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Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call

Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Dumped Me Over 27-Second Phone Call

Taylor Swift confirms she was dumped by Joe Jonas over the phone in a record 27-second call in October.

Ellen DeGeneres says on her talk show (airing Nov. 11), “He broke up with you on the phone? That’s not right.”

Taylor responds; “It’s all right – I’m cool. You know what, it’s like, when I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.”

Ellen was shocked by Taylor‘s honesty, saying, “No, you did not. Aw, snap!”

Taylor continued, “I’m sorry. I had to. [The split] was, like, a record, I think, for how quick. I looked at the call log – it was like 27 seconds. That’s got to be a record.”

When Ellen asks Taylor if she’d date Joe‘s brothers, Kevin or Nick, she said, “Oh my gosh! Probably not!”

Taylor also took to her MySpace Celebrity page to dispel pregnancy hearsay: “I read a very creative rumor this morning saying I’m pregnant, which is the most IMPOSSIBLE thing on the planet. Take my word for it. Impossible.”

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  • pORTIA

    Who are these people?

  • cheskajonasyo

    agh, i love you, but that really is the most terrible thing to do. ever! why would you do that joseph?
    and then you get a new girlfriend, quite fast i might add.
    im very disappointed in you :l

  • nickjonaslover28

    okay yeah i know he broke up with her by the phone and i gotta admitt that was a very coward thing come on! but theres no need to be telling anyone! still i loveee taylor shes amazing, im very dissapointed on joe though! thats not right! buut she needs to move on and i know she can! =]

  • diana

    ohhoho taylor sorry but you are the best and joe i don’t know …..joe is incredible …..! ammm…….so0 byebye kissesss

  • Holly

    haha sucked in taylor. now joe is all mine :) YAY

  • katlyn

    Im really starting to ger mad.

    Miley and Taylor are seriously trashing nick and joe. joe was acrossed the world seriously taylor do you want him to get a private jet and come break up with you in person.

    i doubt you were miss perfect.

  • david

    Stop airing your dirty laundry for the public. Is this supposed to gain you sympathy? Get a self-esteem and stop being so self-absorbed.

  • Denissa

    Taylor Swift is act like sweet girl but actually she’s a slut!

  • lexi

    27 secconds omg what a fag joe is wowowoow

  • lexi

    27 secconds omg what a fag joe is wowowoow

  • emily

    hey dont call joseph adam jonas a coward ok

    and who cares he dident like her well atleast he dident keep going out wiht her 4 pitty

  • emily

    haha srry it was the 1st comment read what it sed

  • emily

    haha srry it was the 1st comment read what it sed

  • emily

    haha srry it was the 1st comment read what it sed

  • Jess

    Considering Joe Jonas is a young man who is constantly on the road, you have to consider his situation. On the road, it is hard to maintain a relationship, and it is also impossible to have a “nice breakup.” Over the phone may have been harsh, but I was broken up with over the radio, so I’m sure I had it a lot worse. Plus, she has guys all over her, so it isn’t much of a loss. Also, it was very rude and immature to talk about her personal relationships in public. How would you feel if your ex-boyfriends/ girlfriends told the entire television audience about one of your “not-so-finer moments”. That has to hurt just as much as the initial breakup. I think Taylor needs to chill out and stop being such a baby about it. It’s not like it was going to last. She’s only 18. And Joe has already posted a public apology, anyway.

  • Taylorjonas:)

    ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? Where was taylor swift before all this happened? On the sidelines and in the dark. Now that all of this is stirring up she’s getting the publicity she was hoping for in the first place. Do you HONESTLY believe that he would do that? Read his blog and tell me he is lying, because he isn’t. This is BS. She’s a user and she just needs to get over it. She was the one who hung up, she’s the one who ended the phone-call. Maybe she should’ve been more mature and talked. Maybe then she could stop complaining about 27 seconds seeing HE didn’t hang up. I bet she hung up so she could tell her cat her feelings..

  • Kayleigh

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Joe is such a gentleman….. Breakup with a girl in 27 phone call…… Come on…..
    If you girl ( I mean Jonas Brothers Fans ) are in Taylor shoe’s you will know exactly how she feel…. Yeah even you jonas brothers fan if you breakup with someone, did you get over it tooo fast???? For people who strong, maybe she could do that but not all girl like that…. And why all the Jonas boys always dumped girl??????? I pity Miley and Taylor very much…..

    P/S : I really hate Joe now… I mean 27 seconds??? Duh….

  • jayden

    taylor is such a lieer joe did not dump her she dumped him because he made alot of money off his album and she was mad tahts the real story

  • kaylieann

    she really needs to get over it. she’s the one who ended the phone call. she hung up on him. hmm seems like she left out that detail on Ellen huh? and she talks about people acting like 6th graders on crack. she’s the one acting like the 6th grader. it’s not like they were getting married. AND you can’t blame him for breaking up with her over the phone. they were far from each other. what is he going to fly all the way to where she was and then break up with her. that’s even lower.



