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Scarlett Johansson Pummels Parkinsons

Scarlett Johansson Pummels Parkinsons

Scarlett Johansson comes to support A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s benefit for the Michael J. Fox Foundation at the Sheraton New York Hotel on Wednesday in New York City.

After it was announced Barack Obama was elected president Johansson, said that the “overwhelming hope that Obama inspires is infectious.”

“I’ve always maintained a strong faith in the power of Obama’s positive campaign and am so proud of every citizen who took a stand, participated in the political process and insisted their voices be heard,” Johansson said in a statement.

10+ more pics inside of Scarlett Johansson pummeling Parkinsons…

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scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 01
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 02
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 03
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 04
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 05
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 06
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 07
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 08
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 09
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 10
scarlett johansson michael j fox parkinsons 11

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • pete


  • hmm

    don’t know if i like her or not. where is her MAN? what is she doing at the moment?

  • qbOY

    she is gorgeous !!!

    she looks like my mom, héhéh

  • Luke

    Prophecy Concerning Obama’s Presidential Win.
    Lynn (South Africa) has an exceptionally long record of accuracy including prophesying recent Chinese problems with earthquakes and dams walls.
    It is says the Lord, that you (the writer) are one who wonders why has things gone this way with Obama being chosen as president of America. It is a matter of Me (the Lord) telling you in the early hours of the morning (CAT time) that Obama had won. It is a matter of them (his team) getting it right.


    It is that there is going to be a lot of problems heading Americas way. It is a matter of history is going to learn out of this. It is that there is going to be a twist of fate. What America has done (by electing Obama), is going to place themselves into a bad position. They are positioning themselves for another war. For sure, terrorism is going to increase. It is that they are going to find that they have not reached the place where they face peace. It is that I says the Lord did speak into the hearts of many, but many would not listen. It is that you (the writer) are one who was keen to see America going another way. I have to say that their problems are only going to begin. It is that there is going to be a lot of discord. People in America are not going to be united. It is that there is going to be a lot of people with much discomfort. There are going to be people who feel that the media had a hand to play in the situation. It is that they are going to say this whole thing was crookery (cheating). It is that there is going to be a lot of disappointment coming their way. They (Americans) are not going to stay on the stage as world players. They have played into the hands of the African nations. They have submitted to what the world wanted. They want to prosper but what is going to come with it is more poverty. It has to be noted that you cannot take someone from another land and plant them in your land and think it is the right thing. You have to think that you are crossing cultures. And that the laws of the God are being violated. So it would have been better for them to have taken their own (Mc Cain) and used him. It has been a matter of God putting Mc Cain there to clearly show them the way. But there had to come a day when no one was listening. It is that there is going to be a greater list of terrorists. There is going to be attacks coming Americas way. There is going to be disunity amongst their people. The whites are going to be alienated. It is not going to be long and the black fame is going to fade and in its place is going to come a rude awakening. There is going to be a lot of discord amongst the American people. It is not going to be that American dream that everyone believed in. It is going to be the beginning of a lot of problems for America says the Lord. By Lynn.

    A WARNING prophecy (Obama being the wrong man for president .. relating to 2008 election) was prophesied in the early 1940s. According to W.M. Branham (a prophet known for his accuracy), THE WOMEN (now seen as Hillary Clintons supporters) have been permitted to VOTE. And in voting, someday THEY LL ELECT THE WRONG MAN.

    Remember there is both a spiritual and physical side at play. It matters where God has placed man as well as the nations decline in morals … yet they expect to lead by example. America has sold their birthright for a bowl of pottage.

  • veronicas

    beautiful! her skin glowing

  • Luke

    A decline in morals and wrong teachings have caused Americans and the world to begin to move away from God and the foundations that once allowed America to prosper. Where there is sin .. maggots breed and decay sets in. Eg. Abortion, Evolution, Homosexuality, Mixed relationships (man has lost his pride in his own race and some no longer know their roots), Adultery, Drugs/drink, Materialism etc. America you are in for a rough ride. You cannot rule the world, do as you please and expect to remain the leaders and an example to the world. You do need God.


    She actually looks good here !

  • blubb

    i don´t like her, but i´m interested in her wedding pics. sad that she never released one xD

  • Mary

    Where’s her wedding band??? I can’t see it…

  • blubb

    she is wearing a ring ( you can see it on the 9th photo)… i don´t know if it is the wedding band

  • ScarletISFAT

    mY GOD SHE’S FAT! I hate the way she’s so pudgy and short. She’s soooo young. I feel sorry for Ryan because when she starts having kids, she’s gonna be the type that is 3 ft tall but 4 feet wide. I hate short grls. I know they cant help it, but my god, don’t get in front of the camera and pose like you’re the best looking thing around…cause you’re NOT! I wish Ryan would have gotten a girl that looks more like him. Tall, slim, athletic, and smart.

  • hypocrite

    Love her and she looks so beautiful here. As a fan I can say her style has greatly improved on the red carpet from the past half a year (she and Natalie were both slipping on the designer plate during the Boleyn press tour – both always wore very ugly dresses and had to harsh of makeup on).

    I also congratulate her and Ryan for not pimping the marriage out for press time. This event was about Parkinson’s not her marriage or getting a shot of the wedding ring or whatever.

  • hypocrite

    #11 – Commenting to you isn’t worth the time to type, but I will say that Scarlett is in no way fat and you are wrong. Jealous that she is in a great time in her life and you are being strongly negative sitting at your computer. Who has the better life of you and Scarlett. Definitely Scarlett.

  • SofiaRocket

    Scarlet is a pretty sexy girl, but darker hair do her no credit, as they bring out the rudeness of her features. In her case, the blonder, the better.

  • dialectic

    she is fat ,cant she jog or do some sit ups ,i know i know its mean but seriously shes young ,she shouldnt be such a butterball…

    are we just ignoring “luke”? because that dude kinda scares me

  • george

    Fat.. are you kidding. Get your eyes checked.

  • LolaSvelt

    Stunning and what a good cause! How on earth can anyone call THAT fat?!

  • i see dead people

    damn she is stunning
    she just dropped the cleaveage out of no where

  • fat pig

    She is short, too tiny, fat, got a horse teeth,a pig nose, sorry but even the tons of makeup that she is wearing change nothing to me, she still got that pig fake face, her career is over, the poor she is just limited to show us her tits to get some attention[that's where she is famous for] since her career is going down.

  • dissapointed from obama

    I’ve been supporting Obama from the earlier times, i’ve been happy seeing him wining, but now that he selected a ZIONIST jewish Rahm emanuel who’ve been fighting at the isreali forces army being named white house chief of staff wow, what a disappointement , actually the same thing will be repeated like the other presidents same injustice in the middell east all in the favor of the criminals zionsit,there is NO CHANGE, that’s sad, Obama realy dissapointed me here .

  • Serge

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  • scarlettJ is fake

    She is totally hypocritical!!! She ACCUSED Us Weekly for her alleged nose job and is crying wolf. From the link below you can see UGLY JOHANSSON DEFINITELY HAD A NOSE JOB: