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Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call

Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call

Taylor Swift confirms she was dumped by Joe Jonas over the phone in a record 27-second call in October.

Ellen DeGeneres says on her talk show (airing Nov. 11), “He broke up with you on the phone? That’s not right.”

Taylor responds; “It’s all right – I’m cool. You know what, it’s like, when I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.”

Ellen was shocked by Taylor‘s honesty, saying, “No, you did not. Aw, snap!”

Taylor continued, “I’m sorry. I had to. [The split] was, like, a record, I think, for how quick. I looked at the call log – it was like 27 seconds. That’s got to be a record.”

When Ellen asks Taylor if she’d date Joe‘s brothers, Kevin or Nick, she said, “Oh my gosh! Probably not!”

Taylor also took to her MySpace Celebrity page to dispel pregnancy hearsay: “I read a very creative rumor this morning saying I’m pregnant, which is the most IMPOSSIBLE thing on the planet. Take my word for it. Impossible.”

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332 Responses to “Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call”

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  1. 76
    AishaLovesJustJared Says:

    OMG. I love the Jonas Brothers and Taylor! I was p*ssed off when I found out they were dating! I was fuming! Anyway, Taylor should get over it! A hot man like Joe can’t keep his cool with girls for long! Geez, Tay get over it. Build a bridge, walk it and complete it! DONE! Joe, go back to your die-hard fans :)

  2. 77
    Katie Says:

    Oh come on! Ever think that maybe Joe had a reason for breaking up with her over the phone? Ever think he did it quickly coz he didn’t want to be long winded? Yeah sure over the phone probably wasn’t the nicest thing in the world but get over it! Things like this happen every day and you’re making it out like it doesn’yt just because they’re famous! Taylor’s hurt…who wouldn’t be? But to be honest, she had no reason to say all that.
    Don’t get me wrong i love both of them but seriously…stop making it out like it’s the worse thing in the world coz it isn’t.
    Joe must’ve had his reasons and that’s how i think about it. You can all think about it the way you want…it’s all your opinions but i don’t think calling Joe a jerk is really fair…

  3. 78
    harvey Says:

    They dated for all of 3 months and for whatever reason it was not working for him so he broke it off. These things happen – get over it!!! Does anyone stop to think that he had a reason for breaking it off. I used to like Taylor but this low.

  4. 79
    Kira Says:

    Whhhaaaaaaa the Jonas Brothers are getting on my nerves RIGHT NOW !
    Nooooo, we don’t have girlfriends…SURE… first nick breaks miley’s heart and then joe breaks taylor’s heart OVER THE PHONE… and kevin is always like: noo, I don’t have a girlfriend, and then he’s kissing denielle IN PUBLIC…I mean…I thought they’re smart but this is like…STUPID !?!?!

  5. 80
    Amber Says:

    I knew he always seemed like such a jerk! Now I REALLY dont like him. Whatever, Nick is the only talented one in that group anyways ..he should just go solo like he was originally.

    Don’t worry Taylor, you are gorgeous and deserve someone so much better than Joe!

    He needs to pluck those hideous eyebrows.

  6. 81
    bECCA Says:

    I don’t even see what all the hype is over the Jonas’ brothers anyway. Taylor will be fine…….she is much more talented than them!

  7. 82
    dunja Says:

    it isn’t true
    he didn’t have a relationship with her!!!
    they were just friends
    can’t you see that it are just gossips again
    just like the fact that he would date demi
    that isn’t true either

  8. 83
    camiiiiiilaa Says:

    joe maldiito pero = te amo (L)

  9. 84
    Kourtney Says:

    That was an obvious jerky thing that Joe did. Maybe he couldn’t have seen her in the exact moment that he wanted to break up with her, but the least he could do is talk to her about everything and atleast explain why. I don’t think there’s much you can say in a 27 second phone call.

    You guys act like the Jonas Brothers are some gods who can do no wrong. well you are in fact, WRONG. they can be just as much of jerks as any other guy on the earth and this completely proves it.

    Taylor said on Ryan Seacrest that a possible reason as to why they broke up was because Joe is supposed to be seen as this (single) sex symbol and him having a girlfriend somehow makes him less desirable so therefore his management asked him to break up with her to better his career. If he really cared about her, he would have forgot about what his “people” said and stayed with her.

    He obviously broke her heart and he obviously didn’t care that he was doing it in the process.

    If you were her I’m sure you wouldn’t just “get over it”

  10. 85
    China Says:

    Taylor your new song is “on the line” jajajajjajaaja

  11. 86
    gdhdr Says:

    this isnt immature.
    TAYLOR even said that guys dont like the breakups because she comes straight out and says it. shes got balls unlike the jonas boys who would lie and be like “me and taylor are bffs!” …even though they hate her.
    little Jonas teenies need to STFU.

