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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Fly Air Canada

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Fly Air Canada

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen catch an Air Canada flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Canada is familiar territory for Hayden–he was born in Vancouver and raised outside of Toronto. At the airport, he was seen sporting his fave BAPE cap, K-Swiss/Atmos “Bristol” high-tops in blue/gray and a Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have A Dream” t-shirt.

Hayden and Rachel (both 27) were also seen carrying around a white Lacoste bag. It was undoubtedly free–Hayden‘s the label’s new spokesmodel!

The cute couple was driven to the airport by Rachel‘s mother, sex therapist Janice. Mama Bilson was seen giving Rachel a sweet goodbye kiss before driving off.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen flying Air Canada…

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146 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Fly Air Canada”

  1. 1
    phoebe Says:

    What’s happening with these 2, they both look like cr@p now

  2. 2
    lisa Says:

    Off to the farm. No more pictures for a while.

  3. 3
    katie Says:

    may be they will go off to Canada and make a retarded baby finally

  4. 4
    Annaliese Says:

    hayden is hot but seriously? if thats what hes into time to stock up on more bape caps obama t-shirts.

    the scruffy unkept look is hot, but wearing the same clothes all week isnt!

    was he not wearing that tshirt on tuesday vote day? lol.

  5. 5
    nicole Says:


  6. 6
    dfdf Says:

    Lisa, you dumbshit canada is NOT a farm.

  7. 7
    chloe Says:

    hope they brought their jackets, its freezing in canada

  8. 8
    rachel_fan Says:

    awww so sweet when she kissed her mother..

  9. 9
    joss Says:

    uhhh Canada is not a farm and its really not that cold…its like mid November, and its at least 16 to 19 degrees…

    and i think they’re a cute couple

  10. 10
    kristin Says:

    i bet they are doing a lot of hardcore sex with each!

  11. 11
    gaby Says:

    rachel bilson is so cute..IMO she looks young for her age..more like 23 y/o

  12. 12
    taylor Says:

    Um, that’s a really exciting report….

  13. 13
    lisaB. Says:

    yes yes yes!! hayden’s coming to canada!! although i don’t live in canada toronto is only 12 hours by bus from new york! :D and by airplane only 30 minutes. for some reason it feels good to have hayden near me instead of roaming around la which is far away from where i live xD yay hayden. can’t wait to have babies with you! :D

  14. 14
    taylor Says:

    It’s not a farm, but they grow a lot of wheat there.

  15. 15
    lisaB. Says:

    btw rachel is an ugly midget ¬¬
    anf to those people who are bashing the other lisa who said something about a farm, she was just saying hayden has a farm in canada. u dumbasses >_>

  16. 16
    phoebe Says:

    lisa DIDN’t say canada is a farm,
    she said “off to the farm”

    his farm is located in Canada

  17. 17
    clark Says:

    rachel is so hot!
    hayden is lucky to get her
    if i were hayden, i would be the happiest guy in the world

  18. 18
    verity Says:

    SAME old pants since day 1 of HC’s photo opps in LA – ABSOLUTELY YUCK!

  19. 19
    fitzroy Says:

    Way to go JJ-MONEY, it looks like these 2diots got you promoted as their official blog site doubled w/ lot of incentive$$$.

  20. 20
    WTH Says:

    Please stop posting these two.
    Nothing personal, but what have they done that they need to be photgraphed and all this attention. It is like Heidi and Spencer.
    Not even newsworthy. . .so they are flying and wearing everyday clothes . . .who cares.

  21. 21
    Library lady Says:

    Well weed is legal in Canada my guess he needs to go home and cultivate the crops. YUCCCK 3 days in the same clothes that is just plain GROSS. GOD and she has the nasty hair look on her. Dear the hat has to go it does nothing for her.

  22. 22
    shadowy Says:

    @ #5 & 19

    Basing on his deliberate visibilities from the paps lately. It looks like CRINGEtensen just packed a 3 piece of shirts & 1 pants in his month long stay here in LA. So outrageously “cl-ass-y”.

  23. 23
    yeah Says:

    so undeserving of her life!
    these two suck! enough with thm already!

  24. 24
    hummer Says:

    Once they get to Canada they’re going to start a scrapbook of clippings of reviews they got for their acting in that movie where they met and fell in love.

  25. 25
    lover Says:

    i love her! she’s so pretty!!! and i love her outfit, specially her boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think they made a cute couple, but i’d love to see her and adam together again :)

  26. 26
    rebecca Says:

    The title of their next film together is Heidi and Spencer go to Canada

  27. 27
    anne Says:

    They look cute together and happy. bon voyage. Probably won’t see Hayden for awhile. I understand it but I’ll miss seeing pictures of him anyway.

  28. 28
    Coral Says:

    Interesting thread. I love how the same person keeps posting here over and over, making the same grammatical mistakes. Its like she’s having a conversation with herself.

    Keep it up. Its quite entertaining. But, now that these two are leaving LA (probably for the holidays) you won’t have anybody to hate on for perhaps weeks, maybe even months! Poor girl. You might actually have to get a life.

  29. 29
    chris Says:

    What does Rachel’s mom the sex therapist have to say about her daughter hooking up with her costars one after another.

  30. 30
    endoftimes Says:

    Uhhh, you dorks need to get a clue! what Lisa meant was that they are headed to Hayden’s farm in Canada. She didn’t mean Canada is a farm., duuuhh!! that proves you morons know nothing about Hayden, so just shut your pieholes and quit spouting off stupid crap.
    And you know Im sure he knows how to work a washer and dryer and more than likely washed the clothes in between wearings. Its pretty ignorant to assume that they were worn all week and not washed. get off their back, you only wish you were half as beautiful as they are.

  31. 31
    inshape Says:

    what is she doing with him? whenever they’re out together, he’s always walking in front of her and NEVER helping her with her bags or cart. he seems like an ass…

    rachel- you can do better!!!

  32. 32
    up and down Says:

    @ #30.
    Her mom probably tells her go for it. Its sexually healthy to play the field when you are young and can still get good looking men, LOL

  33. 33
    Justin Says:

    she is the prettiest girl ever!!
    i love her,,,hayden is lucky 2 have her
    they compliment each other..
    both look like teengers
    btw…Rachel haters…im sure her boots are prettier than ur faces

  34. 34
    up and down Says:

    #32, I bet he helps her out when they are in bed, hubba hubba. And why should he help her with her bags when he has his own to carry? He’s not a friggin octopus, though that would be hot if he had that many hands!

  35. 35
    zanessa/jashley Says:

    ah cool !! I never knew Hayden was born in Vancouver !! That’s where I live :D Yeah, I do hope they bought their jackets. It’s like -20 degrees here.

  36. 36
    fitzroy Says:


    And that “one magical pants” (reminds me of the movie, Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants – but then it was just a movie huh!) of his would probably be now headed to the laundry-max at long last.
    But what if not?! Yet on the 2nd thought, its really plausible – lol!

  37. 37
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    Flying off to Canada aka (well deserved) OBLIVION – what a breath of fresh air! They wouldn’t be terribly missed by those big-shot movie agents & mainstream Hollywood media circuits but to their waged PR disciples, it’ll be a different story – but there’s so-called cash advance & for reimbursement procedures isn’t it?!.

  38. 38
    sharon Says:

    Oh man i need a vacation and they didnt invite me (sighs)

  39. 39
    melinda Says:

    i love rachel’s bag…the red one..

  40. 40
    xiea Says:

    She’s beautiful and he’s just plain cool. Love them both. I hope we don’t have to wait a long time for more pics.

    Thanks for the goodbye pics JJ.

  41. 41
    aure Says:

    they are indeed in a very serious relationship, i have a daughter whose boyfriend lived in another country and it hurted everytime i saw them the airport, seeing your daughter now with her man leaving

  42. 42
    xiea Says:

    @ 42 azure

    Yeah, a lot of us have watched Hayden and Rachel grow up, on screen of course, and what we see of them in the media. I can only wish them all the happiness in the world. It’s sweet seeing her kiss her mother goodbye.

  43. 43
    jeeves Says:

    @ #42- they are indeed in a very serious relationship…

    A gnomish & unsightly baby (c/o RB’s genes) is probably on its way soon!

  44. 44
    aure Says:

    now you are hating their unborn baby, that is pathetic

  45. 45
    comrade Says:

    @ #42 & 43

    Why do you reply to your “own” posts?!
    When you could totally put those “same” self-assuring statements in just one post. Tsk… weird!

  46. 46
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Yes! I do love the pic of Rachel and Janice kissing goodbye. That is her mother for Christ’s sake and Rachel should be grateful to her mom that brought her into this world. The mom deserves some respect and glad to see that.

    As for the rest. I was expecting it coming and it is like so what?! Go to Canada and get out of our faces already! Sick of the two already and if, people are sick of all the threads on Hayden and Rachy then, don’t post on them anymore! Simple as that! Moving on!
    Don’t expect to hear from me anymore! Enough $hit for me.
    The two media wh*ores deserve each other. :D

  47. 47
    aure Says:

    your assumption is false

  48. 48
    sidony Says:

    A DOUCHel Bilson’s weekend full of photo-opps .
    She’s really an A-lister in terms of (patronized) gossip/tabloids sites & nothing much else – hands down!

  49. 49
    team rachel Says:

    Oh I love them! It’s good they need some privacy!!! I like Rachel’s outfit the cap, jacket and the boots. She is so pretty!!! Love them all the way!
    Have a nice time and come back soon Rachel :)

  50. 50
    comrade Says:

    @ Mama Bilson was seen giving Rachel a sweet goodbye kiss before driving off…

    Is that freaking big deal?! When it was such a common practice in the American typical household. Isnt it that either the parents or kids kiss each other too EVEN when one of them is just leaving the house to report for work or in school.
    Jeeez such a slight gesture that wants to blow-up just becoz some PET-celebutard had done it infront of the (or her) paparazzi. Well done!

    @ #48

    Whatever you damn say.

  51. 51
    leimore Says:


    And that would be another “suckfest” ladies & gentlemen, (his acting career’s specialty) as you’ll gonna “die” dreaming/wishing for that… and thanks be to God that a certain Robert Pattinson had already been born.

  52. 52
    ... Says:

    hayden looks happy

  53. 53
    cute Says:

    they both look hot i like them

  54. 54
    a fan Says:

    wonder if there will be pictures of them while in toronto

  55. 55
    sumo Says:

    Thank you Jared for the many Rachel and Hayden pictures this week. I am happy they are so close and share their adventures and I like seeing what outfits Rachel wears to give me some fashion ideas. Love her boots and the cap. She and Hayden both look pleased to be off traveling again, something they seem to enjoy.

  56. 56
    Trish Says:

    Ding dong, the gnome and whipped b*tch are (finally) gone! Hope they stay gone but probably won’t happen. A girl can dream though, a girl can dream.

  57. 57
    shadowy Says:

    @ #32 – whenever they’re out together, he’s always walking in front of her and NEVER helping her with her bags or cart. he seems like an ass…

    like this….

  58. 58
    shadowy Says:

    And some more…

    Yeah right, so in l u r v e… yet so “consistently” thoughtless – way to go HayDamn – lol!

  59. 59
    shadowy Says:


  60. 60
    wish Says:

    DON”t she still have a movie to do they are still fiming it.Maybe she went along to tell him goodby.Rachel is not going to Canada with Hayden.I don’t beieve everything that JJ put up here.All he do make you all come here and make fools out of yourselves.And you all believe it.All rachel want to do is Get all the media attention she can now.And jj didn’t put up the picture when she in Santa Monica by herself The other all can keep think that they are a couplei never will.That tell me alot about all you rachel fans you should do love her.Spenting all the time in early morning discussing her,She nothing but trouble if hayden wasn’t in La she wasn’t been hanging around him that much.She don’t want to work for nothing someone is always guving her credit for something that she don’t do.What she couldn’t find another man to to put up with her.She can not bring back the time she did not spent with hayden this summer things like that don’t work out that way.All she going to do is spent one day there and leave.Do she look like she is dress to go to canada.And she only pushing herself on him.They not in serious relationship just working one that shows that they are still getting along.Rachel will be at home at the end of the month of before when she finish her movie.So i would not mke this no big deal.Why don’t the person really ask them where they was going?And if hayden was going home why didn’t he avoid the media like he always do.When hayden come here by hisself you do not see him.And when she come from filming her movie you don’t see her.Only when they are together you see them leave.Awhile you didn’t see them leave together.The media don’t have anything to do with their privacy.That is lie.rachel is the one that is the onelying about their privacy.She is the one who called them.When she finish doing her movie you won’t see her or him.I know that you all going to say i hate rachel but she have lied so many times about things in the past about keep business private.:LIke when she said that she going to New YORk to extra scences for the movie.And it turn out that she was threr to promote jumper.Rachel is nothing but a spoil little liar and use people for herself.Rachel didn’t have no business take her personal life that far if she didn’t want noboy to seeit.Its all on her now Before jumper came out You couldn’t get rachel near hayden and now it’s diiferent story and i’m not buying it.She make allbeieve everything is ok with them when its not. The media have way are not letting you see the bad that go with people.Rachel is the prime example of it.She always let people see the goodtime she having with hayden not the real truth.Im sure rachel could left by herself but guessshe have to keep up that lie that she said about hayden instyle magazine.So little liar going to tell the magazine about her adventure in Canada this time( thta if she went there.I was quoted that Rachel don’t do fly off nowhere like others celebrities that she is a good girl.YEs running behind a man that hardly pays any attention to her. The onlt reason Hayden was in LA because he was there to wok and nothing else.She should have took herself back to works days ago.That’s why nobody won’t hire her because she always want to leave all the time.Need to stop running behind a man all the time and let him do that for hersometime.Rachel is not in love with hayden just what she get out him with the media.Thought be she be have dump him by now.Its just might happen soon.When you have been seem too much each other things don’t work out well.So i know that i’m going to get bash for what i say.I don’t really care what you people think are what say.Cause that’s what you going to do away,And Im not rachel hater just giving people the facts as i see it.

