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Suri Cruise: Karate Kick!

Suri Cruise: Karate Kick!

Katie Holmes takes her karate-kicking daughter Suri, 2, for a walk through Union Square’s Farmer’s Market in New York City on Friday afternoon.

The adorable Suri dressed up in a cute grey velvet dress and Mary Janes. She played with her stuffed Paddington Bear while Mama Holmes looked on.

As always, Suri displayed a wide range of facial expressions. She even stuffed her mouth with her hand and picked her nose. Yum, yum!

20+ pictures inside of karate-kicking Suri Cruise

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suri cruise karate kick 01
suri cruise karate kick 02
suri cruise karate kick 03
suri cruise karate kick 04
suri cruise karate kick 05
suri cruise karate kick 06
suri cruise karate kick 07
suri cruise karate kick 08
suri cruise karate kick 09
suri cruise karate kick 10
suri cruise karate kick 11
suri cruise karate kick 12
suri cruise karate kick 13
suri cruise karate kick 14
suri cruise karate kick 15
suri cruise karate kick 16
suri cruise karate kick 17
suri cruise karate kick 18
suri cruise karate kick 19
suri cruise karate kick 20
suri cruise karate kick 21
suri cruise karate kick 22
suri cruise karate kick 23
suri cruise karate kick 24
suri cruise karate kick 25

Credit: Edward Opinaldo; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • amanda

    ok we get it shes cute. SICK OF HER!

  • Lemon

    Suri is beyond adorable!!!! Katie just looks like a shell of her former self. Sad.

  • 1st

    both are beautiful

  • http://justjared AMZZZZZZ

    who gives a fuck about suri cruise?????

  • uma

    other Hollywood families should take notes from
    this family

  • xoxo

    Beyond cute! What a little star:)!
    Thanks for the pics JJ:)

  • chloe

    altogether aaawwwww

  • anonymous

    my favorite mommy and baby duo

  • thank you jared

    and out

  • spooky

    Katie is the best Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yale

    Suri can kick the trolls aways and Katie kicked MG’s acting
    in Batman

  • tammy


  • kit

    WIth more bad news on the U.S. economy this at least
    is a pickerupper

    God bless the Cruises

    God bless JJ

  • Dancer

    uma @ 11/07/2008 at 2:54 pm

    other Hollywood families should take notes from
    this family

    THANK GOD THEY DON’T!!!!! The Afflecks, the Damons, The Jolie Pitts, the McGuires, The Stefanis etc. all seem so NORMAL compared to these folks!

  • tgif

    Katie reminds me of Jackie Kennedy and Suri is the most precious baby in Hollywood. yipppeee.

  • regina

    # 14 only God knows what’s normal.

  • cupcakes


  • love

    Love this family. I miss Tom and cant wait for his movie to come out
    same time with my other fave movie by Leo and Winslet.

  • ryan

    :) :) :)

  • lurking

    God bless Katie,Tom & the little ones. Lucky lucky Tom.

  • twilight

    Katie and Suri are
    absolutely adorable

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    .. `you know what not normal;

    having kids who never go outside. parents locking their biological kid in the basement, only seeing the light of day once every 3 months.

    .. since when was having so many kids that you could NEVER bring them (all) outside all at once – ‘normal’?

  • pr person

    It’s obviously not a swarm of paps taking the pictures…… so WHO has been taking them the last few days? And why does Mrs. Crazy allow it? In fact she looks like she has no problem with her daughter’s pictures being taken. Damage control for the distressed pictures of Suri perhaps? Get some pictures of her smiling, laughing, playing, then everyone will forget the ‘grinning like an idiot while your child is distressed’ pictures….(at least until the next time it happens) ? Adorable child, but in my opinion she is being WAY overexposed.

