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Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call

Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call

Taylor Swift confirms she was dumped by Joe Jonas over the phone in a record 27-second call in October.

Ellen DeGeneres says on her talk show (airing Nov. 11), “He broke up with you on the phone? That’s not right.”

Taylor responds; “It’s all right – I’m cool. You know what, it’s like, when I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.”

Ellen was shocked by Taylor‘s honesty, saying, “No, you did not. Aw, snap!”

Taylor continued, “I’m sorry. I had to. [The split] was, like, a record, I think, for how quick. I looked at the call log – it was like 27 seconds. That’s got to be a record.”

When Ellen asks Taylor if she’d date Joe‘s brothers, Kevin or Nick, she said, “Oh my gosh! Probably not!”

Taylor also took to her MySpace Celebrity page to dispel pregnancy hearsay: “I read a very creative rumor this morning saying I’m pregnant, which is the most IMPOSSIBLE thing on the planet. Take my word for it. Impossible.”

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  • LANA

    why do I get this feeling that the purity ring is just used as an excuse to be a total d*ck??

  • luverofjoejonas

    so sad….but i wish joe talk to her in person not on a recorded call

  • Pauline

    not so sure Joe would like the whole talking about their relationship. but hey, he’s a man, famous or not that does not surprise me so much. he’s what? 18? they do that… anyway, team Taylor! i love her honesty and sarcasm!

  • ally

    kay honestly. i LOVE joe and all but
    ths just shows that smetmes..ppl arent who they say are..
    but i dnt think kevin is like that honestly. maybe nick and joe can
    be jerks but not kevin hes the romanitc one, and u can see it
    poor taylor hunni ull be fine. HISS loss:)

    after all ive siad, i just wanna let u no
    I STIL LOVE JB. but they need 2 fix it:)

  • rashley

    i dont like joe anymore, but i do still love their band, the JB

  • C

    Taylor is gorgeous. too bad for Joe.


    what the fck has this gotta do with miley ?!
    why the fck is everyone teaming up ?!
    go get a life. its not your problem okay. you dont need to stick yo fcking ass up into their life.
    FCK OFF !


    what the fck has this gotta do with miley ?!
    why the fck is everyone teaming up ?!
    go get a life. its not your problem okay. you dont need to stick yo fcking ass up into their life.
    FCK OFF !

  • joedefender

    Honestly I have never liked taylor swift, and i do feel bad that she was hurt by the break-up, but the thing is joe WASNT EVEN IN AMERICA when they broke up. and he was raised better than to just call a girl randomly and break up with her.

    obviously something more happened that no one but them knows about. which is how it should be. she needs to stop bad mouthing joe and trying to make herself look like little miss victim. none of the jonas brothers have ever publicly come out with their girlfriends, let alone bash them after a break up. funny how she has SO many songs about all the different guys that “broke her heart”. ever think that maybe SHE is the one with the problem?
    i guess what im really trying to say is that if 27 seconds is all it took to get rid of her, there has to have been a pretty good reason.

  • Genevieve

    He’s gay. Duh. I mean seriously, he is.

  • vanessa

    okay, honestly she needs to grow up a just realize that it wasnt meant to be! geeze!XD

  • DarkEmpress

    I love her, she reminds me of nicole kidman, she is so beautiful and honest.

  • DarkEmpress

    I love her, she reminds me of nicole kidman, she is so beautiful and honest.

  • kblee64

    You know the day Joe broke up with Taylor me and my dad found an article on AOL and my said Joe was a jerk and so insisable and then my brother agreed I just laughed and i told me friend she laughed too but like it’s not Joe’s fault that he broke up with her over the phone he was in Europe at that time and they weren’t working out very well. and with Nick and Miley they were fighting so yeah. Alos Joe doesn’t like telling ppl in their face. Last don’t get me wrong though
    I Love The Jonas Brothers
    Taylor Swift and
    Miley Cyrus so yeah =D

  • selENA





  • selENA

    woah joe, that is low
    wow im suprised
    i hate them now
    poor taylor

  • Rita Jons


  • joe jonas luveer :]

    god people get over it.its not like he freekin texted it to her or got someone to tell her FOR HIM !!!!!!! ;)

  • Chris

    I kind’ve wonder how long Joe will stay as one of Taylor’s top Evri connections. The re-occurring rumors really won’t help though –×21904.html

  • adrianna

    Either way u look at getting dumbed in 27 seconds sucks. who cares if hes famous he didnt even explain why in that short of time so hes still a jerk!!!!!!

