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Gerard Butler Jumps On Geox

Gerard Butler Jumps On Geox

Rock N Rolla star Gerald Butler shops for a new pair of shoes at the Geox store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Friday afternoon. The 38-year-old Sctottish stud was later seen hopping into his BMW convertible.

Last night, Gerry posed with actress Amber Valletta and Underworld director Len Wiseman (Kate Beckinsale‘s husband) at the 2008 American Film Market (AFM) – Lakeshore Entertainment party in Santa Monica, Calif. AFM conferences and seminars provide a forum where attendees can interact with and learn from prominent filmmakers, financiers, industry executives and talent.

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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Valerie Macon/Wireimage
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    WHO ?…..Well, good for him !!!….a new pair of shoes !

  • Ali

    WHOA – EYE CANDY. He is so hottttttt. I will always think of him as “The Phantom”!!!!

  • nyob


  • mike


  • Just me

    He is looking good. Ok fan moment….THAT NECK!!!

  • e.

    lmao. what is with that cap? Picture of a rooster that says ‘c*ck’. Weird. That’s OK, he’s friggen gorgeous.

  • Eyewitness snooze

    What a sweet smile to everyone out there in paparrazi land :-D xxxOOOO

  • cock

    LOL at the hat. What a dickhead.

  • Jo Ann

    Can’t print what I would do to that fine man.

  • Melinda

    I would except Jennifer Aniston better if she was with Gerard instead of the douche bag.

  • Casy

    I guess Gerard don’t want Jen only a douche bag would want her.

  • sAYWHAT?

    That hat is ridiculous. Probably some gay signal.

    He is telling us what he likes!!!!

  • sAYWHAT?

    Gerard Butler likes c ock…ha ha ha ah a

  • Sarai

    He must be a smart man if he did not want Aniston.

  • Nekky

    Except for you, nobody understood these hints.
    Probably you see that you want to see

  • GB the Cockƒag

    He likes c ock all right. he swings to the beat of the phallic drum.

    Down with Prop 8!

  • What the heck!!!

    Gerry is saying….

    “Could my media-whore head get any bigger?”

    “Yes, it could…I’ll wear this hat!!!”

  • Funny?!

    Oh my God!

    Looking back on all his photos, he has that fu*kin’ phone stuck to ear.

    Gerry, darlin’, you may have to get that sucker surgically removed!!!

  • Justine

    He is one of the last REAL men around in Hollywood! This man is just so darn HOT and SEXY! The hat is a reference to his enormous C**K – look at those jeans for evidence! HOOOOOOOOOT

  • OctoBer sky

    “Rock N Rolla star Gerald Butler”
    Gosh! He looks so much like GeraRd Butler, too!

  • tammy


  • Ha! Ha!

    Poor Justine #19

    A big c**k? Oh please, really…if I only had a dollar for every time a guy said he has a big c**k, my personal assistant would be typing this instead of me…aboard my luxury yacht!!!

    Him saying so doesn’t make it so. It just makes him big-headed.

  • Mr. d

    Good actor, but terribly overrated in the looks department. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he always looks so portly and dishelved. What’s attractive about that? His face is bulbous and by donning that white t-shirt, he looks like he is about to give birth. How many months along is he? I think guys that are chisled and athletic looking are more handsome than this cream puff. Insert David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, mathew McCaugnhey, Huge Jackman, the list goes on and on. Why the fascination with this guy?

  • bailey

    Thanks Jared!!

  • ayeoh

    They have a pap video on youtube. They asked him how he felt about Obama’s win. He said, “very, very happy.’ I knew I loved him. I know, I know. He’s not a citizen. But, still……

  • Suz

    Hollywood is a mecca of GROUP THINK. Anyone who wants to work in that town would answer the Obama question that way.