  61. 61
    my idol Says:

    @wish you care a lot for her hm????

  62. 62
    ann Says:

    Rachel Bilson to stretch her acting abilities in next movie

  63. 63
    ... Says:

    @real world or wish now?

    peple who are posting here are either fans or not, but you are just disgusting, to think that what you are posting does not make any sense

  64. 64
    ... Says:

    of course, people

  65. 65
    toni Says:

    Poor Thurman Murman. She shows up for a few weeks and then leaves for a few weeks. She should take him with her to Hayden’s farm. The fresh air and room to run would probably make him happy. If they have a baby I hope she doesn’t continually leave it behind.

    Hopefully when they come back they look happier together. These last few sets of pics they look unhappy. She seems like she is chasing him and he could care less. He isn’t much of a gentleman. In one of the pics Rachel is carrying all their luggage. Not a fan of hers but am actually feeling a little sorry for her now. He seems to treat her like crap in public. Maybe some of the comments about him not respecting woman are true.

  66. 66
    real world Says:

    I know hayden is glad to get rid of rachel finally.All she did was kept putting her business in the media for her own benefit only.So that’s why she was looking so sad the other day.She knows that when he hit home hes not leaving anytime soon.And you people need to stop feeling sorrow for and stop blaming haydenfor what she do.Rachel is the one who start this mess about their relationship not hayden.So she going to have to pay for it.Stop telling the magazines lies that’s why they don’t pay her no attention anymore.Cause she relying on the pictures on the internet to get her by.Wish she could have done that for her fashion line.So all rachel is going to do slip back here like she always do unnoticed like she been in Canada all this time.But in reality she be working on her film and you all want to be her fan. She always make a sucker out of you people.All these pictures and stories about him and her here.What’s going to happen when she stop talking to him.Are people going to think that they was good together? Things do change you know if you all don’t think so then you all of crazy.So get upset if things don’t work out for them.Maybe now hayden can get back on what he really loves to do.And his mind can get on him doing another movie.You all know why she hanging with him do you.?She think that peole will look at her in a different light and give her a movie. She already wasted her time with her friend jill thinking about getting on gossip girl.What better way to let see you with someone like Hayden.Cause she is too lazy to get with another most famous actor.She should be up there with other stars that getting somewhere.Oh i forgot she hate them because they are not in the media all the time.Maybe when she slip back here she can really going on with them.

  67. 67
    sumo Says:

    I don’t understand your comment or the other comments about Hayden treating Rachel badly. She has looks, money, fame, friends, family who love her, people in the industry like Josh Schwartz, Doug Liman, and Zach Braff who speak highly of her. Why on Earth would she put up with any mistreatment? You can see in later pictures they got a luggage cart, so Hayden probably went ahead to get it.

    I sometimes think that everyone is so biased against Rachel on this site that it never strikes you the obsession may be more his than hers. The first thing guys do when they get a beautiful woman is to try and make her less attractive to other men. Clearly he has influenced how she looks and dresses–no more make-up, less of the designer stuff she usually wears–and now he reportedly lives in her house, drives her car, and everywhere she goes he either goes with her or has the Blackberry tethered to her or has his family guarding her, like at her fashion opening at Macy’s in N.Y. Now, I don’t pretend to know a thing about their real relationship, I’m just saying you can read the situation a number of ways, so please try to be a little kinder to Rachel, eh?

  68. 68
    katie n Says:

    love his inspirational t shirt. But I think Hayden should head to Bahamas or some nice, sunny country for vacation not to Canada. He looks deathly pale.

  69. 69
    yeah Says:

    she might be leaving by herself. the last pic she is standing alone with all the bags. maybe filming in canada. hayden is tsitll working on BD he may have stayed in LA.

  70. 70
    xiea Says:

    @ 46 comrade

    It really bothers you that more than a few people posting to this board actually would post something nice about these too and even like them.

    I was answering Azure post.

    I’ll never understand why people post to this topic if it makes them so miserable. Go do something that makes you happy.

  71. 71
    blairite Says:

    @# 58, 59 & 63
    That was OUCH again!
    Love your post and dig up some more.

    @ #66
    Pictures can never lie. I checked out all the said pics., Haydent did some help in the end but in the “1st” few pics, he’s just “oblivious”… as it was his first “instinct” to do or to go on his “own” way whatever the case maybe. Such a very fine gentleman of Haydent could never-ever be.

  72. 72
    unreechy Says:

    I’d say, after a month of “showing-off-of-how-they-are-really-together” (all courtesy of their most favorite JJ) but then still getting some feedback like the ones that Speidi’s have been receiving. “Hibernating” for a “loooooooong” period of time while would be a great relief if or since both of them have no pending legit work to do but all just photo opps., they could go back in HW in Spring 2010 or in Christmas 2009 at least lol!

  73. 73
    yeah Says:

    pictire 6 makes me think she is going alone, she is holding every signle bag including the bookbag.

  74. 74
    yeah Says:

    if they are more than friends, i would say its a bizaar relationship. he is always walking far from her, not looking at her. looks like he helped her into the line then left. LOL

  75. 75
    ivyleague Says:

    This is fascinating news! Hopefully, if they’re escaping to his farm in the Great North, we’ll see less of them on here. This week, it’s been TOO much!

    @68 ~ I’m not a fan of either one of these 2. They seriously annoy the sh&t outta me, BUT, u make a really good point. And you look at it frm an angle I never considered. He seems to be latch’d onto her a&& alot more than she is to his….

  76. 76
    blairite Says:


    @# 66 – She seems like she is chasing him and he could care less…

    Is she (still) that obvious?!

  77. 77
    OpsSS!!!! Says:

    the most BORING couple ever!

