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Violet Affleck: I Miss Mama

Violet Affleck: I Miss Mama

Violet Affleck holds a note from mom Jennifer Garner that reads ‘Mama will be right back’ as daddy Ben Affleck drops off her at nursery school in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

Ben Affleck hosted this past week’s Saturday Night Live, where John McCain made a guest appearance on the show. While hosting the show,
Ben insisted backing McCain would actually benefit Obama‘s candidacy because every candidate he’s supported in the past has lost.

“Of course like many of you, my mind is on next Tuesday, with this incredibly important election. I’ve always been politically active myself,” Ben said on SNL. “Basically my support has the opposite effect, so it seems the best thing I can do for the Democratic party is stand here tonight and announce my endorsement of Senator John MCCain. He’s actually here tonight. He’s a great guy. I can’t wait to tell him the news, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.”

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  • lillison

    I bet she had the baby

  • mirta

    Violet is such a cutie pie :)

  • Mary Jane

    Poor thing…

  • zoe

    that is adorablee!

  • Brian

    Cute note & cute MacBook Air.

  • vanny

    i love this family! Violet is soooooooo cute!

  • me

    That note looks like something she would get at school to help accept being left for the day.

    She sure doesn’t seem as happy when Jen isn’t around. Easy to see she is a mama’s girl.

  • ?

    Well these pics are rather odd. Violet is wearing a pink stripe shirt in one and then the others she is wearing a tiny flower print with a sweater. Her clothes were changed at school maybe? Odd thing is Ben never put down whatever it is he is holding. He just carried those papers around all day long.

  • jenna

    She is so CUTE!! :)

  • Ana

    So cute! Such a beautiful family…!

  • Luke

    You cannot rule the world and do as you please.
    A decline in morals and wrong teachings have caused Americans and the world to begin to move away from God and the foundations that once allowed America to prosper. Where there is sin .. maggots breed and decay sets in. Eg. Abortion, Evolution, Homosexuality (and Same-sex marriages), Mixed relationships (man has lost his pride in his own race and some no longer know their roots), Adultery, Drugs/Drink/Wild Parties, Gossip, Unbelief, Evil desires, Abuse/Domestic violence, Materialism, Murder, Rape, Pornography, Disrespect for elders, Thief/Robbery and Liars. etc. These sins are found worldwide but America you are in for a rough ride. As world leaders you cannot rule the world, then do as you please and expect to remain leaders as you influence others and are perceived to be an example to the world. Things for you are going to change, but not the way that you would like them to. America you do need God at this time.

  • pop

    That is so weird. Who does that sort of thing? Has Jen gone off to the Carribean that she needs to leave her photo with her baby with wording she’ll barely understand at two? Talk about media attention. Did Ben even notice she was holding that up? He looks out of it. Just weird and if she were having her baby wouldn’t Ben and Violet be with her?

  • pop

    That is so weird. Who does that sort of thing? Has Jen gone off to the Carribean that she needs to leave her photo with her baby with wording she’ll barely understand at two? Talk about media attention. Did Ben even notice she was holding that up? He looks out of it. Just weird and if she were having her baby wouldn’t Ben and Violet be with her?

  • john

    a lovely family, I like them

  • kati

    What a cute photo of father and daughter Affleck! I´ve always thought that Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are the three coolest dads in Hollywood. Violet may be a spitting image of her beautiful mum Jennifer but she certainly is dad´s little girl too. She and Shiloh should have a playdate some day. Those two little girls have such down-to-earth parents who like to raise them out of Hollywood limelight. They sure would have a lot of fun together. And when you add the rest of the JP kids in the mix that playdate would be even funnier. Let´s hope that Ben and Jen have another little mini-Jen (or mini-Ben).

  • hum

    sooo cute
    one of the cutest celebrity babies

  • yuck

    Talk about needing constant media attention. Why does he let her hold that pic with the note from mom around the paps. They seem to be a normal family but why do they have to have their pics in the media everyday. They seem to love it.

    I’m getting tired of seeing this family and the crazy Cruises every day. Poor Suri never has warm enough clothes on while her parents are bundled up.

    All of these narcissist celebs love and crave the attention.

  • brooklyn

    cute cute cute!

  • aj

    Yuck, stupid, he is taking child to a daycare. They live normal life and paps just happen to be there. It is not like he is just walking around town and she is holding that pic….dumb a$$

  • Diana

    I feel your pain…

    Gore lost
    Kerry lost

    those were two that i backed in the past.

  • Adoring Fan

    Oh so cute Papa Ben and his beautiful baby girl Violet. I love the Garner-Afflecks. To # 8 yes, these pictures are from two different days hence the change in clothes.

    What the h.e.l.l. is Luke # 11 rambling about? I guess even the inmates in the insane asylum have access to the internet. That explains a lot. To the those of you that have a problem with these pics, look away.

  • Liz

    Pop — How is it weird? She’s obviously a mama’s girl and her mom left her a note. Many parents leave their young children notes when they miss them. Why do you assume she’s at the Caribbean? She’s pregnant and probably at an appointment or something. I’m sure Ben read the note to her, it isn’t that difficult to understand. How is she wanting media attention by leaving her daughter a note, as she goes to pre-school. He doesn’t look out of it, just being aware of his surroundings. As for her holding it up, she’s holding it. Who cares? Nobody knows about when she is having her baby, that is only assumptions.

  • Liz

    Mary Jane — why do you say that? It’s a normal feeling to miss your mom. It’s not like she’s with a stranger. She’s with her dad.

    Yuck — How are they needing constant attention, when they are taking their daughter to pre-school. Why shouldn’t he let her hold a picture of her mom, when she misses her? Why do you care? The paps follow them around. How do you know what they love? Ben almost attacked the paps last week so, no they don’t appear to like the paps. If you’re tired of seeing them, simply don’t look at the photos and scroll past. It’s not difficult to do, same with the Cruises. If you don’t care for celebs you’re on the wrong site and it isn’t fair to bundle them all in the same category and say they are all narcissists that love and crave attention.

  • Liz

    Anyways — I think it is sweet that she left her daughter a note to get through the day. When I was working at a pre-school, parents did that.

  • Candy

    Wow, Luke… take your medication. ROTFLMAO.

  • Candy

    Luke #11 … that is. Wow, what a nutter he is. What is he on about? LMAO.

  • Britney

    Luke save your preachings, you nutter.

    Aww, Violet is such a cutie, biting her note. :)

  • Britney

    And I borrowed that word from you Candy. I like that word, “nutter” and it fits Luke perfectly. :P

  • Indonesian Girl

    Violet looks exactly like Jen, but in those pics, Violet looks just like Ben :)
    cuuuuttteeeee :-P


    Ohh she looks just like her mother.

  • Arthur Curry

    Violet is such a beautiful child.

  • Heather-Angel

    Aww… what a cutie. Looks like she is missing her mom in these pictures.

  • Heather-Angel

    And yes she does look just like her mom. :)


  • Katherine

    Why do you say “ohh”? She looks just like her pretty mom. She is adorable.

  • Katherine

    Nothing “ohh” about it.

  • Katherine

    And I hate that expression “poor thing”, it makes it sound like you’re calling a person a “thing”. Just say poor girl. It sounds a lot better.

  • Marie

    I agree with you Katherine. I never cared much for the expression either.

  • Marie

    Also if that is the same Ally she’s a well-known troll. I wouldn’t bother with her. She’s a waste of time.