    27 SECONDS?? THATS RIDICULOUS!!! WOW. ID NEVER THOUGHT JOE WUD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. IM NOT SAYING JOE IS A BAD PERSON BUT THE JB ARE SO OVERRATED!!! I DONT KNOW WHY GIRLS ARE SOOO PATHETICALLY OBSESSED!! i didnt know taylor and joe were dating until they broke up! and yeah like someone else said! now everyone is gunna judge joe over a damned relationship. we dont even know for a fact if this is all true whether taylor said it on air or not. like someone else said, he does have a personal life and people need to mind their own businesses and worry abouth themselves instead of miley and (the jb now) 24/7 u can like the jb but practically stalking them or trying to get as much info on them as u can is ridiculous!!!wow. sum of u are goin so far as judgin the jb as a whole! unbelievable.

  • http://hotmail Queenbee

    Taylor Swift is beautiful and joe is a coward for dumping her over the phone he is better off with demi lovato not camella belle

  • maria

    It’s normal for people to break up with others. But over the phone! I love Joe, but that was just not manlike!

  • OJDcase705

    I love Joe and Taylor what he did was wrong, well sorta not the best way to do something that painful, I guess you could say. But Taylor has got to stop bringing it up, I love her and she is amazing and talented but really how long has it been? and she says that when she finds the right guy she’ll forget all about joe and what he did to her. So cant she stop talking about it? I know that she is acting like a teenage girl might be acting but really I heard about this a month or so ago so if shes still complaining that that is sorta sad. I love taylor and joe thier both human and they are both acting annoying to eathier team taylor or team joe. They both made/ are making a mistake or two all i can say is that i hope that they just move on and forget about this beacuse they are both amazing people a I wish them the best in there carrers

  • Helena

    omg i cant believe it
    i mean come on
    27 PHONE CALL????
    r u kidding me?
    that is just low, its probably worse than a text message
    and people who think that taylor is ugly and that she isnt good enough
    for joe
    Joe should hav just waited till he could c her then tell her
    its stupid to do it on a phone call

  • Abbey

    I agree with joe jonas luveer because Joe really is a gentleman. Personally, I think taylor just wants to ruin his rep. He probably didnt have any time to be with her because he is on the road all the time. I really dont think he would ever ever ever break up with a girl in a “27 second phone call” I dont believe any bit of it. Nobody should be judging Joe. Joe is such a nice guy, and hes really funny and sweet. taylor must really be obsessed with it because she keeps going on and on about it. Okay sorry to break it to you, no one cares anymore, its old news. Nobody knows for sure if he even actually did that. I would need to see proof. Sorry, I’m on Joe’s side 100 percent.

  • Brittany

    Ok so i am a jobro fan but even I say that is SOOOO not right!!! Joe is me fav out of them but COME ON!! Face the facts and dont act like a 13 year old! If you wanna brake up with her the LEAST you can do is be nice about it!!!

  • veadester

    i think all ya’ll are retarded anyway. when you get dumped, don’t you talk about it if someone asks you. she didn’t bad mouth him she just said she was over it. when you guys grow up, you’ll see that the relationships you thought were important when you were 16,17 and 18 aren’t when you’re in college or married. really… and by the way lisa… anyone who listens to country music knows who taylor swift is, her popularity has nothing to do with stupid jonas brothers. “pop” fans only know her because of him, but HER fans still don’t know about jonas bros…. sorry to break it to you.

  • Chibes

    Well she is only 18 years old. I’m sure when people who tell her to get over it will remember being 18. If someone hurt you that way. In less then a minute long phone call you will want to talk about it to people.

    But enough on that. I would figure a in person visit would have been better but at least it wasn’t IM or via text message.

  • Paula

    same sh-t different class!
    not like YOU NON-CELEBS have ever been dumped in a less-than mature manner.


  • http://donthaveone breonica warren

    of couse they don’t look good together!!!!!!! its the truth!!!!!!!

  • xiuh erchant

    taylor you have to clear the air with joe. you cant just sit back! talk to him, ask him questions, and other things. be friends.

  • mj number1 taylor swift fan

    you guys need to know taylor gets dumped so much and look she well gets mad and stuff but still you got to love her!shes the best singer ever!and if you are a jonas brothers fan and joe breaks up with taylor than feel bad for taylor and tell joe feel happy tell taylor its okay it happens all the time even when your you so dont bring taylor down even if you LOVE joe jonas its so simple so you guys need to post these coments like post comments like joe jonas dumped taylor so sad for taylor so happy for joe!thats what you need to post not that junk that you put on here or that you were going to put on here.p.s.i am the biggest fan in the whole universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mj number1 taylor swift fan

    :)dont bring taylor down or joe just say so sad for taylor and happy for joe so dont post mean things on here about taylor or i cant beleive im saying this but joe jonas either:)

  • stormy spice

    hi taylor me and my friend are your #1 fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!me and my friend are sorry for you we should just all like taylor swift from your number 1 fans stormy spice and golden spice