  78. 78
    kelly Says:

    @ # 68 sumo
    Interesting … I totally see where you are coming from.

  79. 79
    yeah Says:

    no one else thinks she left alone? in line, she carries ALL the bags.

  80. 80
    toni Says:

    Maybe. She must be going to see his family with him joining her after he finishes filming.

    What happened to her film she was supposed to be starring in? It seems she only filmed for a short time. Nikki Blonsky is guest starring on Ugly Betty with no mention of this film in any of the articles about her. Was the film cancelled?

  81. 81
    yeah Says:

    she was gone for what? a week? maybe she had a small part. havent heard anything about the film. seems like it is on and off, maybe schedule conflicts, budget issues. it can b a whole plethra of problems

  82. 82
    yeah Says:

    to me it seems like she is filming up in canada, she went by herself. tons of movies are shot in canada

  83. 83
    yeah Says:

    from 2 years ago. she has always worn a ring on her ring finger.

    God her voice and laughing is annoying as hell!!

  84. 84
    ... Says:

    If hayden would carry all those bags, i would say, he`ll be doing it for other people for them to say he is such a gentleman. He is always walking ahead of her and in a such hurry to avoid the paps. Just my observation.

  85. 85
    kiss kiss bang bang Says:

    everyone is kissing rb lately

  86. 86
    yeah Says:

    he;s going to be in “mona lisa” remake. wonder who leading lady will be?

  87. 87
    meagan Says:

    How is it stretching your acting abilities when you’re playing an actress? Oh, I know. Because Rachel Bilson has no acting ability. I got it now.

  88. 88
    yeah Says:

    lol “rachel has a knack for being pap ready..”

    why is she always on TEEN mags?

  89. 89
    yeah Says:

    meg, notice she takes jobs wher she is playing herself? she spends more on a purse than some people make in a month. gross. this is why i love angelina jolie and brad, not only do they talent and pop out good movies, but they spend their free-time helping the needy and giving to humanity. then you got POS like RB, who in no way deserves what she has. some people have luck

    now i see why she wears to much eye makeup!! her covershoot…doesnt look that good at all

  90. 90
    atlqueen Says:

    If she is going by herself he must have been helping her with her things. In the first few pics he’s carrying the same bags she is standing alone with. Hmmm……. Oh God can I be the one to say it? Who cares! If he is or isn’t a gentlemen we aren’t dating him. Besides they have been dating for almost two years guys for real. He isn’t that same ‘gentlemen’ anymore……

  91. 91
    yeah Says:

    she is alone in line holding everything. she left alone

  92. 92
    atlqueen Says:


    You sound so dumb right now. Who the hell complains about an actor/actress spending more money on an item than the average person? Are you serious? Brad and Angie live in many huge houses which is way more than what the average person has. And one can’t even compare Brad and Angie to RB and HC anyway.

    My main point is there is hardly a celeb out there that doesn’t spend a lot on clothes bags and unnecessary bull ish.

  93. 93
    yeah Says:

    i appreciate your name calling, how mature. i love coming on here and having mature conversation. obviously you dont get my point. Grow up. you’re going to live a miserable life if you name call anyone who has a different view than yourself. hope you dont plan on going to college, it would be brutal on you. lol

  94. 94
    jq Says:

    love em!

  95. 95
    warren buffet Says:

    i love her cuteness
    i dont like her boots tho, they’re pretty ugly

  96. 96
    sumo Says:


    She is holding everything while Hayden fetches a luggage cart. You can see it in later pictures.

  97. 97
    meagan Says:

    @93, the point is, since you completely missed it is not that Angie and Brad live in huge houses, or that all Bilson does is spend money. The point is, Brad and Angie give back, they’re constantly helping the less fortunate. Bilson doesn’t help anyone but herself. If she did do any charity work that didn’t involve a red carpet, you better believe she’d have a camera crew at the ready to record every single moment. And that would be the ONLY reason she’d do it, for the photo op. Period.

  98. 98
    yeah Says:

    Thank you Meagan!! =)

  99. 99
    john Says:

    those sneakers Hayden is wearing are sweet as, K-swiss finally getting some cool ass kicks out in the market. Anyone know where to purchase ?

  100. 100
    real world Says:

    #64and 65 you can not spell your words right..You still don’t know what you talking about either.I don’t have to explain anything to you.Allyou do is stand up for rachel and the things she do.I don’t like that tell lies and don’t do anythings with their lives.You can’t stop me from voicing my opinion,And sumo Hayden do not live with Rachel do you believe everthing you read.Rachel is not that special and don’t need to told so.That’s not the only girl hayden have co-star with.The only reason she is working cause she her a break from it. She have to go back work where she was before not Canada.I just can’t believe you still they are couple when she said in playboy they are not.He’s just her friend.I don’t like bashing rachel but Just don’t like what she didn’t like what she did when Hayden came to visit with all the media surrounding her and him.Rachel didn’t have them follow them everywhere they went.Nobody does that and they do more things than she.Was they couple of the momth?Haden went home like i said a was glad to get rid of her.You all see how she acted at the airport.She have done that before and hayden stop hanging with her at the airport.Look like he going to have to stop doing that again.Don’t you all think that he get tired of her?And the way she talk about is real bad like comparing to her Ex cause hayden don’t like to shop.That’s the reason hayden treated her that way.Rachel don’t know how to treat others.She talk down to them like she’s all that.She tired to get back with that Zach braff but he left her alone.About the other guys you mention they don’t talk to her anymore.Plus when Hayden get home think he going to stay for awhile.And rachel probably come home without him like she always do unnoticed

  101. 101
    black radish Says:

    @yeah & meagan : Obviously, Bilson and Christensen don’t help anyone but themself, so what?

    Have you seen the next thread? ROFLMAO!!! JJared is the funniest blogger on the web. I’m going to die laughing.
    Some people are ready to kill for a pair of shoes.

  102. 102
    ... Says:

    @real world
    For someone who does not like rachel, you must be reading all the craps on tabloids. First of all, i am a hayden fan, but rachel kind of grew on me because, i personally thinks, she is really committed to hayden. They both are pursuing their career, but are still together. Time will tell if it will last or not, but in the meantime, they seem enjoying each others company.

  103. 103
    voice of reason Says:

    The same people posting under different usernames yet again-is it a little club you have together?(you know who you are)

    The 3 of you were banned at Imdb, now you spread your hate here yet again, because almost nobody likes you.

    You 3 are so stupid to do what you did at Imdb, someone(not me) had you tagged over there, someone that got Imdb with money and Lawyers to ban you.

