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Leo DiCaprio Doesn't Worship Zac Efron

Leo DiCaprio Doesn't Worship Zac Efron

Yesterday, it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio gave his sex symbol status to High School Musical star Zac Efron.

Well, FALSE!

Apparently the FOX News article was completely fabricated, including the quotes. “It was totally made up,” Leo‘s rep confirms to

The article has since been removed from the FOX News website.

Whether Leo is a Zefron fan or not, Zac holds the sex symbol status anyway!

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  • jo

    FOX sucks anyway. all they report is celebrity news

  • belinda

    love them both

  • Trina

    What else is new? Most celebrity stories are fabricated.

    Joe Jonas didn’t buy a Lamborghini either. Still, everybody is chastising him for buying one.

  • Trina

    People will still believe the story about what Leo said because all the Internet sites and tabloid magazines have already picked it up.

  • shenanyginz

    zac can have it! leo’s got a hell of a lot more talent and doesnt need to be recognized as a sex symbol for people to see that!!

  • Andrea

    SHOCKER!!! Fox News fabricated a story!!!!

  • tia

    fox is retarded anywayz. stupid republican liars.

  • Giovanna-brazil

    zac is much more sexy, i love him. I haaaate di caprio, he’s very stranger, … X.O

  • Jast jon

    I wanna oil Zach up in Mickey Mouse juice

  • nicole

    tia; You shouldn’t call anyone retarded especially when you can’t spell and have bad grammar. Fox news night be biased but so is MNBC who were completely pro-Obama and CNN who are totally pro-Democrats. You’re such an uneducated fool!

  • jaredsucks


  • jemma

    you are so right JJ:Whether Leo is a Zefron fan or not, Zac holds the sex symbol status anyway

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    c’mon… LOL ` leo wouldn’t even speak to zacette.

    ..`zac’s everything leo never wanted to be.

  • lauren

    love leo to death

  • steph

    hahah well the way leo’s rep put it out there was a bit rude. but oh well! zac’s still unbelievably gorgeous.

  • lilly

    Zac holds the sex symbol status anyway. ????????? Which planet are you from? I throw up in my mouth every single time I see that kid. I wouldn`t be surprised to hear that Zac came up with the story to get some attention other than HSM.

  • anonymousdiva

    Well, if people like Trina are petty enough to push it ion other sites, some little girls might be naive enough to believe it.

    Most people won’t :)

  • katie

    #11 : i think Leo dumped bar

  • katie

    #11 : i think Leo dumped bar

  • ash


    fox fabricated a story. i’m shocked!

  • ihb

    katie, I hope you are right!!!

  • katie

    if Leo is not with bar in his birthday , It will mean ,I think ,that they are not any more together

  • ashlee

    zac efron needs a rep who responds to made up stories as fast as leo’s rep did. zac’s people NEVER respond to all the made up stories about zac.

    makes you wonder if zac really has good representation.

  • Ana

    FoxNews sucks. In a fair and balanced way.

  • isabela

    please, delete the other post!
    A lot of people are doing bad comments about Zac and I don’t think he would like to read it!
    you already know that Fox lied, so, please, delete it!

  • ihb

    Deleting a post is not going to make the bad comments/opinion about Zac go away. Grow up!!!

  • oxoxo

    he’s my sex symbol! :D

  • Patricia

    Good grief, Leo is manly looking and Zac is very feminine looking, IMVHO!!! I don’t care for a pretty boy type.

  • vikica

    WHATEVER! its zac’s anywayz… LEO CAN STUCK HIS “TALENT” IN HIS TALENTED ASS!!!!!!! ” =P

  • bethi14

    zac is awesome! so talented and modest! he looks up to leo, depp, etc but really hes so much more gifted than they are! triple threat, sing dance and act! wow plus the face and bod! wow … total package!! go zac!

  • Patricia

    Bethi14 – Zac might be awesome, but better and more talented than Johnny Depp??? Not in his entire lifetime will that EVER happen, LOL LOL. Maybe in his dreams, and yours, LOL

  • sheila

    ok, we really don’t need to be comparing two actors here. dicaprio has a huge repetoire already and zac is just barely getting going. maybe you’d like to compare dicaprio to de niro or pacino while you’re at it. don’t really think that would be a fair comparison, would it?

  • http://ZacEfron Zac efron’s #1 fan

    this Show you dumb Fox news is.

  • kay

    Leo is way better than girly Zac Efron!

  • watev

    Who cares, that doesn’t take anything away from how great Zac is. And not like Leo said anything bad about him, he didn’t say anything about him. You are morons if you try to turn this into a big deal.

  • blah

    no katie they are still dating there is a video where leo’s mom is talking about bar and she says she likes bar.

    the video is in english.

  • kelly

    zac efron is a thousand times better looking than leo. even when he was younger, leo was never anything to look at. now, he looks like a greasy old man. and he’s only 33. yikes!!!!

  • katie

    #36 : LEo is stupid

  • blah

    kelly r u serious? open ur fucking eyes. when leo was zac’s age he was way better looking then zac.

  • LolaSvelt

    Haha, Zaccy girl totally got owned. He probably got a hot flush when he heard the story and cried when he found out that the quotes were fabricated!

  • Regina

    #37, it’s good to see that you’re judging their acting abilities…oh and DiCaprio already had an oscar nomination at Efron’s age. Efron will be stuck doing crappy Disney films forever.

  • marisa

    who cares. they’re still so effing hot lol

  • jaredsucks

    blah; The video doesn’t mean that Leo and Bar are still together. Leo’s mother was just saying that she liked Bar. Leo’s mother is very close to Leo’s ex-girlfriend Gisele and they still hang out together so I wouldn’t read anythng into those comments. The reporter should have asked Leo’s mother whether Bar was still his girlfriend and then we would’ve known what was really going on.

    Like I wrote before Leo is etiher cheating on Bar or he broke it off. I agree with Katie that we’ll find out if they’re still together if Bar is with Leo on his Birthday or not. If Bar is then it will prove my theory that they have an open relationship.

  • ihb

    blah, on the red carpet next to Leo in front of reporters do you think Leo`s mom would tell what the real deal is? Whatever Irmelin thinks about Bar is not going to be discussed on the red carpet. But it would certainly help to see the two women out together once in a while to believe how much they like each other.
    I`m sure Bar is going to resurface soon. Leo had some fun in Europe with other girls now he might be ready for some `official girlfriend` time.

  • Gabriela

    some comments here are very funny…

  • Neverletgomrsleodicaprio

    Gorgeous Leo!

  • blah

    #43 how do u know he’s cheating on her or they broke up?

  • yets

    zac is much better actor than leo.

  • gabby

    okay some of you are leo’s fan and some are zac’s so keep your comments to yourself if you don’t have anything good to say and just shut your mouth they are good in their own ways

  • pop86

    I love Leo and Zac. This is why shouldn’t trust Fox-News. They didn’t have the sense to confirm it with Leo’s rep.