  • jesslovesjobros

    I love the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift.
    First of all Joe broke up with her because of his management told him to, because appreantly they were a ‘sex symbol’. Their manager is their father, so Joe obeyed his father and I’m pretty sure that it was so Taylor , him and his brothers wouldn’t get their career screwed up. He wasn’t being a jerk, it was so that no one’s career would get into jeoprady.
    I still love the Jonas Brothers, and I also like Taylor Swift =]

  • Christena Moore

    I can understand Taylor being hurt and it is hard breaking up but has anyone ever thought that joe was hurting two over this and taylor is bashing and making joe look bad ,she even said she would not want to work with the jonas brothers again , that makes all of them look bad and i don’t really think she should of broudcasted it so much becasue it thier personal life and am sure joe feels bad about it all but what could he do he was obeying his father.

  • wh0re

    taylor dont be like a miey, no one likes a miley. just keep the personal life inside of you or with your friends not in PUBLIC DONT BE LIKE SLUTY MILEY. k. and the joe thing is mean and jerky. but come on its the jb’s =]

  • haleyjonas

    i think taylor swift looks like roadkill.

    and im not sorry for her.

    she cant even really sing.


    who cares?

    i LOVE JOE JONAS!!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    uhm she is over it people.
    thats whats shes saying…that she doesnt care about that ugly jerk.

  • Ada

    That’s so pathetic of her.
    Like, she’s making the biggest deal ever.
    He was out of the country too, did she think he’d fly over, break up with her and fly back? She’s just sour about it, I know he’d never say anything if she’d broken up with him on the phone.

    And anyways, she was probably a crappy girlfriend if he broke up with her.

  • zoey

    i think that she is so bad! look, she wants joe to lose all his fanss! i think she is the mean here!

  • Nat

    that’s really pathetic!
    cause when they were dating, she wouldn’t admit it, and now she’s like “oh yeah we were dating, he dumped me over the phone bla bla bla”
    that’s such a childish revenge!

    plus… he is a 19 year-old guy.
    yeah he’s hot and cute and everything else, but also JUST A 19 YEAR-OLD GUY.

    and taylor sweetie, get over it and shut up.

  • Flimzzii

    ok “Joe jonas luveer :]” i toooootttttallllly agree with you!!!! to everyone else nick is not a jerk!!! what the hell miley was the hoe that was like all over other guys!! a taylor should stop talking trash about joe seriously! jeeez ok we get it you guys broke up he broke up with you over the phone… really keep it to yourself!!

  • team Taylor

    YES! They broke up! But I feel sorry for her…
    Besides Joe’s a jerk :/ I mean 27 second?! That’s low…

    Taylor will find someone 1000% better than joe…

  • A .

    You don’t know the whole story, neither do I. Only Joe and Taylor know it. And Taylor is just talking about it, it doesen’t seem right. Even that picture up here, says that Joe is not so much into Taylor, look at it closely. Anyway, I don’t think I am the right person to talk about their split, and neither are you. But I just hate that Taylor hails it around the world. Write a song, get over! I’m sure you’re song will be Joe’s iPhone’s ringtone.

  • Tayy

    wow i think tht tayor is th jerk for making joe look like a huge jerk
    when really hes not i under stand tht he brok e her heart over the phone but w/e she should make such a bug deal making him look like a jerk
    TEAM JOE JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nadiraa.

    omg! rude ¬_¬

  • Rachel

    Notice a pattern with the ex girlfriends of the jobros? new CD’s coming out and they push pitty stories about how the boys dumped them? Miley did it with the 17 article and nick. Now taylor has a New CD coming out, and she’s pushing this story a lot. I think they girls are exagerting, although i’m not giving the benifit of the doubt to the jobros, there are 3 stories for every break-up…

    the girl’s versions
    the guy’s version
    the truth

  • kasey

    jonas brothers all the way

  • anon

    he has girls throwing themselves at him everyday,what’s so hard for a ‘rockstar’ like joe jonas to dump a girl he got tired of?anyway.go taylor!!:))

  • Marion

    noone was there and we aren’t Joe or Taylor
    so we can’t judge anything
    i can understand that Taylor is hurt but it’s her own life and she shouldn’t tell all these things on the tv
    it may be her revenge but to me that’s not a reason
    i don’t know, nobody will ever know
    leave them alone

  • rawrash123456

    oh dear.
    joe baby what were you thinking?

    how could he do that to a girl? somethings not right. I think they are starting to get big heads. ): its scaring me. I want to go back to the old days.
    Please be mine, 705, one day at a time, just friends. those days. oh jeez.

    sorry taylor for joe doing that to you.


