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Brad Pitt is Michael Kors Cool

Brad Pitt is Michael Kors Cool

Brad Pitt steps out of his SoHo hotel, nearby the Michael Kors boutique, in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

The 44-year-old actor recently taped an interview The Oprah Winfrey Show and opened up about his relationship with Angelina Jolie. When Oprah acknowledged to Brad that Angelina is the love of his life and she asked if this is the happiest he’s ever been, he coyly responded, “Dare I say.”

For an extended recap of Brad‘s appearance on Oprah, click here! Remember to set your TiVos Tuesday, November 18th to catch the show yourself!

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  • lady t

    Yeah, baby!

  • pj

    I like Brad Pitt. I also like him with Angelina. In movies and in his personal life. They both seem to bring out the true best in each other w/o changing who they are. That is important.

  • Aeon

    Too hot. Sexy man Pitt.

  • jennifer

    I love you brad… I’m glad that you are happy.. God Bless you and your family.

  • solid

    Hotness overload!!!

  • web

    He gets better looking as he gets older.
    Lucky , lucky Angie!!!!!

  • Alexanderina

    Gosh that man is sexy :)

    Thanks Jared for the new thread

  • Hot


  • yuck

    Why be on the same show where your pathetic and self adsorbed ex cried and held her pity me parties while she was trying to win Oprah’s and everyone’s sympathy???!

  • shelley

    I’m likin Brad, his lady, his kids and his movies. He seems to have made a great family and life for all of them. Way to go!!!
    God bless Brad, Angie and the little ones!


    He is the sexist man alive.HOT

  • pussycat doll

    yeah brad solo again..another evidence of a breakup

    this guy is really saying that things are not good between me and angie..were living a separate lives… another evidence….

  • andi

    What a great line ” Dare I say “.
    Brad seems so have such an inner joy and peace these days. He has a great and equal (beautiful) partner in life who he clearly loves and respects. He has the family he has ALWAYS wanted, and a strong career.
    I think this is the way life should be for Brad and no one should judge his choices or his happiness.

  • jolielove~

    I can only envy their beautiful family!

  • dina

    pussycat doll (i mean Jennifer) –
    You would really love that wouldn’t you. A headline to cry for. Right up there with having twins w/ John. OMG Jen, I mean pussycat doll, you are soooo funny. NOT. more like pathetic

  • Carlton Banks

    he’s no Big willie that’s for sure Big willie doesn’t need the paparazzi to sell his movies, big willie doesn’t need to call his paparrazzi friends for favors ;) Big willie has the magic all on his own.

    Brad Pitt’s plastic surgery rivals Tom cruise, the cat lady, Mickey rourke, and Nicole Kidmans plasticmania but he still looks like an old man.

    Big willie turned 40 and is still Fresh. would never be caught wearing a woman’ s coat either.

  • pussycat doll

    wheres angie and the kids? I think angie is in france right..

  • sahra j

    Who says Angie and Brad have broken up! Because he is doing a promotional tour. WOW !!! Angie just finished w/ her movie and now is with the kids while Brad is making the rounds. Maybe they want the kids to be settled for awhile. Maybe they are being good parents. Maybe they don’t need a camera in their face and attention for their every move like some who will remain nameless.
    Keep up the good work Brad and Angie !!!!

  • whatever

    to pussycat doll -
    You wished! you’re really in a different world! are you hallucinating?
    angie is here in the u.s. the whole fam even went trick-or-treating last halloween in malibu. there are pix of it on the internet.

  • +++

    Gorgeous man !

  • JENN r

    I bet is was weird for Brad to be on Oprah. I mean I heard he handled it just fine. But remember when Maniston went on Oprah to suck the life out of her show. Jen sat there all bitter and pitiful and poured out her cold soulless heart with her pathetic fake stories. BOO HOO That was like the worst show ever. EVER . Jen lost all shreds of dignity and most Oprah watchers just wanted to throw up!!!
    Anyway Brad, YOU ROCK!!

  • alabama88

    WOW, he
    looks good!

    Thank god for BOTOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenny

    I ‘m a Brad Pitt fans since ” Running through a river “.,

    I ‘m so happy he finally find a mate who really love him dearly and got the family and children he always dream of.

  • radley

    Brad and Angie should hang out with Gwen and Gavin again. When hes done with the pr tour. They all seem to naturally be solid parents. Kids always look happy and they do as much as they can as a family.