  12. 87
    k Says:

    what a JERK is joe :S dude he’s so LOW

  13. 88
    jordan Says:

    i love both of them, but its sort of weird that shes willing to tell EVERYBODY about it. i mean if shes, that hurt so bad then why tell the whole world ? yeaah 27 seconds thats bad, but he’s a guy, every single one of them screws up in a lifetime.

  14. 89
    jonaslover. Says:

    i love tayor swift but seriously , leave joe alone.
    you got to think of joe being busy and on tour and not being able to tell her in person. He got a busy life too .
    leave him alone , geez .
    Hes a person too , it happens to everyone . she shouldnt be making such a big deal about it.
    like seriously, get over it.
    shes gorgeous, she can get any guy she wants, and since joe broke up with her over a 27 second phone call dosent mean its the end of the world, i loves joe, dont try to make him look like the bad guy.
    we dont know the whole story.

  15. 90
    cary Says:

    Taylor’s pretty awesome. She’s so real and down to earth.

  16. 91
    duh! Says:

    duhhhhhhhh of course he dumped her, he’s soooooooooo like beyond GAY!, it’s like he can’t even hide it anymore, he’s such a lady
    far away from the virgin he claims to be, actually the all are.
    ps: nick i wanna **** u!

  17. 92
    zanessa4ever! Says:

    that harsh!
    poor taylor
    joes a jerk!

  18. 93
    alyson Says:

    okay i understand that this is upsetting or whatever! and I love taylor swift…she’s amazing i can relate to her songs! But come on you’re seriously going to start saying bad stuff about joe because he ended something he didn’t want to be in anymore! For real, I mean he is gone all the time, he rarely ever finds time to even sit down and you guys are talking about how he is a jerk about how he doesn’t treat girls right. Maybe it was hard for him too, but he is not coming out and saying mean stuff about Taylor. Like say she wa annoying he isn’t saying she got really annoying she was overcontroling…no he isn’t and I think that’s the right thing to do!

    But if she wants to write songs about it that’s fine it’s her own way of coping with it…I don’t see anything wrong with that! Do i think she is blowing it out of perportion YES? do I care about it NO? becuase she’ll do what she wants!

    Also, I can’t say that Joe is a bad person because I bet you 10 million other guys have done the exact same thing to their girlfriends. So he really didn’t act differently then other guys and he shouldn’t have to. Just because he’s famous doesn’t change anything. He’ll do what he wants just like people who aren’t famous!

    So get over it…No one’s fault….relationships end….GET OVER IT!

  19. 94
    jet' aime a:) Says:

    get over it *****, he was too much for you

  20. 95
    alyson Says:

    also another thing…everytime you break up with someone it is not the end of the world…and it does not always end in a broken heart! I honestly don’t see how 1 month can determine if she fell in love with him or not…so he couldn’t break her heart unless she is the kind of person that falls in love every chance she gets!

  21. 96
    Kara Says:

    I understand phone is easy way of communication for busy people such as Taylor and Joe because they probably weren’t in the same place because of conflicting schedules, but 27 seconds? Seriously?

  22. 97
    britt Says:

    im a fan of the jb’s and i like taylor. i dont think it was right for him to break up with her over the phone, much less 27 seconds. thats insane. it def makes me think twice about how the jb’s are in real life. i do find it interesting tho that shes just now spilling all of this when her record is getting ready to come out.. you gotta wonder. remember, publicity sells ;]

  23. 98
    DyingAngelx3 Says:

    Wow is all I have to say. In this case, both are wrong, dontcha think? I mean, I’m a Jonas and Swift fan but this is really childish and immature.

    Joe was an ass if he broke up with her over the phone but then again, everything has a reason right? I mean, sure it’s not the greatest way to break-up but maybe it was the only option?

    And what’s up with Taylor going all public about it? I mean, sure she’s hurt and all but there are other fish in the sea. Get over it. So what if he broke up you over the phone? He’s an ass, not your fault. And the whole video thing…that shows how much of a child she’s being about this. Seriously, get a life and move on.

  24. 99
    alexx Says:

    i say:


    one dumped ex…..

    && he’s all mine =]

  25. 100
    fuck off taylor :) Says:

    If she loved joe , she wouldn’t talk like she is doing now about him ! I mean what a ****
    Now I HATE HER ! , Joe is so lucky to haven’t be around her anymore :)

    And Taylor Swift fans , I don’t care what you think about joe , she become more famous since she has been related joe :)

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