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Justin Timberlake Golfs With Callaway

Justin Timberlake Golfs With Callaway

Justin Timberlake swings the new FT-iQ Driver from Callaway Golf at Grand Central Terminal in New York City on Friday afternoon.

The 27-year-old rockstar is now the face of Callaway Golf. Justin will play a full complement of Callaway golf clubs, golf balls and will carry a bag branded with the Callaway logo.

Last night, Justin performed “4 Minutes (To Save The World)” with Madonna last night on her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Los Angeles.

Mr. J.T. was also the surprise guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Tuesday, November 11th. Ellen shocked country star Taylor Swift with her musical crush—Justin!

Justin Timberlake – The Ellen DeGeneres Show – 11/11

10+ pictures of Justin Timberlake teaming up with Callaway Golf…

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justin timberlake callaway golf 01
justin timberlake callaway golf 02
justin timberlake callaway golf 03
justin timberlake callaway golf 04
justin timberlake callaway golf 05
justin timberlake callaway golf 06
justin timberlake callaway golf 07
justin timberlake callaway golf 08
justin timberlake callaway golf 09
justin timberlake callaway golf 10
justin timberlake callaway golf 11
justin timberlake callaway golf 12

Photos: WENN/PNP
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  • carol


  • carol

    Poor Taylor !

  • carol

    :-( Poor Taylor
    It wasn’t good what joe did with her !

  • MARY

    That ugly gay Jonas is f.u.c.k.e.d up in the head for dumping someone like Taylor!

  • screwit

    justin is a douchebag who cares taylor swift was good for one song? ellen needs better people on her show

  • chelsey

    She is like that with everyone. Its soooo annoying. Like “omg i cant believe this!” Give me a freakin break. Your famous now, you dont have to act like you dont know it.

  • mili

    justin looks old :/

  • teddy

    Anyone know what brand his sneakers are?

  • lovableeex3

    haha omg Taylor is so cute! :D
    i love joe, but c’mon the break up was a little too harsh.
    i wish Taylor the best! <3

  • alllthegossip

    first joe now justin shes so lucky

  • laura

    aweee shes sooo lucky too meet justin …luv justin :D

  • Amber

    Hahaha eat that Joe Jonas!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe is such a jerk.

  • Mima

    I don’t know, but to me it’s kinda obvious that Taylor talks about the break up only to get publicity. It definitely isn’t right that Joe broke up with her in just 27 (or 25) seconds, but did you see the look on her face when she said that? It was like ‘Oh, yeah, I’m gonna get attention for this!’

    And, being a die hard Jonas fan, I can’t help but say that Joe didn’t act like a jerk. Actually, he did, but all of the other guys out there act the same! I mean, my boyfriend, who is one of the best boyfriends out there even tried to break up with me over a text. That’s just what they do! It’s such a shame that he gets trashed for it just cause he’s famous.


    It is sad when Justin has to do the appearance with Madonna and Britney gets more air and photo time.. Where are the photos of him
    singing with Madonna anyway..
    It was nice of Justin to show up on the Ellen show when Taylor Swift
    said that she has a big crush on him…

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    Taylor’s the bitch here.
    Can you not see her, acting..oh im the better person here..look at me, not him.. then go all crazy over justin?
    seriously. She’s really pissing me off >.>
    And all this time, i thought she was nice and innocent..but i guess she had a bad side too -.-
    She should stop the damn bragging about him, telling everyone how they broke up..or how he broke her heart.
    THEy didn’t even want their relationship to be she’s finally coming clean?
    god forbid..just give it a rest.
    WE already know the story how you too were together, before you told us all lies.

    Girls dealt with worse stuff than a phone call. At least you heard him say it , in words, than your freakin face. OR a text message..cuz that’s more worse.

    Sure sure.. joe’s a jerk.
    But a guy, who couldn’t see her, in else is he supposed to get through to her? give him a break. He obviously didn’t want to break up with her, cuz he didn’t like her anymore..maybe he felt it was too much..and decided to call it quits? or the fact, their different..and not everyone agreed to their relationship?
    We don’t know anything for sure, why he did it..but i don’t think he will tell, after what she just did * rolls eyes*
    Not all love will last long, if you guys are far away from each other.IT’s called – long term relationships DON’T EVER EVER LAST!!! Besides she should know better, and understand that her bf is sincere and wouldn’t hurt her on purpose.. cuz she’s the one who dated him for a couple of months.. =/
    GIVE him more credit than trashing him all over the news + getting his fans to hate him, instead of loving him.

    that’s really low, compared to what he did to you.
    Write a song or something..instead of exposing so much..
    that wasn’t supposed to be said.