  • passing Through

    Until Shiloh was born I never realized how much Brad has his mouth open in pictures! And the only reason I noticed it after Shiloh was born is because she looks just like him and I thought – damn, that baby’s mouth is always open…and there’d be a picture of Brad right next to her…with HIS mouth open… For some reason that really cracks me up. I’d never have thought mouth-breathing was genetic…

  • jyotsna

    see Oprah Winfrey mystery man appearing on her show

  • The best

    The best partner and father.He also said he loves working with Angelina.l bet they had fun shooting the W pics,after the kids went to bed.HOT

  • tell it like it is

    who the *puck gives a shet* about what Oprah thinks? Since when has she become the judge of ppl’s worthiness? she’s so *pucking over-rated. She wasn’t elected as a president. Brad doesn’t care why he wasn’t invited to the election night out. what a conceited bit$%!

  • Lol

    The funniest part of the interview is Shiloh’s new name.l cant believe she doesn’t answer to Shilol anymore,she is going to be a strong indepedent woman just like mummy.

  • Jill

    sahra j @ 11/07/2008 at 2:00 am
    Who says Angie and Brad have broken up!

    There are some crazy trolls on here who think that any photo of Brad without Angie, or Angie without Brad, means they have broken up. They probably tried to hang onto their own men like leeches, which is why they’re all dumped, scorned and bitter like Pussycat doll. She wants everybody to be just as miserable as she is. No man, no kids, no life, no nothing.

  • qbOY

    they are meant for each other …

    iam so glad they are my neighboors in france :)

    i love them so so much

  • chabacana

    i love brad and angelina, they bring out the best in each other!

  • oh brad!!!

    oh my goodness, this man makes me feel good all over just looking at him, there should be a law against being this sexy, Angie is so so so lucky, sexy brad pitt

  • sonia

    wow!! look at brad, he is so handsome, good luck brad and family.

  • nicole

    >>> ” Dare I say ” <<<<<
    Speaks a THOUSAND words …
    Bless the day you found Angelina Jolie.. Brad.

  • chambao

    he is so amazing…………

  • kati

    Why is it that every time Brad is seen alone without Angie the trolls start this brfeak-up rumor? He is doing promotion work and Angie doesn´t have to be there. All the real Brangelina fans know that those two couldn´t be happier together right now. They have six healthy, adorable children together and they want even more. He truly looks hotter the older he gets. Brad said in Oprah interview that Angie is the love of his life and meant it. Those two are soooo meant to be together. He loves his life right now and wouldn´t sure change it back to the old days when he was childless and in an unhappy marriage. Now he has everything he has always wanted and some more. So to all you trolls I would like to say:Brad and Angie are here to stay whether you like it or not!

  • nicole

    Pusshitcat doll,

    It’s painful I know to be own by Brad and Angie.. LOL

  • zoe

    he looks good here. love the new hair.

  • just me

    Yay!!! No Hat!! Pls., Brad, keep that hat away for awhile so we can see you gorgessity!! Love you and Angie and the kiddos.

  • kit gloves

    I am starting to like the mustache. Very handsome

    So I wonder what early interviews he was taping for CCOBB. He was suited up all day so it must be tv. Maybe C Rose or even Regis. I wonder if Cate Blanchett was with him. i doubt she came all the way from Australia for a 15 min sitdown with Oprah

  • anamalia

    EUGH! that moustache makes him look like a fiend, A FIEND I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • African Girl

    Rotflmao! Jared, you did not!

    Dare I Say

    Seriously? You had to put that?

    Lmao! I tell ya, only with BP and AJ does an innocuous phrase like “I Dare say, Dare I Say” gets turned into something more, something to be dissected, weighed, scanned and whatever else.

    I mean come on! It’s just 3 words people! Lol!

  • crazy thing called love

    Last night he wast at the mercer hotel drinking until 2am

  • excuses

    When angelina was in NYC 2 weeks ago, she managed to avoid Paparazzis but Brad in one day finds them easily.

  • crazy thing called love

    Last night he wast at the mercer hotel drinking until 2am

    I’m only saying this because he dumped Jen,I know he wasn’t drinking but I’ll say it hoping people will hate him.I cant move on after 4 years.why Brad why.

  • excuses

    “when they start spending time apart we’ll worry”

    You better start to worry, dare I say.

  • tommy girl

    They are away from each other for a few days,In 4 years they are separated for a number of days,he never gave so much time to anyone else but Angelina.

    He didn’t do this with Jen,why is everyone including Oprah moving on,I want people not to forget Jen.Oprah didn’t talk about Jen at all it hurts.

  • http://firefox gena

    He looks good!!!

  • ebmo

    Good Morning!

    Start your weekend with a hippie song!

    To Neleh and Anoble and everyone else:

    (whenever a troll posts…I just skip past and hum this to myself)