  • B

    Handsome Man Ever!! love you gerry <3

  • Liz

    I think he looks gorgeous! He is allowed to dress casually when he’s on his own time. Someof you commenters are just jealous–could you afford to look as good as he does in clothes at premieres and parties? No. The fact that some of the commenters even went to this page and bothered to make a comment, makes me think that , as Shakespeare said, “Methinks you doth protest too much.” Girls want him for their man; guys want to be like him. Can’t you see the hunkiness under the shirt? I can. Wait until “Game” comes out this summer, for he’s supposedly quite ripped again. No one but no one looks so handsome with scruff and those shades…The cock on the cap..more power to him. Get a load of him in the uncut “Mrs. Brown.” Even when doused in the cold waters near Balmoral in Scotland, did i say “cold”? …you’ll notice this fine skiiny-dipping Scot in fine form without his clothes…He has a hero’s features and stature….Look at the neck, the wrists, the forearms…When you’re six-foot-two, your body is full of muscles, and his are just fine. Just looking at him takes my breath away…and when you look into those blue-green eyes…EGAD~he’s a god!!!!! I’d like to see one of the above commentators say any of those nasty remarks to his face. He’s “a bear of a man” a recent journalist noted. Give me Gerard Butler all the time…and the rest of you naysayers, go to other pages where you can drool over old Pitt and Clooney…years older than this handsome boy.

  • ana

    Nice guy, love to hear about him, this is not a very interesting news, but…seems at least real.

  • jc

    I wish I were Geox…

  • Teresa

    # 28 You get a standing OVATION!!!! You got that right. He IS the ONLY man in hollywood who is worth looking at.

  • Angie

    This gorgeous man can ACT too! Check out all his movies. One of the best actors of our time with more movies coming up!

  • macordovil

    I love you, Gerry…. and I always will…
    thanks JJ for the pictures…

  • Crowwoman

    Uh oh, Gerard, you’re getting fat,

  • sAYWHAT?

    The Game is going to bomb! that has already been mentioned.

    Rock n Rolla su cks a ss.

    Nims Island …dorky.

    Butterfly on a wheel? Pathetic


    Dracula 3000- retarded

    That dragon movie-ho hum

    Gerry has only had one hit….

    He is a one hit wonder.

    He is going to be obscure in a couple years….

    Hey Liz, did you say his co ck hat is uncut in Mrs. Brown?

  • obscurity

    He is obscure now, isn’t he? I think he is hot, but no one seems to know who he is.

  • anna marie

    I want to have a one-night stand with him. I was watching “butterfly on a wheel” and I wanted so badly to press my head against his chest.

    I think he’s a very talented actor. He’s so versatile and could take on any role. I couldn’t believe it’s the same guy in “dracula” “shattered” “phantom” and “300″. He changes and totally becomes the character everytime he takes on a role.

    I wish he could better roles in better and more popular movies, he’s so underrated.

  • MBtree

    GEOX???Means SMELLY and SWEATY feet.

    He looks better unshaven.Now he is getting fat and looks really old with his endless scruff.
    just imagine where his mouth has been and then try to imagine him kissing you with that same mouth and scruff….the idea alone makes me vomit.

    But hey to all the ones that love, like and want him…be my guest.
    He aint all that, and nothing more either.

  • bla85

    He was born the year of the rooster in chinese astrology, that could be the reason he has the silly hat on :) OMG I have to get a life!

  • tracy

    I.m sorry but the cap is ridiculous, if he has to wear a cap like that, one has to wonder if he is bragging, saying that’s what he prefers, or advertising he is “on the loose”. By the way, if his girlfriend is suppose to be from New York, one has to also wonder at why he is spending so much time just hanging around Cali, apparently going to parties and just hanging out. If he cares so much for her. I’m sure she’s not there with him, there in Hollywood, and he suppose to have left with two woman from Kate Hudson’s Halloween party, just seems a bit strange to me. I think the cap (disgusting and dumb looking) doesn’t go well with his otherwise good looking ensemble of jeans and nice t-shirt, IMOA, what was he thinking!

  • Please Gerry

    I wish Gerry and Jasmine would get married. They’re such a lovely couple.

    I would love to see a beautiful Scottish wedding. Come on Gerry, your birthday (13th November) would be a great day to get hitched…or at least get engaged!!

  • Me

    MBtree @ 11/10/2008 at 10:35 am

    “just imagine where his mouth has been and then try to imagine him kissing you with that same mouth and scruff….the idea alone makes me vomit.”

    Don’t worry, I’m sure he brushes his teeth and uses mouthwash morning and night like a good wee lad ;o)

  • Orchid

    Is it Gerald or Gerard? He is chubby!