timing!

  • olga
  • daniel lover

    To #33, if the premier of Defiance is on Nov. 9, if guess they changed their minds about delaying this movie. Today in my newspaper it said it will open here Dec. 12. Boy this is great, seeing QofS and then a little later Defiance. I agree with you Tigerlily, they look very happy and very much in love. Wonder what made them change so much from the last time??? Sats looks great and Daniel – well wonderful as usual and relaxed.

  • to dl

    maybe limited release on dec 12th?

    im confused too

  • Mr Craig

    I pray that Mr Craig does not get himself too overexposed here.

    After following his career since the early 90′s, he has played some very deep characters, in fact some of his best have been in the smaller indie films and TV (Geordie Peacock).

    He plays Bond very well but I hope he does not lose sight of where he started and the types of roles, I think, suit him far better.

    I know he divides his time between London and L.A. but hope that he does not, at some point, be totally seduced by H/Wood.

    I have seen Defiance and I was not blown away by his performance. Very forced in many places. he really overplayed the character. Too much anticipation in the scenes.

    But H/Wood is fickle and as he is one of the hottest actors of the moment he might be nominated for an Oscar.

    Mr Craig, please get back to the gritty edgy roles that made your name in the UK before Bond…playing the everyman/kitchen pizza boy not the muscle bound hero.

  • her job

    sorry, what does satsuki do for him professionally?

    i am still unclear on that. does she watch him in scenes and gives him feedback and looks for scripts?

  • another kiss in spain!
  • wow!

    they look so happy. she smiled NON STOP in spain

  • kittyduran

    where is kittyduran?

  • sats

    i am so jealous of her…lol..

  • clara

    satsuki is essentially a WAG

  • posts

    why so some posts not show up when they are posted? its annoying