    Given the nature of things that have gone on and knowing that you all know about the Christensen family with a previous member of Imdb you should have played it alot smarter, you set yourselves up for a world of hurt.

    Not getting satisfaction, you started the whole Hayden on drugs rubbish, with Rachel being his supplier ROTFLMAO.

    You 3 have always been anti-Rachel for the life of me I don’t understand why(and don’t bother with the stole design crap–everyone does), you type that you love Natalie but yet never post on her threads as much, if at all, than you do here. So one must assume that all your posts on any Hayden/Rachel thread is because of your hatred.

    My god he wears the same jeans you all cry-ever heard of a washing machine and dryer, although to be fair Hayden has stated in interviews that he does not wash jeans for a few days because he likes the lived in look.

    Would not surprise me at all that both HC and RB have very healthy bank accounts, just because they can do something you can’t does not give you a right to hate someone, yes actors are overpaid but the production company and studios allow it. I doubt anyone here would knock back 1.5 million(est) to work for a few months, I’m sure I would not.

    Once again you sound like jealous people, people that think Hayden owes them something–he does not owe you anything.

    person 1: You were never going to comic-con, so why bother about it.
    person 2: You can’t answer a direct question if you tried miss” I Know someone who knows someone that said this” yeah right you know nothing.
    person 3: You wasted it, we finally started to talk nice I was going to warn you, you got banned before I could.

    For what it is worth I thought Hayden and Rachel looked happy as much as you can with cameras in your face, I’m sure they are very happy in Canada right now, both had passports. And if you 3 idiots with multiple usernames think it’s some PR stunt, over the last year they have got both sides of the family into it, I’m sure that family is smarter than that.

    Person 2: Hayden is so hated in Hollywood, that nobody wants to work with him-guess your lie has been proved to be that.

  104. 104
    alin Says:

    @ meegan

    How do u know that Rachel never donated her money to the charity? Plus, it’s so ridiculous to compare between Angie and Brad and Rachel. Angie n Brad are two person and plus they are a LOT richer than Rachel so therefore they can donate more of their money to the charity. How many millions that they made by just selling their babies’ pictures? If I’m not mistaken about 10 millions they can donate more..
    I don’t think Rachel has like millions of dollar in her account. And do you know that most of Rachel’s purses were given free by the designer? So that she can promote the purses to the public..

  105. 105
    Voice of Truth Says:

    @voice of reason
    Funny username, isn’t it? I hope you appreciate.

    1/ Usernames are useless, only comments are interesting (or not).
    2/ Yes, both are in Canada.
    3/ Haters don’t need to be “liked” on the web.
    4/ Who cares about Rachel Bilson or Natalie Portman (obviously, 2 nice women)?
    5/ Trashden is hypocritical, misogynist, lazy, very insightful (I suppose you’ll understand) and nefarious. You’re clever and informed, so you already know everything about that. Why do you still support this guy?

    Anyway, think what you want about Hayden. I don’t want to fight against you, or convince someone, I’ve nothing to win and I’m not a preacher.

  106. 106
    periwinkle Says:

    Another movie (to ruined)…

    Hayden Christensen Starring In Taxi Driver Remake – ….. When you throw in the fact that this is the next movie for director Larry Clarke (Bully, Ken Park), who is known for “heavy sexualized ” youth movies,

    Looks/sounds like another *** film just like fuc(k)tory girl. Most apt for those “salivating” fangirls of his.

  107. 107
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    Veritable Facts:

    FG is simply yuck-kind of a softporn flick headed by Sluttiena Miller, toppled w/ sleazy promotion but still tanks at the boxoffice & the critics alike.
    And isnt it that Cringetensen did suck big time again on that film (as in ” abbyssmal performance”) but then, if he’s been been re-hired once again, it would just be a piece of cake for him as he dont have to stretch much out his acting crappabilities in it when prob. half of the movie, he’s doing a (gratuitous) sex scene/s or just wearing less or nothing at all – lol.

  108. 108
    @#107 Says:

    in VT too.

  109. 109
    Taylor Says:

    @ #67(sumo)

    I don’t find it so hard to believe, simply because it’s not the first time i’ve heard that he is the obsessive one and not her…

    This blind riddle on Lainey gossip is about them!

    Dating a Douche
    Perfect young couple: beautiful and cute, comparable status, first colleagues now lovers trying to stay out of the spotlight. At first, she was charmed by his charm, thought that she had found someone less brooding than her last boyfriend, someone less complicated, with fewer issues. Problem is, the honeymoon phase is over, and as is often the case when dating al narcissistic whiney *******, their life has become completely about him – what he wants to do, who he wants to see, and what he wants to use.

    It was cocaine last year – an addiction he managed to get under control rather quickly. But plagued by professional setbacks and self doubt, he started using recreationally again a few months ago, escalating now to the point where he has become surly and grumpy, alienating many of his own friends and isolating her from hers. Although she is not doing it with him, she is giving up her other relationships to be with him. Her once close group of girls has been pushed out of her life, she hardly sees them, she hardly calls, and she makes excuses when she’s with him, ignoring pleas from her confidantes to slow things down.

    Worse still, it’s beginning to affect her work. She has been loathe to accept offers without checking with him first… and his response? “But I want us to be together, baby”. Apparently his cheese is as bad as his acting.

    Here’s the link:

  110. 110
    pri Says:




  111. 111
    pri Says:

    109) Taylor:



  112. 112
    voice of reason Says:

    @105 Voice of Truth

    Thanks for proving you use multiple usernames appreciate that as for the only thing that matters is the content not the name I would suggest that your little club should start typing an original thought.

    As for your point 5: You know Hayden so well you can make an assumption on his character, you don’t know him anymore than I do, however unlike you I don’t feel the need to go ranting and raving like you do because the truth is, he has never done anything to me.

    I don’t need to name call him or question why he looks as if he is on downtime. Although IMO could it be that he is relaxing, after working and/or doing PR for a movie which he normally wears a jacket/shirt and tie…

    Until he gets picked up DUI or charged with drugs your accusations off a diaster waiting to happen is nothing more than your jealous fangirl opinion, fueled by your need that he owes you something.

    @109 Taylor
    Yeah right Lainey is the most credible gossip site around, providing she has at least 2 days to copy everyone else and change it around to make it “Exclusive”.
    Her blind vice if you believe it to be HC/RB has alot of plot holes in it-RB has been seen out with friends, other guys, family, having lunch, going shopping—-yeah Hayden keeps her tied down in the house. ROTFLMAO

  113. 113
    atlqueen Says:

    I got something for ya’ll about Hayden’s new movie coming out. You are absolutely right about ‘Bully’ and ‘Kids’ having s&x in it. You cannot deny that both movies were good as hell! And what are you like babies or something? Are you afraid of a little soft p0rn? LOL! Grow up! Jesus, I’d hate to know how you’d react to real s&x. Stop hating on that man for making money.

