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David Cook & Kimberly Caldwell: Still Going Strong!

David Cook & Kimberly Caldwell: Still Going Strong!

American Idol couple David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell hold hands after sharing a romantic lunch together on Thursday afternoon in Santa Monica, Calif.

David, 25, recently sat down with to talk about his self-titled debut CD that hits stores on Tuesday, November 18th.

On his ‘rivalry’ with Idol runner-up David Archuleta: “Hopefully, because that means Archie and I are hopefully still doing well! In a sense, it’s fun that that whole rivalry thing got created. If you put me in the same sentence with David Archuleta, I’ll be fine.

On his single “Light On”: “”Light On” is an interesting song. It encompasses almost all of my range. It’s all over the place. That’s Chris Cornell at his finest. It’s got some Zeppelin influence in it; it’s got some ’80s hair-metal influence; it’s got some grunge influence. To me it’s like a rock history lesson put into about a four-minute lecture. It’s fun to play, but it is definitely an intimidating song.”

On his comparison to Daughtry: “I didn’t let it get to me on the show, and I see no reason to let it get to me afterward. I just think this record is me, and if people want to compare it to Daughtry, awesome.”

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15+ pictures of David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell after their romantic lunch…

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  • RIP Julian!!!!

    Good for them.

  • WTH

    sorry i completely forgot about these two.

  • lalalala


  • anna

    they’re still going out?? I guess that’s cool.. I like david alot.. wish them all the best. :D

  • tammy

    Hollywood is pathetic.
    This guy sucks.
    No talent.
    Just made Simon and his gang lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Go away

  • Jessica


    I hope David SCRUBS his hands afterwards with ALL the detergents in the whole wide world….just to be sure and had STD CHECK-UPS AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK !!!!!

    You never know where SKANKWELL had been or with WHO….


  • deliah


    There are prettier SLUTS and whores in the streets

  • tia

    omg! who would have thought that this would last…..NOT ME! i still dont like her though

  • rtia

    I wonder how his mom feels about this.

  • pats

    Of ALL the LOSERS in the world WHY WHY WHY did he have to choose the UGLIEST, DUMBEST ,TRASHIEST ,CHEAPEST

    David , Carrie Underwood is 100000000000000000 times CLASSIER, PRETTIER AND TALENTED …PICK HER …PLEASE….

  • Kelly

    His mom is not so fond of Kimberly.
    It won’t last. He’s too much of a momma’s boy.

  • Trish

    OMG, two losers. So mismatched.

    What on god’s earth is he doing with Kim Caldwell. David Cook you are such a loser. Kim Caldwell has been banged more than my screen door.

    Don’t you know, she loves every minute of this, don’t kid yourself.

    Carrie Underwood is ten times better than that skank. And she really is a skank. Don’t be so naive fool.

  • nuckingfats

    Kimberly Caldwell looks so washed-up. The bottle-blonde hair makes her look so cheesy and cheap. And what’s with the flowered purse – on sale at KMart?? When will she realize that her 15 minutes are up. DAVID, DAVID, DAVID – you can do soooooo much better. Why settle for less — much, much less.

  • Jennifer

    Kim Caldwell sucks. I can not believe David Cook is dating this attention getter whore.

    I just loser total respect for David Cook and no way will I buy his CD after seeing this.

    And Cook is getting fat.

    Let’s see if she sticks around when he loses his hair… She has no career other than Idol and once Idol goes off the air, she is back to Texas…. that is why she is hanging on to money bags.

    She just killed the highlight and excitement of him winning the show.

  • tarra

    Damn, I can’t believe they are still together. I thought it was a casual thing at first. He could get so many women now, why go with the first one that slips him her phone number.

  • mandy

    She’s adorable. Glad he’s happy.

  • Callerz

    He rocks, I love him.

    Awwww they’re holding hands.

  • Krystle

    Eugh. Seriously David, have you no respect for yourself? She’s milking him for all he is worth. Her google stats and youtube hits have gone up thanks to dating him.

    Girls like her probably looked straight through back in the day. Now that he’s made it, she’s all over him. David probably just wanted to go to LA, f*ck a LA-blonde, and it’s too easy and he’s too much of a nice guy it off.

    She’s Idol alum, and easy. All he needs for now. But don’t expect this thing to last or be serious.

  • Tardless

    Yuk. Is it still Halloween? What is she wearing? It looks frightening. Her hair looks like a wig. Cook’s hair must be permanently sewn into that hat which seldom leaves his “generous” head. They are mismatched, she seems so much older yet very plain and hard, and that’s with all the makeup! What’s the deal with the waistcoats? They look like the rejects from some B Grade Cop TV show.