    BUT one day shes’ gonna regret this, any wais..cuz not everyone can hold a grudge that long. I bet you anything, she still loves him, she’s just doing this for attention.

    NOW you wonder taylor y guys don’t go after you..
    it’s cuz you tell the whole world, and express it, so rudely.
    IF you were really smart and mature, yu would have asked him y he broke up with you, within 25 secs.


  • Mima

    Krissy FTW!

  • dana

    lol seriously krissy….this is taylor’s life, not yours.

  • ashley

    oh my god, you die hard Jonas fans are an embarrassment to girls everywhere.

    I cant believe you would sit here and defend him and take it out on her.

    I’m sure you wouldnt be saying the same thing if it happened to you.

  • Chrys

    OK people who are bashing taylor for making enfasis on the break up need to understand. Come on you remember when u were 18 and broke up with a guy/girl. It hurt and if you got the chance to get back at them you would. Thats just whats she is doing. Yea it could be a little immature but HELLO she is just 18. AND he WAS A JERK for breaking up with her via cell.

  • harvey

    OK so maybe Joe didn’t handle breaking up with her in the best way – its never hard to break up with someone for a guy or a girl. He had his reasons for breaking up but we may never know them. Sadly its all looking like publicity for her new album release which never would have got this attention without a juicy scandal for the media.

  • samantha & sydney

    when will all this stop
    im a jonas fan and will always be
    its funny how she is kinda doing what miley did after that breakup…

    shes looking for attention and sympathy, but hun, your arent the only one that that has happend too. get over it!

  • sonja

    yall need to leave taylor alone. she was making a point that joe acting like an immature jerk. she is a bit immature, but she was just setting the record straight.

    its true all guys act like that, and when a guy does that crap to you , you want to get them back for it. dont go bashing on taylor cause your jelouse of her, cause thats all it is. shes a beautiful, (semi)talented 18 year old who dated a cute,18 year old (semi)talented boy.

    seriously. half the girls who are overly manic obsessed with the “jo bros” probably wouldnt give the guys a second look if they wernt famous.

    stop digging into their lives and bashing them because they are famous. they are human beings with feelings and emotions just like you.

  • cary

    Justin’s so sweet!

  • Geena

    This is just wrong!
    Hello, she is an 18 year old girl who just had her heart broken over the PHONE. IN 27 seconds!
    Um, I’m sorry, but after a breakup, your going to want to talk about it and bash him!
    Just cuz he is a Jonas Brother, doesn’t make it suddenly ok for him to do that. HAVE SOME SENSE! If a guy did that to you, you’d want to talk about it! And eat chocolate : ).
    So stop acting like such fucktards.

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    HAHA i know this isn’t my life..
    BUT I’M a fan, so it does matter, like everyone else’s opinion on here.
    AND this isn’t your life why are you commenting as well?
    exactly ;)

    Im not jealous of TAY
    I actually pretty much love both the Jonas brothers & her
    WHO wouldn’t be?
    But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s pissing me off, having to tell everyone about the breakup and then blame it on him. Honestly, I’m seeing more of a miley , in her..than i would hope for :S
    She’s supposed to be sweet, and nice..and that doesn’t show, within her new attitude.
    #22- I can see where your getting at, with her setting the record straight..but y does it have to involve everyone who didn’t know about the breakup in the first place?
    she could have made a song, and no one would know, who’s it about.
    That video she made was indeed funny..but still wrong.
    SHE told all his fans+ hers included to hate him & to stay away from him?
    seriously low.
    SHE COULD HAVE BASHED him back on the phone instead of telling the media? it makes sense =/
    And shows she’s mature YES- we can tell she’s over him.. but most people don’t start a debate on who should get the blame + vent to the whole world to decide =/
    Most girls would hate- cry it out with friends- forget – move on- sometimes regret or won’t.
    Which clearly, she didn’t show at all.

    PLUS age has nothing to do with this.
    who cares if she’s 18 or w/e ….it was love, and it was broken..
    everyone goes experiences it at different stages
    Not just one specific age.