  114. 114
    lexie Says:

    @109 Taylor

    The blind item is about them?

    Says you.

    I followed the links. Lainey never said who she wrote it for. The item is from August 2007 and the consensus seems to be that it’s about another actor now deceased.

    You people who try so hard to destroy someone’s rep are no better than cold blooded assassins.

  115. 115
    ??? Says:

    Taylor’s article came out right after this article came out from Lainley. Hayden has been in a $hitty attitude mode since, 8/31/2007. It is not that the girlie’s are jealous it, is what Rachel has done to Hayden and he is not even hot looking anymore. Sad.

    Everyone’s an Ingrate
    Hayden Christensen – not the first time I’ve heard he hates his teen beat pin-up status. Poor Hayden. Being famous and all, with a career supported by female fans willing to throw money at anything he puts out there no matter how **** it is – at times it’s really too much, you know? At times it really sucks to be Hayden Christensen. Please feel sorry for Hayden, ‘k?

    At the risk of waking the psychotic monster that is the Hayden fanbase, here’s a sighting sent in by a reader who was crushed the other day when rebuked by Hayden, to the point of tears. Rachel Bilson however is the loveliest, sweetest thing.

    “I saw Hayden Christiensen and super cute Rachel Bilson at the airport in Miami. we were waiting in line to board our flight. I’m on a family vacation with my parents, and my younger sister. So i was thinking if i should approach him and ask him for a pic. i gotta say he didn’t look that great like on tv. he was scruffy and wore really weird wide pants that were kind of just below the knee length. he had pretty dark circles around his eyes and i dunno he looked like he needed a shower. not exactly how people look when they go on vacation. this plane was headed for the caribbean.

    so i fnally mustered the strength to go and ask him for a pic and all i could say was “hi, I…” before i could even ask he started waving with his hand and saying no, no. I guess i understood he was on vacation so i apologized. i put the camera back in and i said “im sorry i just worked at a toronto convention where you were scheduled to attend but you had to back out because of work. i was looking forward to meeting darth” i couldn’t finish that sentence cause he said “please leave”. so i did. i was really disappointed i cried on the plane. im not a huge fan, i dont collect his movies but i still thought he was cool and CANADIAN. such a shame that he changed so much. apparently he was real nice before. lance bass isnt the only one who let fame get to his head. they all do. i’m never watching a hayden movie again. but then again he didnt have anything big out in years since star wars. good luck staying in the spotlight *******.

    he wasnt affectionete with rachel either. his arms were crossed and he looked really moody. he said something like “i hate doing this” and she just nodded. if they were anyone else i would think who put these two together. no chemistry at all, didnt look like a couple at all. and this was business class. we only had to wait a few seconds to give our luggage away.

    oh and btw rachel i love u!!! i was never a big fan of hers but she smiled at me mouthed “sorry”. shes sooo cute and tiny in person. hayden is barftastic and gross. get a shower and an attitude change, sucker. im gonna try and enjoy my vacation now. i just couldnt get over how rude he was.”

    Don’t you feel badly for Hayden? Poor poor baby Hayden. To be accosted like that at an airport…the nerve!!

    Attached: Hayden and Rachel shooting Jumper last year in Rome.

    Posted on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 9:21 AM

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  116. 116
    @#115 Says:

    Nobody believes this old fake sh*t, even haters.

  117. 117
    Voice of Truth Says:

    I almost forgot : @ voice of reason : I’m sorry, I don’t feel the need to be more original (but maybe more courteous) than his last few fans.
    And I’m not one of these 3 ex-fans from IMDB. Ask them. You seem to know everyone here.

  118. 118
    yeah Says:

    anyone know toves middle name?

  119. 119
    lexie Says:

    @ ??? #115

    Your point is what?

    Oh and I am definitely gullible enough to believe every second hand anonymous rumor and gossip story on the internet.

    Anyone with the least amount of celebrity is going to gather fans as well as people who can’t wait to attack them.

    All you are posting is second hand information.

    And since that story by Lainey was posted in August 2007 she also had other articles to post about both Hayden and Rachel in 2008.

    First hand account from Lainey Gossip May 2008:

    He commands a bigger paycheque, he is Anakin Skywalker, and still Hayden Christensen took a firm backseat to Rachel Bilson last night. Of course it was a fashion event and she is the fashion girl. But up and down the press line, they were screaming for HER. They were not screaming for HIM. Half the outlets, in fact, couldn’t care less.

    We’re on a Canadian show so we definitely cared. And he came by and talked to us and he was as uncomfortable as he usually is with media but polite and perked up considerably when I asked him about superhero powers and teleporting and he said he was pretty excited about the success of Jumper and smiled broadly when we talked about the possibility of a sequel and then he drifted off to wait.

    We thought he headed inside. Rachel meanwhile was working the media. It took her forever to get up the stairs. Then all of a sudden, Hayden reappeared. He kind of confusingly wandered back over to our side of the carpet and a few reporters next to me were like – is he drunk? He seems drunk.

    I don’t think he was drunk. But he was lost. He was looking for her. And she was still a ways off from wrapping up. So then he meandered up to the landing by the main doors and stood there awkwardly, not like a movie star but like a civilian, dawdling, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, unsure of what to do and not really having anyone to talk to.

    I felt like I was watching a kid in school on his first day. Broke my heart. Wanted to offer him a seat next to me on the bus.

    Finally Eva Mendes walked by him and gave him a hug. And then, after what must have seemed to him like an eternity, Rachel joined him again and they made their way into the gala.

    Conclusions or assumptions?

    Clearly he was out of his element. But he was there to be with her. He must be really into her, non? In that sense, it’s actually really cute.

    And in real life, they are actually really cute together.

    As for what they were wearing – Hayden is beautiful but he was underdressed. And Rachel is beautiful too but the bangs with the no neck turtleneck had the effect of one long dark gloomy sheet. It was definitely superheroine-ish but also definitely not her brightest or her best.

  120. 120
    atlqueen Says:

    Is Lainey really important? And I’m asking as a serious question. Don’t attack me.

  121. 121
    yeah Says:

    he proudly says he is single. not since he got with rb now everything is a secret. this is weird.

  122. 122
    gotg Says:

    @118, he doesn’t have one.
    @120, important compared to what?