  • Dancer

    regina @ 11/07/2008 at 3:03 pm

    Well regina at least they put coats on their kids when it is cold out, they appear to not take them out if the paps are distressing to them, and they appear to interact (body language etc) far better than Katie does with Suri (although lately she must be getting lessons as she is doing so much better).
    They all seem much more down to earth with their child raising practices and aren’t afraid that a little discipline will ruin the child forever. You can see a huge huge difference in these kids and Bella and Connor when they were little in the few pictures there are–and Suri. Yes Suri is cute, but she certainly at times seems out of control–or at least out of Katie’s control.

  • envy

    Oh dancer pls go and worship your role models Angie and Brad with their own threads. This is for TomKat fans.

  • #

    Suri and Katie….cutiepatooties

  • kiki

    Suri is the cutest. i love TomKat.

  • gwen

    That is so cute. Lovely family and i respect them.

  • ana

    i love her facial expressions. she is so cuteeeeeeeee

  • yuck

    Why are there pics of them every day? Do we really need to see them walk everyday?

    Tom and Katie are attention wh*res pimping out their poor kid. These crazies love the attention.Suri hardly ever dresses appropriately.

  • mama

    Suri-karate kid. hahah. i love her. she is a star

  • pop

    cute cute cute

    she is a darling and beautiful blend of her parents

    Jared thanks

  • xoxo

    # 25, exactly. As usual, haters are just embarrassing themselves.

  • ninjas

    Amazing reviews on Katie in All My Sons at Time magazine,8599,1855443,80.html

    All My Sons thanks to Katie is good for the Broadway economy

  • observer

    very cute

  • ninjas

    Makes you want Katie to return to Eli Stone

    Time magazine amazing Katie reviews on Broadway,8599,1855443,00.html

  • Mai

    she’s really cute but it’s not wise to put your hands in your mouth after picking your nose.

  • Sunaqua

    Hey, where’s her bodyguard who btw–is waaaayyy hotter than Cruise.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    `you have a problem seeing their pictures everyday? cool, tell jared to stop fcuking buying them. lmaoo when jared and the rest of the blogs stop buying and posting their photos the paps will stop taken them. until then what do you want celebrities to do… never go outside?!? LOL; you fcuking tard.

  • Sunaqua

    And how come Cruise never does anything with his daughter? Katie might as well be a single parent…well, maybe she is.

  • Sunaqua

    #39 You need to wash your mouth with soap—shame on YOU !!!

  • Maria

    it’s interesting that suddenly when it’s in the 60s in NY the kid is wearing long sleeves and leggins but before during much colder temparatures she was wearing summer clothes…I think they got worried about all the criticsm…

  • ae

    #5 Why in the world should other families take note from this family??????????????????????????????????? So dumb!

    If anything other famiolies should run from this family. Another ill fitting dress and shoes way too big for a kid. The kid is really ugly! I’ve seen way cuter than this kid. She looks pale and such a cult kid look. Keep on putting your fingers in your mouth with that nail polish on. You’ll have more issues added to your already autistic problem now.
    How sad this kid is now made to wave hi to the paps. What a bunch of idiot parents.

  • crabbie

    She’s clearly retarded. How sad.

  • ae

    This kid does have something wrong with her. i think she is a “special needs” kid. i also think there is something wrong with the marriage as well as this kid ..why else would they not have another kid by now. Time will tell.

  • zk

    It’s NOVEMBER in NYC and COLD!!!!!!!!! If you saw a child with short sleeves in NYC in November, you would gasp at the irresponsibility of the parents.

  • defap

    My favorite mother-daughter duo. Very cute. Very happy to see them. :D

    Katie, don’t worry about some stupid polls. Some places stink too much so your fans never go there. Their poll did not reflect your true popularity. Only mean the publishers/owners/ whoever control them are disgusting bigots or stupid echoes, and are full of buullshiit.

  • poker

    lovely family

  • hmmmmm

    She acts like she is teething! I hope she does not have autism but, something doesnt seem quite right about Miss Suri. I would say she is medicated right now, but Katie would have had to sneak that past the scientology guards that live with her.

  • katty

    she’s still eating away at that nail polish. doesn’t anyone around katie know that stuff contains toxic chemicals?