    I CAN SEE joe’s reasons was also heartbreaking too.
    She was obviously devastated her first real love, was destroyed, and she had no idea why! Yet- opposites don’t attract, and that’s wut most ppl were thinking, when they figured out, they were both dating.
    I admit, i felt bad for her – 27 secs on a phone?
    wow. that harsh from joe:S
    but it’s an old technique from other guys- there all the same ..apparently.. >.>. Honestly, she should never assume, he’s a jerk, cuz she’s the one who dated him, so wouldn’t it make sense, she KNEW him well enough, not to say those things? yea, she’s mad..but
    she’s going way to critical over the situation, and acting all, bitchy, saying she needs the attention then him. What kind of person does that, after a break up?
    Not much girls!
    He has feelings too. And im sure it was hard for him, to deal with this..finding his EX exposing about their previous – break up :S

    Yes a phone breakup classic move.
    BUT – there’s more than just the phone, to break up with someone..that’s ten times worse.
    IN person is worse.
    Joe was doing her a favor, since HE couldn’t see her, and felt the relationship was 2 high, and going no where, without seeing each other. He was busy..what point don’t you guys understand? I’m sure it didn’t mean..he never liked her, she liked him..and was using each other. All those events they’ve been on = soo the truth :)

    Besides, your telling me, If someone was busy..and couldn’t stand not seeing you..focusing on nothing but WORK.. then that tends to make LOVE NOT last over long term relationships.
    IT wasn’t easy for wasn’t easy for him..
    move on. that simple.

    just cuz he’s famous and most girls love him..doesn’t make it OK
    but get this
    just cuz she’s taylor swift and she has more country fans being really gorgeous w’ her curly hair/ having alot of guys liking her..doesn’t make it OK for her, to trash him like that either.

    ALL OF you have to see both points to the story, then blaming those, for choosing sides. HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE.
    Over all
    taylor or joe isn’t winning here
    and eventually, there are gonna be people
    haters / fans who are gonna keep debating on this.

    WHy stop the support over one breakup- that’s not gonna be remembered for a long time? or mentioned..?

  • harvey

    Dating any of those boys would not really be the romantic ideal that girls think. It would be just a long distance relationship on the phone which is why he had to break up with her on the phone.

  • jess

    awwww ouch!! she sad bout the breakup which understandable!!
    joe is such a jerk for doin tat! he culd atleast be a man n tel her in person nowmatter how busy hes life!!
    hahaha she feels better wen justin came out!!
    love taylor!!!
    shes lucky (:

  • Mima

    #19, I don’t have to remember, I AM 18 and had my heart broken more than once. I just think that when you’re famous you shouldn’t go around and talk to people about that. Ok, maybe to your friends and/or family, but definitely not on talk shows! It makes Taylor seem desperate and an attention seeker…

    I just think that this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. Taylor DID act immature and Joe DID act like a jerk. It’s sad that everyone is focused on them and either slamming Taylor or Joe for something millions of teenagers go through every day.

  • noodle

    wasnt this whole joe and taylor thing supposed to be a secret?
    and joe broke up with her on the phone-.-”
    but awwh, justin makes it all better aye?
    “We’ve all been through this Taylor”
    and I hate the way Taylor said,
    “That guy’s not in my life anymore”
    Crowd,” awwwwww”
    Taylor,”I know”.

  • Vic

    omg, i really think taylor is trying to get publicity with it. but y’all need to stop talking trash ’bout her and ’bout joe for being a jerk !

    he was wrong for dumping her that way, and she is wrong for trying to get attention with it. so, that’s it, they’re both normal people and they can make mistakes. ._.

  • Sarah

    Taylor is funny ! ”This makes it all better” LOL

    Joe is a jerk for breaking up with her over the PHONE and in less than a MINUTE!

  • Emma

    He could have made it more than 25 seconds but how do you expect him to do it in person??? They prob break up with most of their girlfriends over the phone. I’m sure lotsa people who are famous and are always working and on tour have done that.

  • kristine

    I hate those Jonas Brothers especially Joe for being such a jerk to Taylor.

  • Scott

    JT is the official spokes person for Callaway? It is very interesting to see how brands will tap into mainstream figure heads to tap into a new market (such as golf for Y-gens). We’ll see if this can pay off for Callaway over the next year or so. Will we see JT wearing Callaway gear or showcasing a FT-iQ driver in his next video?