    TEAM jOE


  • stephanie

    taylor is a fucked up hoe
    joe doesn’t like her she needs to move on(:

  • Amanda is in love with ZaC!!

    You people all really need to shut the hell up.
    When they first started dating…all I have read was how much everyone hated them two together. Now you guys are calling Joe “Low” or and Ass or “Coward”. You havent even heard his side of the story.
    taylor is just making it sound like Joes a jerk. Now the bitch is gonna go freak out like miley did for Nick.

    AND F.Y.I. JOE WAS IN EUROPE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! he cant just fly there to tell her and fly back….theyre bussy scedules split them up!

  • asdfas

    i agree dumping taylor with a 27 secs phone call is cruel but she needs to get over him if nt ppl will think shes talking abt him just for da fame.

  • Pansy11

    Can you people not read correctly?

    It was an interview where she was ASKED what happened. She didn’t go and tell the whole world that Joe Jonas is a jerk or anything.

    Sure he was probably on tour or whatever so a phone call was fine, but he could have some decency to stay on longer and tell her why.
    And if that was all the time he had then he could’ve waited for another day, it’s not like they were together. One more day wouldn’t have mattered. I hope all of you people that say Taylor is stupid and a “hoe” get a life and stop obsessing over a fucking boy. You’ll probably never meet him in your life. You’ll never have a chance, so how would you know if he was a jerk or not? Grow up and get a life. Jeez. I hope you all have your heart broken. Girls vent when they’re sad or mad. Get over that she is too.

  • melia

    guys, honestly!
    He’s a jonas brothers for crying out loud!
    he probably cant get away for long enough to see her so he had to do it over the phone.
    it was that, or prolong the relationship even though things werent working out…

  • alyssa

    wow. you guys are making a huge deal out of this!

    Joe isn’t the only guy whos broken up w/ a girl over the phone!
    Taylor could be lying just to get ATTENTION. No one know the REAL story.

  • alyssa

    wow. you guys are making a huge deal out of this!

    Joe isn’t the only guy whos broken up w/ a girl over the phone!
    Taylor could be lying just to get ATTENTION. No one know the REAL story.

  • kelly

    sorry, tay… i don’t feel bad for you one bit. we know that he “broke your heart” but it’s not a big deal. MOVE ON!

  • I Love Joooee )Tonya)

    OMG i thkn that is really mean i eould never think joe would do that, that makes me thnk what is he really like thn??? I thkn that hesss a bit stuck up and the fame has gne to his head what a jerk but i dont think nick jonas would do that ???


    He probably dumped her over the phone because of their schedules…I mean they are both doing a lot and probably have had hardly any time together. Joe Jonas may be a jerk for doing it in 27 seconds but if they were not going to be seeing one another for quite some time then why should he wait it out and wait to see her? That would be wrong for both of them….him questioning the “relationship” while Taylor thinks everything is OK until she sees him.

    I don’t even know why I am bothering to worry about this. It isn’t my life or yours. It is theirs and they can do what they want!

    Haha. =P. At least he is back out on the market ;).

  • lovedjny

    sheesh leave the boy alone!
    I am so sick of people giving Joe crap.
    Yes, I am a die hard Joe Jonas fan. He is my fave Jonas out of those amazing boys… he is one of my idols and is my favorite singer.
    I DO think that breaking up on the phone with a girl is a bad way to go, and I was very disappointed to hear that, but
    people make mistakes.
    I don’t blame Taylor for being mad… Heck, I’d be SO P’ed off! The problem is she’s turning the whole world against the guy, how would you feel in his position?
    Give Joe Jonas a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEAVE JOOEEE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    Don’t get me started on all of his good qualities…