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Katie Holmes Stays Ladybug Dry

Katie Holmes Stays Ladybug Dry


Katie Holmes and 2-year-old daughter Suri go for another walk through rainy New York City on Thursday morning.

The mother-daughter duo carried around their favorite Kidorable ladybug umbrella, which Suri carried around all by herself last night.

Earlier in the morning, Katie was seen heading to a yoga studio (pictured below).

Later this month, Katie‘s former Dawson’s Creek costar James Van Der Beek will make cameo on The CW’s One Tree Hill.

CBB Fashion Credits: Suri is wearing babyGap’s Sparkly Ballet Flats in Russian Red and babyGap’s Party Blouse in Russian Red.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes staying ladybug dry…

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katie holmes ladybug umbrella 01
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 02
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 03
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 04
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 05
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 06
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 07
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 08
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 09
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 10
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 11
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 12
katie holmes ladybug umbrella 13

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  • Bray

    I am so happy she almost has a jacket on and pants!!!!!!!

  • fantasyisland

    I guess we can’t complain anymore! She looks like a warm little ladybug!

  • sabrina

    WOW either Katie Holmes doesnt sleep or she is extremely tired. She looks gaunt in the pictures without sunglasses..
    I love trenchcoat.
    She needs a sandwich and rest!

  • Dancer

    Oh my. Heart Attack time. The kid is in normal play clothes. Lacking only a jacket. Be still my beating heart.
    Love the outfit! Love the shoes. (Suri that is).


    Everyone sigh of relief and coat and pants.. on Suri

  • anon

    Nail polish on a two year old? Ugh. Well, I guess if her mom dresses her in designer clothers, she needs manicures, too. Makeup will be next.

  • katty

    Cure umbrella!!!


    Suri is warmly clothed, coat and all! She doesn’t seem unhappy or uncomfortable at all, which debunks the myth that she refuses to wear coats, tights, etc. Mommy was simply negligent.

  • mike

    That little girl is so adorable! :)

  • pinkydoo

    The mother is always wearing a coat but what about the child?! There are so many cute little raincoats out there for kids. So it was 60 out today, but it rained hard. I bet the kid got wet.

  • Here we go again

    I thnk that’s a button-down shirt, not a coat, but she looks somewhat appropriately dressed.

    Katie looks her usual Day of the Dead self.

  • Lilianne

    I think maybe I might be looking at different pictures than everyone here because I don’t see a coat anywhere…well, except on Katie. Suri is wearing black leggings and a red shirt…no coat. I am not saying she should be wearing one since I don’t know what the weather is like in New York today…where I live in the Midwest it has been unseasonably warm with temps in the low 70′s and it is supposed to be in the low 40′s for this time of year. Anyway…cute umbrella…it matches Suri.

  • Shawna

    #6 – my girls wear nail polish all the time and they are 2 and 5 (their aunt likes to do it, I’m not a makeup person myself). There is nothing wrong with it! Currently my 2 year old has red toes and alternating pink and red fingers and the 5 year old has purple fingers and blue toes. Oh no, whatever shall I do????

  • Shawna

    Oh and regarding the weather – it’s 62 degrees in NYC right now, so she is dressed just fine for the weather.

  • Ha!

    I don’t get the nailpolish complaints. Really? I think we’re grasping for things to b*tch about, people.

    Suri looks adorable. I wonder if it’s possible that the reason Suri hasn’t been seen wearing a coat because they needed to buy one for her? I mean, Katie seems normal enough that she doesn’t have servant schlepping around doing that kind of stuff for her. Who knows. Stranger things have happened, I’m sure.

  • suri for president

    #13 I agree:)
    Now go haters and get a heart attack.

  • jean

    Never thought I’d see the day. Suri looks happy today. Could it be because she’s finally dressed warmly and not in a dress?

  • Ivana

    She needs Pacey or what his name is…. :))))
    Tom should be locked… for good.. :))))

  • kiki

    omg she is cutest kid. love them

  • Ivana

    I am not hater, but truth is that Katie newer look unhappier until she married with Tom…. Sorry guys this is fact…
    Sorry on my English… :)))

  • jade

    I’am glad little Suri is dressed warm. She is a darling girl!