  • gmarie

    I can’t believe how people can use the anonymity of the internet to make such hateful comments about people that they’ve never even met. What possible motivation could you have to say such hurtful things about someone you don’t really know anything about. They seem happy together so just leave them be.

  • terry

    You people bashing Kimberly are pathetic! I’m sure that none of you have actually met either one of them so I don’t get where you feel like it’s your right to make such nasty, nasty comments about people you don’t know. David’s been with her for quite awhile now so, guess what? HE LIKES HER!! Get over it! I, personally, think she’s adorable and I’m happy if she makes David happy!

    Jennifer, you won’t be buying his CD now ?? Did you think he was going to be YOUR boyfriend if you bought his CD?? Who he dates has nothing to do with his music and here I thought the MUSIC was why people bought CD’s. And, now you’re calling him fat, too?? Get a life.

    And, Kelly, you’re friends with David Cook’s Mom?? She’s personally confided her feelings about Kimberly to you?? Doubt it. But, you think it’s okay to make as bold of a statement saying his Mom “isn’t so fond of Kimberly.” Nice.

    Hope they never read the crap some of you continue to write. All of you bashers seriously need to get some therapy to help you figure out why you think it’s okay to make these horrible comments about people you only know from seeing them on TV.

    I say good for them and congratulations to both of them for apparently finding happiness!

    David, you are the MAN, period!! And, Kimberly, you are gorgeous, funny, and talented!

    Love you both and love you together! Take good care of each other and please don’t pay attention to the people who make the hateful comments. There are PLENTY of us out here who are REAL fans and who think you both rock!

  • ashley

    She is pretty!! David Cook is cute too.. :)

  • karen

    David Cook is hot and talented and has a great sense of humor. Kimberly Caldwell is cute and sexy. She looks like a fun person from what I’ve seen of her on TV. They look happy together and make a cute couple. I hope they never see the hateful crap that has been posted here.

  • meg

    Glad to see they are having fun together. Wish David all the best with his new album. The little bits we’ve heard so far are great!

  • tAYLOR

    David is sooo hawt!!! Exactly my type! :)
    Kim is pretty. I think they are happy together, so good for them!

  • Jessica

    I’m very happy for them. David is very talented and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of his CD. Why can’t people just be happy for them. I don’t understand all the hate. I met him on tour this summer and he was one of the nicest guys and spent quite a bit of time talking to us.

  • sandy

    David is a really nice guy. I’m glad he’s happy. Can’t wait for his CD release. Saw him perform on Saturday Night Live and he was great.

  • Jenna

    David is great. Not a big fan of Kim, but eh, if they’re happy, they’ll last, if she’s bad for him, he’ll break it up sooner or later.

  • Donna

    Who is she? I only know him. She looks cute though.

  • Lee

    They are one adorable couple. I’m glad they’re still together after all the crap they get from some people.

  • sengels

    Awwwwww. It’s a shame that the haters are the first to jump all over this the second it comes out and get the first comments. The good news is that even though is sounds like it’s the whole internet , it’s the same damn dozen people every time. They are just pervasive and should be ignored… Most people are very happy for them.

  • Joeysgirl

    I’ll always love David Cook, no matter what, no matter that cheesy girl…I hate her.

    David Cook you deserve more…I give them another 6 months…nothing more

  • Cind

    Grosssssssss!!!! How old is she?????

  • jennifer

    In response to Terry, how old are you? 13?

    I’ll tell you what the problem is here. I am in my late 20′s, engaged and don’t give a hoot about David Cook as boyfriend material. I think he is grungy looking, is a dork, and is fat and on his way to going bald.
    Do you really think this chick wills stick around, hell no.

    I see many of you make up names here to repeat yourselves, trust me it has had an effect on his sales, and the buzz of him winning the show. You should hear some of the morning DJ’s, they think it’s laughable that he is dating a season 2 D List contestant. He should have stepped outside of Idol and immersed himself with young hollywood just to get his image out there first.

    Kim Caldwell is a tramp and a money hungry w h ore.

    When Idol goes off the air, she will have no job…she is not getting any gigs even now…just look at her calendar on her myspace…nothing.

    You don’t think she is worried about that? Of course she she is going to latch on the latest winner of Idol who is a major fool, for wasting his time with this chick.

    Go register at the new website below…we don’t pull any punches with Caldwell…

  • Carly

    no one has ever wasted thier time in 5 years with Caldwell. I wonder why? Her Cd has been shelved for 5 years, hmm, I wonder why? (no talent) so now she is going to try and put it out thinking Cook will back her… Trust me it won’t sell. She doesn’t come across likeable, but annoying. She is fake, and she longs to be rich and famous, her own words.

    Yeah, she is a cute bleached blond that blends in with every other Hollywood s k a n k….but she is arm candy, and that is it. No brains.
    She is street smart, and that is it and has only Idol experience.