  123. 123
    @ #119 Says:

    IDK? It seems it was you that posted that and gave that information on post #119! I mean, you posted right after Taylor. It was you that sent more Lainey gossip. What are you trying to prove then? Nice cover up though! ;)

  124. 124
    voice of reason Says:

    @117 Voice of Truth

    Trying to cover for your mistake tsk tsk, you are one of the 3 otherwise you would not have responded, or you are number 4 feeling guilty on your part I guess.

    Your other give away, you commented about something I already know. And again you may not have to display an original comment, because you can’t find one which is why multiple names just keep going with the same rubbish you have all posted on numerous threads and boards.

    Number 4 is still on Imdb-so if you deny you are not in the 3 then I know who you are.

    Have a good one

  125. 125
    sterling Says:

    Midge (t) is now a “bad shot” to Lainey and it keeps on counting…

  126. 126
    lexie Says:

    @ 123

    Cover up? What does that mean I’m starting to get confused with some of these posts.

    My point in posting a more postive Lainey story is that anyone here can post some gossip or rumor to support their point of view. It’s still all gossip and rumor except the Lainey story I posted was at least a first hand account (opinion) and not some anonymous report.

    Not every story out there is negative.

  127. 127
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#126 – lexie
    You saw THAT story of Lainey positive?!
    She basically calls him a little helpless boy in it… which probably he also is in most matters. ;-)
    So by posting this you did not help HC at all – in the opposite.

    @voice of reason – or should I say “self acclaimed web cop”?
    What? Had a bad weekend, girl? As you seem to be on a “prosecution mission” right again where there is absolutely no reason for it. Just a thought.

    @few left fans of HC in general
    Go ahead, and thanks for the amusement! :lol:

  128. 128
    ... Says:

    They are in a relationship, stop discussing if it`s good for them or not, it`s their lives. Looking forward to hc`s new films.

  129. 129
    real world Says:

    Why do you always want to stop people from saying what they want to say@#128? you don’t know about their relationship either.Rachel will do anything to get attetion from a guy.Like when she embrass him at the gala and when she make out with him when he doing his commerical here.She didn’t have to do that in public like that really make her look bad . Its not the first time she ever did that in public it have been done before. She have a bad image she’s sending to people right now.And she trying to mess up Hayden’sYou all know he’s not that way, Just say that Rachel loves to run around with men that she want to be with at the time.As for hayden i think that he wants to break it off with her.Rachel always wants to hooked up with guys that don’t want hang around her anymore and that’s sad.Like she did with Zach Braff.What is she’s going to do when Hayden start his new movie and she don’t have one.Is she going to stop speaking to him too.Like Adam did when he start doing movies and he wouldn’t let be in one of them.Also Hayden do not make rachel settle down when she still go.If she do its up to her she went to the party without him.Didn’t she?She could be home right now and we wouldn’t know it.Why talk about Hayden that way?He not the one In the media all the time like rachel is.And rachel don’t like that very much cause she would have respected his privacy.And she didn’t do that for herself or him.He find out that she just like the other girls in HW. And when a guy find that out he don’t have no respect for you no more.That’s why he act that way toward her.He thought she was diffrent.So stop talking about him like that and blame everything on her.So when she stop hanging him then what you going say then about him That was his fault that they fall apart its going to happen you know.Rachel is going to find some reason to leave him.They could be over right.And #128 don’t tell me i don’t know what’s I’m talking about or anyone else hrer cause I”m seaking my opinion just like you.And why don’t you have a surname like anyone else?Or a personal friend of the person we all or talking about.Cause you always bashing people about their comments,So all of you stop bashing hayden and let him be.He didn’t start this mess.Rachel and the media did.(for her not telling the truth and not keeping her personal life private lke she said she do.What i seem this past week and is not true.She does this all the time when she want to get with guy.Act she can’t be by herself).

  130. 130
    ... Says:


    your surname is real world?

  131. 131
    real world Says:

    Yes it is but nobody know yours it is diffrent and don’t make any sense.What are you hiding?And don’t said i don’t.make any sense cause you always do.You know what’s i’m talking about.

  132. 132
    voice of popcorn Says:

    (aka Voice of Truth, but more funny)

    @voice of reason
    mistake? guilty?? number 4?!?? LMAO : YOU ARE NUMBER SIX (very big voice)
    Do you need a doctor? I think you’re in the process of turning much worse than Jen (who is in fact just his 1st fan). You know, the Christensens don’t need you as firewall.

    lol, a web cop or the Grand Inquisitor. Was she always like this on IMDB? It makes me think of an embittered old snake. She wants to control everything that’s said about this poor little Den.

  133. 133
    ... Says:

    @real world

    This wiil be my last post for you, not until you know what a surname is.

  134. 134
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#132 – voice of popcorn/Truth/your probably soon to be added future names
    You make me laugh indeed! Thanks for all the wit you bring in here, and this is meant as an honest compliment. :-)

    Voice Of Reason is still around on IMDB (as you talk about her being there in past tense), but using a different name. Think about an animal with eight legs and add some number to it, that’s her.
    It was Gasol_fan16 and me who left ourselves from IMDB, and if somebody deletes the whole account there it says at the posts “deleted by an administrator”. Yet VOR claims we were both banned. Don’t ask me where she has this information from?! Another idea from her to give her some reason for trials to rule a board or complain about how much she feels “ashamed” for HC’s “bad, bad” fans. LOL Guess she would be busy enough to take a clearer look at the real behavior of her idol. Should keep her (and some other hopeless as blinded by this poser-cases) quite busy for a while. ;-) You named another “volunteer victim” yourself in your above post.
    As you said in one of your last posts: There are about three hardcore-fans of HC left at IMDB, but some other ex-fans like Gasol_fan16 and myself have finally woken up a while ago and seen through all his lies and fake image. Obviously some people prefer to stay in comfortable denial and start to attack people like us then. That’s why we left, but by ourselves, as this guy is not worth the effort of wasting any time on “fighting” over him. What has he ever done for his fans I wonder? Except lying to them and delivering one bad performance after the other? In the rare cases he chose to work at all and took some (lame) project that was…
    Just the trial of an explanation.
    BTW, I’ve never used another ID over here nor on IMDB, but VOR is eager to hunt down “socks”, as she calls it. ;-)

    Greetings to you, girl, and I hope you don’t mind that I brought you up here. I know we feel very alike in this matter.

  135. 135
    pri Says:

    Hayden in two new movies: Quantum Quest and Mona Lisa!
    He´s don’t loser.

    I LOVE HE!

  136. 136
    lexie Says:

    @ 127 Smilehexe

    That’s the difference between how some people see things one way and others see it another way.

    IMHO the point of Lainey’s article was that Hayden and Rachel are into each other and he was there for her. Out of his element at a fashion function and feeling a little awkward he was still there for her. Lainey thought it was sweet.