  • Lena

    is anyone else starting to see Joe as a player? :S

  • Mary

    Whoever made comment 29 is a moron because I don’t care how busy you are if you want to break up with someone the respectful thing to do is do it in person. If you’re that horribly busy than you wait until you’re not so busy anymore or you make some time because doing it on the phone is disrespectful to the person you are dating. That is how people break up with people in middle school, and how old is Joe Jonas? He should be ashamed of himself that he didn’t have the balls to look his girlfriend in the face and explain himself. And Joe Jonas Loveer :] for your information I have not and will never do that and I don’t honestly think it’s that common unless you are (like I said above) in junior high and ridiculously immature

  • http://habbo kateyln

    if taylor switf “hates” joe jonas as much as ive been hearing then why did she write a song i mean i see all of these things about a 27 second call so what it was going to end anyway and joe did not cheat he is a very nice person i should know ive met him and joe didnt mean to hurt taylor he just couldnt handle a relationship with how busy his carier is besides im am all for team joe taylor can say whatever she wants about joe he doesnt care and half the things she says arent true she just wants peopel to take pitty on her because a boy broke up with her so watch shell get another boyfriend and he is going to break her heart and shell be like joe didnt even hurt me this badly so im all team joe but taylor really needs to get over it because there are other biys out there but one of them will break your heart more then joe did

  • http://donthaveone anushay,ayesha and maryam

    we love you taylor swift but not as much as joe jonas but you still are our favorite as a female singer.can you tell this to joe WE LOVE HIM ! and we r his biggest fans!whats his email address.we love u both!wats ur email address.

  • emmyloveyou

    It’s not like he’s gonna fly to her just to break up with her, and maybe she hung up on him or something. its hard to keep a conversation going when the other person doesnt want to.

  • kelly

    joe that was soooooooooo low!!! just so you no youe never going to find someone better than taylor swift =) she the best i love her she is the prettest person ever!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you

  • http://google tina

    l love taylor and nick i think they would be a cute couple

  • nicolee

    You know, he’s a jerk. xP
    Taylor is so sweet, and she has reason for telling everyone about this. I mean, come on, I would too if I got dumped over a 27 second freaking phone call.
    Plus, he deserves it. Maybe now he’ll feel a little of what she felt?

  • hanna

    go to and joe jonas says the truth team jonas damn taylor and to clear it up taylor broke up with him

    joe jonas is my causins best friend i know him. i met him (and nick <3)
    and i asked him and started to cry and said i miss taylor

  • susmita and laboni

    she is not the right type of girl for joe

  • Jennifer!

    i know joe broke up with taylor on 27 secent phone Call. i know she hung up on him. wich i have done too. and i talk about my Break Ups too and i dont see anyone telling me to get over it. jonas brother fans are just jerks and dorks. iam not saying that just because i look like Taylor Swift. i use to be a fan of them. one day i went to one of there concerts and they were doing autograhs sighing and i ask them for autograh. nick siged and keven sined. but joe just looked at me and said sorry My pen is out of ink.

  • Jennifer!

    i know joe broke up with taylor on 27 secent phone Call. i know she hung up on him. wich i have done too. and i talk about my Break Ups too and i dont see anyone telling me to get over it. jonas brother fans are just jerks and dorks. iam not saying that just because i look like Taylor Swift. i use to be a fan of them. one day i went to one of there concerts and they were doing autograhs sighing and i ask them for autograh. nick siged and keven sined. but joe just looked at me and said sorry My pen is out of ink.

  • xxx-????????-xxxx

    y do so many people think joe is so hot?
    he is my cousin so i obviously dont think he is hot but hes a cool guy!
    i just dont get y pple r so totally in love with him and i sometimes wonder if they would like him so much if he wasnt famous!

  • Erin

    Oh god, they didn’t even have sex, they were together for like 3 months. It’s not like she invested her virginity in the relationship, otherwise I’d say fair enough for telling the world what a jerk he is. Have a cry for a week and move on, don’t publicly bitch about it for longer than you were actually together. Way to look strong! Way to show him what he lost!

  • missC.xo

    I Feel Sorry For Taylor;

    But Come On Guys Joe Is Just A Normal Person;

    Everybody Makes Mistakes

    Well, I Do Agree That Joe Didn’t Dump Taylor in the Right Way;

    Maybe They’re Not Really Ment For Each Other?

    I Dont Know Really;

    But Taylor&Joe Could Have Work; There Cute Together :)

    iiLoveJo’Broz & Taylor :)

  • skull

    its ok he was being dumb he will be the one crying back to your arms and not you. He was being a jerk find someone better than him and make him feel jelous. Dont worry about the past just worry about the future and dont ever care for him again. You shouldn’t even talk to him because he was the jerk not you. He will be the one saying sorry over a hundred times not you cause you didn’t break up with him he broke up with you. I hope this made you feel better:):):) !!!!!!!!