    I read a comment where someone said, Justin Timberlake had class to date a classy girl like Jessica Biel, Mayer dating Aniston, she is liked, Tony dating Carrie and now Jessica…but for David Cook dating a former contestant who went no where…. spells Loser. He continues to associate himself with Idol by dating her…and he is losing credibility.

    Also, in 5 years, just look at Caldwell’s myspace, she only has like what 16,000 friends, in those years… doesn’t speak highly of her at all.

    David Cook gave the perception that he had brains, well, his brains sure are not in the right head…

  • Karen

    I did meet Caldwell, and she definitely is an attention getting “look at me” person. She craves the spotlight and wants to live a comfortable rich life.

    She was on a set for Idol Chat, and when the cameras were turned off, she was rude, and pushy, but as soon as they turned back on she acted all sweet and nice.

    Trust me, it’s a public persona… Cook can be a jerk too. I’ve met both of them… so maybe the two dumb asses deserve each other.

    I too have lost respect for David Cook since he started dating her, I expected so much more from him. A girl I know went to school with Cook and she said he and his brother were the biggest dorks…

  • Mc

    Oh… I really love David Cook- he’s sooo cute!!! His gf is pretty, love the hair..

  • Lara

    Wow, this place is a cesspool of ignorance and unfair judgment.

    These two are adorable. Good luck to them.

    I would hope that people are intelligent enough to realize that meeting someone for a few minutes does not translate into having an understanding of their character.

  • lil

    broken heart !!!
    I still cant accept this….
    love Dave and Carrie !!! but… it’s just a drrreeammmm lol

  • Anne

    Kimberly is hot!!! David is clearly happy with her. Hope they stay together for a long time.

    Jennifer, you’re a loser! I bet you don’t even have sex. Stop bashing othr women and other’s people life.

  • JoshM

    Great couple. He’s a great dude and she’s a very nice girl.

    LOL The I won’t buy is CD cause he’s dating her is just crap. Those people never liked David to begin with. He’s in this for the music. If what you care his who he’s dating that you realy never cared and were never a fan. SO I’m sure he’d glad you won’t be buying his CD. Who wants fans like that? No one.

  • dianel

    I’m happy for them nice looking couple

  • davidcookfan

    They look good together, luv them.

  • terry

    Wow, Jennifer – for someone who is apparently NOT a David Cook fan, you sure are spending alot of time and effort to be sure to bash him and his girlfriend. Even promoting a bashing forum!

    Me, 13 ?? Hardly. I think that your comments are much more in line with the junior high set.

  • katie

    David Cook is a nice guy and maybe he dates people based upon their warmth, quick wit, sense of humor and fun rather than on their resume. He obviously cares for Kimberly and is a gentleman and someone who makes a commitment. They are both just mid twenties so who knows if it will last, but he is happy and she seems adorable so they should have fun.
    And girls, even if he doesn’t date her, he will not date you, so let him do the choosing!

  • nicole

    muhahaha, picture 16 – it looks like they’re arguing.
    good. keep it up.

    LOVE him, but hate her. xD

  • blahasd

    That woman is sooo lucky. I’d do anything to have him.
    Not a fan of herm but I’m happy that David’s happy :)

  • alexis

    Kim made her trashy reputation herself with her pictures, interviews and wh**ing around the male Idols every year (which seems to have finally paid off.) I’m his age and no girl I know would touch him after he’s been with her. Protection and prenup, David.

  • shirley

    dont judge her by the pictures,she is not the only one who has posed for that magazine.Why accuse her for what you really dont have proof of. All that matters they look happy together. All you haters stand back. Why hunt for everything David and Kim to respond to. Get a life .

  • classy

    It’s so annoying to see David fans or just people in general bash the hell out of this girl for things they have no idea on…

    And if she’s supposedly hit up this Idol dating pool for fame, that makes no sense. Maybe one person from each year of Idol is remember 30 seconds after the show ends, if that. She had said in numerous interviews that she liked David since the Hollywood rounds, practically. She hasn’t spoken about the relationship to any press. Yeah, she’s really milking the relationship, alright.

    Sure, her album isn’t out yet but to say she isn’t working, isn’t giving her credit. According to her website, she’s hosting some new CBS show and an upcoming MTV show. Plus, I heard she’s hosting Idol Tonight again this year so she’ll have that, too. And she filmed a mini series recently. Wow, yeah, she’s really not doing anything.

    Girls are catty as hell and these comments are great illustration of that. That girl doesn’t deserve one-fifth of what is being thrown her way just for dating this guy. I’m sure she’s really enjoying all this unfair judgement thrown upon her by a jealous fanbase.

    And I met her once and she was really, very sweet. I have a pretty good bullshit radar and she didn’t even ping it.

    Grow up. Thank you and good night.