    Which contradicts the blind item Lainey wrote in August 2007 that says “it’s all about him”.

    Not all articles are negative. Maybe it’s just the people who read them.

  137. 137
    aure Says:

    I think when exfans are disappointed, it has a lot to do with bilson, but if he is happy with her, that is all what matters, don`t you think?

  138. 138
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Greeting’s! And THANK YOU! :D No. I’m glad you did bring me up and said the truth. I left Imdb on my own and was certianly not banned. I left for the same reasons as you Smilehexe! The third person left on her own as well. Banned my $ss! I can come back anytime if I want but, I don’t feel like arguing with some imbecile’s on that board! ;)

    VOR loves to make up stories and add drama or make someone look criminal b/c we don’t agree with everything she has to say. What Smilehexe and I have said is hardly criminal. We are expressing our opinions and that is not a crime last time I checked. Vor is off her med’s again by the looks of it and acting like the “board police”! As far as angry sounding rant’s that VOR accuses us of sounding. She is the one who sounds tyrannical, paranoiac and deeply psychotic. What the hell for?! Over a washed up has been of an actor and D-lister girlfriend? :roll: Oh please?! Spider. Oop’s!! Sorry. I mean VOR is a cyber bully and think she rules the boards. Truth is she was actually banned from another board herself. She has no room to talk! :shock: Vor of reason needs to get a grip and come back to the real world. I mean I can understand she is a hardcore fan and has her convictions by sticking up for Hayden and Rachel but, to bash ex-Hayden fan’s does not make it right either.

    Smilehexe and I woke up and took our rose colored glasses off. All the threads of Hayden and Rachel lately explain’s they are total sell out’s and media wh*res. How many has there been lately 10 or more threads on them this past week? Ridiculous! I guess they need the attention. Hayden has not made a hit movie since SW or SG. That was it. Fugtory Girl- Soft Porno and don’t kill me for that one. I’m far from being sexually repressed! FG was soft porn and Sienna did all the work! LOL! Then, VT went strait to DVD. Gee..What does that tell you? Awake left me sedated and Jumper was the worst. I almost fell asleep durning Jumper. Glad I waited to see on DVD and did not go to pay to see it at the theater! Then, we got Rachy. Post OC rat who, cannot act to save her soul and is nothing but a human hanger to, put her expensive designer dud’s on. She is nothing but a walking Barbie doll. Or looks more like a Bratz doll! :lol: Head full of hot air. All she knows is shopping and hungry for press attention.

    Hayden has disapointed fans. It is not all Rachel. Hayden has not been honest with his fans. He is not private at all and he is not the polite golden boy he seemed back in 2005. He is sullen, rude, arrogant and lost his hotness appeal factor in looks. If, some die hard fans want to stick in there for the long journey. So be it! Have fun. It may take a while and you will soon see and be disapointed. I think Trashden is dead in Hollywood and soon to be.

    Jealous?! Hell no. Baffled by Hayden’s decisions yes! That is on Hayden. It is too bad he chose to be a major sell out. That is the easy way out. Oh yeah. Thank you Voice of Truth! I love your words and you expressed yourself so well. Hayden is a hypocritical, misogynist, lazy and nefarious! Understand?! Good to see there are more people out their taking their rose colored glasses off! :)

  139. 139
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#136 – lexie
    That’s your point of view. Lainey never liked him and never hid it. IMO she described him as very helpless and naive with her words about this event.

    @#137 – aure
    He seems happy to you? Fine.
    I think he managed to destroy both, his acting career as well as his former good reputation as a person.
    Oh, and I do NOT blame RB at all. I blame him. As it all were his decisions. The trouble with him started way before he got together with Bilson, already as he fell for SM I was astounded, to put it mildly. Okay, somebody can fall for a “wrong” person, it happens, but ONCE. Usually people learn from such an experience, but obviously not in this case. Which makes me think he is quite dumb, beside other reasons for that assumption. I prefer intelligent people, especially if I’m supposed to admire them.
    And isn’t it “funny” that a guy who claimed for many years how very “private and shy” he is ALWAYS ends up with such media attention seeking wannabes? And is ready to disappoint people by lying to them and not showing up at events etc. who supported him very loyal even during some years with no new movie out? Plus having become a very lousy actor which should be his serious concern as it is his job? And even being arrogant for absolutely no positive result?
    Sorry, I think HC has no character and is shallow, and that won’t change no matter with whom he is or not. An honest and grounded person would not allow to be corrupted by the influence of neither a partner nor Hollyweird in itself. JMHO. HC has totally lost my respect, and that does not depend if he is in a relationship or not, but action speaks louder than words, and what he used to say and now shows by doing are two completely different things.

  140. 140
    Smilehexe Says:

    Just see a new thread is up, about the farm… another “coincidence” event to get a further thread for… And don’t tell me Bilson alone has such good contact to the Canadian paps, or that L.A.-paps traveled after them.
    Case closed.

  141. 141
    voice of reason Says:

    OK so we are not going to play nice anymore, I have changed my username around 2 years ago on Imdb and did not get my previous deleted by Imdb.

    If you are correct Gasol(maybe policy has changed) come back under your username and PM me.

    Smilehex I am so done with your lies, you are a spin doctor nothing more. Get yourself a box of tissues you need it.

    Me an internet police–thought that was your job with your ranting and raving telling people to wake up etc-how funny that the names show up after I make a post and call you out althought I did not mention any of you by names, you have dug yourself in a big ditch. Feeling guilty?contacted each other and decided that someone made a mistake best go and correct it-lets flood the threads LOL, you are so predictable it’s pathetic.

    Have fun ranting and thanks for leaving/banned from Imdb it’s become a much more pleasure to read-don’t need to read hate comments anymore, you lot should just move on. If you hate him so much why bother talking about him.

    I dislike Sienna Miller but don’t waste my time bad mouthing her on her site or threads, you people are just a little fan group gone wrong-if you hate Hayden that much get a life, every time you post here JJ is laughing at the bank, henceforth he will continue to post pictures of them. Guess I should thank you for that LOL

  142. 142
    sandy Says:

    you mean “farm” as in a mental institution?

  143. 143
    goslingtwilightlover Says:

    Rachel and Adam belong together!!!! RACHEL & ADAM FOREVER!!! lol i keep posting that.
    Also if hayden was edward i would cry. I’m serious. And cry in the bad way. He’s hot but he is probably one of the worst actors. I don’t like him either. He’s one of the only canadian actors i don’t like. Something about him.

  144. 144
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  145. 145
    BestCasino Says:

    Bravo! Please go on!

  146. 146
    she Hayden Anakin skywalker Says:

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