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Sienna Miller Competes in Hollywood Dominos

Sienna Miller Competes in Hollywood Dominos

Sienna Miller (in Preen) laces up her open back and heads out to the Hollywood Dominos VIP launch held at Mosimann’s Belfry on Friday in London.

Hollywood Domino is hosting two star studded events on either side of the Atlantic within 48 hours this weekend. In London, Sienna and other celebs will be presenting an exclusive event in aid of reigning Hollywood Domino queen Charlize Theron‘s Africa Outreach Project.

On November 9th, the battle will take flight to New York. The second round will be played at the Edison Ballroom with a glamorous 1930′s JAZZ inspired gala to benefit The Art of Elysium. Confirmed attendees include; Salma Hayek, James Franco, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Jeremy Piven, Kim Raver, Jason Lewis and more.

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20+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller competing in Hollywood Dominos…

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sienna miller hollywood dominos 15
sienna miller hollywood dominos 16
sienna miller hollywood dominos 17
sienna miller hollywood dominos 18
sienna miller hollywood dominos 19
sienna miller hollywood dominos 20

Credit: WENN; Photos: Dan Kitwood/Getty
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  • ruby

    hey im first yeah!!!!!!

  • sienna milllaa

    not bad, huh? ))

  • crispy

    Smelly skanker!

  • ZanessaLOVE!!

    OMG!! Jared how come on the main page there isnt the top celebs anymore????? now you have the “featured stories”!! please please put top celebs back!!

  • trudy

    Why is her nose all chapped underneath?

  • pinkydoo

    Skank is right!

  • kiki

    she is soooooooooo pretty.

  • Jenna

    Her hair looks really dry.

  • Alert


  • persival

    isn’t she like, in her early 20′s? She looks like she’s right down lohan’s biological world….Looks around, uh, 40 ish….Maybe picking up married men is taking a toll on her….skannkkkkkieee homewrecker.

  • yuck

    tasteless. you can tell she has no underwear on.

    She is NOT a celebrity. Just a whore

  • mimi

    she looks stunning!! she’s my fashion icon =)

  • jane

    And in more slutty news…..

  • alania


  • serena

    Why is this nasty skanky s!ut a celebrity!!! All she does is show her nips and kiss married men.

    Go away and play with a dead cow, tramp!!!!

  • serena

    eeeeewwwww. she is nasty! where’s balty, sienna? I thought you guys was gettin hitched?

  • dated

    Her California tan is fading as fast as her summer love affair. Not to mention her fashion line and movies.

    What next Sienna?

  • dozer

    I would be willing to pay a dollar if I never had to look at this used-up looking homewrecker again.

    She looks like a dime-street hooker.

  • linda

    She’s about as glamourous as a wad of gum at the bottom of my shoe.

    Somehow she doesn’t strike me as the charitable type. There must have been free booze abd married men.

  • mju8

    Putting on a “brave” face I see, pretending as if people still like her.
    She is such a nasty piece of trash! She should get the hint that nobody likes her anymore, and disappear forever.

  • Zoe

    She isn’t a celebrety just a famous W H O R E ! ! !

    Man, she looks horrible and used up. Yuck. I feel like I need a Penicillinn shot or something just looking at her.



    Hey my cuz Luther would be willing to invite her to “SHACK UP” now that she’s uncemcumbered.

    Hiz wif and 6 kidz, just mov’d outtda familla six-wheela and would definat’la wel’com this 6-star h o w along on the next Disneyhung campen’hung………he he he

  • ZE Ze

    Hey Man …. with the experiance she’s got my homebodies would wecome her to warm their bed for the night anytime man. Nothin better than a good W H O R E !!!! Nobody else can suck the D I C K BETTER THAN SIENNA.

  • cINDY

    God, they ruin the whole fuck’n event just with this HO being there.


  • goody

    Wow, I didn’t know the English had trailer trash….all she needs is a beer and a ham hock. Man, she is trashy looking.

  • miseryluvscompny

    white dress and black tights. My 5year old daughter knows better than to dress like that.

  • sienna

    meeemeeemeee everyone look at meeeee or ill have to show my boobies

  • criss

    LOL…she’s stretching her neck out, trying to make it look like she has one.

  • pippaBee

    she looks so utterly conceited!

    like she thinks she’s the hottest thing around.

    please girl, you ain’t that special!

    whatever aesthetic beauty you may have is dwarfed by the ugly personality you possess

  • boogie

    Sienna Miller is celeb???? NOT!

    How did she get invited/involved in this event? I thought she was too busy stealing and playing with other married women’s loser husbands.

    Maybe she is tired of Bathy and is looking for another loser?

    Shame on you Sinnea

  • eric

    where is Charlize? She’s way more beautiful and classy and fabulous than this pretentious nobody sienna miller! We’d rather see her.

  • laila

    where’s Charlize?

    and sienna, she’s like “this is my sexy dress, sexy back, come and see…”.
    but not work for me. attention wh*re.

  • eboy

    she has the tackiest tattoos ever!
    the stupid blue stars and the green anchor (?) on her back
    they look so childish and ugly
    sheesh wot a dumb s l u t

  • sunseeker

    I still have that feelling she is just playing with the press and next we hear getty is flying in to london or she is back in LA or NYC. we will just have to wait and see, i don’t think miller is going to give up getty that easily. getty is most likely hiding in a hotel room .

