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Kevin Jonas: Thank You For the Best Birthday Ever!

Kevin Jonas: Thank You For the Best Birthday Ever!

Kevin Jonas popped in on The Jonas Brothers‘s official MySpace page today to thank his fans for all of the birthday messages he received yesterday.

Turns out that Lamborghini wasn’t his 21st birthday present after all!

Here’s what he had to say: “Hey everyone! Kevin here. Still can’t believe I just turned 21 years old. Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the comments, messages, etc. You helped make this one of the best days ever. We were busy all day filming our new show so everyone showed up at the set and sang Happy Birthday. Then a friend let me use his car (a Lamborghini) for the day. It was so much fun to drive it. Although it is great…I still love my Tahoe Hybrid! Had fun all day with friends and family. But one of the best things was reading all the comments you left. Thanks again.”

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Gareth Cattermole; Photos: Getty Images
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  • andee-mc-dandy

    first?? no way! woo!
    i love kevin!

  • Gaabééh


  • Gaabééh

    Upss noo peroo hehe x fiin puueedo Firmmaarr!!=)
    Bno feliz kumplde kevin aunqe sea un dia despues!!!


  • Vaal

    Beautiful! ^^

    We Love U Kevoo!

    U r the best :B




    Whoopee !!!!…..Who cares !

  • super fan ashley


  • elizabeth

    I LOVE YOU KEVIN!!!!!!!!! =D

  • gdhdr

    uhmm im PRETTY POSITIVE that lambo was his.
    he even went to the dealer like a month ago and “test drove it”
    oh god all those jonas boys are lying now. god thats messed up.
    but atleast he thanked the fans that was very nice

  • jen

    i really doubt that was a friends car he shouldnt be embarresed to say its his if it is. i guess cuz everyone made a big deal about him getting a lambo and not a hybrid.

  • Michelle

    Oh shucks now I regret for writing about how much of snobs the Jonas Brothers are becoming. Whoops…..

  • JJ

    whoa people r hating on all celebrities now.GO GET A BREAK U HATERS.

  • mike


  • cutie

    Belated Happy B-Day, Kevin!

  • alina


  • isaaa

    i lovee you K2, happy birthday!

  • isaaa

    guys i really dont know, why this stupids haters read the news of THE JONAS BROTHERS?? this is ridiculous. If you hate them, why you care about reading this?? hello. hahahahha

    loveee jonas fans!

  • isaaa


  • isaaa



    Lol I think it’s their friends haha!Kev I left you a comment!

  • Kriscott 4ever


    aww how sweet (L)
    LOVE YOU 2 mr. hottie- sexy thing!

    :( that sucks.
    he didn’t get to have a party, cuz he was busy, filming
    or got a nice car for a b-day gift :S

    KK why the hell would he lie, about a car that’s not even his?
    he obviously likes his old car..from it says write there in black and white. AND it makes sense.
    Atleast was nice for him, to ride it :P
    he injoyed himself with working for us,and reading all the comments by the fans (L)
    Now to me, that’s the best gift he ever could have! nothing more :)
    besides turning the big 2-1 …you don’t need anything special to top whatever you have right now, that you couldn’t possibly want EVEN more.

    PS. Even if he got a car for his expensive one..y waste all that trouble..when he already HAS one, that he still loves, and doesn’t want to give up?

    & STFU!
    GOD- yu don’t know anything right
    so just keep quiet for once
    and leave this site.

  • js are love

    i’m a jonas fan, but i don’t buy this whole “it was a friend’s” thing. all of us fans are, no offense, getting pretty pissed off at them… it sucks.

    & p.s. i think they read jonas secrets on facebook. right after everyone on secrets starting complaining about how he got rid of his hybrid for the lambo, he posted this blog. after someone on secrets complained that they don’t ever say happy holidays to us, they sent out mass texts on halloween. sketchyyy

  • samantha & sydney

    Love You Kevin!!!