  • http://katieladybugdry faye

    omg! suri looks so right in leggings and shirt/coat! Love her little legs!


    You and your silly puns…

  • Dawn


  • LolaSvelt

    Thank god! We don’t need to complain about the nail varnish, though. It’s perfectly normal for a child to have!

  • regina

    Thank God, she put on some warm clothes on this poor kid!!!
    Katie, try to copy Michelle instead of being shallow and just worring about fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen1

    So adorable. She really does look like a ladybug. :)

    Too cute!


    I’m glad she is wearing regular clothes and she is so cute! Also what is wrong with 2 year old wearing nail polish? Last time I checked it was just nail polish my god some people just like to b!tch about everything!

  • jane

    Okay, so how cute does Suri look.

    She has the cutest little face – so adorable!

  • Aimee

    Everyone just likes to compain about something.

    A lot of little girls wear nail polish.

    Suri sure is a cute pie!

  • Stephy

    Love the red shoes!!!

    Suri has the prettiest face!

    Love to see her smiling!

  • 2o0my

    woooow!! I had the same exact umbrella when i was i think in 3rd Grade back in 2000!!! That was my all time favorite umbrella i swear!! I can’t believe they still make those!!! =D

  • eileen

    seeing these pictures just brought a smile to my face – so cute!

  • defap

    Tom is a lucky man to have the two cutest girls in his life. What has he done to deserve this? I think only HIM that makes the right judgment regardless of whatever people say about Tom.

  • Angelina jolie fotos

    So nice!!! I love Katie

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    fcuking adorable.

  • rhoniluv

    I detest red nails on a baby. It is gross and gauche! Bad mommy!

  • Arthur Curry

    Get a grip, #4 and #5.

    Er…yeah, 38. Negligent…

    Shut up and quit nit-picking, #10. Let the MOM decide what HER daughter should wear.

    She doesn’t need one and I think you should trust the mother in deciding if she does, #12.

    She usually is happy regardless of her wardrobe, #17.

    She shouldn’t be copying anyone, #26. I highly doubt fashion was the reason for her late fall apparel.

  • bejeebus

    why does katie always look like her jaw is broken and needs to be wired shut? i can’t beleive she’s my age and look like…well…that. horrific but makes me feel good so who cares right? all that money and she’s getting uglier, older looking and less respected by the day. doesn’t sound like she made a very good deal to me. too bad that contract with tommy girl was probably for life….or maybe 9.9 years like nicole’s was.

  • bejeebus

    oh and people, that’s NOT a coat…that’s a shirt but it’s still better then the usual. baby steps…baby robot steps.

  • nancyyy

    suri news againnn.. what is the exiting ang important this 2 years old little girl..?? yes mom and dad but there is too much to care… and she is uncute..!!!

  • nancyyy

    suri news againnn.. what is the exiting ang important this 2 years old little girl..?? yes mom and dad but there is too much to care… and she is uncute..!!!

  • Love

    I have two adorable and beautiful girls. Little Suri is just so cute.

  • Love

    I have two adorable and beautiful girls. Little Suri is just so cute.


    Additionally, black boots and a more casual bag would complete Holmes’ look.

  • Suggie

    Suri looks scared of the paps but forced to smile and act like she is okay with strangers. Sad….

  • Better

    Cute gap top, but poor child has her mother’s legs.

  • SpanishGirl

    Hey Everybody!

    i´m wondering, so I hope, someone could help me.
    Is it a scientology´s rule, that your child isnt aloud to wear a coat or something like that? its so strange, its cold outside.
    I cannot imagine, that there´s another reason for this horrific sight.

    Sorry for my bad english, i tried my best ;-)

  • Dancer

    SpanishGirl @ 11/06/2008 at 4:59 pm

    No rule. The philosophy is that you do not tell a child No because you don’t want to hinder his/her development through negative experiences. Google “Scientology child raising” and some articles will come up.

  • fat-smig