  • sandy

    sienna wants gettys’ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    so she let him squeeze her fat breats in public

    she would have fucked him in public too

  • sweetpees

    YEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!S!uttysienna is back for some homewrecking action!!!!!!!!!whaou,this b!itch is unbelievebly rude!!!!she is still smiling and showing off her fat a$$ after that witch spell shethrew on balthazar getty!you’re so right boogie,maybe she’s tired of that fat a$$ loser and she’s searching another couple to destroy;who’s your new target,$lut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c2

    #34 I thought the same thing. When VICTIMienna is laying low, she is planning her next outrageous PR stunt with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN. Like she did at the artshow, she is releasing these photos to show us that she is in the UK. Maybe the MARRIED MAN will be photographed leaving an UK airport, out/about in UK wearing the scarf that his mistress gave him, leaving or arriving at LAX.

    Since she is a textbook example of Histronic Personality Disorder(this in no way excuses her bad behavior), she despearately wants the public’s approval of this AFFAIR. That’s why she keeps trying to convince the public that the MARRIED MAN is “in love” with her by staging those PDA photos and releasing PR stories about the MARRIED MAN making promises to her/asking his wife for a quickie divorce. Not to mention, she is trying to justify her actions with another woman’s husband by spreading lies about RG/marriage and playing the victim.

    At first I thought that she was with BG because of his money too, but I now think that it has more to do with his FAMILY’s famous NAME. To an HPD, GETTY is equivalent to KENNEDY. She is not going to give this man up because she is “in love” with his family”s name, she won’t rest until she is a GETTY too.

    Have you noticed that it is always VICTIMienna or her “pals/friends”( mother/step-mother), but never the MARRIED MAN, that are releasing comments about the MARRIED MAN’s marriage and his affair with her? HPD always consider their relatioships (but in VM case, her AFFAIRS) more intimate than what they actually are. Common sense tells us that his failure to get a divorce and body language conveys that she doesn’t mean that much to him(ie-friends with benefit). But in her mind, she thinks that BG “loves” her because he betrayed his wife/4 kids by sleeping with her while still MARRIED and continues to betray them by having a VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR with her. Everytime BG appears in public with her, she sees it as a testiment to his love for her (despite the fact that she had to pay him, get him drunk, or take her clothes off).

  • candice

    I thought I read some bullocks article about a low-key wedding in italy for the two of them next year. They were soulmates, in love, wanting to have children, that his children were beginning to accept their dad’s new girlfriend, a divorce was coming between he and Rosetta because there was a pre-nup, blah blah blah….

    Her PR is so full of crap they can’t even keep their BS stories straight. How many times has this free spirit announced a wedding to her “soulmate” One journalist called her a “serial fiance”.

  • bejeebus

    i’m surprised that the slag didn’t wear that dress turned the other way around and upside down. no need to waste precious time when the mood strikes eh, sienna? i’m sure there were some married men at this event….wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity would ya?

  • siennafan

    sienna look hot in that white dress

  • gjc

    Sienna Miller is a DOPE.

  • virgy

    This selfish bint needs to disappear. Come on, where are the “real” celebrities? Let us have a look at them, and please stop pushing this insignificant poser in our faces.

    She has a LOT to be sorry for over the years.

    I’m sick of her stringy hair.

  • heywood jablomie

    So when are all you dim bulb girlies going to start piling the hate on all those cheating male celebs? Where’s the hate for Brad?

    Stupid goddamn slags…

  • sunseeker

    heywood jablomie this is an article about miller not getty, so if i see an article about getty i will call him a scumbag too, both as bad as each other. And if it is all girls together why did miller have the affair with another woman’s husband , the word “no” would have been all she needed.

  • vaja

    she looks fabulous !!!

  • natalie smith

    …she is such a prood….god she looks like she thinks she is the centre of the world!! what a tacky bimbo…
    1. she really has no neck and with her broad shoulders it looks even shorter!!
    2. is it me or does she look quite short in these pictures???

    fake fake fake

  • virgy

    Hey #43, why the hell would anyone talk about Brad on a Sienna thread? Are you just stupid or what?

    My opinion of Sienna goes way past “slutty-getty-gate”…she’s a people user who has been clawing her way through Hollywood for years to fulfill her mom’s dream of fame and fortune without a lick of talent to back it up.


  • sheryl

    jablomie, sorry, but this girl deserves the criticism. When she was “cheated on” (and by her boyfriend, not even her husband), she ran to the media every chance she could to show everybody just exactly how distraught she was and even had the nerve to proclaim that her innocence had been lost (cough cough)…except that she wasn’t quite so innocent even before that happened. So yeah, I agree, she is a user and doesn’t have any regard for other’s feelings when it comes to getting the attention she craves. She’s no victim except of her own selfishness.

  • Mr. d

    I would love to rip that dress off of her and screw her up the butt! That is my fantasy, please Sienna, I beseech you, make it a reality!

  • sluttienna

    Okay, Mr. d, but be warned, I’m on the penecillin!