  • yeaa[:


  • ace tomato

    I don’t know a thing about the Jonas Brothers, but he looks like he could be Tom Hanks’ s son in this picture.

  • jessica

    aww kevin is awesome and so sweet:)

  • Lauren

    aww thats too bad….that is such a nice car, too bad its not his
    Hope he had a nice birthday, love you Kevin

  • Kriscott 4ever

    guys it’s pretty simple
    if your not a fan..then believe what you want
    if you are..then know what’s right and keep supporting & loving :)

    it’s just a car?
    so what!!!
    a guy can’t have a little fun on his 21st birthday, without working?

    # 23- your like so over’s not even funny.
    some ppl will be pisses off at you, for assuming too much
    where’s your proof?
    do you really think, they would fake all their wishes to us?
    i bet they DO find time, to fit everything with all their tours, movies, premieres..
    they don’t decide there schedule you know?
    but they do decide what they want to they end up doing more, than before.
    See how awesome they are, fitting like the whole world on their list?

    maybe he wanted to CLARIFY that he didn’t get a car for his birthday.
    it was just a friend lending him, to drive it, since it was his special day yesterday:S
    what was the friend supposed to say? NO?

  • asas

    Didn’t JustJared post pictures of him at a CAR DEALERSHIP, looking at a Lamborghini? You fail at trying to cover up Kevin!

    He knew people would be pissed off and start to judge them, so he went and posted a blog that would be believed by idiotic jobro fans.

  • Emilee

    THANKS Kevin for taking the time to thank your fans! Im so happy he had an awesome birthbay!

  • eco

    translation: the Lambourghini rules but I have to pretend I care about the environment for my teeny-bopper fans so I’ll say that I like my hybrid. Suckers.

  • Liz

    Between haters and now whiney-assed fans, you commenters blow.

    Keep your chins up, Jonas Brothers! You’re doing fine!

  • Karina

    so what if the car is his or his friends. who cares. Either way, I’m happy for him and glad that he appreciates his fans. I’m just glad he had a nice birthday. love you, Kev.

  • Karina

    so what if the car is his or his friends. who cares. Either way, I’m happy for him and glad that he appreciates his fans. I’m just glad he had a nice birthday. love you, Kev.

  • lina

    kevin is HOT!!! i love him!

  • yvonne

    God I love this guy. Kevin is so gorgeous and so is Danielle. I’m glad he had such a great B-Day

  • jonasaddicted95

    omj! you rock Kevin love you to death!

  • luverofjoejonas

    go for kevin!

  • keira

    Happy birthday BROTHA !!!


  • http://123321 SHIR


    happy birthday!!!

    come to Israel please

  • jen

    notice his emphasis on HYBRID!!!!!!!!! he wanted to remind the world he loves the environment.

  • jen

    notice his emphasis on HYBRID!!!!!!!!! he wanted to remind the world he loves the environment.

  • jen

    notice his emphasis on HYBRID!!!!!!!!! he wanted to remind the world he loves the environment.

  • linda

    I like him he is so cute !!!
    Kevin 4 ever !!!
    the jonas brathers are so cute !!!

  • mk


  • riley

    you think thats bad? :l
    I believe Kevin on it!
    C’mon, my family owns 7 cars,
    and there’s only 4 people in
    my family, so what tells you something?
    he’s 21 years old!
    Get a life people! Maybe it is a friends,
    you never know, you don’t know him!
    He’s a sweet guy trying to show his
    fans that he loves them! So bug the hell
    off you haters and you winny Jonas fans,
    how rude! If you love them, then love Kevin,
    hes 21! Leave him alone!

  • loliooo

    I love you Jonas brothers!

  • whitney

    He is SO sweet!! =)

  • kc.obes

    hahaha bet all of you who bashed on him for “his” lamborghini feel like complete jerks now, huh?!

    PAUL KEVIN JONAS II is absolutely without a doubt AMAZING <3

  • Jacquetta

    aww kevin is so lovely.

    he is like the sweetest one cause he appreciates all his fans and he shows it!